Brookside School, nr Ludlow, Shropshire

Brookside School nr Ludlow, Shropshire

A 96-year-old former head teacher will face trial in November for historical child sex offences.

Jack Mount, who lives in South Molton, Devon, has previously pleaded not guilty to 50 offences, although prosecutors are still to finalise charges.

The offences are alleged to have taken place in Shropshire from 1954 to 1979.

Mr Mount is one of the oldest defendants ever to face trial in the UK.

He is in poor health and suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

A trial was originally scheduled for January in Bristol.

However, Judge Geoffrey Mercer QC said thanks to “a lot of work by several people” it would now take place at Barnstaple Crown Court, near Mr Mount’s home, in November and finish before Christmas.

“There are obvious reasons why a trial in this case should take place sooner rather than later,” he said during a hearing at Exeter Crown Court.

Mr Mount, who is visually impaired and uses hearing aids, spoke only to confirm his name.

Legal arguments are due to be heard at Barnstaple Crown Court on 2 November, with a trial scheduled to start a week later.

BBC News 13/08/15

Retired headteacher, 95, facing series of child sex charges is to become oldest person to stand trial in Britain

  • Jack Mount was the head of privately-run Brookside School, Shropshire 
  • The 95-year-old has been accused of 50 counts of historic sex offences
  • There are a total of 17 complainants, who were aged between seven and 13 
  • The alleged offences were said to have taken place between 1953 and 1979 
  • He is set to stand trial later this year after entering not guilty pleas 

Daily Mail 09/01/15


Ex- headteacher, 95, faces abuse charges

Jack Mount, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, made separate appearances yesterday at both Birmingham Magistrates’ Court and the city’s Crown Court.

Mount is the former head of the privately-run Brookside School, near Craven Arms in Shropshire.

He is facing allegations that over a 25-year period he committed 32 sexual offences against six girls and six boys.

The offences are alleged to have occurred between 1954 and 1979.

The pensioner, who was born in May 1919, spoke only to confirm his age and address during a brief hearing that took place yesterday at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court.

The lower court agreed to a request by prosecutor David Devine for Mount to appear at the Crown Court on the same day owing to his age and the nature of the alleged offences.

Mount, of Paradise Lawn, South Molton, Devon, is facing nine counts of rape, six of gross indecency, nine of indecent assault, and eight other sexual offences.

 One of the offences is alleged to have been committed in Barnsley in the mid-1950s.

A further three offences are alleged to have occurred in Birmingham between 1957 and 1962.

The remaining 28 charges relate to allegations of sexual abuse against boys and girls said to have taken place in south Shropshire between 1967 and 1979.

Mount, who denies all the charges, was granted unconditional bail.

He is due to reappear at a plea hearing in January.

Yorkshire Post 07/11/14

Man summonsed over historic child sex offences


West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) have today authorised the charging of a 95-year-old man from Devon for historic child sex offences.

The charges related to offences which were allegedly carried out by Jack Mount between 1954 and 1979.

Wendy Bounds, District Crown Prosecutor from West Midlands CPS, said:

“I have today authorised West Mercia Police to charge Jack Mount with 32 counts of sexual offences relating to 12 victims. The counts span a period of over 20 years between 1954 and 1979 and involve both male and female victims.

“The decision has been taken in accordance with the Code for Crown Prosecutors.

“Mr Mount has been summoned to appear before Birmingham Magistrates Court on 31 October 2014.

“Criminal proceedings are now active and the defendant has a right to a fair trial. It is therefore extremely important that there should be no commentary or reporting which could in any way prejudice these proceedings.”



Daily Mirror 09/06/79 from Spotlight

394 responses to “Brookside School, nr Ludlow, Shropshire

  1. Robert ashcroft

    Brian nice to talk after all this time I stayed up all night for the calf to be born in the end the calf was born without any of us being there that was bertrum

    • Brian

      Hi Robert
      I had no idea that you was at Brookside for so long , I arrived there in 1970-71 and I was 10 years old then.

      I spent less than a year there and I was lucky enough to have parents that cared JUST about enough not to send me back and i started secondary school at Bedford High school in Leigh lanc’s soon after.

      The girl you described as Mable sounds like the girl I remember and I thought her name was Allison but it was 44 yrs ago now and im not good with names.

      I seem to remember a lad called Terry ?? Terence Betts who looked out for me as well ,, im wondering if ive got his name right and Robert was it the foal that i saw being born ??.

      Robert no matter what happens to Jack Mount now ?? and Im inclined to think NOTHING !!!.
      Lets face it , he’s already got away with it and at 96 years old he’s lived his life to the full leaving dozens of damaged souls to pick up the bill and it leaves a bitter taste.

      Good talking to you mate and take care.

  2. Garry

    GHer name was Susan .Brian. Yes clungunfod school was ok I was there 1960s then to culmination manor used to play hide n seek on the ponies in the dark n milk the cow eat the grapes from the greenhouse n swim in the freezing swimming pool n concrete that driveway the school bus was a old Thames trader always breaking down on our holls to Wales .the sparky was a good laugh letting us drive his Morris’s minor van . Also loads of us on the tractor trailer at culmination manor. My name is Garry by the way.

    • Robert ashcroft

      Garry I didn’t arrive at brookside school till 1968 I remember a lad called Garry . b also driving the mini red tractor and trailor also eating the grapes in the old green house and peas in the pods of the garden and painting the swimming pool blue with Giuseppe

    • Paul Hewitson

      are you garry barrow

  3. Garry

    Her name was Susan .Brian. Yes clungunfod school was ok I was there 1960s then to culmination manor used to play hide n seek on the ponies in the dark n milk the cow eat the grapes from the greenhouse n swim in the freezing swimming pool n concrete that driveway the school bus was a old Thames trader always breaking down on our holls to Wales .the sparky was a good laugh letting us drive his Morris’s minor van . Also loads of us on the tractor trailer at culmination manor. My name is Garry by the way.

    • Brian

      Hi Garry
      I was there much later on – 1970 -71 and lm not sure if you were there there when I was ?

      Good to hear from you and take care

  4. Brian

    I was at Brookside as well , i sometimes helped you with the milking Robert.
    I was the boy blamed when Lizzy the pony got into the food store and died of colic.
    Ive been watching this site for a long time now but ive not had the courage to say anything.
    Remember so many things that have haunted me from that place , that Blazer room for one thing and being summoned into Jack Mounts study was everybody’s dread.
    I remember the poor lad that wet the bed being made to have a freezing cold bath in the mornings as we all filed by.
    Anyway , I was lucky enough to just have the crap kicked out of me and to be subjected to the psychological bullying and one FAILED attempt of sexual abuse.
    When I was there it was all boys and one girl but I dont remember her name and my name is Brian by the way.

    • Robert ashcroft

      Gail was her name she had a brother called Robert they were good friend’s of mine when I was there I think the lad from the wet bed dorm was called Stuart felt sorry for the lad got picked on a lot I remember milking the cows with you Brian and another lad called Thomas I also remember the pony dying do you remember bertrum all that time I spent hand rearing him and training him on the halter to show him at agricultural shows he slauterd him in the end after that ended up looking after piglet’s and pigs I wouldn’t mind it was the way he took me to the larder room and shown bertrum to me in the freezer and pushed my face into the freezer all because I refused to do the milking wouldn’t mind sold my soul for that bull but had some happy times there with the lads fishing at clungungunford I loved it there Mr tricket was o.k the school was o.k until they shipped me and bertrum back to brookside then it went down hill best thing I ever did was to succeed in running away

      • Robert ashcroft

        There was another girl Mable she was a bit plumpish some of the boys picked on her accused her of playing with worms kept trying to get her into trouble for it

      • Brian

        Hi Robert
        I was very young when i was there and well out of my depth but i remember you and Thomas looking out for me when i first arrived ,, i couldn’t use that milking machine so i used to run around dishing out Bran and Maze – pony pellets and carrying two buckets of pig slop across that field trying to avoid the ponies.
        What happened to Smoky ? the big grey pony and the little foal.
        Strange Robert that i cant remember Bertrum though and i wonder if he came after i had gone but i remember the pigs and piglets and i was actually in the stables when the calf was born.
        I remember working in that huge garden area and that greenhouse with a huge grapevine in the centre
        I remember us painting that swimming pool , not that many would use it because ive never known water so cold.
        Robert i have NO good memories about Brookside , i remember being made to stand in the courtyard in bare feet and pyjamas in the freezing cold one night and a night sat sobbing locked in that Blazer room after a beating.
        I got away from the place pretty quickly but God only knows what the rest of you went through but i swore id go back and pay the head master a visit when i got older but i got married and put the memories behind me until i found this by accident.
        It needs to be said that Jack Mount has a lot to answer for and EVIL is a word dished out lightly to the B#####d.
        I didn’t think you would remember me to be honest Robert but i want to say thank you for the help mate.

    • Robert ashcroft

      Nice to hear from you Brian its good to talk sometimes take care

      • Jeff Gardiner

        Om my gosh i remember everything you guys are talking about but i dont remember your names and im confused about the dates i was there.. all i can say is i remember filling a huge room with boxes of wine then we all went home because the school closed down.
        Does anyone remember me ?
        Jeff Gardiner..
        Anyone else eat millie the pig..?

    • Tony Condren

      I too was blamed for killing that pony!
      Broke my heart.
      I am the boy that drank the bleach hidden in a lemonade bottle.
      Lucas? The bath boy?

  5. Joanne

    Case to be listed for Further Mention/PAD on 11-Apr-2016 – 12:38
    But could be changed , depending on how the courts run for time , we are watching him.

  6. Joanne

    Boys have been taking Jack Mount to court for years long before Operation Schubert, Jack Mount is a very clever man , he might look old and frail , but he knows the law inside out , he as even represented himself without a solicitor .
    Jack Mount was taken to court in Jan 2012 by one boy , The Judge wanted this case to be recorded and typed out so if it went any further it would be there to read in black and white.
    Jack Mount who was 90 at the time denied everything , but the Judge says in the recorded statement he believed that Jack Mount did commit these crimes, and also states , ( I want to make it very clear that i have every sympathy with the boy and do not doubt the genuineness of his case, and that Mr Mount is brought to book for what he did.
    The case was thrown out because of section this and that.

  7. Carol Anderson nee Reed.

    Please can anyone help me,I was are silent at Brookside Scool in 1973! I was then Carol reed and Mr Mount also subjected me to sexual advances ,if anyone out there remembers me please get in touch

    • Joanne

      Hi Carol you need to contact Andrea Ross on 07805745510 or 01952 214937 this is West Mercia Police who are dealing with the case.

  8. Hiya jill. Ye its me same velda. Hows life treating you. I remember you. Jill arandale is it. R u on fb

  9. Joanne

    It should have been one trial with the same jury to the end to hear all the one’s involved .

  10. Joanne

    I remember the Blazer Room at the top of the stairs, also the five foot hosepipe split into ends he used on our bare arsh ,They were no help lines
    the police would not listen , just thrown into a cell and waited to be collected we knew what was gonna happen when we got back.

    • Robert ashcroft

      We have not got a prayer if they have put the three strongest cases in court first and some of us know the result of the first one uuuummmm I wonder if the judge and jury is from his local area now that would not surprise me

  11. Joanne

    I think Jeremy Kyle would have done better with The Lie Detector

    • Janice butterworth

      So so True. But he’d use I’m on medication excuse. Wish there was someone in the 50/60 and 70s that had listened to us. Surely all those complaints, kids running away the look of fear when he came to take us back! That journey back in the car was hell! Why oh why were we just returned!

  12. Janice Butterworth

    You won’t want to here the update!

  13. Robert ashcroft

    I would ring andria for a update

  14. Hope

    Trial (Part Heard) – Resume – 09:57
    Trial (Part Heard) – Case adjourned until 11:30 – 11:17
    Trial (Part Heard) – Resume – 11:38
    Trial (Part Heard) – Case adjourned until 12:30 – 12:01
    Trial (Part Heard) – Resume – 12:29
    Trial (Part Heard) – Case to be listed for Further Mention/PAD on 11-Apr-2016 – 12:38
    Trial (Part Heard) – Reporting Restrictions. For details please contact the Court Manager – 12:57

    Looks like he is having a nice Easter Break!

  15. Anne

    Thank you Joanne who is Becky? There is an 8 hour time difference office hours get tricky. You are so kind to be helping a stranger. We are blessed.

  16. Joanne

    I will give you details of the police when i get home Anne

  17. Joanne

    Hi Anne try this number 01952 586 790 and ask for Becky

  18. Robert ashcroft

    And while I am in a moaning mood her initials was m.b

    • Joanne

      update on Jack Mount
      Exeter 1 T20157164
      jack mount
      Details: For Trial – Case Started – 10:27
      For Trial – Case adjourned until 11:55 – 11:49
      For Trial – Resume – 12:07
      For Trial – Legal Submissions – 12:32
      For Trial – Case adjourned until 14:15 – 13:13
      For Trial – Resume – 14:20

      Exeter 1 T20157164
      jack mount
      Details: Trial (Part Heard) – Resume – 09:57
      Trial (Part Heard) – Case adjourned until 11:30 – 11:17
      Trial (Part Heard) – Resume – 11:38
      Trial (Part Heard) – Case adjourned until 12:30 – 12:01
      Trial (Part Heard) – Resume – 12:29
      Trial (Part Heard) – Case to be listed for Further Mention/PAD on 11-Apr-2016 – 12:38
      Trial (Part Heard) – Reporting Restrictions. For details please contact the Court Manager – 12:57

      • Anne

        My husband lived at this school from 1975 to 1977 He wants to contact somebody that can help him. We live in the USA but travel back to England to see his family every year. Can anyone tell us what to do as we are not in England. He cannot post he gets upset and he is a very private person. He was going to go to an English newspaper a few years ago as there was somebody there but they told us those persons no longer work for them. i could really do with some help guys. It’s late here I pray for a reply when I wake up. Blessed is the Lord.


  19. Robert ashcroft

    Janet smiths report I see they are wording it carefully absorbed what does that mean or is it another cover up

  20. Joanne

    I don’t think she will . if it is S.C. she is married and as a family and wants to forget, J.M adopted her and we had to call her Miss S. she was is pet

  21. Robert ashcroft

    I cannot got to save it to the end unless the woman herself as come forward police will know her first name like me she could have family

  22. Joanne

    Yes it disgusts me to be left in the dark, and not kept up to date. To have locked all the things he did away and i survived him and had a wonderful life and family, and to reopen my head as now made me sick and depressed, i sometimes think i should have said i don’t want to know. leave me alone ,

  23. Robert ashcroft

    Its called a trust issue

  24. Robert ashcroft

    Sorry west Mercia not telling you no more

  25. Hope

    Thank-you, it is also very disconcerting that we are cannot find out which actual date this court is sitting (to allow us to listen to trial) Some days it is listed to commence the next day but does not sit til the following week! I have never heard of this before, ‘they’ seen desperate to keep us former residents away from the trial. The Police and CPS have not bothered to update us on anything that has gone on or going on, we have had to find this out ourselves. Never heard of this before in any case i have been involved with. Transparency seems to be overruled by concerns for HIS welfare and needs. His victims get absolutely nothing! Totally disgraceful.

    • Robert ashcroft

      Keep us till the last no way I kept a secret for 44 years what I seen in the old gym I will walk into a police station and declare what I seen not bothered about my self but it is my ace card and a 12 year old kid will not lie just hope my story will tally with hers in 1971

  26. Hope

    The Jury has delivered its first verdict! This was on the CPS case with the strongest evidence. We the humble ‘students’ at his school are not allowed to know their decision as we might prejudice the further trials (if her found guilty of this and jury knew they may be tempted to find guilty on 2nd/3rd trial without looking properly a the evidence – or find not guilty if previous trial found that way.
    The second trial is due to commence on 22nd Feb with a Mentions, Plea and Directions hearing on the 17th Feb 2016.
    I cant find out how many trials he actually is going to stand for. Or for how long they are paying for Barnstable Crown court to be kept open(it was shut down) to meet HIS Needs. I was led to believe three. If they all take roughly the same time we may find out what the verdicts were around Oct 16.

  27. Joanne

    The trial as been broken down into 3 to 4 trials because of is age, this is the first trial. and he as press restrictions so they can’t publish anything in the papers, WHICH IS WRONG I THINK THE PUBLIC SHOULD KNOW WHAT THIS MAN AS DONE. This is a link to the court where the case is being heard.

  28. Robert ashcroft

    Its been a long long time Stewart nice to hear from you


      Hi Robert hope you are well I am just getting over my seconed heart attack I can understand your concerns over what you must do but take care and make tha decision is the write one for you

      • Robert ashcroft

        Sorry to hear about your heart attack Stewert hope you get well soon when this is all over I hope we can meet I remember us running away together and getting cought near Shrewsbury

  29. Joanne

    For all and the world to see, this man , who abused so many children is at court at this moment, he as always got is way , plus he as press restrictions which annoys me , i think the public have a right to know what he did, why all celebs get it i will never know, he disgusts me , but here you are.
    Exeter 1 T20157164
    jack mount
    Details: Trial (Part Heard) – Case adjourned until 10:10 – 10:07
    Trial (Part Heard) – Resume – 10:18
    Trial (Part Heard) – Jury retire to consider verdict – 10:50
    Trial (Part Heard) – Case adjourned until 11:40 – 11:00
    Trial (Part Heard) – Resume – 11:27
    Trial (Part Heard) – Case adjourned until 11:55 – 11:41
    Trial (Part Heard) – Jury retire to consider verdict – 12:08
    Trial (Part Heard) – Case adjourned until 13:00 – 12:32
    Trial (Part Heard) – Resume – 13:59
    Trial (Part Heard) – Case adjourned until 14:20 – 14:05
    Trial (Part Heard) – Reporting Restrictions. For details please contact the Court Manager – 14:29
    Trial (Part Heard) – Case to be listed for Trial on 22-Feb-2016 – 15:07
    Trial (Part Heard) – Case to be listed for Further Mention/PAD on 17-Feb-2016 – 15:15
    Trial (Part Heard) – Hearing finished for JACK MOUNT – 15:27

  30. Robert ashcroft

    Thanks for the info hope feel better now

  31. Robert ashcroft

    Bye the way 44.years I have waited still feel like I have been kicked in a corner like a dog happy days the justice system is in it together stick together. And the rest what you thought was history isn’t because I am still here to tell the story

  32. Robert ashcroft

    I am in the dark now does anyone. Know what’s going on with the jack mount case

    • Hope

      Prosecution still going at Barnstable Crown court on the first of his three triails. Its taking ages as he only does a few hours a day due to being so old!

  33. Ross andria phone 01952 214937 or 0300 333 30000 ext 5637. Or and

  34. Gail I was from Manchester I left just before it became a girls school

  35. Velda all I can suggest is phone west Mercia police regarding operation schubert

  36. robert ashcroft

    Gail I was from manchester

  37. robert ashcroft

    velda all I can suggest is phone west Mercia police ask for someone dealing with operation shubert

  38. Joanne

    I was at Brookside School Culmington Manor ran by Jack Mount also the things he did still haunt me to this day , i hope and i pray we get justice for what this man did to so many children ,

  39. Gail marshall

    Hi Robert I was there then with Paul marina ian and Andy and a few more you was I think from Newcastle is this you

    • Joanne

      I was at Brookside School , Culmington Manor ran by Jack Mount what this man did still haunts me to this day , i am glad justice as caught up with him and all the other victims he abused

    • Hi robert. I was there when a paul from newcastle was there. Im from hartlepool. I was at clungunford school. Ive not had anybody out to talk to me. I spoke to somebody on phone but not got back to me. I feel a little in the dsrk as to what i should do.

  40. robert ashcroft

    All I can say is take care hopefully we can talk soon

  41. robert ashcroft

    My hart goes out to you girls but it was after my time at brookside I left 1973

  42. robert ashcroft

    Its been nice to talk but we have never met as ex puples we were like family we shared our home together and shared our dorms I would love to meet ex puples when its all over take care

  43. robert ashcroft

    Why do they keep closing the brookside school site down

    • Hope

      West Mercia Police Ordered the “owners” to close it down because

      a) it’s against HIS rights to a fair trial
      B) it shows that ex pupils must be talking together- therefor we must be cluding to make up stories against this poor old man who is a piller of his community (or the Masons!!!!!)
      C) because he has been collecting ‘ evidence if our ‘collusion’ for years!!!!He has Reams and reams if downloaded web pages that he regularly takes site e owners to court for.
      D) can’t be having a support site for victims as this would predujice HIS case

  44. I was abused by this man. I went to this school at age eleven. Where do i go from here

  45. Jackie

    This is a man Jack Mount who ran two private boarding schools for maladjusted children, one was called Clungunford and the other Brookside school Culmington Manor, he as walked away from court so many times , In the 60s the school was closed down for sexual abuse , he was cleared and he reopened the school in the 70s as a girls school and once again the school was closed down , and yet again he walked away from court, but this time something as happened for the case to be reopened, and now is time as come , we will be heard for what this man did to us .

  46. Smokey Grey Paul

    Now he’s trying the “Janner” get out of trial on medical grounds!

  47. Darren

    This man as been going to court for years over abuse, he as walked away everytime. reason why he is good at one on one, but now the law as changed and now all the children have comeback all grown up not forgetting what this man did , Justice in near

  48. allabutt

    This headmaster has been under a reinvestigation since 2013. West Mercia Police Major Investigations branch known as “Operation Schubert.”

    • IWas also abused by this man at the school in 1976

      This man also abused me when i went to school there. Ive reported him but nothing came of it. What should i do now

    • Joanne

      This man as been investigated for years, even in 2012 he was taken to court, the judge asked this to be put on record and believed this man did these crimes and said he should be brought to book, because of section this and that it was thrown out, again he walked a free man

      • gail

        hi be nice to hear from any one who was there in 1975 i was there with marina we were best friends there were boys andy ian paul robert and brian who i am intouch with now a few of the girls were jackie donna a few others be nice to hear from you hopefully after all this over we could all meet up joanne that name dont ring a bell to me

    • What a let down for every body it

      • Jeff Gardiner

        I was there in 1982 until is closed in 85. Im looking for anyone else that was there at the same time.

        • Gail

          Brookside was shut down before then

          • Jeff Gardiner

            Im confused about the dates but i remember most things that im reading right now..
            I remember the blazer room
            I remember the boy that had to take cold baths in the morning because he wet the bed..
            Im thinking its more of the 70s that i was there.. my bed room was ..left at the top of the stairs then turn right and it was opposite the bathroom. In my room was a boy who made the noises of a running train. I think the boy next to me was called Kevin..
            I milked the cows in the morning and the pigs at nite. I had to go all the way up that dark creepy path passed the swimming pool.
            There’s lots but i dont want to drag up the passed for anyone. Maybe find or say hello to some old friends.

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