Theresa May facing Tim Loughton at the HASC 21 July 2015

The Home Affairs Select Committee allows opportunity for full interrogation of witnesses, usually in the full gaze of the public eye. Tim Loughton, MP (former Children’s Minister), doesn’t miss this opportunity to ask the questions that many others have also wanted to ask the Home Secretary;

” Why did you leave it so late to send out guidance about protecting material that might be relevant to the inquiry? “


” The latest guidance only went out on the 23rd June giving various people months and months and months where they might conveniently destroy material.
It could have been done a lot earlier couldn’t it? “

Like a terrier, and in the face of political answers that might help explain why Theresa May has now been Home Secretary for 1,893 days, Tim Loughton keeps going. He also raises the question of the ability of the Goddard Inquiry to fully access information held by the Intelligence Agencies.

Acting Chair, David Winnick, seeks further clarification of access to information, getting the response from the Home Secretary that;

” No Exemptions have been set on the material that will be made available to the Justice Goddard Inquiry. “

The Home Secretary also confirmed that Justice Goddard’s salary is £360k per year, plus other allowances, plus four return flights to New Zealand each year for her and her husband.



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  1. l8in

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  2. Question :why has somone connected to MICHAEL JOHN CARROLL ( Lambeth and Liverpool paedo) been awarded an MBE ?

    • Why wasn’t St Vincent de paul society and catholic soceity for children not noticed in the Michael John Carroll lambeth and Liverpool case ?

    • greenlight

      Give up. Do tell.

      • @Greenlight so you can add it to your info gathering exercise?

      • greenlight

        Yes. If there is a children’s home involved then I would like it named and put in the public domain. It’s really not very easy to try to find out the names of all the Lambeth homes, or any of these homes. I think they changed names of the homes to cover their tracks.

    • andrew

      Is this is reference to a former Children Minister? A Ms “Dodge”?

      • @Andrew actually the MBE thing should be put on Goddard ” to do ” list

      • ” I believe in listening to both sides of an argument. You learn nothing by living in an echo chamber. Besides, people are more than just a conviction. Their sexuality is just one part of their personality and being happily married I find it quite easy to engage with a large number of people of both sexes without engaging with their sexuality, thank you.

        2) No matter how heinous the crime, you are entitled to be judged on the facts and defended fairly by outlining both the facts in favour of your guilt and those that disprove it. Where there are facts ignored by the main stream media that throw doubt on accusations, even convictions, I shall continue to publish them. I’m not interested in a mud-slinging contest nor mob rule.

        3) No matter how heinous the crime, where you have been judged, sentenced and have served your time, as in the case of Jonathan King, society at large, and certainly I, have lost the right to impose further punishment.

        I find it offensive that ‘internet figures’ for want of a better phrase, would seek to silence certain voices on the grounds that their public trial has revealed facts so heinous they no longer have the right to speak or be treated with any civility – and yet we know nothing of those who sit in internet judgement. I’m particularly mindful of the recent northern Ireland case of a man who spent his days ‘exposing paedophiles’ and publicising their addresses, who when taken to task turned out to be a sex offender himself.”

        I See that the High Preistess of Spin and disinfo madam racoon of racoony Island is still defending convicted paedophile Tom O Carroll over the 60 minutes interview whilst engaging in a little mudslinging herself.

  3. The Monkey

    Before you sing Loughton’s praises too highly, bear in mind that his family have very close ties to Bishop Ball.

  4. beetroot

    £360,000 salary for Justice Goddard plus 4 return flights (First class or Economy?) to New Zealand for her and her husband, every year for at least five years. I bet the salaries for the entire INDEPENDENT PANEL for the Hillsborough inquiry cost less than this

  5. I think we need to be careful here, because an individuals family have close ties to Peter Ball, it does not follow that the individual as the same ties as other members of his family. Guilt by association will be embarrassing to many people as most of us at one point or other in our lives may have had dealings or even friendships with let us say dodgy characters in the widest sense of the term.
    There is one point of vital importance and that is unless everyone can be held to account, then this inquiry is a worthless exercise. As I have said before on a number of occasions is that the Intelligence Services of this country are accountable to no-one but themselves apart from the Central Intelligence Agency of a foreign power. They are exempt from this inquiry, yet as we know Barbara Castle and others had been warned off by those whose role is the protection of the state. Leaves us with a question this inquiry will never ask, did they act in the interests of state security or to protect the rich and powerful elite who run this country, or where they implicated in all this themselves,
    As Dr Starkey said in relation to Magna Carta “no-one is above the Law”. someone tell the Home secretary and our Prime-minister.

    • chrisb

      Access to information from the Intelligence Services is vital, as you suggest. IMO it is highly unlikely to be available. The abuse at the Kincora children’s home is the tip of the iceberg as far as British state collusion with Protestant paramilitaries in Northern Ireland is concerned. That collusion involved murder. Do not expect the British state to admit to that.

      • @chrisb. Well number ten ordered the whitewash kincorra enquiry to ” silence these vile rumours ” about Kincorra
        And of course the whitewash enquiry delivered what number ten wanted

        Therefore it follows that Justice Goddard should investigate what number ten knew and why it acted in that way

        And on whose behalf.

      • dpack

        “steaknife” was not a protestant paramilitary . my understanding is that when it seemed he was “toast” and things were looking a bit iffy for his fru handler as well he went to live with his handler in a nice house on the mainland for about a year.afaik neither ever went back to work over the water but his handler has gone on to great things and only “retired” fairly recently after a glowing excursion into middle eastern affairs and general military spooking with added bangs.

        i will use not names cos his ex-handler is a very scarey chap and very much alive but they can be found if one looks hard enough.

        ps i have no idea what the hold on/motives of steaknife were but a variety of folk died to protect his identity and some died as “legitimate” targets of war while he was operational.

        pps imho a different use of the high value assets from both communities could have ended the troubles long before elements of 6 brokered the development of good friday agreement

  6. chrisb

    Public revelations of child abuse will end the careers of two groups of politicians. Those who abused and those who knew. The second group may be larger than the first and clearly Cameron is one of those who knew. I suspect that May is boxing cleverly. She does not want to bring Cameron down, as Johnson and Osborne seem currently to be the leading contenders to replace Cameron should he be forced to resign. At the same time, she is making sure that no information comes her way so that she cannot be accused of being one of those who knew.

    More positively are the possibilities of Tom Watson becoming Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and Zac Goldsmith becoming Mayor of London. Goldsmith seems keen to push the investigation into child abuse, possibly because he is a decent man, possibly because he sees a large number of senior Tories being implicated in the cover-up of the abuse and his path to party leadership being opened up.

    Any views on Corbyn? I’d expect him to be all in favour of exposing Establishment abuse. However, he has been involved in Islington politics since the 80s and must have at least rubbed shoulders with people involved in the abuse there.

  7. TFS

    Well if he is worried about papers being destroyed, he could defer to the Americans.

    I’m sure they have more than enough dirt on our establishment, after all its another avenue of threats that keeps out leader towing the vassal state line.