Ty Mawr Residential School, Gilwern, Nr Abergavenny

Ty Mawr Residential School, Gilwern, nr Abergavenny

Gwent’s Operation Flight started in January 1998 following the referral of some cases from South Wales’s Operation Goldfinch.  The complainants had been in Ty Mawr, a large former approved school situated in a manor house in Gilwern, five miles from Abergavenny.  At first, only a limited investigation was carried outbut the police quickly realised, after much talking to some victims, that the problem of abuse was much more extensive and therefore merited a much wider enquiry.  Gwent Police, therefore, decided to contact all 7,000 former residents of Ty Mawr, which was open between 1949 and 1993.

At first, it was an approved school, but the police have been surprised at how many children who stayed there in its early years were taken for social reasons, such as the death of a parent or their separation, and had not been offenders.  As one of the investigating officers put it: ‘The system failed those children.  It turned them into criminals’.  By November 1999, the inquiry team – consisting of both existing and former officers – had identified 2,000 residents, talked to 1,500 and had received 150 allegations of sexual or physical abuse against 73 suspected perpetrators.

The police claim they were acting in concert and knew what each other were doing.  There is a concentration of complaints relating to the late sixties and seventies, though the earliest relates to 1962.  Nearly all of these concern Ty Mawr, but the investigation spread to 15 other homes in Gwent, some of which have already been the subject of allegations.  Offences range from minor physical assaults to buggery.

The team is made up of 31 officers and is expected to take several years to complete its investigation.  The first defendant to come to trial was acquitted in November 1999 but, at the time of writing, there had been two successful convictions at a joint trail which ended in February 2000: Barry Alden received 15 years for a series of offences including buggery and Robert Wright eight years for offences including attempted buggery.  Several other cases were pending.

Forgotten Children, Christian Wolmar, 2000, pp.34-35

Approved school teachers jailed for abuse

Ty Mawr school The Ty Mawr Approved School in Monmouthshire
Two men who abused young boys when they worked in an approved school in Monmouthshire have been jailed for a total of 23 years.
A judge at Newport Crown Court jailed 66-year-old Barrie Alden, the former deputy principal at the Ty Mawr School near Abergavenny for 15 years after being convicted of 10 offences against young boys.Ex-housemaster John Wright, 56, from Talgarth in Powys was sentenced to eight years after being found guilty of six counts.

These defendants took it upon themselves to satisfy their sexual desires on them, and made a bad situation considerably worse.
Roger Thomas QC
Both men were cleared of a number of other charges.The court heard the attacks took place between 1966 to 1983 and the complainants were vulnerable figures, many from broken homes or single-parent families.

Prosecuting, Roger Thomas QC told the jury that their victims were timid boys who were frightened and bullied while at the school.Morally and socially corrupted

He said: “Some boys as young as eight were sent to the local authority school after ending up in court for trivial offences.

“Once there, they were subjected to indecent assaults and serious sexual assaults by Wright and Alden.

“At a time when they needed discipline, moral support and guidance, the exact opposite happened.

“They were abused, morally and socially corrupted.

“These defendants took it upon themselves to satisfy their sexual desires on them, and made a bad situation considerably worse.”Alden and Wright were arrested as a result of a Gwent Police inquiry into alleged abuse at children’s homes codenamed Operation Flight.

Both denied all the allegations, claiming the complainants were lying or attempting to gain compensation.

But they were found guilty by a jury of six men and six women who were praised for their “great commitment” in hearing harrowing evidence.


Judge Thomas Crowther QC told the pair: “You abused boys in their early to middle teens who were less equipped than the rest of the population to know how to resist and complain.

“It is regrettably a common feature sometimes described as grooming.


“You used your position and power to discourage these boys from reporting you by threats and punishment.”

The pair were ordered to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives.

Det Chief Inspector Terry Hapgood, senior investigating officer in Operation Flight set up to probe the abuse, said afterwards: “It was a multi-agency investigation with police working closely with social services to bring about the results we have today.

“We welcome the decision of the court.

“It has been long and intricate task to bring these people to justice but it underlines the determination of the team.”

He said it was first trial in Operation Flight which is continuing and is expected to result in more charges.

BBC 18/02/00

Ty Mawr report fails to satisfy home’s critics

 Tuesday 04 August 1992

CHILDREN’S rights campaigners were last night disappointed by the findings of the Ty Mawr inquiry report into abuse at the home, in spite of its recommendation that it should be closed. They said the report was ‘uninformative’ and had failed to uncover the truth of life in the home.

The inquiry was announced in May last year after an investigation by the Independent revealed emotional and physical abuse at the children’s home near Abergavenny, Gwent, and that Phillip Knight, a boy of 15 who killed himself in Swansea prison, had attempted suicide at the home. According to his social workers, his suicide attempt was not taken seriously by staff at the home, who sought to punish him for it.

The investigation revealed that 17-year-old Leslie Clements, who also committed suicide last year, made five attempts on his life before he was moved to a psychiatric unit where he could be treated. Leslie told the Independent that he was woken each morning by a member of staff who told him: ‘You’re going to fail.’

Alex Saddington, of the National Associaton of Young People in Care, said that while the report singled out the former director of social services, Roger Perkins, for ‘autocratic, verging on dictatorial’ management style, the report failed to focus on the abuse of children and young people by members of staff.

‘Lord Williams, the inquiry chairman, spoke of ‘low level violence’ and said young people accepted punishments such as being ‘knuckled’ on the head, but I don’t believe they did accept it. The language of the report seems to qualify the violence,’ he said.

‘Slaps and knuckles were part of it, but there was much more. There was punching and there was emotional and psychological cruelty. It misses what Leslie Clements talked about. Staff telling him he was ‘shit’ and that he would never do anything with his life. The report does not address this and does not particularly say anything. It is nowhere near as informative as the Staffordshire pin- down inquiry.’

The inquiry report found that ‘neither Ty Mawr nor its staff could be fairly blamed’ for the death of Leslie Clements and that while the home was an ‘inappropriate placement for him’, staff treated him with ‘affection’.

There was also disappointment in Dyfed with the report’s finding that Ty Mawr staff could not be criticised for their handling of a suicide attempt by Phillip Knight in June 1990. The report says: ‘There is no fair basis upon which staff at Ty Mawr or employed by Gwent County Council could reasonably be criticised in respect of Phillip’s treatment at Ty Mawr.’

Dewi Evans, Dyfed’s director of social services, said he stood by his social workers’ reports that staff at the home had called police instead of an ambulance when they discovered the damage Phillip had caused to his room. A Dyfed social worker said: ‘Staff were more interested in damage to property than to life and limb.’

Mr Saddington said he was surprised that the inquiry report had rejected criticism levelled at the home’s use of secure unit cells by the Social Services Inspectorate. Its report published in June last year criticised the home for locking up children for ‘prolonged and persistent’ periods in 1989.

The report also stated that while the secure unit was intended to protect children from harming themselves, young people at the home believed it was being used as a punishment.

The report criticised staff for poor record-keeping, which made it difficult for inspectors to check how long children were being kept in solitary confinement. But the inquiry report found there was ‘no abuse of secure accommodation’ at Ty Mawr.

‘We are pleased that Ty Mawr is to close and that the management has been heavily criticised, but I’m disappointed. I don’t think Leslie Clements would have been happy with it,’ Mr Saddington said.

He also claimed members of the inquiry had refused to disclose how many young people had given evidence and how many were allowed legal representation. He said this information would highlight the scope of the inquiry.

The great irony was for all the Government’s guidelines on ‘listening to children’, the two most important witnesses, Leslie Clements and Phillip Knight, were not heard. They were dead before the inquiry began its work.

The Independent 04/08/92

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  1. I was there early 80s still have nightmares about the horrible place who can I talk to about it please?

  2. Abbey Rando

    I’m trying to get hold of duggy Peters from Neath also know as chinky I was in there with him he was a good mate of mine who we used to share things with like when our family sent things into us does anyone know how I could get in contact with him

  3. Abbey Rando

    I there in the middle of 74 till 79 I still get nite mares now and again I woz battery nearly all the time the staff I can remember that woz good woz Mr Bush and Mr John’s alot of respect for them

  4. Nichola Cooper

    My name is Nic I have today found out by a sheer chance conversation with my brother about a medical condition that he had been abused. I am devastated. All he would say is that it happened at Ty Mawr. I looked it up after dropping him home and came across this site. My brother has PTSD, psychotic and is an alcoholic and drug user, has previously had violent tendancies (although this is now better) but has a heart of gold and helps anyone in need. Who can I speak to to try and find more information and better understand what happened there to try and help him. My heart absolutely bleeds for all you adults now who were then just children.

    • Hi . My name is David, I’ve wrote a few comments on this site about the Headmaster and other housemasters and boys in Ty mawr when I was there in the early 70s.i have just got intouch with solicitors but sadly they say that the headmaster MrRalph (spud) Taylor was acquitted in court of physical assault and neglect cases against him,and that I’m too late in reporting it,so there’s nothing I can do but live with it.I say it’s wrong how we were treated as kids,and I’m sorry I can’t put you on to anyone to give you answers for your brother,the only thing I can say to you for him is just look after him because it was hell there.

      • chris lukacs

        im 51 now and still that place haunts me ,those 3+ years i spent there will probably stay with me for ever /no one has ever contacted me ,probably they dont want us too open up the can of worms they they guard .

  5. I was there had a visit of police but to embarest to say anything about it then who do I contact to tell my story that hell hole

  6. I can’t understand is why has Spud Taylor got away with all the physical and mental cruelty he inflicted on us young and vunrable kids for so long ? Let him try it now the sick bastard.

  7. Amanda Grey

    I was the foreperson on this case at Newport crown court. It gave me great pleasure standing up saying GUILTY, I was only 19or20 at the time. It was horrible having to listen to grown men speak of evil things that happened wen they were young. . Dirty old bastards should of Got at least 23years each. Evil nasty dirty old bastards. I can still see aldens ‘ratty’ dirty looking face now.
    I hope they got to meet sum of the boys theywere in charge of, in prison!!! Now that wud b karma

    • I was there too remember spud punching and bending me over his desk so he could slap my arse with a thik book and paki alden took me to his house and took a photo of me for what I still dont know also a lot of other staff would bully me I did get a visit of the police but was to embarest to say anything about it then who do I contact to tell my story of that hell hole ?

  8. John higgins

    Hi my name is john higgins
    I was at th mawer from1970-1974
    I had lost my dad just befor I came and 2 years after I had been there my mum died in 72.
    I left when I was 18 in 74 as I walked out.
    I hated the place and social services that were ment to be helping me.
    It would be nice if anyone who is reading this remembers me to get in touch

  9. Byron

    I was in Ty Mawr 90-92 I can’t say I have any bad memories I did a lot of kayaking with Mr Guest and Mr bush which i still do to this day. Also did hill walking with Tom Hewitt which I still do. I was in parker unit I know some of the boy’s have passed away since leaving I also have a school photograph with a few of us on with teachers from the school. Glyn Richards became house master just before I left. I suppose I was one of the lucky ones as I had nothing to do with paki alden I seen him on my first day but not much after that.I was left to my own devises and used to go fishing a lot after school with another boy called Ben P.

  10. I never attended the school.
    I’m a 25 year old woman who has only been recently informed about the goings on in ty mawr.
    I have a close friend of the family that has recently opened up to me so I looked online to see if the case was still open or not and stumbled across this.. my heart goes out to every single one of you that had to endeavour the horrible life changing abuse. I really hope karma serves the abusers a hard cold dish of justice.
    To me to have come this far and keep going.. you’re all an inspiration. Keep strong my lovelies xxx

      • Amanda Grey

        I was the foreperson on this case at Newport crown court. It gave me great pleasure standing up saying GUILTY, I was only 19or20 at the time. It was horrible having to listen to grown men speak of evil things that happened wen they were young. . Dirty old bastards should of Got at least 23years each. Evil nasty dirty old bastards. I can still see aldens ‘ratty’ dirty looking face now.
        I hope they got to meet sum of the boys theywere in charge of, in prison!!! Now that wud b karma

  11. marc

    will never forget trust me

  12. farm boys,,, im still here bell me some time

  13. God bless you Billy How,,,Walker..PauL Williams. Sam . And Martyn Heffron. . I mIiss you Davis……….Any one left ??
    Sorry billy i should of believed you.

  14. Ha ha . that photo of parker house,,,,,,Looks to me like it was taken,,,Feb or march 1977 ??????????????

  15. Normsky

    I was in ty mawr between 1963 untill 1966 and chinny wright used to threaten the boys to come at night to his little room at the back of the dormitory and that fucking pervert alden violently raped my best mate from nuneaton it still haunts me 50 years on

  16. jo

    I dis not go there however i am aware that the cross ocre of abusive staff to other none welsh homes was not investigated in waterhouse inquiry or the now goddard inquiry. Im trying to find out more about the mentioned mr wainwright. Was he from liverpool and sire glasses. If that is the Same man then that connection is important to my self and other anti child abuse campaigners..

  17. at the time that Alden did his thing at the school, i was new at the school, and had jest finished my early morning call at the farm, it was my first early call……2 boys from the next block passed me, they where going to get porrage and tea from the dining hall,,,,,,i didnt believe what was said…..I think it was becouse things like that dont happen,,,,,however looking back it must be true……..as i recall a chat …..spud and him in a conflab…and him sent away from school for 2 weeks or so full pay aswelll………come on boys where is the justice???? OH and as for that other one Die rease is it ?KEEP an eye out for him i think he works freelance for anyone who will pay a few quid. I now call him die the spie G luck fellers …..Paul Williams

  18. Well i was one of them at the school……Hewitts was good people, Colin Williams, and miss williams . ……Im Paul Williams the first, xxx

  19. David Haynes

    Hi my name is David (Dai), I was at Ty Mawr late sixties, in the main I was looked after, I remember Mike Doget and his wife, Kath I think, great family and pointed me in the right direction. Unfortunately I was abused by (can’t remember his name), but he lived in one of the annexes and had a white British Bull Dog, did things to me I care to for get, he was an odd man, jet black hair well greased and combed back, always wore a smoking jacket! Anybody remember him. ?

    • Reg

      Yes his name was mr wright. His nickname was chimney. Because of
      His big chin. A right pervert I would love to get my hands on the bastards
      Now. I was in ty maur 1968 ran away and never went back there I was
      14 yrs old I remember fat bastard Randell you would give you the cane
      In the old gym . Also mr knock one of the teachers used to take some
      Of the kids fishing. I live in Birmingham now I’m 62 yrs old the welsh police
      Came to see me some some 30 years later about the the abuse that went
      On there. My name is reg by the way

      • Dai

        Reg I think we were at Ty Mawr around the same time, no police ever came to see me regarding the activities T the school! I also ran away on one occasion but went back after a long weekend. I was taken in by a local couple ( The Jones Family), I ended up living with them until I eventually joined the Army, I suppose the Army was my escape. I gather the welch police have closed this investigation? Dai

    • Yeah is name was paki Alden he had a black labrador

    • mike

      hi dave Haynes I wasin ty mawr about the same time as u I thnk I remember u I was in sener hostile time the only one lived in the between dorm 3 and 4 was wainwrigh mike a welsh boy

  20. glyn morgan

    hi my name is Glyn Morgan, im now 41 and reading this paragraph it bought a blast of very sad memories…I was there from 1989-1993 and I remember Mr Curry and Budgie, also Vanessa…Mr Richards I believe became the house master in 1992/93, correct me if im wrong…
    I must of been one of the lucky ones I guess as I only received physical abuse after absconding and taken to I.C.U, which I thought at the time was my punishment for running….
    If I new then what I know now then I believe id be doing a life sentence they were fxxxing bullies, and I hope that KARMA treats them well….
    To all the children that were in that shit-pit, I salute everyone of you, Biggest respect ye….Roley House, Parker and ICU boys ….Stay safe stay strong…we are in it together, we fight on in memories of the fallen lads…
    Good luck guys…

    • micheal jones

      I was in ty mawr from 1969 to 1974/5 i remember mike dogget and his wife and his children to be tollely honest with you all thay allways treated me with care and respect .As for stud and williams nothing but bad bad memiers… Tolal shit heads…

  21. chris

    i was in Ty-Mawr in early to mid 80s and was never approached by anyone…and yes i was one of those who was abused by staff&pupils there. :( past is past nothing can be done about it now we all live with what happened there.:) Respect to all those who delt with & went through it

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  23. Needs to know aka budgie. Real name who was a teacher at tymaur

  24. What was aka budgies real name. I can’t remember this teacher s name

  25. I’d like to have my say about ty mawr,cos I was there from 73 -76.my first experience of abuse was in Parker house a housemaster called mr Hewitt loved to be mr big infront of his family and other housemasters ,he would grab me around my neck and squeeze really hard until I nearly blacked out then he would laugh. On another occasion he would frog march me over to the head master Taylor the biggest bully of the school. We’ll after A few months of hell in Parker I went in dormitory 4 over the school side which I suffered mental,and physical abuse and I’ve been told sexual assault aswell by Ralph Taylor the head master.i remember one instance of being in the assembly hall in front of all the kids and other housemasters ,out comes Taylor and his 6 canes looked straight at me and shouted you think you are a Sargent do you, because I was wearing a denim jacket with patches on it and three stripes on the sleeve, with that he lunged at me trying to rip my jacket off me he was like an animal and no one said a word he then dragged me out of assembly banging my head against the double doors which dai Rees the deputy head followed behind, I was off to the conference room for a good caning.the conference room was huge with a big table and at least ten chairs around it well Rees and Taylor pulled my trousers and pants down and I felt humiliated and started to cry ,”don’t forget I’m only fourteen “then Rees held me over one of the chairs while mad man Taylor was running around the table to get a better swing and he did this six times , I had this treatment every time I absconded and he used to belittle me by saying I was useless and spit at me . The final straw was when I went home for home leave but didn’t come back on Sunday I ran away again for the twentyth time and broke into a shop for food where I used to live in gilfach goch up the Rhondda. Well when I was caught I had another caning and verbal and mental abuse. So I had to go to court and Taylor said to me you can stay here till your 18 or go to eastwood park dc I took the later, I didn’t realise I was jumping out of the frying pan into the fire,but I got away from that animal Taylor and the other bully’s and peados. There was one sound teacher his name was Budgie I had total respect for him cos he used to let me go fishing when I was in class. its funny how nobody got I touch with me about ty mawr maybe it’s because I was locked up again. If any remembers me my name is David griffiths AKA Biscuit .

    • Amanda Graey

      Jon Griffiths .. did u testify?? Only I think i remember u.
      Sorry we weren’t in charge of how long the evil bastards got!!
      Hope u r well.
      Amanda. Foreperson of the jury

    • Michael Jones

      My name is Michael Jones i was in Ty Mawr army cidets i also went to the place outside Liverpool. I was in Ty Mawr from !969 to1975. I was a lance corprel i remember marching to the mess hall we had cotten shirts which was differant to the others.

    • mike

      I remember you mate we used catch the same bus home on the weekend to cardiff then i`d get a bus to pyle i lived in north cornelly at the time. I remember your jacket with all the patches cos i wanted one to but could never afford it. I remember the morning they pulled you out to cane you but what i remember the most was playing jake stones and the army cadets. THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN IT WAS`NT THAT BAD BECAUSE YOU BOYS WHERE YHE BEST….. Mike Jones

  26. jamie

    i was the one that got the school closed i went to a reporter named alex sarrdington and with the power of soicel services and the police i got that school shut down so its down to me that ty mawr closed i hope all staff and bullies what they did to people in that school hope it comes back on you all twice as hard

  27. jamie

    thats fine ty mawr was hell all staff were scum and all boys were bullies i hope whatever bad they did to people in that school i hope it all comes back on them twice as hard

  28. jamie

    my name is jamie i was in ty mawr school and it messed up my life all staff were pigs and all boys were bullies glad its closed down and i hope what you all did to people in that school hope it all comes back on you

  29. chris lukacs

    I was in school unit all the time I was there I worked on the gardens most of the time I was there when I first was there I was in school I ran away there times i was cained every time by spud taylor

  30. Richard Turnbull

    I think when I was in Ty/Mawr i never seen any abuse only when Spud canned me cause I done a bunk and it hurt big time.A lot off the comments above say the name Barrie Alden he was not their when I was at the school so I could not comment on him.I live in Birmingham and the Welsh police found me years after I had left Ty/Mawr to ask me about abuse at the school I could not believe how they found me.In my opinion the only sadistic person was Mr Taylor the way he would take a run up to cane you he was a right bastard to the kids.A Mr Wainwright was the one who held you over the chair while he took the run up

  31. aaron

    i heard barrie alden is in a nursing home just outside norwich which is where hes originally from

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  33. Leon Brown

    i was there 1971 until about 1974 Spud Taylor was the head to my memory i was only beat up there was when I run away and Mr Alden beat the hell out of me i had bruises for week i did have the cane from Mr Taylor but I never saw no sexual abuse or heard anything like that i remember Mr Doggett he had long side burns other staff I remember Mr Rees the sports teacher Mr Williams and Mr Knock ( proper racist that one)

  34. I was in TY-MAWR when spud Taylor was the head i can just remember this staff A Mr KNOX his wife was a matron and Mr Edmonds a teacher and Mr Lazarenco if thats how you spell it the sparky i was their when we built the swimming pool i think it was in the 60s i carnt remember the exact time.I can remember haveing the dance in the old army huts cause the girls from abbergavenny would come to the dance.The only time i would say i was abused his when Mr Taylor canned me on the bare bum for running away.I was their for two years and never saw any other things

    • mike

      hi Richard I was there 63 66 my name is mike welsh boy . I was put on the wright road after ty mawr spud wright bastard he cane me on more than one time he was a bastard to the kids

  35. jonathan

    i was in tymawr in the 80s nobody has contacted me and i was abused physically and sexually and my life has been messed up since i dont want money i just want justice why should the scums get away with it i can relate to all these comments on here and even the police turned a blind eye when staff beat us for running away and the police just stood there.

  36. Al

    I also spent a few years at Ty Mawr 1978/80. And had the unfortunate privilege of visiting pakis house. NO one has ever been interested in what happened, or the scares its left on me, like others the memories haunt me, and as for dogit, he was just as bad as others. The one nice memory I have, was Mr Woods.
    That place ruined kids, and there future lives.

  37. John Mumford

    How did mike doggett get away with violent abuse as well as glyn Richards , I had the second name Simpson at the time and I was there in 1988 for about 10/12 months and I was constantly violently abused by staff but no one even interviewed me .
    I still see it all clearly in my head every day and have been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder , all the abuse was always ignored by other staff and a punch in the face was to be expected or worse , this place ruined my life !!!!!

  38. Mark Briskham

    I was at this place in 1985-86 Always scared because of the Beatings and Bullying by both staff and other lads that were encouraged by staff, Lockrd in a cell for sleepwalking made to fight chased with bamboos around the mansion in the dark and i can go on and on,

    • marc

      I would like to be put in a room and left alone only for a hour just for payback to those staff who abused me now im not a child anymore byron lewellyn glyn richards barrie holden ralph taylor frank cook gereaint grithish chris phelan gerry stevens But i wouldnt lower myself to u r standards bunch of bastards especialy packi holden u can all deniey wot u done to me u all know u gutless bastards fuck the compansation u just a hour one on one never mind going to court sort it out face to face u all denie it thats how much u
      Call yourself men nothing but lyinig bastards only pick on kids who had no control over the power that u had over us and we had nowone to turn to because u where all in it together how the goverment allowed u untrained heavy handed perverted bastards to work with children is unforgetable and unforgivalble who got pay for the defastion u caused

  39. marc

    barrie alden byron llewellwyn geraint griffith frank cook ralph taylor chris phelan glyn richards all played a part of messing my life up hope barrie alden rotted while he done time in prison bet they never treated their kids like they treated us

    • chris lukacs

      Byron Llewellyn he was a wright bully Gerry stevens was another one who liked too give you a slap in the blink of an eye

      • marc

        experienced physical abuse off byron and gerry

      • marc

        its not about compansation for me its letting people know wot we did haue to go through as u can c most comments are 35 years down the line and nearly everyones comments are nearly the same how can all these comments be deemed as lies as each commemt brings up the same names all the time i will never forget untill the day i die Athen the memorys will come to my grave witgh me hope everone who was involed as in all u staff u k know who u are

  40. Antony stubbings

    I was in ty mawr 1985 – 1986 then two other times after that I was physically assaulted along with a other boy by a member off staff called mr bush I also had that evening meal at that Barry’s with another lad but nothing happend to me thank god the place scarred me deep down seen a lot bad things there and went through afew my self but also haven’t been contacted

  41. I was in ty mawr from 1978 to1979 I know what the lads went through. I was on unit dorm 3 for most of my time there. ive just finished a life sentence 20 years of my life not counting the borstals I went to and dc’s. I knew paki alden. I will never forget the batterings I had from spud taylor. also mr phillips up the farm. I was on early call most of the time with mr cook and mr sole. they were good guys. but phillips was the one who battered me. the police knew at the time what was going on there but did nothing. 25 years later they came to see me in prison and asked if I want to make a statement well they,re only 25 years to late. I went in a car thief and came out a drug and drink abuser. ruined my life but what do they care. they satisfied their perversions.

  42. ian phillips

    Ian, P. 1977_1979 The path that this hammer house of horrors sent me down completely dominated my life for twenty five years and I often wonder what I might have accieved if I had continued to study in a school of normal morals and teachings of correct behaviours by tutors that practiced what theh preached and listed to what youvwere saying with care and attempts to understand. As I sit here writting this my heart feels heavy and my soul is resiged to an aftelife of damnation because of practices I wasbforced to undertake at the hands of those who were ment to care for me, my shame and self disgust render me useles to care and full of desair with visions of a thirteen year old boy running for fear afraid to look back incase the monsters of Ty Mawr should be close enough to reach out and once again take control and turn me into thier puppet of perverted abuse. I am glad the place has been pulled down but the demons remain and my life has suddenly taken a plunge into dark memories that cause great sobs of despair and anger at a society that could allow such things to happen to inocent children. My tears wash my face in shame, and all because I was frightend to attend mainstream school because of the bullying I could no longer stand. I deserved better than this from those who had power to dispense. I hatd the fucking lot of you and hope that one day I will see you all in hell because then it will be my turn to dish out what I consider a fair punishment for completely fucking up my ljfd and shafting me, over and over and over. You know who you are and you know you,ll be joining me in hell, think about that bastards , think and suffer the fear you inflicted upon me.

  43. Darren Edwards known as buster !!

    I will never forget trust me ?

  44. Darren Edwards known as buster !!

    They messed my life right up and I will never forget what they did to me hope they rot in hell karma I believe they will pay for what they did to us trust me ?

    • Paul Crighton

      You still can`t drive a Landover lol. 1984-85.
      Remember our little trip we had to Newport, I organised the escape straight after dinner. Dogget and Phillips left the keys in it when we was working by that farm. I had such a whack from dogget for that one in front of the copper at the civic but it was well worth it.
      Those full grown staff being hard on a bunch of kids eh, pussies the lot of them. I was contacted by the police but they were only really interested if I witnessed anything sexual, I could only tell them I only heard of things. The main thing I remember was the constant beatings kids suffered at the hands of sadist pussies.
      Have you still got the scar from the Madness tattoo?
      I was in there for only about 8 mths before I escaped their clutches to prison. I remember mr. evans in the school block getting right in my face wanting to kill me. I think he didn`t only because I said nothing and just stared right back at him. Wonder if he`d care to be all hard now.
      I only really got a whack from dogget and phillips, I was lucky in that respect but I saw plenty of beating on other boys in front of all kinds of staff, women included.
      Mr lorry lanky Scotsman used to give me a slap but he treated it as some kind of joke.
      Kevin Doherty, who I came in with is now dead, so is spocky.
      Haven`t seen many faces from there over the years and probably wouldn`t recognize now anyway.

  45. ian

    To anyone who suffered any form of abuse from the time you spent in tymawr farm school if it was sexual or physical please speak out you dont have to give your name i would strongely advise the people who have suffered the hands of abuse & who have’nt spoken all these years to contact the police & get some form of counciling remember we were just defenceless innocent kids its not your fault dont let the past demons eat away at you like it as to my friends ok

  46. ian

    Me & my good mate ray who was also like me were in tynawr at the same time are going to visit tymawr early next year on a pilgrimige 30 years later in memory for many of friends who were in tymawr & have passed away over the past 30 years one of my good friends & partner of crime since the age of 9 who was in tynawr we me sadly passed away last year he was in parker unit & stayed over barry alden house when the police came around to my house investigate alden in the late 90’s i said his name to the police straight away as if i knew who would be likely to be arrested i went to see my 2 good friends who stayed in aldens house has anything sexually happened to them the time they spent in tymawr one of my good old friend is back inside & as always has been in & out since leaving tymawr the other as i mentioned as passed away last year when i did confront them both on separate occasions about the abuse both of the shy’d away as if they did’nt want to know anything about it anymore my late friend was a cronick junkie of low self esteem which seemed to develop since leaving tymawr trust me i know my friends when they hiding something from me the 3 of us been friends since the age of 8 & 9 the 3 of us been in care & all kinds of insitutions till i was 30 & in respect to my good late departed friend i believe something happened to him in tymawr & it torcherd him to his grave i have another good friend who is in prison i will ask him again to speak out & remind him it were’nt his fault he too i know he’s a torched soul & holding back from the past experience of his time in tymawr


    • Budgie

      I live down Ty mawr at present all the old boiler house and all has been re developed with new houses the old gym is still here and the other grounds it still under council owned and they run a outdoor educational center were schools come for weekends go caving etc the farm is still a farm the tree line avenue is still here so to his the old headmasters house and the lodge . Just thought I’d give you a little insight in how it is at present .

  47. ian

    I spent 18 months in tymawr between sept 82 to my release 3/2/84 i know that date well cause i was my 16th birthday i heard rumours about sexual abuse cause barry alden a.k a. Paki alden we used to call him but only amongst ourselfs would have 2 teen inmates stay in his house mainly on weekends which was situated top of the drive bottom of the hill opposite the farm department next to the entrance if the old american ww2 hospital base anyway the thought that as always stuck in my mind for 30 years when i asked a member of school unit staff by the name of vanessa williams if i could stay over aldens house she snapped at me & said in anger no way looking back i see why now as if she had some idea but not any proof was alden was up to but i must say vanessa williams was a nice kind loves a laugh kind i look back now & realise she snapped to protect me anyway when hearing the boys are watching video’s & getting all kinds of treats off alden & the boys would say when stay at alden house they’d steal money that was stashed in the bagpipes by the fire place the kids that stayed over would be mainly from the parker unit which housed the younger inmates & i.c.u.unit which held the absconders & kids with serious learning & social differculties aldren would spoil the kids that stayed by renting video films & icecreams & all sorts of treats some lads told me he had bagpipes above his fire place in his house which he hid his money but to this day i reckon it was a grooming trap to catch them & use it to his sick advantage most of us in tymawr were from poor backrounds & broken homes personally i never witnesses any sexual abuse but physical abuse was the norm you would be pullled out of asembley infront of most inmates to witness them being thrown across the room kicked punched & heavy back handers ! Ralph taylor aka spud would hand out punishments mr byron llewelyn & mr curry were heavy handed of which i witnessed on many occasions there was a teacher there called mr richards who must have been in his late 20’s early 30’s who would comment openly infront of staff & inmates alike about our sexual organs he always made a point of being in the showers always looking you up & down if it was tge showers of school unit or the swimming pool i felt uneasy everytime i was getting dressed he even commented & embarressed me infront of the inmates the size of my penis christ i was only 15 i can still see his beady eyes to this day gives me the creeps other then that the reason i have’nt said anything about other members of staff is because they were generely good

    • chris lukacs

      I was in ty mawr around the same time I left in 82 I was there for nearly 3 years no one has ever contacted me about my time there

    • Terry Williams

      Hello Ian,my name is Terry Williams and like you i was in school unit in the 80’s,I remember Vanessa Williams well and you are right in saying she was a kind woman,Mr Richards was my art teacher and to be honest i had no problem with him,but I also had no problem with any of the other members of staff,that doesn’t mean I don’t believe that horrible things didn’t go on I just mean that i was probably a very lucky 15 year old boy at the time.If Paki Alden abused the boys there then 15 years is quite simply not enough,as for John Wright i don’t remember him.I remember Mr Curry who you are right in saying could be vicious at times along with spud Taylor who like to run at boys in assembly with a cane.I also remember we used to go canoeing with Mr George Guest which was an awesome time.On one occasion it was my time to go home for the weekend, but for some reason i missed my bus and Mr Williams AKA Budgie gave me a lift all the way home,so I honestly believe that Budgie at least is and was a nice person.

    • Hi Ian i remember you…………….And the bagpipes.over the fireplace wall at the lodge..sorry to hear about Ray.

  48. dean

    i was one of these boys in the 1980s i was only there voluntry for four months i was mentaly and phisilcaly abused im 46 now and still think about every day i think i will for the rest of y life

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