Sedbury Park School for Boys

Sedbury Park School for Boys, nr Chepstow

School sex trial may be transferred to Bristol

12:00pm Monday 22nd July 2002

A WORCESTER man, charged with sex offences allegedly committed more than 20 years ago, may have his trial transferred to Bristol.

Geoffrey Allen is a former teacher at the Sedbury Park School for boys in Gloucester. The school closed down in 1986.

A second teacher from the school has also been charged with sex offences against boys.

Judge Gabriel Hutton was told about the latest arrest while reviewing the progress of the case against 63-year-old Allen, of Barbourne Terrace at Gloucester Crown Court.

Allen, who was not in court and is free on bail, has denied eight charges of indecently assaulting boys, two charges of buggery and one of attempted buggery.

The charges against him and the second master follow a three-year police investigation into the running of the school after complaints from former pupils who are now adults, some more than 40 years old.

Nine of the charges against Allen involve four boys and are alleged to have occurred between April 1977 and July 1983.

Two others involve one boy and are alleged to have taken place between November 1993 and November 1996.

Allen worked at the school, which was run by Gloucestershire County Council, from 1977 to 1984.

Guy Boney QC, prosecuting, told the court: “Another former master at the school was charged on Monday with two offences of indecent assault on former pupils, one of whom is involved in this case.”

He went on to tell the judge that the prosecution planned to apply for the case to be transferred to Bristol Crown Court.

“One of the witnesses, although now an adult, is very vulnerable,” he said.

“Facilities in Bristol, which is a modern building, would enable him to be protected.”

The Argus 22/07/02

121 responses to “Sedbury Park School for Boys

  1. Hi William.
    Firstly I’m glad you and Hopkins got on well. When I first arrived at Sedbury Hopkins was an okay kind of guy but for some reason he changed dramatically and took an instant dislike to me and a couple of other lads.
    Myself and one other lad stayed at Sedbury on our own at Xmas….he had no family support and my family didn’t want me home.
    Keates and his wife gave us both a tie each on Xmas day….it was a crappy tie but what a lovely gesture.
    I don’t think a lot of teachers/masters understood that we were young lads thrown into an new environment and who just wanted to be with their families.
    We were allowed to sleep in the ‘hospital’ block over Xmas and had Xmas dinner with Keates,his wife and Arden and his wife in the staff canteen just by the main boys dining room.
    I never ever saw any sexual abuse of any kind while at Sedbury.
    There were very good teachers there….Bevan, Griffiths,Keates, Johns and his wife and the guys that ran woodwork and the metalshop….Tarrant ran the woodwork shop and the tuck shop and his wife ran the local post office.
    There were some good lads there but there were some absolute nut jobs….Firth was one…he should have been sectioned.
    I keep trying to remember that lads name who spent Xmas with me at Sedbury but for the life of me I can’t.
    I sincerely hope that life has been good to you since Sedbury and I certainly wouldn’t knock you for getting on with Bill Hopkins….. horses for courses matey.
    Good luck.😊

    • William Hamilton

      Hi again James. Who would you say was your most respected mamber of staff at Sedbury ? For me it has to be Ma Harris, I went back six years after I left and she still remembered me and still remembered my favourit breakfast. I was in the army then and posted to Beachly for a three week course and went to see Hector, told me there was always a room for me if ever I needed it. Stayed a few days and had a great time with the newbies there. Was a childrens care home then sio verry different.

      • Hi William
        I have to say Mr & Mrs Keates the English teachers who lived at the school underneath the archway by the education block.

        Remember Tarrant and the school tuck shop in the main hallway? Tarrant left the key in the lock one night……bad mistake 🤣

  2. I was there between 1969 and 1972. I used to hang about with 2 called Jim Bottom or Botton and another guy I think his name was Thomas.
    We got caught having tattoos….I remember Thomas had Mild and Bitter tattooed on his nipple areas and I had …wait for it….my school number tattooed on my arm…how sad is that. 😂

    We got caught coming back from Newport on a Saturday afternoon with an LP we had bought….I think it was Tarrant that caught us.

    Hopkins was our house master in Chepstow house and he was a right b*stard..loved to use his fists on the lads.

    • William Hamilton

      James I was there from 1967 to 1970 and never ever did I witnes a violent act from Bill Hopkins in fact rather the opposit, he wa always sympatetic and tryed to help. Something bad must have happened to him to have changed him that much.

      • Hi William..there were 2 Hopkins…one ran the motorbike club (a good guy) and then you had Hopkins the house master and his wife the deputy matron who lived just down the lane.
        It was the housemaster Hopkins who gave me a good beating one day in the laundry room with the doors locked.
        Myself and a lad called Jim Bottom did a runner one day and got caught in Monmouth…when we got returned to the school Hopkins made us clean the toilets until 6 am and then took me into the laundry room and beat the crap out of me but until that happened I used to think he was an okay kinda of guy.
        I never ever saw or heard of any sexual abuse though.

      • William Hamilton

        Hi James, when I was at Sedbury I was one of 5 POS boys pos=placeof safety. I can only comment on my own case, my old man was a very violent alcoholic and almost killed me for no reason other than I needed new school uniform and he wanted the money for booz. Social workers put me into a childrens home where a shirt lifter scum bag who likes little boys and a few times he tried to grope me naked, I hit the rat with a wooden stool until he wad spark out. Next day I was in Kingswood for over a month before I was assigned to Sedbury. The five POS boys never went home for holidays ever, at Christmas we were split up and went to stay with different members of staff untill the day before the school returned. I spent my first Christmas with the Hopkins family who made me feel at eass there I shared a room with thier son David even had a couple of presents on Christmad morning. Summer holidays were usually with DC (dai book and pencil) camping in the Brecon beacons or at a scout adventure centre.. Without Sedbury my life would have been over before it started, I heard from a few staff that we were the start of POS boys and tat the school eventually became a childrens care home.

  3. Does anyone remember Chris Blaby? (approx 1975?)

  4. William Hamilton

    Bill Hamilton..
    Hi all I was there 66 to 69, I was oine of the odd bods we were the BODS boys who were there as a place ,of safety. I reremember Bill Hopkins as a good man who looked after me and a few others. Hector also a good man. Odjob Bevan ran the Judo club, Many of you will rememner Warren at the farm, sadly found out that he passed away 2018. Went for a last look at tghe old place now a mess, Met up with Ricky Willis at that time. I now live in the Pkilippines with my wife and youing daughter so will not be back again or not in this life, I would like to contact Dave Watkins (Gozzy) used to live in wmban or any of the crew who remember me, Catchupo with ou soon Ricky.

  5. Brian woodman

    My name is brian woodman i was in mead house .I can remember Mr.woodhall.and mr scribbins i ran away and they put me in a special unit Mr.williams was in woodhall looked after me when I was the only child there at Christmas.i would like to hear from anybody who remembers me.

    • Morning.
      What years were you there please

      • Brian woodman

        1978 done 3 years there.1 year in bridgehouse special unit.spent 1 Xmas in bridgehouse and Mr Woodall looked after me when I was the only child there.he was always kind

      • William Hamilton

        Hi Brian I was there from Jan 1966 to Dec 1969 and there were only three houses then Tintern, Chepstow and raglan. It all changed when the school became a comunity childrens residential home.

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  8. edward small

    What you call the dark half hour was spotlight and if you got caught you got a beating

  9. Edward Small

    I was there from 76-80 and all i remember was shit. Glad all you lot had a lovely time there, must of just been me then.

    • Hi Edward I was in Monmouth house from 1975 – 1978 and like you all I can remember was a lot of shit and beatings . I’m so glad that none of my boys had this sort of schooling. Hope you are well now and loving life . Cheers Dave Cooper

  10. Does anyone remember Chris White? He had blonde hair and used to play the guitar.

  11. Stephen davis

    My name is Stephen Davis and I was at sedbury Park from 1984 to 1986 and I remember chinna and rich Phillips both of them kinda odd.
    I remember when the poor lad Jason diath from Llantwit major died that has stayed with me until this day, makes you realise how poor the staffing was at that school. It closed shortly after that. Mr Farley from Durham was a really good bloke though.

  12. Mike Meszaros (Ede was my step-dads name). Me and my brother Billy were at Sedbury Park in 1975/76. I remember Chinner, Peter Davidson and Chris Blaby.. Chris was apparently a Royal Marine before he got a job there. I always looked up to him. He was a decent guy, I think he moved to Brighton possibly, he bought a chip shop. Anyone know Chris White? Blonde hair, he used to play the guitar in the dorm each night.

  13. Patrick Whitmore

    I was at Sedbury Tintern house from 1974 to 1976, I remember these staff Mr and Mrs Bird, Chinner, Tim Cotterall and his wife, boys Les Greedy from Somerset, Micheal White like me from Swindon, Micheal Jones and Conk from the West Midlands, I was part of the Road Runners but had to miss out on the John O’Groats to Lands End Run as was in Royal Gwent Hospital after Andrew Blackman from Chippenham I think threw a hammer at my head. I used to love the training runs from Lydney back to Sedbury. I did a lot of mountaineering during my time there as well as weekends at the Biblins at Symonds Yat

    • Michael jones

      Hey Pat Michael Jones here ..
      I remember you mate and the training for the runs we did i have photos of some of the lads on the warrington run . If you want to catch up give me a call 07514615612

  14. Glen Allardyce

    Hi all, was there mid 70’s and don’t remember any sexual abusement, but I do remember it was very tough at times, but hey ho we weren’t on a holiday, although it did feel like it at times. I have sketchy memories of my time there but remember the freezing swimming, a boxing teacher called (I think) Mattheson who was a bit handy/rough, playing rugby, the school block, the army camp, working on a chicken farm, going to Brecon Beacons etc etc. One thing that does spring to mind is when we did the soldiers march event in Nijmegen NL but I can’t for the life of me remember the year. Good to read these comments as the place does have memories for me, and am pleased everyone appears to be doing well.

    • DEBORAH Berry

      Did you do the Nijmegen walk with Mr.Barrett

      • GA

        Sorry can’t remember who I did it with, but do remember it being hard work and very satisfying once completed. Sadly misplaced the medal I received, but my (darling) wife managed to track one down for me which was great, bless her.

    • Andrew Roberts

      Hi Glen
      Andy Roberts here I rember you, worked together on chicken farm and did Nijmagen march with you. When I left I joined the Army and did 23 yeard

      • GA

        Hi Andy, from memory your name rings a bell but I can’t put a face to it unfortunately – must be age eh! 23 years in Army, that’s a good career, did you enjoy it? Strangely enough I still have memories of the chicken farm (especially the smell) and Nijmegen (drink salted orange juice, feet/legs killing me). Also remember working on the farm (baling was hard), doing trips to the Brecon Beacons (bloody wet and freezing) and having to play Rugby against some much bigger lads from teams outside Sedbury Park. Feel absolutely gutted for the lads who had to deal with sexual abuse and hope it never fcuked their lives up and they found peace

  15. Michael Jones

    Hey Charlie
    I remember you mate . We trained a couple of times a week running upto Chepstow race course and back or just up to the top of Chepstow and back . 18 months of that before we starting the runs. Who was the other 2 black guys in the club

  16. Charlie Oliver

    Charlie Oliver again. I forgot about the ‘Offas Dyke’ run we did form Warrington back to Chepstow before the two longer runs.

  17. Charles Oliver

    Hi I am Charlie Oliver and I was in Sedbury Park from 1972 to 1975. I ran on the St Davis to Lowestoft (East-West) run. Later we did John O’ Groats to lands End. Chinner Hopkins was one of the Masters along with a little tough guy called Dennis Hartley. Mr Macklin played Rugby for Lydney. Hector Arden was the Headmaster and his son (6ft 7) was called Warren. There was a little master with a ‘dent’ in his head called Mr Taylor. I am a black lad from West Bromwich. I remember the Finney brothers, Clarence Morris from Gloucester and another black guy whose surname was Ricketts. The deputy head was Mr Keyte and his wife was a teacher and was always drunk. I was in Monmouth House and we had Mr Stephens as our housemaster.

    • I remember Ricketts…boy could he play rugby…used to fly down that wing like a whippet.
      He was in my dormitory in Chepstow house…quiet lad but stood up for himself but a good lad.

  18. Terry evans

    Terry evans 64/66 remember u Ricky and all the names u said so long ago I was in tin tin tern house not so bad

  19. Ricky Willis

    hi, i was at sedbury park in 65/66, i was in tintern house, ivor griffiths was head of tintern house, other staff i remember were dave McCall, bob tarrant,
    peanut(pe) bevan ( building dep.) cheesy keat (deputy head) hector (head)
    some of the boys,mike evans, phil browning, mike watts, brian wall, dave potter, dai rees,ryan, i used to like playing table tennis in the old conservatory

  20. Kerry williams

    Hi Dave are you on facebook anyway 07783939836 give us a txt or call cheers Kerry.

  21. Malcolm Thomson

    Hello Mr Fatah.Hope you are well. I remember you very well l remember you used to practice the piano in the hall with some feller l think he came from Kingswood. I remember we were all into our tonics and Ben Sherman shirts and loafers.l had my crombie coat nicked and if lm right someone stole your wrangled jeans that place was full of little bastards lol anyway hope

  22. Kerry williams

    Hi David farah.just seen your post great to hear from you we were in tinted and mead house together i know we were away from home but wouldn’t change them times for nothing made great mates and had great fun times I see your still in Cardiff not to far away from each other I remember the summer’s at Sudbury park they were always long and always sunny and remember playing football for hours and then in the freezing pool Jesus that was cold on facebook put a friends request on if your on there will keep eye on this site in case your reading this hope your ok and in good health look forward to hearing from you. Regards Kerry.

  23. alan collins

    It was June 1970 while at kingswood assessment centre I was told I was allocated to Neath Farm. As I lived in Swansea this was only 10 miles from my home town, wooop wooop I was ecstatic. five of us were transported by car to various approved schools. up the long uphill lane to Sedbury Park we arrived at the main entrance, there was a heavy mist and it looked like a building out of a Jane austin novel . Whos for Sedbury asked the driver ( no answer ) he then looks at his folders and shouts COLLINS, I said yes. he said out of the car your for Sedbury.
    I went to Tintern house run by Birdie and Griffiths ( lived in cottage at bottom of lane, good table tennis player ), the head boy bill cox from cardiff,,..a few names I remember are PUGH from Cardiff ( loved his hero John Toshack )
    Gary Slade and Phillip Jones from swansea… Rob Latham…Victor Cross…the two nutters Firth and Hoffman..someone called Dunk..Merryn Chappell…..the scullery woman called Pam.
    I did a runner once, was caught at Chepstow bridge by Mr Griffiths and one of the lads called Martin Littlejohn ( think \i should have gone over the viaduct instead of main road )
    Two major incidents come to mind, the first is a member of staff removed from the home for indecently assault of one of the lads,, I think the boy was also removed. It happened a few weeks after I arrived there so not able to add names.
    after 14 months I went to the Leaving house ran by Mr John and his wife. I do know that three lads were shipped out for attempting to sexually assault mrs Johns.
    On a lighter note …the COWS CUD on top of the custard jug…saturdays in Chepstow town…..sniffing ZOFF…..
    Around 8 years after I had left Sedbury my newly born daughter was at chepstow hospital having surgery for a cleft pallet ( they done a top-spec job ) while waiting for my daughters surgery I needed someone to talk to, and who helped me MR GRAHAM BIRD of tintern house. It just took one phonecall and he met me Chepstow town.I will always be in debt to him for the advice he gave me on that day and while I was at Sedbury !!!

    • David Farah

      Hi Alan, i was at Tintern house about the same time as yourself, but i cant put a face to your name, which is a pity. Some of the boys you mentioned i remember very well.In regard to Mr. Bird i must concur with you, i have fond memories of the man. Now, as im older and hopefully a little wiser, i can reflect on my relationship with him over the 3 years i was there. He was a very quite man, a man i never knew to raise his voice. When i first arrived in Tintern house he give me the job of cleaning the toilet on the dorm landing. To my surprise he got on his hands and knees with a scrubbing brush and scrubbed the floor, at the same time telling me that he would not expect me to do anything he would`nt do myself . I know his Faith played a large part in his life while i knew him (i think he was a baptist). I remember going to the local Baptist church in Chepstow with some of the boys from our house and, to my surprise he gave the sermon. I also met his wife on one occasion. She too was a very quite but thoughtful woman. So, like yourself, i have found memories of the man. His council to me was always given after careful thought and consideration. and he was rarely wrong. Bye the way, his first name was Grenville.

      • Kerry williams

        Hi Dave Fatah left you a message give me a txt or leave a message on here be great to hear from you.

      • Malcolm Thomson

        Hello Kerry
        Derek was a good mate of mine both being pompey lads we were both in chepstow house shared same dorm. Do you remember Peter Bingham he was from Southampton great lad. Don’t know if you smoked but always remember Bill eny when ever l see a fat rollup, silly things you recall. I remember Dave Farah well also a lad called Patrick can’t think of his surname but he was always playing trex records l think he came from Cymbran smashing block.Anyway take care all hope life’s treating you well .Malc

      • Malcolm Thomson

        Hi Kerry
        Derek was a good mate of mine both being pompey lads we were both in chepstow house shared same dorm. Do you remember Peter Bingham he was from Southampton great lad and a lad called Patrick can’t think of his surname but he was always playing trex records l think he came from Cymbran nice lad.Ialso remember Dave Farah well. I don’t know if you smoked but always remember Bill eny when ever l see a fat rollup lol some things you never forget.Well take care all hope life’s treating you well. Malc

    • stephen lloyd-thomas

      Hi alan i was there from april69 til aug70 with my brother paul . he was there until jan 71.I was also in tintern house with birdy . First day there not knowing anything was told to find hopkins i think . Found him upstair and i said “there you are sir been looking for you ” got a punch straight in my face .
      Remember rob latham from newport i think . used to go boxing with him at the army camp.Victor cross , blond chubby boy?Garyn slade thin as a rake . used to play ping pong with him . Also crazy firth i think paul firth . He was nuts and should have been in a mental institution . I remember a big black guy backing into the breakfast hall and firth walking towars him with a knife . Black guy was terrified .One of firths tricks was put a lighted cigarette down the back of your shirt and push you up against the wall. merryn chappel was he a big gentle giant teased by everyone ?
      Lots of physical abuse and lots of gay sex between the boys but never saw anything from the screws

    • I remember Firth and he was a nutter. I was in Chepstow house run by Hopkins and his wife was the deputy matron.
      Bird was an okay guy as we’re a lot of them including Keats and his wife (they used to live by the education block).
      I went to the leavers house run by Mr John’s and his wife….nice people.
      I used to work outside at the sedbury laundry and then worked for Brigadier Vaughan Hughes at the Wyelands estate.
      Despite what people might say they were good days apart from the usual scumbags who would sell their own mother’s down the river.
      I remember a lad called Davey as well although he was in tintern house I think.
      We robbed the tuck shop one night and put all the empty sweet wrappers around his bed while he slept…..the bollocking he got the next morning was tremendous 😂😂.

      We need a reunion.

  24. Bob bowring

    I was a Chepstow house boy , 71 to 73 derek Clarke , rog tomhson , Andy Brooke’s all mates of mine my name is bob bowring ,

    • Malcolm Thomson

      Hello Bob l remember you my name’s Malcolm Thomson. I was in chepstow to. Mr Hopkins was the house master and his wife was matron .Do you remember Michael freckolton from Brum also dave green and Steve insley and the mckenna bros Frank and Noel.

      • Bob bowring

        So long ago , I remember two bros , and a little lad named arkam also tony Taylor

      • I remember Micheal Freckelton.(black lad and a good mate)..use to go running with him and I also remember the brothers…they were from Yardley in Birmingham….Frank did me a favour later on in life.😉

    • Kerry williams

      Hi Bob Kerry williams here remember you well hope you ok get in touch if you like be good to chat about old times.07783939836

  25. I was there in the tintern house with you kerry when you fell out the window and though the glass roof mr bird and mrs taylor you was mates with larence at the time i was mates mike brordbent from the ronda i was from bristol paul williams

  26. .Kerkry

    Hi michael thanks for the reply.i remember avo that was a chance meeting for you and taking him home to Swansea.I remember chinner use to chat to him when I lived in chepstow nice guy .if your on Facebook perhaps I could send friend request we could have chat on there then. I went into mead house after tintern it was great table tennis and snooker table and what about the swimming pool bloody freezing lol.hope to chat soon some great memories kerry.

  27. michael jones

    Hey Kerry Williams , I remember you mate mike jones here . i was in Tintern house at same time as you . I was in the Sedbury park road runners too ., I was not abused either and didn’t see any either . I had some great times there especially camping over by Mount Snowden etc . I left in 1974

    • .Kerkry

      Hi Mike can’t put a face to the name but great to hear of you yea had some great times there I was into my football and went on to play for many years after I married a girl from chepstow Mo jones sadly no longer with us.don’t know if you remember her from the sedbury youth you remember a lad Derek clark tried to get in touch with him for many years with no success he was from Portsmouth. What was you from mate.

      • michael jones

        Hi Kerry , i vaguely remember Derek . I,m from Gloucester originally but moved down to London from the Park . Sorry for your loss , I never went to the youth club but did have a friend from Sedbury Shirley Francis .
        Lost touch with her sadly .
        Did you know a house master Colin Pemberton ? He was a great teacher , him and Chinner used to take us out on day trips to Tintern Abbey and Brean Downs and over to Stonehenge .
        I worked with Robert the maintenance guy and in Sedbury Laundry . Do you remember Evo from Swansea ? i picked him up in London where he was working once , his car had broken down i was on call out for RAC recovery took him back to Swansea .
        Other lads i remember there in Tintern house were David Murphy Christopher Blondie Edwards terrible twins lol . I drove them mad with LED ZEP in canteen lol

      • David Farah

        Hi kerry, Its Dave farah from Cardiff. I have only just come across this site. Reading through some of the memories some lads have posted,i have to agree with you. I didnt see anything that i would call abuse. Ok, there were times when lads got a bit mouthy with the teachers. The outcome was normally a clip around your ear, or a boot up the arse. I think some boys forget they were not at the park because of thier outstanding achivments to mankind. I think back to the time we were there, and on reflection,some of those boy had`nt had the best start in life. I am sorry to hear that Mo has passed on. I remember her from youth club on a Friday. With her feather-cut hairstyle, Doc Martins, Stay press tonics and tank top. I hope life has been good to you, and you made the best of yourself. Im still buzzy trying to keep the wolves from the door. If your ever in Cardiff let me Know, we can catch up over a few pints. Dave Farah.

  28. andy

    Was in bridge unit in the 80s, secure unit, it wasn’t the best time of my life,but got through it,have the odd think about it now and again,somethings are just best forgotten.

    • Hi All
      I was at Sedbury from 70-73. I was in Chepstow house Mr Hopkins was in charge his was matron. I didn’t get sexually abused but l didn’t take a few hiding so from Griffiths and a PE teacher named Taylor. I also worked on the farm for Warren he was a good bloke l learnt to drive a tractor and l have to say those last 6 months of working for him were the best days l had there. I also remember Derek Clark he was a Pompey boy like myself and a great lad .l also remember Gildas he was a tall lad who took me under his wing and looked out for me. I know there was a bit of bullying going on mainly from the likes of Freckleton and another wanker called Robert Taylor. But l survived but l have few good memories of the place. But l wish you all well and hope you’re lives turned out for the good. Good luck to you all.

      • .Kerkry

        Malcolm just seen your post I see you know Derek Clark I’ve been trying to get in touch with him for many years with no success looks like we were at sedbury park at the same time Derek was a great mate of mine would love to get in touch with him

  29. Andy Louey nee Andrew Cureton

    Hi All
    Well I have to say you guys had a completely different experience to me. I was there in the late 60s and 70s. It was a little tough at first but I have to say I didn’t know of any hitting, bullying or abuse of any kind. Some of you refer to the headmaster as “Hardon” when in fact his name was Arden and his son was Warren and he was married to Janet. Hi my name was Andrew Cureton I say was when I got married because my wife had kids I changed my name to Andy Louey. Anyway I was at Sedbury Park around the same time as you. Although I don’t recall your name. I also worked for short while in the laundry hated washing the Pong’s socks and pants. But most of the time I worked on the farm with Warren Arden. As you may know Warren was the headmasters (Hector Arden’s Son). I when back there some years ago met up with Warren and his wife Janet. I also met up with Mr Hopkins “Chinner” you may recall he ran the scrambler bike club. The school is now an OAP Nursing Home changed quite a bit. Took my son over there about 5 years ago just so I could tell him about my childhood. Although Hector Arden has passed his son was still running the farm. Also Chinner was working there too. I know of Mr Bird also known as Birdy again I never saw or heard of any misdoings or notice him whching us in the showers. In remember where we used to smoke in the shower room:-) I live not far from on of the lads his name is Anthony. Guys if you want to chat let me know. Lads I remember Norman Martins,Steve Mallet.,Tony McGuire , Baben and Rodger Bourne and Steed. Met up once with a teacher Mr Jones PE teacher. In a hotel i was staying atI think was in either Swansea or Cardiff. For me all this abuse claims are quite a shock to me and as for Chinner both me and Anthony Yates got on real good with him and as I said met whit him with my son and he was happy to chat over old times. I built my own bike (BSA Bantam 175) And he recall how helped me and Yatesy build it in the bike shed next to the maintenance men’s workroom. Maybe I don’t get abused as I was known as a bit of a nutter and maybe the alleged abusers left me and my mates alone but I have to say the Mr Arden always gave me every chance to look to the future and helped me build the man I’ve become today. Having been I child care all of my life since birth (18 different homes) and experience abuse of every kind by a handful or so called careers Sedbury was the best I’d ever lived in. I grew up to be a leader in my field in computer technology have a big happy family nice home, car ect and to some degree Sedbury gave me some of the tools I so badly needed. I’m not saying that the abuse didn’t happen but as I’ve said I never experienced any of this abuse. I know of most of the so called teachers mentioned in this thread or some might refer to the has house farther the Volvo guy Cheesy a few I don’t know and nothing happened to me or my mates in the School . Unless they never confided in me. So anyone want to discuss happy to do so. If not then good luck to all and have a happy life. Andy Louey formally known as Andrew Cureton

    • Malcolm Thomson

      Hi Andy don’t know if you remember me Malc Thomson l was there 70-73 l worked on the farm for Warren he was a good bloke got 50p a week later remember when I left you tried to Warren to give me a pound thanks glad you’re life turned out for the good mate take care.

      • .Kerkry

        Hi Malcolm my name is Kerry Williams I was there 70/73 tintern house then mead house. Remember cheesy chinner Brody (teachers) my biggest mates where Derek Clark Dave Farrar Tony orbin. I never seen any wrong doing by any of the teachers.remember going to sedbury youth club on a Friday night and Saturday afternoon in chepstow they were great times for me although we were away from home I wouldnt change them ever taught me a lot.I married a girl from chepstow later on met her at youth club her name Mo Jones sadly no longer with us.if you read this I hope your well if you want to get in touch my email is below hope your well kerry

  30. sheriff

    hi all, i was there 83-85 and there was a man called richard phillips who was an abuser in many ways, chinner/hopkins was the motorbike man n griffiths was still deputy head n lived in the gate house and i was put in to the secure unit and escaped to kidderminster but got caught next day….any know of the dark half hour?

    • Mark Payton

      Hi all I was just reading all your comments l was there during the 1980s I was in chepstow house I had been contacted by the police regarding incidents at the school I made no comment because I just wanted to forget about it I was there when the likes of Richards ,horsecroft,smith were there our house mother was called merryl. I was in Hopkins motorbike club things happened in that school not very nice

    • richard martin

      Hi sheriff I was there between that time until 1986 I remember Richard phillips very well I was punched and kicked by him numerous times there was a big man called John too but his last name eludes me big John
      I remember the dark half hour now but forget what it entailed I also remember having long night walks through anow old railway tunnel being left inside no torch absolutely shifting myself I also remember a few of us breaking a window to tuck shop and was dragged outside in pj’s freezing cold when they found out was put in Bridge stripped with just pants on
      Being made to swim even if you had no swimwear
      I couldn’t bloody swim either but was made to jump in naked

      • roddy sheriff of cclc bromsgove

        Hey richard martin its me roddy matheson we were good friends all those years ago and the fark half hour was evil with that nonse n i smashed IT in the mouth at breakfast lol because of paul furman lmfao now but all life is about learning and i am now a sheriff of the common law courts and exposing the corruption and paedophile system…hope you are well brother ☺

      • rodof gaia

        Hi richard we were friends there i left october 85 i was the one that smashed the nonse in the mouth for hitting me round the head n pulling my hair because of paul ferman winding me up 😂 anyway brother i hope you are well

    • richard martin

      [edit – please do not post contact details here – Thanks]

      • Richard martin

        Hi toddy Matheson have been trying to get hold of you do you still have my contact details mate

    • Richard martin

      Roddy can you contact me asap brother please

  31. Cheryl

    Hi there I am looking for any friends of Pactrick Whitmore who were at the school through the 70’s I think he was in Tintern House? Many thanks in advance

    • vince derrick

      Sorry cant help you there Cheryl.

    • Pp paul

      Hi I think I remember pat Whitmore I to was in tinted house from 74-77 if I remember he was in the running club our great escape from school

      • m jones

        Alrite mate , i was in the running club and Tintern House , ran from Aberistwyth to Lowestoft and before that Warrington to Chepstow then finally John ogroats to Landsend .
        we was supposed to get a Duke of Edingbourghs award for it , never happened and the money we raised for the Church of Englands childrens society was refused by them because they said we were being exploited , the army apprentices college down the road from us started out the week before us and gave up halfway through . I cant remember a Pat Whitmore in club .

  32. Vince Derrick

    I was at Sedbury Park school from 1960/61. I was in Tintern house. The housemaster was a guy called Tarrant, mad as a bucket of frogs, i think today he would have been sectioned for his behaviour. The headmaster was a chap called Harden, not too bad but liked to use the cane for any excuse. It was used like a whip and cut you everywhere it hit your skin. Brutal !!!

    • Kenny Poole

      The more I think of this place the more that comes back .it was like been just locked up and the key thrown away .the staff where so cruel . What they did and the way they treated us was so far out .they should have all been in a cell.what happened in that home has so destroyed so many lives. Some body needs go be held responsible . As it should never have been aloud they use to turn a blind eye to the younger boys being bullyed .buy as always it falls on deaf ears

    • john du

      hi all i was at sedbury 64 to 67 hopkins was house master roy beven great chap mr baker gardening group nice bloke cakes every week from harry keen baker joey gifford jack prickett i was always doing a bunk back to brum i was very good at it mr kettes was the one who caned me but could never make me cry mr scrivens always took us for football on fridays roy beven rugby mike jarman mr hardens son in law always turned out like a over dressed prate i was part of the school football team and played in the roy powell cup final which we lost 3 2 good memorys of the lads who were the with me mar harris head cook great lady sadly passed away

    • Roy Drew

      Hi Vince,
      I was at Sedbury Park from 1959-1962. I have a photo of you, me and Ali on the grass in front of the monkey puzzle tree. I was in Tintern House as well and had the dubious pleasure of lots of thrashings from Arden’s cupboard full of bamboo canes plus assorted beatings from Tarrent, Griffith and Sweetman and having to chew carbolic soap for swearing!. Have only just come across your post. It was good to hear from someone from back then.
      PS. Nice to hear that Sweatman got screwed.

      • Vincent Derrick

        Roy….what a blast from the past. Nice to hear from you again. Must be all of 60 years ago now. I still think of the guitar you had and performing The Shadows!!! and me mimicking the sax. Hope all is well with you.

      • Vince Derrick

        Hi again Roy. Was hopimg to have heard from you by now….I left my number on facebook for you. Hope all is well. Vince.

    • Micky Rumble

      I was there with you and Ivor Morgan .Mick Rumble.

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  34. Sedbury Park School Information and Timeline. If anyone has any info on John McCreadies career, or any of the other 20 convictions , possibly many in local press around Oct 2004 or any Sedbury Park story you would like to tell, I would be grateful and interested

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  36. paul williams

    I was there 1971-73 when kerry willams fell out if window in tintern house
    chinner bird and mrs taylor

    • .Kerkry

      Hi Paul Williams. My name is Kerry Williams and I remember falling out of the window the scare . I was in tintern house at the time remember Mr bird and chinner.Where was you from Paul do you remember Derek Clark.

  37. colin brimacombe

    hello.i was at sedbury park school 1977 to79 in chepstow house.i can’t remember the head of the house but i remember getting a full on punch in the face by him.i only asked to use the brother derek was in tintern house,had to stay clear of the tall thin man with no hair,can’t remember name.

    • barry dobson

      Hi Colin i was there in 75/76- 1979 we were there at the same time i was in Meath House my brother was in Monmouth My name is Barry Dobson my brothers name is David Dobson i had a lot of hidings too very bad ones still upsetting to think about them

    • David Thompson

      I can remember you at Chepstow house I was there also but moved to Australia 20 years ago now.
      I think you lived at a place called Wellington and had a brother called Derrick.
      I was also a witness against Geoffrey Allen and Mr Thorn.
      You had really dark hair and I was there during your stay.
      Some good memories…

    • Hi Colin you were in Chepstow house and you was in Monmouth house at the same time. My name is Dave Cooper and we made a song up ( coops and brimming step right in , we never caused a fight in scenes , to much to loose in out blue suede shoes.) always coops and Brimmie do you remember it. Was talking to my wife last night about my school days and your name come up. If you get this message be great to here from you .

  38. Garry smith

    I was at sedbury park in Monmouth house and was hit by deputy head Mr griffiths / lank punched full on in the face several occasions say no more ????? I was a witness against Mr fed fort Allen

  39. kenny poole

    i too was at this home and recall mr bird of tintern house he was always watching us in the showers and would cuddle you. being many miles away from home and lonely it was a comfort but looking back now was so wrong. i spent over 2 years in that home. and it is true that there was things that use to happen that should not have and there was lots of all different kinds of abuse by other boys there plus workmen that was working on the new exstention that was being built. there was lots of bullying carried out in that home. it still comes to mind when one thinks back

  40. Operation Shogun – Gloucestershire –

    Click to access item5776.pdf

    A long running investigation into historic cases of child abuse at a former children’s home resulted in the conviction of a 66-year-old man in April 2004.
    Operation Shogun ,
    a joint investigation between Gloucestershire Constabulary and Social Services, originally began in 1998.
    The investigation centred on Sedbury Park School, in Gloucestershire, which was a community home for adolescent boys, under the control of the Gloucestershire Local Authority between 1973 and 1986. The convicted man was employed at the home, which no longer exists.
    He was convicted of one count of indecent assault committed at the Sedbury home and two counts of indecent assault committed in the Worcester area and was sentenced to three and a half years imprisonment.

  41. michael jones

    I was at Sedbury park school and remember chinner ie Hopkins doing that to me and others to, he also made us stand in the gym with just part of a back wall in the pouring rain in our pajamas late at night for hours. I was in Hopkins house which was Tintern house for several years i left in 1974 , I was one of the Sedbury Park road runners who ran from John O groats to Lands End . There were a lot of very good teachers and house masters there and have to say they put me on the right track when i needed it .

    • hi michael i was there in 1974 i cant remember the name of the house i was in , it may have been chepso
      tw, it was in the main building on the left

    • Hi Michael, I was at Sedbury Park in 1971,aged 15. I was in the main old house.
      I wasn’t there very long because I absconded with my friend Karl Gilder.
      However, I can confirm that I had already met “Chinner” Hopkins when I was at Cam House School in Dursley.
      He,along with another member of staff, took me out of my bed sometime during the night and they put me in a car and drove to a local “haunted” hill called Smallpox Hill. They told me to get out of the car and walk up to the top of the hill. It was very dark,cold and windy. I was in my pajamas still. Whilst up the hill alone “Chinner” Hopkins and the other staff member started shouting and screaming. I was very frightened.
      He was a large man and a bully.

    • Charles Oliver

      Hi Michael, Charlie Oliver here. I ran in both St Davids to Lowestoft and John O’Groats to Lands End. I put an introductory message on today so it will be down near the bottom.

      • Michael Jones

        Hey Charlie
        I found several pictures of you and me with the other runners on the john ogroats run and the chepstow to warrington run . I can make copies or facebook them if you want them .
        Cheers mike jones

      • BA

        Hi does anyone remember a Byron Andrews please?

    • Hi, I was in Sedbury Park between 1964 to 67. I remember our Headmaster was Mr Harden (or Arden), his son was there and worked on the Farm. I worked on the farm for a short time. I also worked in a laundry in the town where I broke my hand in a spin dryer. While the Severn bridge was being built I worked on the Sever Princess ferry. I remember Mr Ivor Griffiths and Mr Bevan, the builder. I can’t forget him because he once knocked me out with a lunch in the stomach. Some kf the masters were a bit creepy, theg used to come into the dorms late at night and wander around between the beds.

  42. David kissack

    I was hit by the headmaster Mr mccreadie with a table lamp because I stood up to a teacher who repeatedly punched me in the face.another teacher called Hopkins used to make us line up naked and hold out our hands for shampoo in the showers.

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