The Oaks Centre Children’s Home (Kinton Approved School/Kinton ), Woking

This is a note to remind contributors The Needle blog is a public forum and as such those messaging should refrain from posting any personal information in relation to other people and should not use any derogatory language which may cause offence.

Surrey Police takes all allegations of abuse, whether recent or non-recent very seriously.  If you need to report such a matter please call 101 – information will be treated in confidence and dealt with by  specially trained staff in a dedicated team as part of a full and appropriate investigation.

If you would rather not speak directly to the police here are some contacts that we would encourage you to use:

NAPAC (The National Association for People Abused in Childhood)– 0808 8010331

RASAC (Rape and Sexual Abuse Counselling Service ) – 01483 546400

NSPCC – 0808 800 5000

Victim Support – 0808 168 9111

Crimestoppers – 0800 555 111


The Oaks Centre Children’s Home, Woking,  aka Kinton Approved School and Kinton Community Home with Education (Kinton CHE) (thanks to Graham for this correction).

The National Association for Young People in Care (naypic) received allegations of abuse at this institution.

Victims of paedophile to sue council

TWO victims of a man jailed two weeks ago for abusing boys in his charge at a Surrey school are to pursue their grievances through  the civil courts.

Keith Hammerton, 69, of Battersea was jailed for six years on November 1 for sexual offences he committed against boys while employed as a housemaster at Kinton approved school in Mayford in the 1970s.

Now two of his victims, who wish to remain anonymous for the time being, are to bring civil actions against Surrey County Council, which ran the school.

Lawyer for the pair will be Tracey Emmott of Luton-based firm Pictons, a specialist in child abuse law and a panel member of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers.

She has been instructed by two former pupils of Kinton School to bring an action on behalf of the men for the trauma and distress they suffered at the hands of Hammerton for about three years.

“My clients were preyed upon by someone whose job it was to care for vulnerable,” Ms Emmott said. “He took advantage of his position of authority over them, subjecting them to regular and sustained sexual abuse.

Get Surrey 16/11/06


A CARE worker who lured boys into sex with the promise of alcohol at a Woking care home was jailed for six years on Tuesday.

Guildford Crown Court heard how Keith Hammerton, 69, from Battersea, sexually abused boys in his care at the Kinton Boys’ Home in Mayford in the 1970s.

The court heard how Hammerton would invite as many as three boys at a time to his room to perform sex acts on him in return for beer from a barrel he kept there. He would perform sex acts on them too.

For the prosecution, Joanna Cutts said Hammerton, then employed by Surrey County Council as a house warden at the home, would, smelling strongly of alcohol, wake boys and expose himself before inviting them to his room to smoke, drink and abuse them.

Ms Cutts said Hammerton, a loner who had few friends, made one victim, who he abused regularly while he was aged 14 and 15, perform oral sex on him in the boy’s mother’s kitchen during a weekend visit.

Get Surrey 02/11/06

ER warden at a children’s care home in Woking was warned on Tuesday that  he faced jail after admitting a string of sex attacks on teenage boys in the 1970s.

Keith Hammerton, 69, pleaded guilty to 10 counts of indecent assault involving two victims, who cannot be named for legal reasons, at the home and one count of battery against a third boy.

The pensioner was due to stand trial last week but skipped his bail and disappeared from his home at Connors Court in Alfreda Street, Battersea, failing to turn up for his trial first scheduled for last Monday.

Hammerton was on the run for more than a week and fled to Ireland but he was arrested at Gatwick Airport as he returned to this country at the weekend.

He was brought back before a judge at Guildford Crown Court on Tuesday, where he changed his pleas to guilty.

Get Surrey 12/10/06

257 responses to “The Oaks Centre Children’s Home (Kinton Approved School/Kinton ), Woking

  1. Paul Smalley

    I lived in this place and it was not nice there was regular abuse at this institution it makes me sick in the pit of my stomach to think about it.i am relieved to find out that no children can still suffer at the hands of this place.

  2. amanda penny


    • Paul smalley

      Lol yeah the 24/48 sub system gateing had some great fun there with some good people but far too much abuse!i remember andy slater one of the staff he used to get his kicks out of beating the hell out of kids and loved dishing out pain.What an ar+ehole he was

      • amanda penny

        I remember andy and yeah apart from loving himself it was pain he did to others. eric was another do you remember him!

      • nicola mcAvoy

        hi paul remember me? yes yr so right on that name same as peter dee head of school pushed me down stairs he was a ass

      • Lee

        I remember Andy. I was scared of him. I did have some good times there. I wasn’t abused or seen it but about Roger Hutchinson the school head teacher had been suspended which didn’t suprised me. I nearly fell down the stairs because of him. The staff was too rough with the kids. Sean was one I got on with ok buy didn’t like the way he was when dealing with the naughty children. He like Andy slater would have u up against the wall & shouting at u right in your face

    • kira

      I have been so desperate to find out about what this man is all about, and I am so damn sad and sorry that he did some of the things he did – his wife and children need to expose him and do the right thing in my opinion!.

    • kira

      Tell the police about your experiences – please, he cannot ever get away with the things he did at the children’s homes. I suspected for sometime that he was paedophilic but never knew if that was entirely the case until now. Children should never have to suffer abuse like that at the hands of people who should know better and employed to be in a trusted position. I was a former tenant of his, and knew that he was strange, but didn’t know how much so until now. Do this for the victims of his even if nothing comes of it, it will encourage victims to eventually come forward and tell the police what had happened to them even if it didn’t happen to you.

      • claire

        the police no we are all going through it atm , horrible barstards the lot of them… claire homersham

    • Mark L

      I remember the Sub-System, but I was always took advantage of twisting it. When you had to do the dishes at night for supper. I would deliberately take my time and drag into over midnight which the staff would end up helping because they wanted to get their head down :)

  3. i was there from may87 to sept 89 was on gatesden unit my name was jeremy reene n amanda penny was not there for 4 years try 18 months it was shite n i ran off alot there was physical abuse by people named and morei didnt go home n was usually the only kid at weekends i can categorically state i was physically abused there but never sexually although it happened sexually in the home before that. it was a refuge n i have mixed memories ofthe place the subbies the chores everything but i aint havin people chatting baloney about the place. jez lang

  4. Mark Lewis

    I was right there with Jez Reene – we used to get the shit kicked out of us on a regular basis – coz we were horrible! the sub systems were because we broke the rules, We used to get drunk and high at every opportunity we could – as Jez said – it was not perfect but keep it real. I only speak for MYSELF but everything I got – I was to blame – 43 now and have to say I look back at the Oaks with fond memories – kickings aside of course!


      dont get me wrong i loved being an arshole but as adults they were fucking wanlkers uv got to admit

  5. Graham

    I too was in Kinton(1981) Was it a good place for troubled teens – probably not but it was the last place available once one had done the circuit of all the other establishments, My list: Pinehurst, Pentlands, Latchmere House, S.E.N.D, Woodruff, Aldington, Kinton. Was i abused by staff in Kinton – sexually no but physically occasionally yes. Was Kinton the worst place that i experienced – NO! that accolade goes to two pedofile screws from S.E.N.D detention center that abused me both physically & sexually.


    i was there when andy slater and eric jackson was working there , i was on stAINTON unit and we were treated like fucking animals , no child desrves that , it was fun fighting them all at the time , but now iv got my own kids they were nothing but abussers and pedos , not a nice place to be for those years

    • paula

      eric jackson was a nasty peace of work i choose to leave that part of my life right there in the past ….

      • zoe

        l remember paul eccles non of u glrls got the balls to say what a drty rat he was????cos l can remember.?.the sexual abuse he put us all threw n got away wlth lt cos they brushed lt under the carpet n lt was never spoke about agaln.l remember how could l forget.l was a vctlm of hls abuse the dlrty rat.

    • Jodie

      Claire were you in there with Kelly and I? I am Jodie….

      • claire

        I cant remember babe it was so long ago but I no they have all been nicked so try and contact surrey police zoe as they want to here wot went on x

      • claire

        I’m not sure babe it was so long ago , I was in with stuart morgan , micheal lawrance , ray carr ,sally-ann , and so on x

      • Louisa FieLouisa

        I remember you and kelly….i hope life is good for you these days x

    • zoe

      paul eccles ls all lm saylng do u remember the sexual abuse he used to put us all threw n we reported lt n then we was all made to say we was lylng when really lt was true??

    • Lee

      I remember Andy slater. Was a nasty person. I was scared of him

  7. graham

    Hi all, in the heading for this story it states that ‘The Oaks’ pre 1984 was known as ‘Kinton Approved School’ Well – actually it wasn’t as approved schools had already been phased out nationwide some years earlier) it’s actual (official) name was ‘Kinton C.H.E’ (community home with education). I mention this only because it could possibly? affect the outcome of search engine results for persons wishing to maybe find ‘closure’ or just accurate info regarding their own time in care etc. I am now a 50yr old man however my memories of life in the care of Surrey Social Services in the early 1980’s have not dimmed, unfortunately they remain as fresh as if it were last week. But, as mentioned in my previous posting my time in Kinton was bearable to a large degree especially as the abuse that I encountered there was overwhelmingly verbal, with the occasional physical attack. Thankfully, I never experienced (or witnessed) any type of sexual abuse although my belief is that it did occur. Finally, cannot seem to find anything online regarding one or two of the other establishments that I found myself in namely ‘Pentlands’ in Mitchum Surrey, possibly St Georges Rd or maybe Crescent? Far more abuse encountered there! And finally I’ve saved the worst for last with ‘SEND’ detention Centre, near Woking – for me this place managed in 6 weeks to entirely rob me of my future. Repeatedly sexually attacked by two screws – in the RC chapel of all places! unforgivable behaviour then and shall forever remain unforgiven. Sorry everyone for my ramblings, too many years bottling it up! Kindest regards go out to all ex care kids. Graham.

    • amazinglyso

      Hi Graham,

      Wow!!!!.So sorry you went through all that. I did not ever work at any of the homes in this blog; yet did know AS. You should have some same courage to report your experiences to police and regardless of how long ago you endured it.

      • Graham

        Hi amazinglyso, reporting the abuse that I suffered as a child to the Police is still sadly a step too far for me i’m afraid. Reading everyone else’s comments in this thread did eventually enable me to pen some of my own less horrific experiences which I am of course grateful for though. Abuse is often not always confined to one location and one or two perpetrators though, over the course of a 3 or 4 year period – I was taken to various parts of the UK, by various persons – some even connected to SSD’s. I witnessed and experienced many acts of depravity – and worse.
        35+ years later the memories of those black days remain undimmed.
        One often hears the saying ‘time is a great healer’ Well, whoever came up with that piece of wisdom is an idiot.

    • amazinglyso

      Most terrible experiences, you should try and brave what you know here so that successful prosecution takes place against these b***s.

  8. Sara

    I’m looking for Tony Dodd, aged 52/3. Went to Woking Sixth Form. He lived at the Oaks Centre as his father worked there. any clues would be helpful

  9. Mark L

    I was at the Oak, Mayford 1988 to 1989. I didn’t see any sexual abuse but I did see physical abuse and was inflicted pain by Andy Slater. I wouldn’t show any pain and he would put me in arm locks for hours. I am sure he was getting some gratification out of it. The guy is a sick twisted arse-hole and i hope he is not working with children anymore. I had been in three children’s homes since the age of 9 to 16, The Elms, Broomfield and The Oaks and I have seen physical abuse at each of these, and also kids were treated like 2nd class citizens or like scum, if they weren’t physically abused they were certainly verbally abused. Sure there was children who bad kids, but mostly kids from broken homes.

    I think it’s time to report these incidents or at least contact a body that can represent children in care during that time.



  10. Warren mitchell

    Was on Stainton with a few others and remember clearly the pain and heartache caused to us by Andy slater Grahame Stevens Angus McKay Tony goring and Eric Jackson (prick) not to mention slaters dad les.. He played a part along with Peter Dee roger Hutchinson Kevin Quinn etc the list is endless. But ultimately it falls to John Davies and roger Hutchinson as they were in charge. Loved the cook me casey and wife. Justice is on way as staff are now on bail for it..

  11. shikira pressley

    I knew Andy for many years and do not know of his history. Have always loved him though.

  12. daniel king

    I Daniel king was in a unit I think called meadiview I was there for bout 3 years I come from Broomfield we had a house manager called Sean McGinnis the abuse I had to put up wiv. Screaming shouting in my face bending me up on floor for bo reason use to smack me round the head sometimes there be no reason. One day he heard me on phone to my dad telling my dad wat he was doing he made me stand in the corner of his office alday wiv juz my pants on. I’ve always swarn on my bbys mothers everyw life if I see him in gona hurt him. He hurt mefor 3 years endlessly what goes around comes around. I was 11 12 13 he was in his 40s and his job was to care for me that’s wat he was paid for not sexually abusing and hitting people .


    can anyone tell me name name of care worker who lived in houses on right as you walked up to school from churchill b he used to have two boxer dogs the same. T

    • vince

      I was there in 1972 to 1975 in the houses were roy ayres mr minton and the best of all staff was the one on end house was the chef who i can’t remember his name .


  14. Lee

    I was there from 1996 til 1998. I didn’t see any abuse but I do remember our Science teacher telling us about Roger Hutchinson was no longer at the school. He dragged me out of class one day & I nearly went flying down the stairs which was seen my everyone in my class. I was later asked of he tried to touch me up with he didn’t. Didn’t really like the prick & as for Andy Slater I was scared of him. Andy, Sean would be right up in your face when your being told off. I did have some good times there but also not some good memories. I remember a time when me & some of the other kids were playing a board game and a new girl called Cheryl came along. She was miss behaving & the way she was handled by at least 4 of the staff. I also remember a time when I lost my home work & wad told to go back & find it & was dragged away by that prick Roger.

    • Mark L

      I remember sharing a Dorm with others, one resident was playing up and Andy Slater and a Night watchmen ruffed him up and put him on his bed. I couldn’t do anything as I was due to leave in a few months and it could off affected that. I just wanted out. The next day Andy Slater was telling another resident how he wanted to get in a ring with the resident who was playing up while we being driven in the mini bus – What a friggin Bully.

      I remember telling one of the good staff about this, but nothing was ever done about this. I hated that place and made sure I was the grey man. Sure we were little shits, but not every one was criminal, in fact most of us came from broken homes and needed stability, we defiantly treated like scum. Who was the member of staff who was shagging one of the residents? I believe he later became a Policeman.

  15. l remember thls place very well,n l remember how the glrls were treat by a certaln male worker but l see he as never been mentloned maybe cos bk then lt was brushed under the carpet n the glrls had a hard tlme after we ralsed the sexual abuse we all went threw hmmm yes l remember lt all.such a vlle place to llve.especlally when paul eccles was on duty.dlrty dlrty man.they say the past comes along at some tlme ln llfe n lt flnally has.remember all them glrls u llked to creap ln there rooms late at nlght when u was on duty.u fllthy scum bag?

  16. claire

    they are all on bail atm so some justice is being served after all these years , iv done a statement and so have a few others I was in with , all I wont out of this is to hear them fuckers admit they were wrong and too face us one again….

  17. Wanna see Jackson and slater and Peter Dee suffer!!

    • claire

      same peter dee kicked me down the stairs at school and jackson loved to fight me on a regular basis not to mention eccles and the manager roger ect , well they aint getting away with this any more we can finally have our say at last , i cant sleep atm as all the memories are comming bk not good :(

  18. Amanda Penny

    Warren we were there at same time, its Amanda penny if like me you have had police at your door and given a statement like a lot of us i pray have done then the likes of Peter Dee, Roger Hutchinson, Eric Jackson, Andy Slater, and anyone else thats named. like us now its there time to be shit scared of whats to come. Peter Dee was a walking nightmare for any of the girls. its him i wont to see pay like we did just for being girls. Anyone that has something they have been keeping hold of for far to long its time to get it out there and get justice for what went on. we were not angels but not animals ether. does anyone remember when most of the kids walked out and went to the empty Amberly manner.

    • Warren

      Have made 5 statements over 5 days . 30 odd hours of interviews ..long!!

    • Genny Mcmanus

      Hi, I was there when we all walked out, I got moved to Bramely Oaks secure unit after that! X

      • Clare

        Hi Genny wheat year were you in the secure unit in Bramley ? I was in there and I can’t remember if the secure unit was called The Oak but was separate from Woodrough which I was then released into the main place which was were my nightmare really began

    • claire

      iv done a statement about peter dee also horrible man threw me down the stairs and BOUNCED me like he used to say

  19. Warren Mitchell

    Never a truer word spoken. Had 5 visits from police . Statement made . No one will get away with it …

  20. Warren

    Tony smith maintenance man ..

  21. Warren mitchell

    Hi name is warren . I am still in contact with Pauline Robinson . She is ok ..

  22. Warren mitchell

    She is one of the victims too of this institutional abuse back in the day, but it went on I can assure u. Treatment akin to torture police said . So 6 or 7 staff on bail so cannot work with kids again . Thank god .. Anyway take care ..

  23. Warren

    Will tell u soon . Hold tight !

  24. Amanda Penny

    HI’ Sharron its Amanda it’s been long time, its such a shame that it takes all this to bring friends in touch with each other. i’m glad this don’t affect everyone that was there including you. But as we are all finding out we weren’t alone in all this but you think its only you as its not something that comes out over the dinner table but who was going to beleave kids in care. we lie steal take drugs glue sniff and anything else they can stereo
    type us with. Don’t get me wrong i had some good times there with grate friends as we all did but then it can take a nasty turn for some. look at Justin wensly his face smashed off kitchen floor by a member of staff. not sure to say his name but the ones that were there will remember. I had only
    bean there a couple of weeks and though grate its like i was told its going to be just like home from home not realizing they truly ment it.

  25. Amanda Penny

    Amanda penny,
    Pauline Robinson iv’e got a lovely photo of you in the kitchen doing the dishes on a sub system but for the life of me could not put a name to you. plus Sharron pics of us on holiday, nice pic of all of us on the beach group pic of fun time. not meny of them for a lot of us. Justice will be ours in the end that’s what matter now this is out there. Its not going to make us forget but its a start to putting it were it belongs back in the past and putting friends in touch.

  26. Warren mitchell

    Amanda it’s so true what u say , the violence was unfair and unwarranted. Yet we all have our own views on our times there . I hope all involved suffer as I continue to do at all given opportunities. I hope the “full weight of the law “. Comes down on the culprits. They know who they are and if they have the slightest bit of humanity within them they will plead guilty.

    • Pauline Robinson

      Well said Warren. We were all from broken homes and their duty was to care for us and support us so we had a good childhood with positive memories, not leave us haunted by the past.

  27. Amanda Penny

    HI Pauline, funny you should say that as 3months ago i moved back to Croydon from being in Carlisle for the last 19 years, Still so much stuff in the garage but top of the list, Carn’t find the iron but i know were the photo’s are,
    Warren, sounds like this has really got to you over the years, self destruction comes to mind, if so your still letting them win, like a lot of us struggling with what’s demand normal, we can all start to put some of the wrongs right, if ever it was right,

  28. Warren

    Yh time will tell . They ruined my life really , still fingers crossed . Send me a friend request on Facebook ok . Profile pic is me on a scooter?

  29. Pauline Robinson

    I wonder if one of us should start a Facebook group so it’s easier to get in touch. I’m sure there are other kids out there that don’t know of this blog but would like to get in touch, especially with the investigation going on

  30. Amanda Penny

    sounds like a good idea, anyone can read this old staff included.
    will have to get my partner to sort that. i will let you all know soon as.
    i wonder just how meny there are. Maybe when this is over we should all meet up???

  31. Pauline Robinson

    That will be great. Yes, I’ve thought about staff & their friends/family reading the blog would be better with a closed group on Facebook. I would like to hear from little Jo – Jo Heard

  32. Amanda Penny

    did you know this came to light 10 years ago when CID came and i gave a statement that was all about Jo. i asked about that this time why nothing came of it and they couldn’t or wouldn’t say. Jo and her sister Kerry,
    how Jo was sleeping in the staff bedroom with carers only problem with that is they were not always woman, all because she was too young to be around us. she would of been a lot safer with us girls than alone?

  33. Pauline Robinson

    We need to open a private Facebook group we shouldn’t discuss this on a public forum because the guilty could use this in their defence. We are warning them what it is all about and could ruin any chance of justice. I also made a statement, I thought it was 12 years ago. I want justice not just for me but for all the others that are no longer with us.

  34. Rob(Orville)

    I was there when it was called mayford approve school 1971/1972 Hamilton was the house master on Gordon house it was mainly a painful time for me.

  35. Rob ( Orville )

    Correction my last post should read ….House Master was hammerton

  36. jimi fenn

    Th care system back then was atrocious, th sub-systems verbal abuse beatings I remember it all…TO ALL WHO SUFFERED TH OAKS AND OTHER PLACES…. HOPE YER LIVES TURNED OUT OK…I was in kingsborough,woodruff,pilgrimwood,Broomfield,faircroft,kingsdown-lacy,Th oaks bramly n then th old Woking… I know I’ve missed one but anyway… Yh I had good laughs in all ov’em but….I all so suffered BIG-TIME in ALL’ov’em…..(ALL TH STAFF NEED T SUFFER, SEE YOU BITCHES IN COURT I HOPE)…Th staff that is lol…

    • Graham

      Hi jimi, any relation to Paul Fenn ? I ask because I shared some pretty trying times with a guy named Paul Fenn in Woodruff O+A center in Bramley, nr Guilford circu 1981

    • Graham

      Hi all, probably not the correct place to name and shame as it relates to a completely different establishment. However i’m going to do it anyway because I do not know where else to post.
      Winn Probert – no idea if I’ve spelt his name correctly) A singularly nasty individual that was possibly? deputy Officer in charge of Pentlands Observation + Assessment Centre, Mitchum, Surrey circu 1980. He had a liking for young boys! Then there was Steve Dent, PE teacher at the same establishment. Although I have no evidence of sexual impropriety by Dent I can confirm that he was expert, and utterly sadistic in various forms of torture – especially techniques that left few markings.

    • Sandrs

      Jimi I was in Woodrough 81-83

      • Graeme

        Hi Sandrs, I too was in Woodrough during 1981. Sadly I can’t remember you i’m sorry to say. I hope that things turned out well for you.

    • Jason

      Jimi do u remember me from the oaks centre bramley late 80s my names jason

  37. Wazza

    Easy mate love ya . Mite pop down Sunday or before mate depends .

  38. Leo Thompson

    Mandy Penny I remember you.

  39. Rob(Orville)

    Is the Facebook sight open ?

  40. louise lawler

    I was there justice will be done these sick barstards will pay my name is Louise Lawler

  41. Warren mitchell

    I remember you Louise lawler ! We were on Stainton together.
    It’s warren Mitchell . Get in touch via Facebook

    • Mark Haynes

      Well I certainly remember you warren. Also made statements so not stating anything here in case it affects the outcome but good to know your still out there

      I’ve spent 35 years forgetting that place so these memories aren’t wanted but understand we need to speak up against these bullies and peodo’s

  42. Austin walshe

    Hi Austin walshe, . Just got a letter from Surrey police was at Kinton 1980_1983?, nasty place, should have been closed down, people in charge turned a blind eye to abuse, Happy that finally the truth is coming out.

  43. Louisa Fields

    My name is louisa. Went to broomfields then the oaks sister home at bottom of hill then the oaks ‘therapeutic unit’ awful place but us kids made the most of it…

  44. Graham (dex)

    Is the site open yet

  45. beans

    I don’t want to say who iam but I’m invoked its rocked my whole world but to find a blog about it really upsets me as its private for some and hard to deal with so please remember this is public

  46. Pauline Robinson

    Think you need to stop with your comments. You only know the truth if you were a direct witness.

  47. Pauline Robinson

    So what, she has hardly had a good upbringing in the hands of social services & it doesn’t mean she lying. Who are you to broadcast her private life? I hope you realise the police are monitoring this blog & I hope they get in touch with you for witness intimidation.

  48. Pauline Robinson

    Instead of carrying on like an uneducated twat, why don’t you educate yourself on the statistics of life after a child in care. Try starting here;

  49. It has come to my attention that a number of very insulting, possibly unlawful, comments have recently been left under this blog post. Those comments have been removed and I would like to personally apologise to any individual who may have been distressed by reading those comments.

    This is a note to remind contributors The Needle blog is a public forum and as such those messaging should refrain from posting any personal information in relation to other people and should not use any derogatory language which may cause offence.

    Surrey Police takes all allegations of abuse, whether recent or non-recent very seriously. If you need to report such a matter please call 101 – information will be treated in confidence and dealt with by specially trained staff in a dedicated team as part of a full and appropriate investigation.

    If you would rather not speak directly to the police here are some contacts that we would encourage you to use:

    NAPAC (The National Association for People Abused in Childhood)– 0808 8010331

    RASAC (Rape and Sexual Abuse Counselling Service ) – 01483 546400

    NSPCC – 0808 800 5000

    Victim Support – 0808 168 9111

    Crimestoppers – 0800 555 111

  50. Wazza

    Sorry Wazza – Please no contact details here.

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