Tong Park Remand & Assessment Centre

Tong Park Remand & Assessment Centre

NAYPIC received allegations of sexual abuse of children at this home.

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We have received inquiries from many claimants who allege physical abuse at the home. The police have carried out an investigation.

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232 responses to “Tong Park Remand & Assessment Centre

  1. Daddyyy!!!!

    I, too, was there for a while. I can spell, read and write, and as a 50+ yr old earn about 10K a year, plus, I could point the finger. If you weren’t bad, it was quite enabling. If you were a badass, they caught you and you knew it.
    Was it really that bad?
    If you hadn’t been there would you have made a major difference to society?
    Sob stories, yes, but perhaps we all need to take a bit of responsibilty.
    If you lived under Sharia Law and had a hand chopped off, would you have a complaint?
    So think hard, better yourselves and move on.
    And earn more than me!

    • Derek Goodall

      Not everyone in there broke the law sob story is a horrible thing to say nobody deserved to get treated like we did

      • Daddyyy!!!!

        Kind of proving a point.
        Don’t hear of the likes of Clive Myers mentioned. Maybe he was a bit hard and his feathers aren’t to be ruffled?!
        I get your grievance about the wall, though. Probably meant more to you.
        We were there for a reason; yes, some (later on) were through social care and that was different, not fair on them at all.
        Crime and time – it’s always been. No point complaining later. No crime, no time. Then we wouldn’t be here. Simples, as the marketeers say.

        I have a wife long time, kids and a house, so why would I want to fuck any of that up? Move on.

        How much do you think Jordans care about you?


        Right and Wrong have never really changed that much, but I’m guessing the idea is how we are overall rather than a snapshot. We all f**k up, but being mostly ok gets us through it.

        What about the Assault Course? Monkey Bars (BLM will have something to say about that), Zip Wire, Ropes over Pit, Ropes over Wall, Pipe Tunnels, Under Foliage – kids nowadays get none of that, then they’re dissed for being fat. We had some good stuff. Blue Pool, gardening, Football, cricket, baseball. There used to be games against that Church Club – can’t remember their name, but there was a Pollard bloke?

        I could get 2k out of Jordans, but I’d probably lose my job for undisclosed info. I might have to pay extra Council Tax to contribute to any winnings you guys get. But I can sit here, hold my head up (a bit) higher and say, “You know what, fuck it, you came out alright.”



        Thank You

      • The Bradfordian Chilli Company (Marcus Fuller )

        Some idiots on here. I didnt committe a crime. I Was moved there for having a fight with a kid in my kids home. When I got there I was abused by by grown men. Was that my fault as a kid? Should I forget that and move on? Should any of us?

    • Pissed off at daddy’s

      Prick I was 11, 5 brothers.
      Dad died of TB
      Mother couldn’t cope with 5 lads alone.
      Cracked up.
      Social services put me here, then onto Thorpe arch.
      What’s sob about that you perfect prick
      I have my own business now and spend 10k on holidays.
      So some survive.
      But most do not.
      So wind your 10k k own house fucking neck in.

  2. Robert Dixon

    Sad to hear about Mathew Stubbs passing away
    Rip lad

    • Jo Greenley

      Hi Robert, sorry for delayed reply. I have only just read your message. Did you know my brother Matthew Stubbs ‘Stubbsy’ well. Do you have any details about his time at Tong park or memories to share with me? I would appreciate it if you could.

  3. Robert Dixon

    I spent time in tong park 88-89
    I’ve contacted Jordans solicitors
    And will be seeing how things progress..

  4. Peter Townend

    The staff at Tong Park and thorp arch were evil bullying paedophiles, Ruined the lives of many vulnerable children, sadly they have got away with it.

    • Bob

      Pete Townsend
      I recall you I think
      I was in tong park
      Aycliffe and then Thorpe arch
      Who gives an 11 year old boy three years.
      Just because I had a broken home they saw fit to send me to a concentration camp
      I have not left my contact details but trying to forget.
      I can clear as day see , that bald bastards big wooden bed at the end off Kennedy house, Jack
      Wow, how did this happen,
      I grew up so violent, a proper real street fighter, but never got in any more bother.
      How I would love to
      Meet any of them, at 64 now I feel I would enjoy a little toe to toe with any of them.
      I hope your all, past interns, doing well, good luck guys.

  5. michelle

    wow so many people did anyone know robert robinson and ricky brockill known as broomy and ross keeneenan as these lads have told me stuff that went on especially rob and ricky

  6. Jo Greenley

    Thanks for your reply Paul, yeah it’s true our Matt hung himself whilst in HMP Leeds, although it’s not all that it seems, the days leading up to it a lot of shit went on & I personally blame a number of individuals for my brother’s death, it could’ve & should’ve been prevented. You know how the prison system works right? Just one big cover up as far as I’m concerned, but I believe in karma & those responsible will be paid back ten fold! There’s many contributing factors to our Matt’s death & Tong park was defo one of those factors, you can’t take troubled young boys & beat, bully & abuse them & expect them to come out at the end of that happy, healthy & mentally stable to deal with life. Glad to hear you got out of Bradford though, so did I nearly 30 years ago. If you have any memories you could share with me about our Matt that would be greatly appreciated.

    • michelle

      wow so many people did anyone know robert robinson and ricky brockill known as broomy and ross keeneenan as these lads have told me stuff that went on especially rob and ricky

    • Robert Dixon

      Mathew was there when I was
      He was a good lad
      Sorry to hear of his passing X
      Rest in peace stubbsy lad 😞

    • Karl jones

      Hi, I know this is a late reply, but I was in tong park with your brother and also was in Leeds with him when he took his life, I’d be happy to speak to you about it if it helps, Karl Jones.

      • Jo Greenley

        Hi Karl, you mentioned you spent time with my brother in Tong Park & also in HMP Leeds when he took his own life. Anything you can tell me about the run up to him taking his life would be really appreciated. It’s 8 years ago as yesterday, since he hung himself & on the 29th will be 8years to the day I held his hand at Leeds general infirmary, when they turned off his life support & he passed away. I know Staff at Leeds really let him down from the top right to the bottom, including prison officials, mental health and a dr named Ravi Sood (the last dr to see my brother) also the last person to speak to my brother was a lady chaplain who walked away from him when he needed the most help. I have watched cctv footage of how she mocked my brother’s distress to the prison officers, whilst just metres away my brother was making a noose out of a prison issue sheet!!! He was on an ACCT as he had already self harmed the evening before & he should have been checked frequently (which also never happened) The inquest into his death was a fucking joke! So yes if there is anything at all you would like to tell me, I would be extremely grateful. In fact anything you wish to tell me about your time with our Matt in Tong park or HMP Leeds would be great. Hope this message reaches you. Kind regards Jo Greenley.

  7. Graham greenley

    Does anyone Rember Matthew Stubbs who was in that shit hole

    • Paul Lambert

      Hello pal yes I remember stubs I did abit of jail time with him after tong park. Why. ?

      • Mrs Jo Greenley

        Hi Paul, my husband posted the last message asking about Matthew Stubbs. I’m Jo, Matt’s (slightly older) sister. I don’t know how well you knew our Matt or if you had heard he passed away in July 2013, when he was only 36. I just think about him a lot, & I found this website by chance, after I had been remembering convos I’d had with him about his time in Tong Park. It’s been heart breaking to read all the various accounts of the utterly disgusting abuse young boys had to suffer by the apparent care giver‘s /staff. My brother has told me all about what he endured & what he saw others go through too in that hell hole.

      • Paul Lambert

        Hello there yes I did here about him passing away is it right that he took is own life? Sorry. I knew matty very well but I move away from from Bradford nearly 20 ago now. We did a lot of jail together if I remember right the last time I saw him was when he beat meggie up in Doncatras going back a long time there. He was a good lad as for tong park I carnt remember anything going on with and staff. Don’t think about shit like that anyway girl.

  8. Hello boys I was in and out tong park on a regular basis and what your all saying is true. A evil bunch of cunts , the worst in my eyes was mr and mrs rall the ones that lived in the flat he beat me up in little toilet down stairs all the time that horrible blond wife of is was cheering him on not nice. As for mr pfoster he was no better. I remember me and co d at the time mark jagger we tried run off down the drive on the way to education we both got court and marched back and putt on the wall, tea time came and went and as the boys was watching a film rall and foster took us both down to the boot room and properly set about us both kicking punching throwing football boots at us still got the scar on right eye. I could go on for ever about showers (WRONG) night staff that big fat (MONSTER). I use to wet the bed regularly he use to punish me for stand out side the dorm for hours while laughing and joking about it. It’s all coming back while writing this. Bottom line it was all wrong and put me to a life of crime and drugs all the staff at the time late 80’s early 90’s ingam tordoff bill and Ben anyone remember them. 😡

  9. michael ainsworth

    just found this page .as my son now lives in guisley i have been looking for baildon remand home as i thought it was called wondering if it was still there and where abouts it was..didnt know it was called tong park though this is the place i had the misfortune to spend 6 weeks there in 1964.i still remember some things as if it was yesterday.i was 14 at the time and although i never suffered any physical abuse per.sonally i witnessed plenty of it 3 things in particular there was one lad who came about my age really quiet and withdrawn and on sunday visiting this old man used to visit him who he said was his dad.anyway this lad disappeared must have gone after him a couple of hours later we could here banging at the front door someone must have brought him back the door banged shut and then the beating started from the room the rest of us were in you could here everything.a lot of the lads were in tears having to listen to this i have never to this day felt as sorry for anyone as i did for that poor boy.another incident hapenned one day at teatime the master cant remember his name said something to us not funny but everyone started laughing he didnt like this and demanded to know who said this he was getting really angry and one of the little ones said what it was the lad owned up and was told to come down and stand in front of himwhere upon he was felled by one almighty punch to the face he dropped to the floor and then had the shit kicked out of him while laying on the floor the head master must have heared the commotion and came in the room took one look turned round closed the door and went.this boy was 13 years oldthis lad called tony was the staff boy he was moving on so i had been told to take his place one of the jobs were to take mr preston a cup of tea to his room at 3 o clock i think he live there the room seemed to consist of a bed and loads or beer bottles the next day tony must have forgotten prestons tea he came storming down shouting for tony he saw him and without a word promptly laid tony out with a fluury of punches i never forgot mr prestons afternoon tea i never saw tony again untill a few years later when i was watching leeds play rugby on tv there was tony playing for leeds i have often thought if he ever went back to pay mr preston a visit

  10. frank

    just had first counselling session guys one of the hardest things ever

  11. Hi Frank I sent you an email.

  12. heading back to bradford to revisit all sites of these brutal abuse centres to see if it sparks some moor memories like crows everytime i hear lots of crows i think of tong park find it amazing how all the homes have been demolished in order to erase history

  13. frank

    just cant do with graphic flashbacks any more so need some closure

  14. frank

    this is for john howard starting to take moorlands tong and st cammillus to court as well as bradford social services

  15. No one important

    Hi lads.

    These stories are breaking my heart.

    I was born in 1971 and lived near Tong Park Assessment Centre in the 70’s and 80’s. I knew some of the masters and their kids.

    I used to see some of you when you ran away and I remember the years when the masters had you clearing all the snow off the road so the cars could get to the centre. I used to see you playing football, cricket, and running the assault course.

    I was scared of you, we all were. We were told it was a school for lads that had been bad, but I swear we had no idea what was going on up there. We just thought it was a school that you had to live at because you couldn’t go to ordinary school.

    The masters were an unfriendly lot and didn’t socialise with the locals. The only time they spoke to us was if someone had run off and they wanted to know if we’d seen them.

    One of you once hid in our shed. My dad saw you but pretended he hadn’t when they came running after and you he pointed them in another direction. My mum was cross and said he shouldn’t have done it and I’ll never forget my dad’s face when he told her why. He said you were just a kid, a little lad not much older than me, and you were terrified. He went back to find you, but you were gone. I hope to god they didn’t catch you.

    Anything I say to you probably sounds shallow and patronising because I lived in a nice house with wonderful parents and I had toys and friends and birthday parties and all the things kids are supposed to have, but you were a few hundred yards away from me going through hell.

    I’m so sorry. My parents were the very best of people, as were many others who lived locally. We honestly didn’t know.

    I hope you find peace.

    • dean johnson

      its strange how none a these people were ever in trouble for making our lives hell, even if for only a short time these people were entrusted to look after us and i were told they were to asses us as to were we would be sent so tried to be out of trouble if poss, the older i get the more seems to come back about that hell hole, the worse of it was they all seemed to enjoy knocking hell out of us, even the social workers who came to see how we were or if we met them when back at court dident give a to** about all the massive bruises, lots a kids had pots on when i got to tong park from falling down the stairs(yer right) aycliffe was like paradise after a spell in tong park.scared for life at 9 yrs of age by folks who should a known better and were in a trusted job.

      • dean johnson

        seems they can simply say nothing and get away scott free.these people were supposed to look after us and see just how bad/good we were, not beat the living daylights out of us for nothing,leave us hours covered with vim until we burned,and that was as soon as we got to the hell hole.dont even mention the comics..

        part of an email today>>> Unfortunately, the Defendants are refusing to settle these cases and the prospects of success have reduced to a level where we are no longer able to accept instructions.
        You may, of course, wish to seek alternative advice from another solicitor and set out our advice in terms of time limits below for your information.

    • frank loftus

      think i was in your shed sorry

  16. Hi imtrying to find out the year I was there. My name is John Howard. Would appreciate it if you could let me know if you remember me and what year I was there.

  17. Ricky Hewson

    I was there for 8 months in 82/83, Kept running off from moorland house because I was bullied and abused by older boys. and staff . Tong park was just as bad, I ended up at aycliffe and I tried to melt the plastic window one night to escape from Royston house and ended up with 2 months DC at Kirklev for arson and endangering life. I was released from that hell hole to secure unit at aycliffe for 2 years until moved to a resettlement home in Hull. Soon after that I was in YC etc,etc. Every home I went to abuse went on, I was firstly at Spring Cottage in Hull. I got put into care because I was running away from home and school, abused sexually by a dirty old bastard down our street, sexually and physically by the head mistress at school, physically at home, sexually and physically at Spring Cottage, moorland house and tong park. I was only bullied at aycliffe. Is there any wonder i lived most of my adult life in and out of jail, but I’ve been out now for over 17yrs with the help of counselling, CBT etc etc. I’ve found it really difficult to live a normal life, hold down a job or indeed have a lasting relationship with a girl. I’m nearing 49yrs old now. I really didn’t expect to live this long but failed suicide attempts got me thinking that life must go on, and besides that I don’t want the bastards to win!! Ricky Hewson from Hull.

    • what year in spring cottage. i was there 77-78

    • Kevin Haigh

      You keep your chin up hold on things will get better it did for me luckily I met a beautiful lady married now an couldn’t ask for more it turned my life around and it will yours I went through the same things as you and I’m still here and thank God I am other wise I wouldn’t have met this woman who turned my life round things will get better promise

  18. Kennedy Williams

    I remember it well lol

  19. Stephen cullen

    Who remembers the nerve test out of the dineing room into the gym blind folders walked through chairs the you were walked backwards told to stand on a long bench then told to crouch down then stand up not knowing 2 lads 1 at each end of the bench lifted you up in the air then you were told to stand up remember yr blindfolded yr thinking yr 20 foot up in the air and yr only 5 inch from the floor then your told to dive out as fare as you can to avoid crashing into the chairs not knowing to you they av all bne move splat nose bust basterds

  20. Karen Bedford

    My husband was in tong park and from what he said it was hell on earth . He doesn’t talk about it much , but the pain is still with him. His name is Dave Bedford.

    • Pete Jackson

      Hello Karen,
      what year was your husband there? I was there in 1966 and the staff were cruel, my first night l got a beating for putting too much toothpaste on my brush by Mr Preston.

  21. linden fisher

    I went here in 1988, i only ever went on the wall once, i turned around and one of the staff grabbed my hair and slammed my head back into the wall, most of the time there i saw kids climbing over the wall by the football field onto the train tracks and running off! I was a cheeky twat and prob deserved it;; never saw anything sexual but bullying and intimidation by staff rife! I was there 2 months while on remand but absconded twice (from court) and only spent about 2 weeks there. i hope todays homes have improved, every kid who went here was let down by the government and all the social workers magistrates etc, they all knew what went on but turned a blind eye..from all the kids to all the staff fuck you nonses

  22. Robert Coombes

    I was at Tong Park 1972 , polishing floors on hands and knees , running on the spot on the landing for 2 hours for talking in the dorm , well Mr Bruce sat and read a news paper at the top of the stairs, meal time you had to choose small medium or large meal and if you left anything you would keep getting it back for your next meal untill you ate it ,Mr lofthouse a right bastard plenty of slaps and he came to work at the childrens home i was eventually sent to , Moorland House Ilkley.

  23. neil Kennedy

    I was at Tong Park early 70s for approx 3-4 months before being moved to Eastmoor in leeds never saw anything no abuse no nothing

  24. Mark Fuller

    I was there in the 80’s because there were no kids homes or Foster spaces for me. I did a runner off the field whilst playing cricket. Got caught and those horrible twats kicked the shit out of me. Literaly. Waited until i was showered and in my pyjamas though the cowards. I went out with my social worker a couple of weeks later and went on the run for three weeks. Didnt get touched when I got back as I didnt run off from there.

  25. Chris Bowes

    I was in there in 1976 for a 6 week assessment.
    Quite a brutal place as far as beatings were concerned.
    Never saw or heard of sexual abuse though.

  26. andrewdrabarek


    • Hi Andrew I am Carl Lord I was there in the year 1983 and I remember all the names you have mentioned in your list from foster to Ingham and to Bruce monaghan do you remember Mr turnbull he was a school there

      • Kennedy Williams

        Kennedy Williams

        Hi Andrew I remember all there names too Mr Metcalf was the old guy I went there twice once as a school boy and after I left a lot of violence but no abuse that I know of

      • Kenny Williams

        You missed out Mr Edwards

  27. steven tempest

    I was there in late 70, s

  28. John Pearson

    I was at Tong Park Hall 1952-1954, when it was a children’s home; for girls and boys. When did it become this house of horror?

    • Keith Lord

      John I was in Tong park house from 1950 to 1957 I dont remember you but hope life has been good to you

      • Hi Keith. I remember a boy called Brian Young and a girl called Theresa. I went to Tong Park Junior School and Bingley Secondary Modern School. My bedroom was a boys’ dormitory situated above the dining room. That is all I can recall; after all it was over 60 years ago.

  29. Tony wallace

    Thorn garth was a grooming centre.

  30. Tony wallace

    I was there in 1983, absconded from stockton hall in york, 2 members of staff picked me from york police station, they were alright with me all the way to tong park, till i walked through the front door, one grabbed me by the neck, pushed my face up to that wall on the right, my nose just showered with blood, and i got that simply because i asked one of them for a cig on the way there, following day lined up outside for education, 2 lads took off, i took my chance and i took off, never went back. So i don’t know much about tong park, however at 11 years old i was at thorn garth for not attending school, thats the place whjere all the sexual abuse to place, even staff from tong park would go to thorn garth

  31. T taylor

    Hi I was in tong park remember Mr Ingram with his cat of nine tails the bastard it hurt so bad in 1976

  32. Sean ryan

    John remember songs in charts lad that’s how I date things from then ie see your depeche mode then I know I was in tong 82

  33. Sean ryan

    Hi John this needs to be private as it’s very embarrassing could you email me [edit] or give me a fb page as I have very detailed memores and don’t wish them to go public

  34. Sean ryan

    Bloody loads fella about both including moorlands Northrop rod hazzlehurst butler and loads more I’ve changed name since then was called frank then

  35. Kevin Wilshire

    Anyone remember me lurch , i was in there around 1974 / 75 . Remember it all mr Bruce , mr Kendall , mr Goodhall Mr burkett , and i think is name was Mr ashirst he did my accessment , he was a black belt in karate..I think mr Kendall was the one to be weary off i remember him looking me up and down when having a shower. Mr Goodhall was as soft as shit i used to take the piss out of him when he was doing is running and keep fit and i think he liked me because i was a good athlete .Mr burkett was a alright sort of a guy if you stayed on the right side of him . Mr Bruce never liked me and Mr ashirst gave me a hiding for not doing as i was told .I used to get on with him and is twin sons that lived upstairs until that incident. As for fighting well i cant say we did . but we used to have wrestling tournaments which i was good at . but this nigger kid came in and used to beat me and took my title away from me . I was good at sports so i used to get a extra fag for winning.We used to get 3 fags a day one after dinner , one after tea and one after supper . I was taken out of the school and put on work boys it was alot better , we do things like sweep the dorms etc . There was a guy there used to take us for walks down into baildon and the canal and we went swimming in there ,but he only took trustees . If you were a runner you got punished put in shorts ,polished floors stood up with back to the wall knees bent ,That was a killer. I spent six months in tong park as i was waiting to be moved into a working boys hostel in wakefield , no i didnt like it but sort of got on with it ,i missed my friends back at school i missed wakefield my own town . i wasnt a bad lad just didnt like home life and didnt deserve to be in there. I dont suppose it did me any good but i came out of there with muscles i never thought i could have and i was fit.Mr burkett mad a death mask of me and he sprayed it in gold coloured paint and they hung it up on the wall in the main reception area . Yes i was punished , i suppose it was a good starting point for someone wanting a career in the forces .Finally if i remember rightly didnt that used to be run as a borstal before being an assessment centre and the staff that run still did as a borstal.Does anyone remember me kevin alias lurch always back of kew as i was the tallest.

    • dave kenyon

      hi m8, my name is dave kenyon from halifax and i was there after kirklev , from there to a hostel in rochdale ……. abuse mentally yeah and physically yeah . birket was a bully n knobhead who watched the boy s in the showers .he always put me up against the biggest lads at murderball,,,, . mrpuillen ? an old guy , teacher ? was a lovely bloke …
      i was in with jimmy lowther , martin wright , dean taylor , and ended up as butlers boy , great job !
      i cant remember you kev m8 but lifes shit an we,re living it…… best of luck bud… phone number is 07578418474 give me a call

      • James Keat

        remember me Dave lol how many fights did we have mad shithole that place was how you getting on in life Dave im sound chilled out now tho i party alot lol!!

    • peter collins

      lurch….lol yes i remember you, tall lanky lad. My name is peter collins i was their at the same time as you. I remember berkitt doing your mask and he was an underlying nasty person, the bloke you refer to as having 2 small sons upstairs was called mr edwards, and he also had an anger problem.You can reach me at my email

  36. John Dickinson

    What a place this was .i was in there around the age of 13/14.i took some good beatings from both staff and other lads in there along with the night watch men makeing you do a work out on the corridor at night.Spent many a night and day on the wall .was thrown into the big blue swimming pool.i can still picture there faces .scrubing the hall floor.polishing the stairs.the pigioen hole on the landing were you had to fold and put your clothes at night.this place was hell.foster through me against the plastic window in the sports hall.mental and physical torture the whole time I was there.

    • Derek goodall

      The night watch man was called sweeny he was a nasty bastard

      • Sean ryan

        Basted is too good for him I remember sweeney only too fuck in well

      • Ian reynolds

        There were two night watchmen,the other was called flash cos her used to shine the torch in your face to see if you were asleep,and sweeney used to kick the door open and drag you out of bed to do running on the spot with bibles in your hands and then dropping down to do press ups on the landing

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  39. Robert Devaney

    I was there in1972 I think spent most of my time studying the wall ran at every chance plenty of slaps and such like then got set up by I think a Mr Bruce who was head, man I got a kicking on the drive by 2 of my fellow residents while staff watched ended up coughing up blood clots during the night they really freaked out took me in a car to Saltaire convalescent hospital they would have asked questions at a casualty ended up in Bradford royal infirmary as an emergency out for 3 days kidney abbces nearly killed me nothing justified that spent a total of 8 weeks in hospital going to give my information to the police when I can sort my head out about it as most of you guys will know its not a subject you want to dwell on good luck to everyone with whatever your doing in life Harry

    • nigel

      hi .i was there in the 19 74 ish would you know the gym screw by any chance .. thanks nigel it would help me to get this person in court

    • John Ellis

      Rob, i remember you and the abuse you underwent as plain as day. The name is john ellis from mexborough by the way,. and was there for about 3 months in 1972 in which time i suffered some horrendous cruelty, harshness and violence myself. I suffered nightmares about that hateful place for many years afterwards.

  40. dean johnson

    i went the same route as peter,hated school so was always in trouble and to be honest shadwell was a great place for me for 3 years,still have many good mates from back then today, aycliffe was the same too and never had anything bad happen, but tong park was a nightmare in 68/9 time, been as it was suposed to be for assessments by the people running it to let the courts know how bad you were as to then know were to send you for a few years they should a been looked at time and time again to see just how evil these people were, from the moment i got their i had that scotch fella mark my card,only 10 at the time but dident stop him and co workers throwing us in the cold showers,then been covered in vim type cleaner that burned your skin raw as you stood their for an hour before the cold bath to swill it off, kids with black n blue marks all over them, we soon knew to not ask one a the so called masters for a comic as that was the ploy to get the little uns into their own rooms. the scotch fella with the shiney boots loved to sneak into the dorm when we were asleep and pick out anyone at random to smack them on the back or chest as hard as he could leaving a massive red mark on your belly that lasted days,everyone compared these marks on a morning and it took would have been one person to take note, and if you were on dusting duty on the big staircase banister area and he found one spec a dust you were thrown down those very same stairs and thats how we all came to be covered in massive bruises. all missed out by those people who should a been around to help protect us, not big convicts none of us,infact my main crime besides nicking off school to jump on goods trains with a few mates and see were the next stop was. was to pinch milk off doorsteps and it cost me over 3 years a my life so i was punished,these people if they were still around should a been rounded up 30 years ago and delt with by the law that let them get away with it 50 years ago. effected me in lots a ways,main one seeing people hitting their kids a bit overboard on a bus or in supermarket it drives me nuts, the older i get the more i think back to just how bad these people were and how they were in a position to get away with it all,makes you wonder why its taken so long to open this up for people to see for themselves and am sure for some it will bring everything flooding back. those childhood years should a been some of our best but the so called masters scared most for life.all the best,dean.

  41. Peter Jackson

    Hi, even if the so called Masters are dead they should still be named and shamed. I would love to meet Preston and McAvoy and give them some of what they gave me even though they will be old men, l was 14 when they beat on me.

  42. Michael Armitage

    Don’t hold your fecking breath i was in in the early 70s what a lovely place for teaching unruly boy’s the errors or their ways lol it was a dungeon and all them fecking solicitors telling you you deserve a cart load of cash are just lining there own pockets because they’ll get far more than any of us victims if anybody actually gets anything as most of them old cunts will be dead now

  43. peter Townend

    My brother was there in 1970,he was never the same after,he tried commuting suicide there age eleven,attempted suicide loads of times,once told me about the sexual abuse and the beatings,although he died twenty odd years later through suicide, his life was in shreds from the day he was sent to tong park.

  44. Hi all,

    I hope everyone is OK

    I’ve posted the BBC InsideOut program about Tong Park as a new post, here-

  45. Peter Jackson

    I only spent a couple of weeks at Tong Park before going to Aycliffe then Shadwell but the time l spent at Tong was made a living he’ll by two sadistic masters who used to like nothing more than beating on the boys, never experienced any sexualised abuse though thank fully but l am sure it went on. Many a night you could hear boys crying in their beds.

  46. My story is simialar to all other lads my case as been going on for 9yrs now ive had loads of counselling on medication for depression it doesnt happen in today age i hope as i av a grandson in care i dont want to happen to him wat happened to me my solicitor and police av advised me not to say too much with it been in court all i want is some justice

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