Bryn Estyn

Bryn Estyn, Wrexham

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‘Care Home Paedophiles Were Masons’

Prime Minister David Cameron has ordered an investigation
Most of them were Freemasons. There were two MPs, senior judges, serving police officers, senior police officers, market traders, business people from Wrexham – but there were people from all over Britain
7th November 2012

By Jerry Lawton

POLITICIANS, judges and police chiefs who allegedly abused care home children in North Wales dodged justice because most were freemasons, claims a victim.

Keith Gregory suffered two years of mental, physical and sexual abuse at the Bryn Estyn children’s home.

Mr Gregory, now a councillor in Wrexham, said he was regularly driven out of the home by staff to a hotel where he was sexually assaulted. He claimed up to 13 other victims had committed suicide.

Mr Gregory told BBC Radio 5 Live he is convinced the abusers escaped justice through Masonic loyalty.

He said: “Most of them were Freemasons. There were two MPs, senior judges, serving police officers, senior police officers, market traders, business people from Wrexham – but there were people from all over Britain.

“One MP was a Conservative but I’m not sure of the other.”

He added: “Everyone at Bryn Estyn used to cry themselves to sleep every night.”

Prime Minister David Cameron has ordered an investigation.

Homes abuse victims lose damages
The former Bryn Alyn home

Children were abused at Bryn Alyn in the 1970s and 1980s

Six victims of sex abuse at the Bryn Alyn children’s homes in north Wales have been told they will receive little of the compensation awarded to them.

The victims were awarded £200,000 damages between them in 2001, but did not receive the money because the company that owned the homes went bust.

The Appeal Court has ruled that Bryn Alyn’s insurance firm is not liable to meet the compensation awards in full.

In 1995, Bryn Alyn’s boss John Allen was convicted of child sex abuse.

The abuse suffered by dozens of residents of children’s homes across north Wales emerged in 1995 when the homes’ boss, John Allen, was convicted of a series of indecent assaults.

He was jailed for six years for attacks on children which took place between 1972 and 1983.

John Allen

John Allen served six years in prison for sex assaults

Allen was head of Bryn Alyn Community, a limited company which operated a total of 11 residential children’s homes in north east Wales, Cheshire and Shropshire.

These included Bryn Alyn Hall, Cotsbrook Community Hall, Pentre Saeson Hall, Bryntririon Hall and Gatewen – all in and around Wrexham.

Six of the victims of abuse at the homes were between them awarded almost £200,000 damages in 2001.

But London’s Appeal Court ruled on Friday that after Bryn Alyn went into liquidation in 1997, its insurers Royal and Sun Alliance Plc were not liable to compensate them for abuse suffered at the hands of Allen or the “principals” of any of the other homes within the group.

‘Deliberate acts’

It was ruled that under the insurance policy, the company is not liable to pay compensation for “deliberate acts” carried out by members of the management.

Although the insurance company must still pay the six for any abuse they suffered at the hands of employees lower down the management scale, the Appeal Court’s ruling means they will only receive a fraction of the damages they were originally awarded.

One victim who was awarded £37,500 in 2001, will receive a much smaller amount for the abuse he suffered during his three years at Pentre Saeson home because his abusers, including Allen, were too high up the management scale.

John Allen is free now – his victims will never be
Victims’ solicitor Billhar Uppal

Upholding an appeal by Royal and Sun Alliance, Lord Justice Scott Baker said the company was under no obligation to compensate victims of “deliberate acts” perpetrated by Allen and others at management level.

The judge said “right thinking people would regard it as abhorrent” for the company that ran the homes to be covered by insurers against losses created by the “deliberate acts” of Allen.

Lord Justice Baker said: “Suppose Allen had deliberately burnt down one of the homes – we cannot see that the company could recover under the policy.”

Billhar Uppal the solicitor representing some of the victims of sexual abuse at Bryn Alyn said the court’s ruling was “a bitter pill to swallow”.

Mr Uppal said: “After a 10-year battle it is a sour end. We are very seriously looking at whether we can appeal the decision. “The effect of the judgement and its ramifications in terms of childcare is very serious.”

He added: “John Allen is free now – his victims will never be.”

BBC 03/011/06

6 responses to “Bryn Estyn

  1. “The judge said “right thinking people would regard it as abhorrent” for the company that ran the homes to be covered by insurers against losses created by the “deliberate acts” of Allen.” Ah but is that not precisely what happened with Gilbart-Smith, subject of Judge John’s The Paedotrial – the insurance company pursued the abuser directly. We already knew how Municipal Mutual interfering with the Jillings Report. Would love to have a look at these insurance policies side by side, along with board members & significant shareholders and local councillors lists for comparison. There’s a Venn Diagram in this somewhere.

  2. Lord Justice Baker said: “Suppose Allen had deliberately burnt down one of the homes – we cannot see that the company could recover under the policy.” Oh FFS. People aren’t property and no of course Allen can’t insure property he OWNs and destroys. He did not own these children. They weren’t his property. What is drafted into these policies? How are childnre’s homes both private and public insured now?

  3. Outlaw

    Hmmm.. A Bryn Estyn ‘exclusive’ written by two people who have never stepped foot in the place… Very convincing :-)

  4. mean mr.mustard

    the cover up continues ……… why does fred blogs get exposed named and shamed and sent to prison for having a few non-extreme pics of kids -yet real abusers who rape children in care for decades and encourage others to and even beat and torture them and make snuff movies in some cases -deserve and get a total cover up of all criminality and are protected by law and never exposed publically -not even on the internet -often they are cops and politicians and judges -just like in this case -so it is even more in the public interest to know and seek justice and change oversight of a system that not only allows this but also covers it up -and all at tax payer expense .
    no one ever names these people -a story on the front page of a tabloid a few days ago was reporting the met police refuses to release info from files of a huge paedophile ring scandal -as it would threaten national security to do so -as the info was so shocking and involving famous people in the establishment -thus eroding faith by the public if the truth were ever known .
    more harm is done by the cover up than by the crimes-as the cover up condones fully the crime and indicates the intention to continue raping children and by the same people and in the same way -hence it cant be exposed -as its ongoing and I think actually seen as a perk or privilege of power -this is why Saville reminded everyone he met -just like bob Geldof also does ….. that he is above the law -and once you hear the cops refusing to expose them and see the press play along and you see vicitms and witnesses and whistleblowers all meeting untimely deaths in suspicious circumstances – you realise exactly what the phrase ” above the law ” means in reality .
    if I were a victim I would name and shame these people and to hell with the consequences -but this never happens sadly and so even the vicitms become part part of the cover-up themselves .
    it just seems evil and pointless to witness a guy with a dozen harmless pics sentenced to prison publically by a judge -who may himself be a monster who makes snuff movies and organises child raping parties and torture and who has all those powers and a huge tax payer funded salary-and he can never be named -however vast the evidence databse against him may be -because he knows himself loads of mps and ministers and royals who are also guilty and so their murderous lapdogs the cops close in and shut down anyone who may be a risk to the monsters .
    so few councillors or cops or social workers have any integrity likewise judges and journalists -so mps and royals seem to be forever above the law as there is no mechanism to expose them -instead we just get fairytales and patsies used to take the blame and rot in prison -while the monsters roam free not only from justice but free even from being named .
    everyone knows now that blair killed gill dando to protect Saville and the other bbc bigwigs and royals and politicians and stars from being exposed and he also killed robin cook as he was a risk of exposing blair and so was dr david Kelly who was also murdered by blair -yet blair and all the paedophiles like Gordon brown and madelson and lord Robertson who he protected by his many murders -walks free and the truth has never been mentioned once in the mainstream press or on tv .
    even worse poor harmless soul barry george rots in hell for 8 years and doesn’t even get a penny of compensation either .
    but bent paedo cliff Richard who has abused kids for over 60 years -and always been fully protected -gets now to sue the taxpayer funded bbc and others -earning him a fortune and being paid by us the bbc funders and awarded no doubt by a paedo judge -again funded by us the tax payer .
    we the public lose in every way imaginable always -and nowadays they are even stealing kids legally from parents to abuse -though they have always done this -but now its more blatant than ever .
    just remember all the kids sent secretly to Australia -having been told their parents didn’t want them and sent to work as slaves on farms and religious establishments where they were largely all raped tortured and even murdered -on the grounds they were there to provide free labour for the Australians -that was only 2 and 3 generations ago -so survivors still exist -but it took 50 years to persuade the press to even report the story .

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