Brookside School, nr Ludlow, Shropshire

Brookside School nr Ludlow, Shropshire

A 96-year-old former head teacher will face trial in November for historical child sex offences.

Jack Mount, who lives in South Molton, Devon, has previously pleaded not guilty to 50 offences, although prosecutors are still to finalise charges.

The offences are alleged to have taken place in Shropshire from 1954 to 1979.

Mr Mount is one of the oldest defendants ever to face trial in the UK.

He is in poor health and suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

A trial was originally scheduled for January in Bristol.

However, Judge Geoffrey Mercer QC said thanks to “a lot of work by several people” it would now take place at Barnstaple Crown Court, near Mr Mount’s home, in November and finish before Christmas.

“There are obvious reasons why a trial in this case should take place sooner rather than later,” he said during a hearing at Exeter Crown Court.

Mr Mount, who is visually impaired and uses hearing aids, spoke only to confirm his name.

Legal arguments are due to be heard at Barnstaple Crown Court on 2 November, with a trial scheduled to start a week later.

BBC News 13/08/15

Retired headteacher, 95, facing series of child sex charges is to become oldest person to stand trial in Britain

  • Jack Mount was the head of privately-run Brookside School, Shropshire 
  • The 95-year-old has been accused of 50 counts of historic sex offences
  • There are a total of 17 complainants, who were aged between seven and 13 
  • The alleged offences were said to have taken place between 1953 and 1979 
  • He is set to stand trial later this year after entering not guilty pleas 

Daily Mail 09/01/15


Ex- headteacher, 95, faces abuse charges

Jack Mount, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, made separate appearances yesterday at both Birmingham Magistrates’ Court and the city’s Crown Court.

Mount is the former head of the privately-run Brookside School, near Craven Arms in Shropshire.

He is facing allegations that over a 25-year period he committed 32 sexual offences against six girls and six boys.

The offences are alleged to have occurred between 1954 and 1979.

The pensioner, who was born in May 1919, spoke only to confirm his age and address during a brief hearing that took place yesterday at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court.

The lower court agreed to a request by prosecutor David Devine for Mount to appear at the Crown Court on the same day owing to his age and the nature of the alleged offences.

Mount, of Paradise Lawn, South Molton, Devon, is facing nine counts of rape, six of gross indecency, nine of indecent assault, and eight other sexual offences.

 One of the offences is alleged to have been committed in Barnsley in the mid-1950s.

A further three offences are alleged to have occurred in Birmingham between 1957 and 1962.

The remaining 28 charges relate to allegations of sexual abuse against boys and girls said to have taken place in south Shropshire between 1967 and 1979.

Mount, who denies all the charges, was granted unconditional bail.

He is due to reappear at a plea hearing in January.

Yorkshire Post 07/11/14

Man summonsed over historic child sex offences


West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) have today authorised the charging of a 95-year-old man from Devon for historic child sex offences.

The charges related to offences which were allegedly carried out by Jack Mount between 1954 and 1979.

Wendy Bounds, District Crown Prosecutor from West Midlands CPS, said:

“I have today authorised West Mercia Police to charge Jack Mount with 32 counts of sexual offences relating to 12 victims. The counts span a period of over 20 years between 1954 and 1979 and involve both male and female victims.

“The decision has been taken in accordance with the Code for Crown Prosecutors.

“Mr Mount has been summoned to appear before Birmingham Magistrates Court on 31 October 2014.

“Criminal proceedings are now active and the defendant has a right to a fair trial. It is therefore extremely important that there should be no commentary or reporting which could in any way prejudice these proceedings.”



Daily Mirror 09/06/79 from Spotlight

394 responses to “Brookside School, nr Ludlow, Shropshire

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  2. Robert Ashcroft

    David Gavin and his side kick what a waste of space when doing my statement i explained when doing kitchen duty matron said I scuffed the wall she gave me a toothbrush to clean the corridor walls when I said no she grabbed me by the hair dragged me upstairs by my hair to the blazer room while hitting me in the side of the face with that bunch of keys in her hand that she always carried apparently David Gavin and his side kick said if she had broke a bone she could of been charged

  3. Robert Ashcroft

    There is definitely something wrong our statements must have been practically the same my nemesis was the haybarn and the cottage when matron gave you the keys to go down to the cottage to have a bath she new what her husband was doing

  4. Robert Ashcroft

    I could of put him away but when it was my turn in court they deemed him unfit to stand trial b…..rds plus they are having this inquiry about child abuse why is there no mention of bookstore school

  5. Gail

    Been going on a for a while I was going on last trial but for some reason I couldn’t go

  6. John Green

    It’s a real shame that at the time of his abuse 3 or 4 of Jack Mount’s victims didn’t just bump him off.

    • John Green

      After his death Oliver Cromwell’s body was exhumed and hanged. If he wasn’t cremated something similar could be done to Mount. He was a total monster and it would be just deserts. It might be a small discouragement to anyone thinking of repeating what he did.

  7. E. Heath

    Remember when we used to go to Birmingham to do Christmas shopping (1969-72)…

  8. Paul Burton

    Did anyone recieve a letter from the CPS about there is not going to be a third trial before any of it went to court before any of the trials, i do believe money was involved in this with payouts,

  9. Shop 1959

    Sho what a name
    It is about bad things happening

  10. Bamfordrobert59

    Sho fine by me I nothing to hide I have got work in the morning by

  11. Sho

    Of course it is sorry👍

  12. Sho

    Of course it is xorry

  13. Sho

    The needleblog sorry but it is free speech

  14. Robert ashcroft

    Was not going to come on this site for a while but no I am here and a am staying here I am going nowhere but you know and I know been around here for a while neeedleblog as for you Bert Powell Jack mounts snitch feel free to talk to me in moss side never lived there since I was moved to brookside school a long time ago but only you would know Jack and Elizabeth you have still got our records

  15. Robert ashcroft

    Just need him to pop his cloggs then his privacy rights are gone then we will be heard then let’s see who covered what up b….d from the top down our time will come at sixty sometimes not a week goes by without thinking about that b…..d and matron but our time will come just got to hang on in there not going to come back on this site for a while but next time I do that b……d will be gone

  16. Robert ashcroft

    I cannot believe that b……t is still alive me and Paul could of our put him away for a long time but when it came to our time unfit to stand trial I have reached sixty now why won’t that c..t just die be gone then we can move on

    • Gail Mckenzie

      We all know he did it, we got no justice what so ever, he destroyed our childhoods, and if where honest our adult life’s have been a struggle…

    • Gail

      We all know he did it, we got no justice what so ever, he destroyed our childhoods, and if where honest our adult life’s have been a struggle…

  17. michele davies

    I thought he went to prison for his crimes was that a lie to

  18. Gail

    I don’t know how the piece of shit got away with it he destroyed my life and many others he can rot in hell and the rest that helped cover up what he did to us children…

  19. jo

    in 2014 i was told to look into a Mr Mercer who was involved with Brookside and Milverton Court he was a money man…

  20. Robert Ashcroft

    Surely he has popped his clogs bye now if not I think a certain judge has got it wrong as for me age is on my side happy days

  21. Tony thompson

    Hi to all,I was in the last trial at Barnstable and in my case it was a hung jury I would like to hear from anyone who was at brookside when I was in the late 1960s and early 70s . I hate that man and as long as his hearts beat he should be in court . Tony Thompson

    • jackie

      Hi Tony check out the facebook page on Brookside School Culmington Manor there are a few on there from your time .

      • Tony thompson

        Hi Jackie ,I tried but not seen anyone yet,I remember a dormitory boy who was netted to mine called David Pratt ,when I first went there I used to sit in the trees eating leaves lol ,I remember old cob horse I think she was called Meg,and two ponies Peter and Paul ,also liked riding the pig round courtyard lol.

    • jackie

      check out Jack Mount The School That Died Of Shame on facebook

  22. Robert ashcroft

    Bert how does it feel from being the hunter to being hunted please feel free to reply

  23. Robert ashcroft

    Was looking for a conversation with you Bert but you have gone quiet again I hope you are not on a curfew judging by the times you make your posts bye the way how did your Xmas go in the mounts household feel free to let me know thanks

  24. jackie

    This is all wrong , i got the same letter which is on the fb page, giving police permission to give out our contact details , so we can talk to each other, is it a good idea or bad, we still have a case here, what are we gonna talk about , what Jack Mount did to us, some thing we never did even at Brookside, i was a victim and i survived him, but now i feel i am in the middle a victim and a surviver, I had good times at Brookside, as well as the bad, i had the hosepipe across my arse and locked in the blazer room, i even caught Jack Mount at it on the kitchen table with matron, shit scared i ran back to bed but nothing was mentioned in the dining room.

  25. Robert ashcroft

    So I got a letter to day from west Mercia police asking if other pupils can have contact details I don’t think so

  26. Robert ashcroft

    Is he still alive then please feel free to let me know on mounts side thanks

  27. jackie

    Glad you got your statements Robert, yes he will have a good xmas and open some bubbly with the judge, but hopefully 2017 will be is last , Jack Mount we have not finished with the disgusting abuse you did to us, we will be heard and we will still fight on foe our justice.

  28. Robert ashcroft

    They have arrived still waiting for some better news has he popped his clogs yet

  29. Robert ashcroft

    Looks like the judge got it wrong he is still alive and kicking ready to be surrounded by his family on Christmas’ day to open his presents even Judges are on the cover up

  30. Robert ashcroft

    Still waiting for copy’s of my statement’s so stop digging your heel’s in west Mercier

  31. Robert ashcroft

    Would it do us any harm to share this site and like this site and follow this site I don’t think so our family’s love us its something us as a survivors have to make a decision on

    • jackie

      I have a statement which was made to the police in 1970 involving 2 boys from Brookside School, i can’t name them , but i will copy it and put it on the FB pabe to, We still need to fight this , someone is watching us , but who care’s , Jack Mount Knew what he was doing and played the part very well , i was expecting him to get an Oscar award, Mount we have not give up and we will fight you dead or alive.

  32. Hope

    really not surprised at that. I know records exist on me. As I know someone who works in LA record office and they seen them. However when I ask they say say they only have a small redacted file on me which has loads missing. They say records lost or missing due to transfer to microfilm. Friend not willing to lose her job and take copies as this would get highlighted on computer. On another site, another LA admitted they binned all child records to stop any future prosecutions. Only fined £20000

  33. Robert ashcroft

    I have searched and searched no records exist on me they keep on mentioning all areas but not Shropshire

    • Bert powell

      This is confirmation of what I have been saying Robert you can’t record nothing. The are no records because nothing happened to you.

      • Robert ashcroft

        I did not ask you that I asked if your friend has popped his clogs yet please let us know thanks Robert

  34. Janice Butterworth

    Unfortunately. no we were not. He had friends in high places then. who covered up. or said nothing and now unlikely to be still alive . Records that may have supported us have “dissapeared” in local authorities archives. Police Occurrence books “mislaid” due to fear of prosecution or bad publicity. We have never had a voice and never will.

  35. Robert ashcroft

    So it takes footballers to come forwards to say they were abused and its all over the news maybe we were just not famous a nought

  36. Robert ashcroft

    Like I said its all about trust never knew there was so many mistrusted people about but fair play to you on Mount’s side you sort of think you have won but you haven’t because I am still here

  37. Robert ashcroft

    Urrm bit drunk who cares but enjoyed myself tonight gutted
    Got no one to talk to except wifey

  38. Robert ashcroft

    Sounds good to me I would take that offer of help up if I where you

  39. Brian Stubbs

    Bert Powell

    It has been pointed out to me that my response to your contact has been misguided and inappropriate and instead I should have been encouraging you to seek help.

    To this end I want to draw your attention to the fact that there is plenty of help available for people like yourself that exhibit signs of Narcissistic Personality disorders more commonly known as NPD

    Cluster B mental disorders are usually treated by therapy involving TALKING and group interaction but it is clear that such treatment would be counterproductive in your case.

    Another option would be Structural clinical management or SCM involving a 10 week Mentalisation course , however I feel that would also be counterproductive in your case as the levels of concentration and basic reasoning would need to extend beyond the remit of the mental capacity of an amoeba and I fear this requirement is well beyond your reach.

    Medication is an option of course but in your case that is likely to do more harm than good as the onset of further psychosis juxtaposed with an already deep rooted superiority complex is likely to make you more delusional – confrontational and irrational.

    There is helpful information on these websites that may help you.,uk
    Mind infoline : 0300 123 3393 ,, in case of crisis.

    It is clear that for the benefit of your well being , it would be far more beneficial and fair minded to avoid interacting with you at all and to take any further comments in my stride and instead take your sad situation into account.

    I wish you a speedy recovery and all the best for the future

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