Charlestown Primary School, St Austell

Charlestown Primary School, St Austell

Cornwall Council pays £65,000 for abuse by head teacher

We recently secured a settlement of £65,000 for our client, Mr B, who was sexually abused by his head teacher at Charlestown Primary School in Cornwall between the ages of 4 and 11 years old. Mr B bravely disclosed the abuse to the police when he was about 12 years old and his abuser was convicted and sentenced to 18 months imprisonment.

The abuse had been severely damaging; it had a very disruptive effect on Mr B’s childhood, it disrupted his personal development and adversely affected his education and employment. Over the years, the abuse gave rise to a variety of psychological problems and resulted in Mr B developing a recurrent depressive disorder.

We brought a claim against Cornwall Council, the authority responsible for the school, on the basis that they employed the head teacher and were therefore vicariously liable for the acts of abuse committed by him in the course of his employment. Notwithstanding various arguments raised by the Council against Mr B’s claim, we successfully recovered £65,000, which for him signified a long overdue acknowledgement that what happened to him as a child was wrong.

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