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St William’s Community Home

Operation Aldgate & Operation Reno

(De La Salle Order links to St John’s, Southsea,  Portsmouth Unitary Authority)

Former chaplain at children’s home goes on trial accused of sexual abuse
09:56, 13 OCT 2015 UPDATED 14:41, 16 OCT 2015
Anthony McCallen, from Ingleby Barwick, denies eighteen indecent assaults and seven other serious sexual offences

A former chaplain at a children’s home has gone on trial accused of sexual abuse.

Anthony McCallen, from Ingleby Barwick, is accused along with two other men of abusing pupils at St William’s – an approved school for boys with behavioural problems in Market Weighton, East Yorkshire.

The residential home and school was run by the Catholic De La Salle order.

Former principal James Carragher, 75, is one of the two other men on trial at Leeds Crown Court.

He has already been jailed for 21 years for sexually abusing boys in his care has gone on trial accused of further offences.

A jury has been told that was jailed for seven years in 1993 and a further 14 years in 2004 for offences he committed

Carragher who was head and principal of St William’s from 1976 to 1990.

Opening the case for the prosecution, Richard Wright QC said Carragher was a man who had a “committed sexual interest in children and young boys in particular”.

Mr Wright said: “He hid behind a cloak of respectability.”

The prosecutor described how boys were sent to St William’s when they were taken away from their families because they had got into trouble and were often fragile and vulnerable.

He said many staff members were dedicated and professional but he added: “Amongst the staff were bullies and paedophiles who used violence as a means of controlling the boys and who took the opportunity of working in that environment to use and abuse boys in their care for their own sexual gratification.”

Mr Wright said the boys at St William’s were regularly beaten, sexually abused and raped in the 1970s and 1980s.

He told the jury of six men and six women that the abusers were “effectively immune from complaints”.

“Who would believe the word of a delinquent boy set against those of a respected teacher of a Catholic order,” Mr Wright said.

Carragher went on trial along with former chaplain at St William’s, Anthony McCallen, 69, and a former teacher Michael Curran, 62

The jury was told how McCallen was convicted of abusing two boys in the 1990s when he was also found in possession of indecent photographs of boys, some of which he took through spyholes as they showered and used the toilet.

Mr Wright told the jury how, during more recent investigations, police found photographs of boys hidden between the pages of McCallen’s books which “when viewed together establish in the clearest terms where his sexual interest lies”.

Curran has no previous convictions, the prosecutor said.

Carragher, of Cearns Road, Prenton, Merseyside, denies 50 counts of indecent assault and 12 other serious sexual offences. Curran, of St John’s House, Ecclestone, Merseyside, denies 18 indecent assaults and seven other serious sexual offences.

McCallen, of Whernside Crescent, Ingleby Barwick, denies one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and another of indecent assault.

The trial continues.

Teeside Gazette Live 16/10/15

St William’s care home sex abuse probe: Ex-staff face charges

A former chaplain and an ex-principal of a Catholic care home are to appear in court accused of nearly 100 historical sex crimes against children.

Anthony McCallen, 68, was chaplain at the now defunct St William’s children’s home in Market Weighton, East Yorkshire where James Carragher, 74, was head.

Mr McCallen faces 39 counts of serious child sex offences, while Mr Carragher faces 52 counts.

Both have been summonsed to appear at Leeds Magistrates’ Court next Friday.

The alleged assaults were carried out on 20 children between 1970 and 1993.

A third man, Michael Curran, 61, has also been summonsed to appear before Leeds magistrates accused of one child sex offence and one assault.

BBC News 14/11/14

Care home boss jailed over abuse

James Carragher

Carragher’s attitude “defied belief”, the court heard

The former principal of a Catholic-run care home has been jailed for 14 years for a catalogue of sex crimes against boys over a period of 20 years.

James Carragher, 64, was found guilty at Sheffield Crown Court of abusing boys at St William’s Community Home in Market Weighton between 1969 and 1989.

Carragher, of Anlaby Road, Oxford, had been jailed in 1997 for abusing other boys at the same home.

The Catholic De La Salle Order say they have new measures to protect children.

‘Depraved conduct’

Judge Simon Lawler QC said Carragher’s attitude “defied belief” as he preyed on the vulnerable and lonely.

He said: “It is difficult to imagine the fear they must have suffered as well as the confusion and turmoil they went through in young adolescence.

“It is, I have to say, a quite appalling catalogue of depraved conduct falling into the worst category of child abuse.”

A quite appalling catalogue of depraved conduct falling into the worst category of child abuse
Judge Simon Lawler QC

The court was told that Carragher, a repeat sex offender, had been known to the boys at the home as Brother James.

A devout Catholic, he groomed the youngsters for sex with treats and affection.

His victims were told to keep details of the attacks to themselves or face punishment, while others feared not being believed if they complained.

One victim was abused while he grieved over the death of a relative. Months later the same victim was targeted mourning the loss of a close friend.

Other abuse was reserved as “punishment” for boys who had absconded from the home.

In mitigation, Mark George described Carragher as a remorseful and broken man, but the judge said he had seen “little evidence of any emotion” from him during the trial.

When giving evidence Carragher described how he encouraged boys to keep in close contact with their family and took great care and consideration in choosing appropriate punishments for the boys when they misbehaved.

‘Deep betrayal’

Brother Sean Sellors, a spokesman for the De La Salle Brothers, said Carragher had betrayed the order.

“We totally condemn, without reservation, any action or behaviour which harms young people,” he said.

“During his trial James Carragher said that he was ashamed of what he had done and that he had failed to live up to what he professed.

“His behaviour has been a deep betrayal of the Order’s mission to the young and to the trust that was placed in him as a De La Salle Brother.

“Our hearts go out to those who were victims of abuse and to their families in this case,” he said.

Carragher was sentenced earlier this month but reporting restrictions were lifted after prosecutors decided to offer no evidence against three other defendants.

BBC News 22/12/04

11th August 2006

De La Salle Order sued by 140 men in care abuse case

Catholic teaching order faces unprecedented claims for damages over the sexual abuse of boys
BY CHRISTINA FARRELLTHE DE LA SALLE Order in Britain is facing what could be the most extensive claim for damages ever filed in a sex abuse case in this country.One hundred and forty men are suing over the countless acts of alleged physical and sexual abuse which they say they suffered at the St William’s Community Home in Market Weighton, East Yorkshire, which was run by De La Salle brothers.Solictors acting for the men say that a brutal regime was allowed to run unchecked for 30 years and physical abuse was “widespread”.Some of the cases involve rape, which carries compensation upwards of £50,000. The men were aged just 10 to 16 years when they were resident at the home. Around 2,000 boys are believed to have passed through the doors — referred by both local authorities and Catholic children’s agencies.

The home was closed in 1992, when the scale of the abuse became apparent, but there is continuing anger among victims that their allegations of abuse were initially unheeded. Many of the boys were emotionally and behaviourally disturbed and needed a loving, caring environment but claimants allege that they were the victims of systematic assault, often under the threat of violence.

Brother James Carragher, principal of the school. is currently serving a 14-year jail sentence for abusing the boys who were entrusted to his care. He had already been given a seven-year jail term in 1993 for other offences of sexual abuse.

A judge said it had been “as bad a case of gross breach of trust as one can imagine”. Det Supt Richard Kerrnan, the detective investigating the case, described Carragher as “the most evil of men”!

The men are understood to be suing three branches of the De La Salle Order, the Diocese of Middlesbrough in which St William’s was located, the Catholic Children’s Welfare Society and the Middlesbrough Diocesan Rescue Society.

In some cases the boys are said to have raised the alarm and told officials what was happening, but they said that their stories were not believed.

A former resident, Graham Baverstock, who spoke to the Yorkshire Post, said that he used to run away and he informed social workers but he was sent back to the home.

He said the perpetrators of the abuse targeted the weak and the vulnerable.

Brother James “always went for the most vulnerable kids”, he said. “The ones he knew didn’t have any family or people who would come to see us.”

David Greenwood, who specialises in child abuse at the Wakefield-based solicitors Jordans, said his clients’ lives had been blighted by the experiences at St Williams. He has insisted that the claimants are not seeking financial compensation for its own end but want justice and a recognition of the wrong that has been inflicted upon them.

He said a disproportionate number of the men were now in prison.

“Abuse played a part in damaging young people’s lives, he said. “The claimants I see are grown men. Often they are in tears giving statements, often they are reluctant to come for ward in the first place because of feelings of shame and worries about how their families are going to react to them.”

Mr Greenwood said that, in his view, the level of detail provided by the men indicated that there were very few false claims and that, he added, “was a view shared by the police”.

The De La Salle Order was founded by St John Baptist De La Salle who was born to wealthy parents in Reims, France, in 1654. After ordination he recognised the need to educate the poorest children and established wide-ranging reforms of the French educational system. He founded the De La Salle Christian Brothers — a lay organisation — to assist the mission.

Today the order teaches over 900,000 children in over 80 countries of the world in both independent and state-assisted schools.

Lasallian spirituality, based on the charism of the founder, is built on the four pillars of faith, compassion, prayer and practical action.

Its inspiration is the compassion shown by Jesus in the gospels. Jean Baptiste De La Salle was canonised by Pope Leo XIII in 1900 and he is the patron saint of teachers.

A De La Salle spokesman said: “At the moment we are really not allowed to say anything. Legal proceedings have started, but we’re not absolutely certain of all the claims because they haven’t all been served to date.”

He added: “We don’t want to interfere with justice. The order just wants justice to be done.’

“THE DE LA SALLE Order in Britain is facing what could be the most extensive claim for damages ever filed in a sex abuse case in this country.

One hundred and forty men are suing over the countless acts of alleged physical and sexual abuse which they say they suffered at the St William’s Community Home in Market Weighton, East Yorkshire, which was run by De La Salle brothers.”

The Catholic Herald 11/08/06

21st November 2012 in News  By Jennifer Bell, Crime reporter

A CATHOLIC brotherhood which supplied teachers to a Catholic children’s home in East Yorkshire can be held legally responsible for the sexual abuse of boys, leading judges have ruled.

About 170 men – including victims from York – are seeking damages after alleging they were abused as children at St William’s in Market Weighton which provided residential care and education for boys, aged 10 to 16, with emotional and behavioural problems.

The home’s former principal, Father James Carragher, was jailed for 14 years in 2004 after admitting abusing boys in his care.

 Compensation claims on behalf of former pupils were first submitted in 2004. St William’s was owned by the Diocese of Middlesbrough but many of the staff were members of the De La Salle Brotherhood, a Catholic order of lay teachers.

In 2010, the Court of Appeal found that only the diocese was liable for the abuse in the UK’s biggest historic child abuse compensation case, covering a litany of sex crimes at St William’s over a 34-year period.

It is the argument over liability which prompted the diocese’s appeal to the Supreme Court – an appeal which a panel of five Supreme Court justices upheld today.

They concluded that legal responsibility should be shared between the welfare society and the brotherhood. The decision means individual claims can now be examined by the courts.

“A CATHOLIC brotherhood which supplied teachers to a Catholic children’s home in East Yorkshire can be held legally responsible for the sexual abuse of boys, leading judges have ruled.

About 170 men – including victims from York – are seeking damages after alleging they were abused as children at St William’s in Market Weighton which provided residential care and education for boys, aged 10 to 16, with emotional and behavioural problems”.

York Press 21/11/21

Prosecutors may bring charges over alleged sex abuse at Market Weighton care home

Saturday, January 26, 2013

PROSECUTORS are considering bringing charges of sexual abuse against four former members of staff at an East Yorkshire children’s home.

Detectives investigating decades of sexual abuse at St William’s care home in Market Weighton have asked Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) lawyers to decide whether any new charges can be brought.

  1. Abuse claims: St William's care home in Market Weighton.

    Abuse claims: St William’s care home in Market Weighton.

The allegations – which relate to dozens of victims and include rape and sexual assaults – are against four former members of staff.

Senior investigating officer Colin Andrews, who is leading Operation Reno, said: “There are a large number of files for allegations of serious sexual offences that are, at this time, against four former members of staff and they are with the CPS.

“I do feel there is significant evidence of serious sexual abuse but whether or not they are prosecuted is not our decision. It is a matter for the CPS, taking everything into account.”

The Mail revealed yesterday how the investigations into 53 offences at the home have collapsed after dozens of victims withdrew their complaints.

All of the victims who have pulled out of the criminal investigation are seeking compensation in a civil claim.

Operation Reno is the third police inquiry into sexual abuse at the care home, which closed in the 1990s.

Mr Andrews said detectives will see more alleged victims of abuse next month.

“What has happened has not stopped the investigation,” he said. “It may have made it more difficult, but we are continuing to see victims and gather intelligence and put files to the CPS.

“There is no doubt at all that people were seriously sexually abused there and the vast majority of victims are genuine victims who have suffered harm.”

James Carragher, a former principal at the home, is the only person ever to have been convicted of sexually abusing pupils.

Mr Andrews said: “I acknowledge there has only been one member of staff convicted but I have never come across anyone who does not accept there was serious sexual abuse taking place there.

“There is no doubt in my mind that some of the children there suffered at the hands of some members of staff. What we are trying finally to do is find out what the truth of it is.

“The issues surrounding St William’s have gone on for many years and we are trying, once and for all, to bring it to a close for all concerned and try to exorcise the ghost of St William’s, if we can.”

Prosecutors are also considering allegations of perverting the course of justice against a “small number” of victims.

Mr Andrews said: “One or two of the four members of staff the allegations relate to have made complaints that the victims have told lies or embellished the truth in their complaints to gain greater compensation payouts.

“It is only right that we look at these. I believe the majority of these people are genuine victims who have suffered horrendous sexual abuse. However, there are one or two cases that cause us concern and these have gone to the CPS.”

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  1. Paul

    Albert victor marvin found guilty again sentence not long enough for the damage he has done
    Albert Victor Marvin committed the offences while working as a farmhand at Boreatton Park, near Baschurch, between 1969 given 2 yrs shame on him

  2. what a fucking joke bent bastards

  3. Wayne Sowerby

    This website isn’t mobile friendly.

  4. Darren Furness

    Hi it’s Daz Furness I’m now suing David Greenwood and co also suing the diosce of Middlesbrough and de la Salle brothers for professional negligence there are also others doing the Same you can contact me on 0796339816

  5. George

    Again thak you so much for keeping this information online, A numner of the officers involved in inbestingating around CSA in yorkshire and humber were bent. researching DC Colin Andrews and the payout recived by Micheal Curran ( the school above ) between the first time they tried to charge him and the second shows some significant links between the investogators and the perpetrators

  6. Is there a website for St Williams Survivors? I can’t find much but my name is Wayne, Wayne Murphy back in ’82-’83 when I was in St George’s House, Wayne Sowerby now.

  7. Survivors v Christian Brothers and others 2010 Oct 26 Court of Appeal

  8. P

    Your welcome hope it all works out he will be ok

  9. A

    Thank you so much for takeing the time to reply to me I really appreciate it. And your so right these ppl don’t deserve to live for the amount of lives they have destroyed, and I totally understand what you mean about not trusting a man I don’t blame you one bit, now we know about this what happens to my dad a lot more things make sense about his life. Certain ways he reacted to different stuff again I know it’s hard to talk because don’t want to go in to too much detail on here. I was just looking for other people who had sufferd the same as my dad and came across this blog, and really didn’t know how else to contact someone for a bit support. I feel so helpless and just really want to help my dad deal with this. Get my dad back. I just don’t think any of us know wat to expect but your advice has been helpful thank you x

  10. P

    Hi it’s not easy to talk to you on hear but tell him I felt as probably every single one of us did the same way the only people that can find out is the ones you tell
    His name can’t be realeased to the media the police will deal with your dad very good I personally always insisted it was a woman or a woman be present sounds daft but I don’t trust men I still feel ashamed to this day if he can wright down as much as he can remember it makes it easier as you remember stuff you can forget to tell them I rang Leeds and they came and took a short statement it’s scary but he needs to get it out and get help dealing with it
    They should bring back the death penalty for them as it ruined all our lives and continues to do so he has made the hardest decision now and with his family round him he will come out the other end p

  11. A

    Hi, we’ve contacted Leeds police, they returned the call last night and someone who is dealing with this case is comming to see him, I think he still scared that people aren’t going to believe him, and that the more people we no that find out may look at him different, he feels ashamed even tho we’ve tried to tell him he’s got nothing to be ashamed of he was just a boy, and didn’t know wat todo. And it was the brothers that were wrong and abused there power over all of you. It’s just so hard, but makeing the phone call and reporting it was the first step and a big one for him. I just feel helpless tho I wish I could make it all go away for him x

  12. P

    Hi are the police prosecuting. The ones responsible

  13. P

    Hi is your dad taking this to court

  14. Anonymous

    Hi Paul thank you for replying so soon. That is great news that you got justice even tho it doesn’t seem enough punishment for theses monsters, for what they put all you boys through. And well done for telling your family . Ithink each and everyone of you are so brave. Thank you for the advice I willlook into that. I think it would help my dad just talking to someone who sufferd the same horrendous crimes as he did thank you again I send my love to you and your family and well done again x

  15. Paul

    Hi I was there in 1973 in st George’s house
    I told my family 2yrs ago so I know how hard it was for your dad
    To tell you I took one of the staff who abused me to court and won
    It’s not easy but had really good support from the police
    There are counselling sessions that your doctor can refer
    You to who specialises in this also might be worth trying EDMR
    treatment it works for some people you can look it up on internet
    I can say first hand I know how he feels all you can do is support
    Him when he needs it

  16. Anonymous

    Hi everyone, first I’d like to say how sorry and sad I am for all you victims. My dad has just come out to his family about the abuse he sufferd at this home, and it is breaking my heart. He has lived with this for so many years and not told a sole. He has sufferd in silence for all his life, he has mental problems,anger issues, hes sufferd numerous breakdowns he’s self harmed It has totally ruined his life and the life’s of other family members. He still lives in fear that no one will believe him, this is so hard for us all, I’m on here asking for some advice at how I can help my dad, he is seeing sychitrists and is getting all the help medically, but this doesn’t seem enough, I’ve watched my dad this week return to a frightened little 13 year old boy. I’ve watched the colour drain from his face when he’s seen these horrible monsters on telly. I do wish there was something I could do. We’ve contacted the police and went through all the proper channels to report this. But it just doesn’t seem enough. The stuff that he was subjected to was horrendous and my heart goes out to all the other victims. My dad was at st Williams for 2 years. 1972 -1975 was there any other survivors on here that was there at that time period? Ilnot put his name just yet as I don’t think he’s ready for that just yet, but I think it would be beneficial for him to talk to other victims . If you could reply here and I could get some contact details it would be much appreciated thank you. And again I send my love to all the victims stay strong x

  17. waine buley

    im the one who started the invistagation back in 2001 and im nimber 001 in the 170+. i was abused there too and went to dave greenwood as i was sick of feeling ashamed for the wrong put upon me and others who were abused, the 170+ is now less than 100 due to maybe having to give evidence in court. i was also told 18mths back in 2001 its now 2016 so 15 yrs waiting, its a nightmare. keep strong freinds. if you want to contact me email me if you want to, i carnt say too much as they “other side” might use anything to worn therer way out of compensating the abused. also hi andy mac and wayne hesseltine, nown them yrs. im from GRIMSBY.

    [Edit; No contact detail please]

    • timothy riggott

      I was their gave evidence and now been fucked by them all police as we’ll compensation they don’t want to no mate

  18. P

    Albert victor marvin Found Guilty Hull Crown Court

  19. ken fox

    Dirty bastard I fucking hated every minute !

  20. I myself was a victim of these monsters ?we we’re only little children ?no one listened perhaps they will listen now. If people believed us at the time
    Maybe ? Innocent childrens lives could have been stopped from going through the abuse off these fucking low life bastards who destroyed our lives? From a victim of scum bastards ,,Joseph is my name

  21. Andrew mackie

    I just want to say thanks to you all so far for your support, but some of us thay still haven’t answered for what they did to us. No, there’s no f…ing way, That anything’s going to change, It depends on us, and you know We can protest until death, about the lack of investigation by police, some of us have more fight in us than others…. some of us have not even come forward because of the lack of enquirers, and will be taking it to the grave, i have recordings of police and solicitors conversations you would not believe to hear… if anyone out there can help us in anyway then contact me, Andy on 07904058312….. hear is a lic as a taster of so called justice

  22. Sue Mayman

    Hello you poor victims of these 2 vile day I saw some justice done in court today jan 4th. I was on the jury on oct 5th 2oo15.first let me say my heart goes out to all of you who were abused by these 2 vile took 9 and a half weeks to go through all the evidence and nearly 2 weeks in the jury room.i have never heard such horendess evidence in all my life from you the victims.what you all must have gone through I cannot words cannot express what you must have all been going through all your lives.let me say those of you who have claimed they were giving evidence for money shame on have not had to sit through weeks of being in a witness box having to tell a full court room and jury what these vile 2 men did to these victims when they were just was a very dificult case to sit through and I had tears in my eyes a lot of the time.they got jailed the pair of them today and I wish they had got longer time but the judges hands were tied.i do hope all of you find peace now and keep fighting for what you deserve.i will never for got doing jury service on this was very tramatic for us all too who had to listen to all of this.good luck to all of you for the furture.kind reguards a jury member.

    • timothy riggott

      i was one of those boys who came to court from prison its took along time for someone to beleave us now at least i can put it in the box where it was for along time and get on with my life now.thank you for your comments for someone to care after all this time is great.

    • nigel

      thank you.. it was hard for you lot ,,but when you come back with guilty , that made my day ,,i sat there every day ,,seeing them laugh out side the courts ,, it was funny to them ,you never seen them do that ,,,i was hurt by brother james ,, in the early seventys ,,he got 14 years ,,in 2002 ,,i was one that sent him away ,,, but i still live with the hurt ,, im 57 now ,, and i fighingt for companstions ,,,15 years now ,,when will these people stop helping these animales ,,, and think of the people ,, still suffering out there.. solicters are on 2 million up to day ,, others are on 17.5 million .. but i got offerd 4000 pound to walk away ,, … ,, wow ,, but what can i do .im a person , that been hurt ,, not a solictor making millions out of hurt and pain ,, ..i still fight on to close this .and try to live my life ,, thanks sue ps sorry about my grammer, never got it ,,had to work

      • Joseph mcgarry

        I was sent to that vile place for playing truant when I was 12 years old im58 now I wanted to die because of what the low life scum did to me and my mates no one would listen to our cries for help I thank all the jurors for the making the right decision after all we were innocent little children I cry every day for my mates and myself and will go too. My grave doing it

  23. christopher fuller

    i was there in 1980 i dont remember any abuse personally, i remember father jim kept his distance over near the pool.i think thats where his office was and he was always there.he looked like a noel was someone who looked out for me and so did brother michael.i had a good friendship with richard quinten.i learned my city and guilds there in agricutural studies and was taught by a scottish teacher whos name i cant recall.i believe noel has died now but i can honestly say he was a good guy.and from what i knew of brother michael he was a good guy too.(from personal experience)being from the streets we kind of know a wrong en but like someone said before these people are magicians at hiding their crimes and will go to great lengths.if they know we know then they wont reveal it but rather get us out of the way.god knows whats gone on.its been about 7 years since i was interviewed and thought it was all over.i just stumbled across this story by accident.i thought carragher had already been tried and jailed twice.looks like hes gonna rot in jail where they should have kept him in the first place.god bless anyone who did suffer any abuse and i hope you are being helped to rebuild your lifes, because being ongoing like this must be awful.i cant remember the other guy who has been found guilty,im hoping hes not the farm manager/ callen.??

    • timothy riggott

      it was mcallen and he should rot to for what he did to me

      • christopher fuller

        im not sure of the names of victor martin,or mccallen,? if they were there in 1980 then thats the farm manager i was taught under,brother micheal arrived in 1980 if i recall correct.he looks like hes just been acquitted.
        when the police interviewed me i was heavily drink dependant and its a distant memory.i had a friendship with richard quinton but no one ever mentions his name.i dont even know if hes still alive.he lived near pocklington.there was brian heinz and noel.and there was an angry brother who i threw a snow ball at one day and hit him in the eye from about 30 yards away.he didnt half batter me.he lost control, because i was alot faster than…i hope those abused get justice and the ones making false claims will end up in jail.this has dragged on for far too long.may the guilty rot in hell and the innocent get justice.

    • simon fishlock (horace)

      chris i was there in 1982 till 83 i also took city and guild in agriculture the teacher was gerry kelly the evil scot he once threw a pitchfork at me missed and stuck in the classroom door i too was not abused sexually but was smacked around by the farm manager who was john lowe richard quinten took me and four other into york once to watch wrestling noel harnet did die early in 2015 from pulmonary fibrosis a severe lung decease and to me was a great bloke as was mick curran i aint really got a bad word to say about the place although i feel so sorry for all the other boys that were abused and should get everything there entitled to in the hope that they can move on and put this shit all behind them and finnaly get some kind of closure

      • christopher fuller

        i used to do richard quintens garden and wash his car.i hope he wasnt implicated.i never got to know who was fully involved.anyway noel stuck up for me when i did a bunk and tried stealing a car.i couldnt even drive and an angry farmer jumped up and down on my ankle when he came out of the pub with his pal.caught us in the act.noel went beserk with the police for charging me with attempted theft.i didnt know noel was into boxing ive trained alot of pros and had 2 world champs and 3 british champs amongst other titles.yeh jerry used to throw the blackboard rubber at people.i had the garden at the back.i was in charge of the pigs too.the kids had problems with glue and stuff as i remember.there used to be an asian kid into it.when i was in detention centre i suffered proper williams was a holiday camp as far as some kids were concerned.i didnt see nothing other than restraining.when 4 or 5 of them would pin ya down till ya calmed down.anyway ive been criminal free since i was 17 but suffered other issues but above all i can honestly say the staff were decent people overall.the bad ones are hopefully paying for their crimes and people can move on.if sick then claim sick but dont expect compensation claims to be dealt with quick.i suspect appeals and stuff will go on.i dont actually know but hope those needing help get it.remember you are fighting against the institutions which could take years.i dont ever think the case will be closed but maybe a line for most can be drawn.the others i dont know what advice i can offer..another thing i remember was having the flat above the i never had staff telling me what to do.i had a weekly budget to buy my own food and clothes etc.i dont know any home they give you a flat at 14.they did things different i suppose.

  24. Jason deyes

    I was there when I was around 14 in the late 80s and I was attacked by these vile bastards I’ve had 30 years of drug and drink abuse and seeing people take there own lives because of these people I’ve been in prison numerous times and I do blame them for it because as I’ve now had the strength to beat my addiction s I’m no longer in trouble with the police I’m not yet able to take a full time job but that’s my goal I still suffer with mental illness but I’m engaging with people who are helping me it took me 30 years to trust anybody in authority but I’m now starting the long process of ridding myself of these disgusting people iv wanted to find them and seriously hurt them but that wouldn’t help my children having there dad in prison they need me here to protect them from life’s evil and that’s what I intend doing. Regarding the claim I have been through the mill and back wanting it not wanting it and I’ve come to the conclusion that people who have had a good home and find the normal things in life easy we haven’t been so lucky so if it helps us achieve the things we wanted to achieve when we were young then for me it’s a fight they won’t win not if I am still breathing I’m determined to beat these vile people they won’t win and I hope this little part of my life will give at least one survivor the strength to beat and win this battle. Stay strong guys a the very best of luck.

    • timothy riggott

      i liked that write up mate i was there in 1986 to 1987 and it was a fucked up place pal thats for shore they fucked my life like yours

  25. I was on st Williams after it had been refurbished to Riverhead house all the buildings had either been knocked down or refurbished I lived in the old staff houses as you drove onto the site but the brothers grave stones at the back was left there so we had those dirty bastards (brothers) coming back to st Williams to visit graves we would always get phone calls to tell the staff to get us all in and lock doors as one of the brothers had been released from jail it pisses me off the the coppers didn’t do anything to stop them from coming back to the home they would ring and warn us but not stop them I mean what the fuck are. The local authorities doing to protect us Fuck all I hope you guys finally get the closure your needing my heart goes out to you all 😡

  26. Peter

    At last Victor marvin St williams worked on farm given 7yrs not enough

  27. stephen dockerty

    I was there I think 1968 69 bro james used to lock me in the gym it seemed for weeks it hurt so much don’t know what to do I told bro Reginald and bro chad but I was told to shut up

  28. I am just starting to research St Williams for a post on my blog. I am interested in anyones story whether its two lines or 2000 lines long, which i can publish anonymously or with your name. I am also interested in links that James Carragher and father Anthony McCallen had with any other abusers, Or any other abusers who abused children if not connected. please feel free to contact me on in confidence. thanks

    • timothy riggott

      i was a victim at sent st williams i dont if im allowed to talk yet but i will answer some questions

    • .my name is Joseph I was in that hell hole for 3years what them evil bastatds done to me destroyed my life and I remember when I was handed over to them by a social worker said your in good hands how. Fucking. Wrong they were we. only innocent children?

  29. Hello to any fellow victims of St Williams. I am Andrew Mackie, I too was a victim of that place. I remember running away with a few people a few times. We do have help at last! Were taking it beyond the corrupt solicitors. Believe you me, I’ve had years of torture too! My life started in care, at 1 yrs old and ive visited a few hell holes.

    Ive been researching and studying in order to find the right help for those like me still seeking redress and justice. Wayne i hope you still survive to this day and i know were all sick of hearing about “hope”.

    • Why have the moderators taken out my phone number from my post for fellow victims to get in touch with me?
      We all need help, and this site is hindering this.

    • Paul

      Hi Andy I was there in the 70s and was a victim do you remember the farm hand vince or victor his name always round a blond lad

  30. Rob Wilson

    I was there 1981 for a couple of years,I thought they were a weird bunch the brothers,the teachers were ok I never had any issues there as when I’d had enough I’d run off and make my way home.i never seen are heard anything while I was there but that’s not to say these assault didn’t happen,these animal are clever and pick on the weak and vulnerable I hope the kids that were assaulted get justice and the staff that had any part in it will be looking over there shoulders for the rest of there life’s,the solicitors that are dealing with it should pull there fingers out and stop dragging there feet then it can be laid to rest and people can get on with rebuilding there life’s……..justice will be done in the end and those who had anything to do with the assaults will and should burn in hell.

  31. Mary Maclean

    I really want to echo what Joe has said. I am a retired psychologist and the heartbreak of my professional life has been the sheer weight of vulnerable people abused by those who were handed power over them.

    Wayne – live on. I wont say fight on – they harmed you enough back then, its appalling that they can go on hurting you for the rext of your life.

    Never ever ever apologise for pursuing legal redresd. Its cathartic and healing and only by achieving some sense of justice can you begin to move past the monstrous events that scarred your life.

    Live on. Good luck.

  32. Joe

    Don’t succumb to that Wayne. Why let the bastards win now? It’s taken a great deal of courage & strength to endure such trauma as a child so don’t let it destroy the man either. Hold on & use your well deserved compensation for something positive that you may never have been able to achieve. That way you can have closure & turn darkness into light/negative to positive!

  33. Wayne Heseltine.


    • Leigh jablonsky

      My dad has died now waiting he started drinking hope ur ok hold on my dad said the same won’t think twice to killing it an so wud I if I ever cum across the disgrace x r.i.p dad aka (jabba) x

    • Jason deyes

      Hi mate I was in St williams and I really get were your coming from this they are the most vile people you could ever meet but what I would say I’ve now been sober for 18months and drug free for over 5 years how did I do it I realised the only way for me to get back at them bastards was to show everybody that I can stand up to these people and I can also not let them dictate still the path in life I take now. It’s taken 30 years to do its not been easy but it can be done mate I hope this will help you a little of the way mate.

  34. A former pupil of Carraghers

    I was at St Johns Southsea in 1966 when he was a lay teacher and my house master – he was the first person to tell me the facts of life thank god he did decide to do a practical demo

  35. closer to god than john the baptist

  36. faceing a prison sentence for none payment of fine over a tv liscence 12 days anyone outthere think am puting money towards a peadophile ring got to be on drugs

  37. michael./winker

    my name was winker..from hull.i know them all.1967/1969

  38. am one of those who was in that place.. any victim at all been awarded any sort of compensation (unlikely)how much longer about time it was sorted out or can solicitors on both parties bleed more money out of the system judas lot off you puts it all in perpective

  39. colin shephard

    community home what an understatement ,but then again what would you exspect off the local arthourites especially back in the 1980s

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