Elm Guest House & Richmond Press Cuttings, 1982-present

A Chronology

With thanks to the Exaro team and murun buchstansangur at spotlightonabuse

02/07/82 £1 000 boost for ‘brothel’ charge hoteliers, Capital Gay

23/07/82 Advertisement for Elm Guest House in Capital Gay

23/07/82 News of the World chase Elm defendants, Capital Gay

07/08/82 Security alert over new vice scandal, Daily Express

08/08/82 Gay security threat denied, Sunday Times

09/08/82 4 charged in London vice swoop, The Guardian

09/08/82 Sex slaves aged ten, Daily Star

09/08/82 Vice ring claim is denied, The Times

09/08/82 ‘Vice case guest list’, Daily Mail

09/08/82 VIPs on vice charges soon? The Sun

09/08/82 More houses face probe by vice team, Daily Express

09/08/82 MPs signed in at the gay house, The Daily Star

10/08/82 Lost boys in gay probe, Daily Star

10/08/82 Vice police reopen file on boys, Daily Express

13/08/82 Attorney General to probe London brothel reports, Capital Gay

16/08/82 Vice watch on take-away club, Daily Express

01/10/82 Police drop the worst Elm charges, Capital Gay

12/11/82 Elm defendants speak out, Capital Gay

13/12/82 Elm Guest House couple sent to Old Bailey, Capital Gay

15/04/83 Elm Guest House case at Old Bailey next week, Capital Gay

22/04/83 Police slash their Elm Guest House evidence, Capital Gay

29/04/83 Elm Guest House: verdict expected, Capital Gay

06/05/83 Elm Guest House couple walk free, Capital Gay

24/11/83 MP alleges paedophilia at palace, The Times

16/06/85 The evil men behind child sex empire, Sunday People

10/08/90 Child sex: top tory named, The Sport

10/08/90 Mystery death of child sex ring woman, Slough Observer

10/08/90 Boys used in porn ring inquest heard, Surrey Comet

12/08/90 House of porn.  Ex-Cabinet Minister pictured with naked boys in sauna, Sunday Mirror

23/08/90 Expose these evil child sex VIPS, call for vice hotel probe, The Sport

24/10/12 Tom Watson’s request to David Cameron:

Mr Tom Watson (West Bromwich East) (Lab): The evidence file used to convict paedophile Peter Righton, if it still exists, contains clear intelligence of a widespread paedophile ring. One of its members boasts of his links to a senior aide of a former Prime Minister, who says he could smuggle indecent images of children from abroad. The leads were not followed up, but if the file still exists I want to ensure that the Metropolitan police secure the evidence, re-examine it and investigate clear intelligence suggesting a powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and No. 10.

The Prime Minister: The hon. Gentleman raises a very difficult and complex case, and I am not entirely sure which former Prime Minister he is referring to. What I would like to do is look carefully in Hansard at the allegations he has made and the case he has raised, and look carefully at what the Government can do to help give him the assurances he seeks.

25/10/12 Was there a paedophile ring in No 10?  MP Tom Watson demands probe, The Independent

09/11/12 Investigations, not witch-hunts: David Henke on BBC Radio 4 Today, Exaro

14/11/12 Audio: investigative journalism’s future after Newsnight fiasco, Exaro

16/11/12 Analysis: why media must still investigate claims of child abuse, Exaro

12/12/12 Scotland Yard investigating allegations senior politicians abused children in the 1980s & used ‘connections’ to escape justice,  The Independent

14/12/12 Police re-open investigation into London political paedo ring, David Henke

14/12/12 Police investigate top Tories over ‘child abuse at guest house’, Exaro

14/12/12 Police ‘twice failed to probe paedophile ring at guest house’, Exaro

15/12/12 Locals spoke of ‘the activities’ at guest house in police probe, Exaro

15/12/12 MPs and judges visited Elm Guest House, coroner’s court told, Exaro

15/12/12 Detectives who must peer into disturbing case of child abuse, Exaro

16/12/12 Special report: police revisit the grim mystery of Elm Guest House, The Independent

19/12/12 Revealed: diaries and receipts for guest house in police probe, Exaro

20/12/12 How exposure of high-profile abusers impacts care for children, Exaro

15/01/13 Police raid gathers evidence on MPs and celebs in political paedo inquiry, David Henke

15/01/13 ‘Operation Fairbank’ carries out raid to sieze files naming MPs, Exaro

17/01/13 Police launch criminal investigation into MPs’ child sex ring, The Independent

17/01/13 Political paedophile scandal: Met police announce criminal investigation, David Henke

17/01/13 Met turns ‘Operation Fairbank’ into full criminal investigation, Exaro

19/01/13 Found: co-manager of guest house at centre of police probe, Exaro

20/01/13 Police raid home of former gay guest house contact in paedophile investigation, David Henke

25/01/13 Detectives set up 30 operations into ‘child sex abuse by groups’, Exaro

25/01/13 Police operations into ‘child sex abuse by groups’, Exaro

26/01/13 Revealed: The Tory promotion of the “paedophile” guest house, David Henke

26/01/13 Tory group recommended guest house in Met’s paedo probe, Exaro

26/01/13 VIP case cops swoop on Haroon Kasir’s home, Mirror

27/01/13 Cyril Smith named in Barnes abuse case, The Independent

27/01/13 Child abuse questions for the the London Borough of Richmond, David Henke

30/01/13 Police chief warns VIP paedophiles: look over your shoulder, Exaro

02/02/13 First victim of paedo guest house breaks his silence, Mirror

02/02/13 Files reveal who turned Elm Guest House into paedo brothel, Exaro

02/02/13 Richmond Council made ‘hush’ payment to victim of sex abuse, Exaro

02/02/13 Time Bomb at Elm Guest House: pop stars, a bishop & a top politician appear on a list siezed by police, Daily Mail

03/02/13  Abuse victims trafficked abroad, Independent

04/02/13 Did Richmond Council pay “hush money” to cover up the Elm Guest House child abuse scandal? David Henke

04/02/13 Two managers of children’s home named in VIP paedo probe, Exaro

06/02/13 Revealed: Face of boy abused in Elm House scandal as Catholic priest and head of boys’ home are arrested, Mail

06/02/13 Upated: first two arrests in Richmond paedophile ring, David Henke

06/02/13 ‘Operation Fernbridge’ makes first arrests in paedophile probe, Exaro

06/02/13 Care home paedophile ring: two men arrested, Sky News

06/02/13 Two arrested in Elm House paedophile ring scandal, The Telegraph

07/02/13 Operation Fernbridge: Norfolk priest Tony McSweeney arrested, BBC News

07/02/13 Exaro’s pictures show first arrest in ‘Operation Fernbridge’, Exaro

09/02/13 Richmond’s ex-head of social services ‘unaware’ of ‘paedo ring’, Exaro

11/02/13 See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil; Richmond’s amnesia on child abuse, David Henke

11/02/13 Police examine sacking of Richmond’s Head of Social Services, Exaro

11/02/13 Councillors give contrasting reasons for Louis Minster’s sacking, Exaro

14/02/13 Richmond social services knew their children were abused – former children’s director, David Henke

14/02/13 Claims of child sex abuse haunted Richmond boss for over 30 years, Exaro

16/02/13 Met paedophile unit prepares to arrest ex-Tory cabinet minister, Exaro

16/02/13 Met detectives told of Jimmy Savile’s link to Elm Guest House, Exaro

16/02/13 Analysis: public should know truth about VIP paedophile ring, Exaro

16/02/13 Co-manager of guest house in police probe plans to leave UK, Exaro

16/02/13 “Boy Brothel Boss” Haroon Kasir to leave Britain for America, Mirror 16/02/13

20/02/13 Will Elm Guest House man quit Britain? David Henke

23/02/13 Police gave council advance warning of raid on Elm Guest House, Exaro

23/02/13 Richmond council ‘was alerted to allegations of child sex abuse’, Exaro

26/02/13 Father Tony McSweeney, theneedleblog

03/03/13 Police failings put dozens of children at risk from notorious paedophile ring, The Independent

03/03/13 Paedophile ring leader, Colin Peters, linked to Barnes scandal, The Independent

06/03/13 Two arrested over claims that MPs took part in child-sex ring, The Independent

06/03/13 ‘I regularly briefed Jenny Tonge on child abuse in Richmond’ – children’s director, David Henke

16/03/13 VIP child sex ring victims’ new pain: Telling cops was worse that the abuse, The Mirror

16/03/13 Witnesses in ‘Operation Fernbridge’ plead for support service, Exaro

16/03/13 Two who suffered sexual abuse make appeal through Exaro, Exaro

01/04/13 Elm Guest House abuse scandal: “Paedo police ignored 16-year-old victim”, The Mirror

01/04/13 Elm House abouse scandal: ‘Chance to investigate VIP B&B paedophile ring was missed 12 years ago’, The Mirror

22/04/13 Met investigates police watchdog over Richmond ‘paedo ring’, Exaro

27/04/13 Elm Guest House abuse scandal: paedo police ignored 16-year-old victim, The Mirror

27/04/13 Scene pictured from children’s home in Met’s paedophile probe case, Exaro

27/04/13 Leon, Maggie, Elm Guest House and the CGHE, from Spotlight

27/04/13 Picture of Princess Diana and Prince Charles wedding day barbecue at “perverts home”, The Mirror

27/04/13 Richmond files reveal failure to pursue claim of child sex abuse, Exaro

30/04/13 Richmond child sex abuse file ‘No further action required’, David Henke

01/05/13 Would the real Louis Minster please stand up? theneedleblog

01/05/13 Ex-Richmond boss Louis Minster denies being…Louis Minster (audio), Exaro

02/05/13 The mad world of Louis Minster the man who isn’t really there, David Henke

07/05/13 Elm Guest House linked to ‘Britain’s biggest child sex racket’, Exaro

Elm Guest House child abuse scandal, wikipedia

05/06/13 Met’s ‘Operation Fernbridge’ is ‘going well’ says Boris Johnson, Exaro

10/07/13 ‘Operation Fernbridge’ arrests ex-manager of Elm Guest House, Exaro

21/07/13 Former senior cabinet minister faces rape allegation, Independent on Sunday

22/07/13 Two men charged with sexual assault, Crown Prosecution Service

22/07/13 Priest charged with child sex abuse, BBC

22/07/13 Two charged with historic child abuse under Operation Fernbridge, This is Local London

22/07/13 Roman Catholic priest, 66, and 71-year-old man charged with historic sexual abuse at children’s home, Daily Mail

04/09/13 Father Tony McSweeney in court over child sex abuse allegations, BBC News

04/09/13 Priest and ex-manager of Richmond children’s home in court, Exaro

04/09/13 Richmond care home boss and priest in court on child sex charges, Richmond & Twickenham Times

11/10/13 Police pursue new leads in paedophile claim against ex-minister, Exaro

20/10/13 Police gunman told me to ignore paedophiles says ex-child protection officer, Sunday Express

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