The Oaks Centre Children’s Home (Kinton Approved School/Kinton ), Woking

This is a note to remind contributors The Needle blog is a public forum and as such those messaging should refrain from posting any personal information in relation to other people and should not use any derogatory language which may cause offence.

Surrey Police takes all allegations of abuse, whether recent or non-recent very seriously.  If you need to report such a matter please call 101 – information will be treated in confidence and dealt with by  specially trained staff in a dedicated team as part of a full and appropriate investigation.

If you would rather not speak directly to the police here are some contacts that we would encourage you to use:

NAPAC (The National Association for People Abused in Childhood)– 0808 8010331

RASAC (Rape and Sexual Abuse Counselling Service ) – 01483 546400

NSPCC – 0808 800 5000

Victim Support – 0808 168 9111

Crimestoppers – 0800 555 111


The Oaks Centre Children’s Home, Woking,  aka Kinton Approved School and Kinton Community Home with Education (Kinton CHE) (thanks to Graham for this correction).

The National Association for Young People in Care (naypic) received allegations of abuse at this institution.

Victims of paedophile to sue council

TWO victims of a man jailed two weeks ago for abusing boys in his charge at a Surrey school are to pursue their grievances through  the civil courts.

Keith Hammerton, 69, of Battersea was jailed for six years on November 1 for sexual offences he committed against boys while employed as a housemaster at Kinton approved school in Mayford in the 1970s.

Now two of his victims, who wish to remain anonymous for the time being, are to bring civil actions against Surrey County Council, which ran the school.

Lawyer for the pair will be Tracey Emmott of Luton-based firm Pictons, a specialist in child abuse law and a panel member of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers.

She has been instructed by two former pupils of Kinton School to bring an action on behalf of the men for the trauma and distress they suffered at the hands of Hammerton for about three years.

“My clients were preyed upon by someone whose job it was to care for vulnerable,” Ms Emmott said. “He took advantage of his position of authority over them, subjecting them to regular and sustained sexual abuse.

Get Surrey 16/11/06


A CARE worker who lured boys into sex with the promise of alcohol at a Woking care home was jailed for six years on Tuesday.

Guildford Crown Court heard how Keith Hammerton, 69, from Battersea, sexually abused boys in his care at the Kinton Boys’ Home in Mayford in the 1970s.

The court heard how Hammerton would invite as many as three boys at a time to his room to perform sex acts on him in return for beer from a barrel he kept there. He would perform sex acts on them too.

For the prosecution, Joanna Cutts said Hammerton, then employed by Surrey County Council as a house warden at the home, would, smelling strongly of alcohol, wake boys and expose himself before inviting them to his room to smoke, drink and abuse them.

Ms Cutts said Hammerton, a loner who had few friends, made one victim, who he abused regularly while he was aged 14 and 15, perform oral sex on him in the boy’s mother’s kitchen during a weekend visit.

Get Surrey 02/11/06

ER warden at a children’s care home in Woking was warned on Tuesday that  he faced jail after admitting a string of sex attacks on teenage boys in the 1970s.

Keith Hammerton, 69, pleaded guilty to 10 counts of indecent assault involving two victims, who cannot be named for legal reasons, at the home and one count of battery against a third boy.

The pensioner was due to stand trial last week but skipped his bail and disappeared from his home at Connors Court in Alfreda Street, Battersea, failing to turn up for his trial first scheduled for last Monday.

Hammerton was on the run for more than a week and fled to Ireland but he was arrested at Gatwick Airport as he returned to this country at the weekend.

He was brought back before a judge at Guildford Crown Court on Tuesday, where he changed his pleas to guilty.

Get Surrey 12/10/06

257 responses to “The Oaks Centre Children’s Home (Kinton Approved School/Kinton ), Woking

  1. Paula Langdale

    Dose anyone remember Jacob Jacob’s ? Dose anyone know if he’s still alive?

  2. Pauline Robinson

    I’ve just tried but it’s not coming up. I vaguely remember you, I think we’re about the same age

  3. graeme

    Applied for copies of my care records from Surrey social services. Received their official reply today, No records exist. That was a complete waste of £10 then … £10 being the fee that Surrey SSD charge for a subject access request) Apparently NO records exist for anyone that was in their care prior to 1991 as they were all deleted – that’s convenient for them I guess!

    • Orville

      Hi Graeme.I was placed in the care of Ealing Social Services in 1970.I was sent to Mayford Approved School in 1971 (renamed Kinton in 1972)

      In 2013 l applied for a copies of my Social Services Records from Ealing Social Services wish I received with no problems.

      I remained with Ealing Social services even though I was living in Surry.

      • graeme

        Hi Orville,
        glad to hear that you had better luck obtaining your historic care records than i initially did.
        After Surry SSD’s first negative response i approached the imformation commisioner for guidance which seemed to galvanize Surrey SSD into miraculously locating a smallish file (approx 30 pages) on my time in their care in the early 1980’s.
        My conclusion is that even today some 35years after these shameful events occured Surrey Social Services default position is to obstruct at every opportunity.
        The law is quite clear and catagoric regarding subject access requests therefore it really shouldn’t require the intervention of the imformation commisioner to force a public body to comply with statute.
        Have things changed… are the kids of today free from abuse?
        Sadly, i fear not.

      • graeme

        A snippet fro my recently received care records. Penned by my key worker March 1981.
        “Graeme is by nature a loner and a boy of few words , therefore i was surprised when one day i found him parading up and down a corridor wearing nothing but female underwear and lots of make-up”
        Of course this incident is totally ficticious – you’ll just have to take my word for that guys).What it does show though is that way too many residential social workers back then were mentally unstable.
        Peter Laws – senior residential social worker employed by Surrey Social Services NAMED & SHAMED!
        If you are reading this Peter Laws and you are not liking it then sue me because i will happily name and shame you again in open court. I will also require no prompting to reveal in detail your many sordid preferences.

    • Kaz

      They’ve got them all they’ve found a archive all records from 1972-2005

    • Sandra

      Graeme please can you tell me how to apply for records

      • Graeme

        Hi Sandra,
        The route that i took was to simply call Surrey social services main number. They then connected me to childrens services who then told me to write a letter to them with as much info as i could recall about which Surrey SSD homes i was a resident in and during what timeframe.
        They will then locate your records from their historic archives and it will be at that point that you will need to pay their SAR fee of £10.00p

  4. claire

    im really stuggling with all this now its come bk into my life with the police im having bad flash bks and i wish this wasnt happening at my age im now 42 and thought that part of my life was buried but it right in my face again i feel helpless worried about seeing them men again after all these years , please let me no im ot alone on this as iv read all the blog and i cant be the only one feeling like this x

    • Pauline Robinson

      Same, see your GP and ask about rapid eye movement therapy it is really good for PTSD

      • claire

        iv been friday they just uped my anti depressants and diazis for anxiety , i cant wait till this is over and another thing everyone needs to no on here iv been in contact with another solicitor and we as a group have a case to sue surrey county coun cil so pass this on as the more of us together is better they said add me on fb and ill send you the link x

      • claire

        where you in with me ?

      • elaine edwards

        Hi I am so sorry you had to go through all of this myself and brother we’re in the hands of Surrey council in care in caterham and yes we’re abused sexual and mentally I would pull my eyelashes and hair out to cope at such a young age , to be place in the care system as normal children due to financial breakdown in the family and to be looked after by sick people . My heart goes out to you Stay strong and find the strength to move forward take care my though and prays are with you xxxxxx

    • graeme

      You are most definitely not alone Claire. Whether it be in this life or the next i’m 100% sure that at some point the guilty will be called to account for their actions.

    • Cheryl akehurst

      Claire I’ve stern some of ur posts I agree with everything uve did I’m going down the same route .. U don’t have to but if u reached bk would be amazing thankyou

  5. Warren mitchell

    You ain’t alone . This has just cost me my 18 year relationship last October 😩
    So sad and feeling quite vulnerable right now !

    • claire

      it just done my head in all of this tbh warren

    • Kaz

      Come on Mitch you’re a strong battler chin up x

      • witheld

        Contact Woking borough council (no matter how long ago it was) or even report to police. Also would be worth contacting the ICU in London and Childhood abuse watchdog – names go a long way and crimes too – even if not now then in the immediate future.

    • karen

      Hi my name is karen elliott I was in the oak center with graham dexter warren mich if you the ine stole ambulance drove on site I lol my ass off tat day I to had poluce mine remember the past had night mers about people cares too things like forget im 45 tom I was at oakcenter between 1314 year age keep chin up guys we better then others ok life not been easy just got over throut cancer had tumer but bet the bug so I can beat this cancer we all beat what throw at us sorry I never could spell I was in there with diane jason salmon

      • Kaz stevens

        I was on Gatesden with you Karen xx

      • karen

        Hi this my mobile 07954622620 call me be nice chat

      • karen

        Hi hun hope yoyr ok not to bad things pop up call if can need talk not here felt sick all day after read this as he was my key worker andy been have flash back all bloidy day my birthsay tom this now deal cancer last thing hooe yoyr all ok guys hold head high notjing be shame off

      • Kev

        Hi hope your well I rember when There sent youway to the halfway house when you’re pregnant I came and see u Kev

      • Nick brant

        It wasn’t just an ambulance that mitch stole but the mini bus from jork on the oaks site twice. I remember it well as I was the one who went through the windshield the first time it was taken.

      • Warren mitchell

        Nick it’s warren mate call me on 07495034878 I’d love to hear from ya . And yes was two minibuses and one ambulance lol was fucking good fun and anyone else wants to get in touch can . Pick the phone up and say hello u

  6. Louisa Louisa Fields

    I believe the whole system is responsible

    • elaine edwards

      Hello I have just been reading these messages I was in a care home in Surrey in the 1979 1989 so was my brother . I asked for my documents. Still waiting they are now not responding to me . I am looking for any one who was in Robinsfield church street caterham surrey who remembers Roger with his two dogs and the care home had that big tree at the front . Please contact me asap

  7. Warren mitchell

    Had to go for another interview last Monday at woking and man my head fucking hurts now ! And they wonder why we turned out the way we did .
    They have now destroyed my life all over again!!

    • witheld

      Contact Woking borough council (no matter how long ago it was) or even report to police. Also would be worth contacting the ICU in London and Childhood abuse watchdog – names go a long way and crimes too – even if not now then in the immediate future.

    • Cindi Jane Marney

      Warren you may remember me as Lenni we were in Stainton House when Jacko was in charge.I would love to hear from you xxx

    • Nick brant

      Keep your chin up mate do not let them beat you a second time. I had a visit from the police two maybe three weeks ago to take a statement from me from my time at gateston. I remember the first day I was brought to the oaks and locked in the cupboard down the boys end. Spent many years smashing my brain with drugs and boxing and up until the day the police arrived died locked it away for good I thought. Spent 14 years out of a 19 year sentence because of armed robberys I went on a self destruction bender for a long time and it never changed the fact it happen so now I just go with the flow and hold the hate in my soul. I hope you stay strong and keep fighting the good fight.

    • Karen stevens

      Oi Mitch ain’t prople taking the puss on here making out the was involved in shit that happened 2yrs b4 the was sentenced … the case is gonna get laughed out of court … Nikki remember Clarence at hlrnthorne lmfao …

  8. Kelly Beckett

    I was In that place gateston (can’t spell), But my life is still upsideupside,properly always will,so thanks a lot for the scar’s I treasure them NOT!!

    • Kaz

      I was in gatesden mid to late 80s

      • witheld

        Contact Woking borough council (no matter how long ago it was) or even report to police. Also would be worth contacting the ICU in London and Childhood abuse watchdog – names go a long way and crimes too – even if not now then in the immediate future.

    • Jason

      Hey my names jason glover and i was in the oaks centre in bramley late 80s went to school in oaks centre in woking is there anyone here that remembers me

  9. graeme

    FTAO site owner,
    I’ve received a letter from Surrey Police in relation to some of my comments in this blog. It appears that the owner/s of this blog have forwaded my name and email to them without my consent.
    Being Police and armed with my name and email address it was not a major chalange for them to then locate my home address which as already mentioned resulted in a letter from them arriving at my home.
    Care to respond?

    • graeme

      One quick further point to add to my above post, my reasons for not informing the Police about the extensive abuse that i was forced to endure as a child in the care of Surrey social services has a lot to do with an incident in 1983 when i went into Mitchum police station in south London as a runaway from a surrey ssd home and pleaded with the officers for help – i not only told them about the abuse that i was running away from, i also told them the abusers names and positions in the home.
      Did the Police help me or even believe me? DID THEY FUCK!!
      All they would have needed to do was have me examined by a Doctor and they would have had all of the proof that they needed.
      What did they actually do? they made me a cup of tea then put me in a room for a few hours – not a cell thankfully just a room with the door left ajar. Some hours later into the room came a policeman and two social workers from the home that i had ran away from – one of the social workers was one of my abusers! An unruly certificate was issued to me and i was handed over. Thanks for SWEET FUCK ALL Surrey Police.

      • witheld

        Contact Woking borough council (no matter how long ago it was) or even report to police. Also would be worth contacting the ICU in London and Childhood abuse watchdog – names go a long way and crimes too – even if not now then in the immediate future.

    • Kaz

      They found me in Lincolnshire too

  10. graeme

    Correction to my above post. Timeline should have read 1980 not 1983.
    This is my final post / comment to the Needle blog.

    • witheld

      Police generally do not contact general commentators of web blog posters – tell them to get stuffed if they try and do that and contact the ICU in London if in doubt

  11. Bill

    Andy Slater in his brown leather jacket with his little XR2…..Dirty Bastard!!!

  12. Kaz

    This has been going on too long now …

    • witheld

      Police generally do not contact general commentators of web blog posters – tell them to get stuffed if they try and do that and contact the ICU in London if in doubt

  13. witheld

    (Do not want police contacting me). Andy Slater and Tony Harrison who run bed and breakfast in Woking in Maybury Road – both should be investigated for crimes against young vulnerable people, not just children at SES Care Ltd by Woking Borough Council and Surrey police. Police generally do not contact general commentators of web blog posters – tell them to get stuffed if they try and do that and contact the ICU in London if in doubt.

  14. witheld

    Police inquiry and intervention does not occur on web blog sites – please immediately report and contact Woking borough council (no matter how long ago it was) or even report to police. Also would be worth contacting the ICU in London and Childhood abuse watchdog – names go a long way and crimes too – even if not now then in the immediate future.

    • Graham

      “Police inquiry and intervention does not occur on web blog sites.”

      I was contacted, then visited at home by two Detectives.
      The officers couldn’t have gotten my details from anyone / anywhere else other than from here – the needle blog. How so? because this is the only place that i have EVER opened up about the abuse that i suffered and witnessed as a child.

  15. Renu Daly

    I have just come across this blog and it’s gut-wrenching and heartbreaking to read. You all have my admiration by your bravery to come forward and speak out about what has happened. I represent and support adults and children who have been abused in civil legal cases and you have given me a greater understanding of how much you endure and it helps me serve those I work with better. Thank you for having the courage to say all that you have because by doing so, you are reaching others much further than you could possibly imagine.

    • Kelly Beckett

      Would you take up my case by any chance I was ment to meet two detectives at Brixton police station but crashed at the eleventh hour.But u need to sort this once and for all also had the displeasure ov that ginger snake Jackson at Beechfields secure unit. Then I go to the Oaks,and who follows that snake. Then I will be pursuing the Surrey council hopefully for neglect with any luck.

      • warren mitchell

        kelly listen love , i have been doing this back and forth with feds for nearly two years. It has cost me my relationship of 18years because my partner didnt understand why i was talking to people from times gone by and also because it opened a section of my mind that was sealed for self preservation a long time ago , apparently it changed the way i was and my personality. granted i did change and know this now , but you know something ? i would do it all over again if it stops this from happening to another poor soul who was lied to, beaten , sexually abused(in whatever form it takes)by the people whose statement of means stipulates that they will look after us with love and warmth which we were for whatever reason denied prior to admittance to the care life is ruined all over again and now i am homeless having lost my home when my relationship was brought to an end. couldnt afford the house so once she went the house followed after the job because i couldnt concentrate on my work. please please see this through because if not for ourselves whose lives are already trashed, then for someone else to have the knowledge to progress knowing YOU ARE NOT ALONE, THOUGH YOU MAY FEEL AS SUCH. i am more than willing to support in anyway i can anyone who wants to talk or just have a shoulder to lean on who DOES infact understand what tyou are going through. email me direct on or call me direct on 07958367089 at anytime day or night. im always gonna be there for you and others. peace will come. and if anyone can help me find a flat or has a flat i can rent please get in touch im already homeless for xmas THANKYOU AND BE BRAVE. THEY ARE LISTENING TO US NOW EVEN THOUGH THEY DIDNT LISTEN 30 YEARS AGO

      • Claire honersham

        The more this has fucked me up thinking about everything ,I really think Woking police have a lot to answer for as they where in par with the oaks and I got battered by them too , Eric came came into the cell and they all put a mattress on my and kicked the shit out of me ,I’m having so many night terrors it’s all flooding bk

      • Nick brant

        I to was in beechfield secure unit and understand the pain you feel but please do not let the past damage your future they was not worth it. They had me locked up for an hour then let out in the day room for an hour then back in my cell for another hour and so on until they got fed up with me to which I was shipped of to aycliff secure unit which is also under investigation for abuse. But I will never allow them now to take my heart and soul. I’m still hear and always standing up for what I believe to be right. Good luck in the future.

  16. warren mitchell

    id appreciate a call or email if anyone wants to chat.
    contact me on 07377369123 or email @
    regards warren mitchell

  17. P

    there are slanderous comments here by people who actually dont know the case

    • Kaz

      Slanderous? Really the victims on here wish it was all fabricated and haven’t had to live the last 25+ years with the skeletons … finally we are believed .. the member of staff that thought I was her punch bag is dead( karma is a bitch) but I will make sure I’m there to see the likes of slater Jefferson and jacko get what they deserve for what they put the lads thru not forgetting the Mandy Kyte incident either

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  19. Sherrie

    Hello. I’m trying to track down Justin Wensley who was at the Oaks in the early eighties same time as Raymond and Stuart. I used to visit Justin at the Oaks when Eric Jackson was Justin’s Key worker. I lived in Burbank children’s home, the house on the hill and Andy Slater was a regular visitor. Paul Eccles was a resident social worker whilst I lived in Burbank, he was Justin’s key worker in Burbank before they moved Justin to the Oaks. Justin and I lost contact and I heard he moved to Australia.

  20. Sherrie

    Yes. I lived with them both at Burbank.

  21. Eamonn Mccann

    Very odd comments on here. I’m not saying they are all untrue but it’s not my experience of the Surrey Care System. I was at Woodrough in Bramley in 1980, The Homestead in Guildford in 1981 and then Broomfield in 1987 – 1990. I never once saw or even heard rumours of physical or sexual abuse at any of these places. The staff restrained kids who were violent, sure, but none of it was abuse. In 1996 I had a visit from Surrey Police. They told me that Brian Longman, the Care Manager at Broomfield, had been jailed for 12 months for taking photos of naked boys and sending them through the post. This turned out to be UNTRUE. They police had actually lied. Incredible!!

  22. Kaz

    Maybe if you was at the woking site you would have witnessed some incidents I spent a lot of my activity time at Brantley because it was so much more less institutionalised I can assure you these incidents are not fabricated

    • warren mitchell

      kaz its warren . whoever is writing shit like it aint true needs to pull there head out their arse and see whats really going on. keep chatting shit you arse lickers, cor you really piss me off.. maybe whoever you are enjoyed the abuse. and so will perpetrate the same im sure . stay out of this blog and the fantasy world you live in . got a problem call me and ill put you straight 07958367089

  23. warren mitchell

    what do you mean kaz? bbc news?? im obviously a bit fick then cos i aint got a clue what that means .. who what and when. ?? ill call you in a bit and you can tell me .. xx

  24. We have stumbled across this page when undertaking our own investigations. We applaud the courage and bravery that all survivors have in disclosing their allegations in an attempt to seek justice. We would be willing to speak to anyone on a non-commital and strictly confidential basis to discuss whether a civil claim for damages is viable. This can assist with obtaining specialised treatment to assist in the closure process.

    • Graeme

      @Verisona Law
      Who are you? a law firm, a support group, a ‘survivors’ charity?
      If you are a Law firm that is simply touting for some business then perhaps you should have disclosed that info in your above post.

  25. Warren Mitchell

    Zoe contact me on and I’ll get back to you if u give a contact number or email or messenger . up to u lol x take care

  26. jane Roberts

    I was in stainton unit back in 1985, Reading all these posts has brought it all back to me what a horrible time we all endured , I remember eric jackson as being a right sadistic bastard, and we were all petrified of him, warren, you ring a bell , I remember kaz, millie,phil spreckley,steve goodwin,mark willis, and bridgitte and Ian flower. The only ones who treated us kindly were the husband & wife cooks x

  27. ritchie

    I was in Mayford for about 6 months. I left in Feb 1973. I can’t really remember anyone and never saw any sexual abuse.
    I was in The Homestead childrens home before that.

    I am not surprised records aren’t available. Didn’t they bring in the laws allowing you to see you records in the 80’s. Just before the law came in a friend was given tons of files to shred, she said the road up to the workshop was lined with trolleys of folders! She worked at the occupational therapy unit in one of the Epsom nut houses.

  28. jane Roberts

    I sent off for my records a few years ago, and received a reply stating that my records had been abolished, along with an apology and returned fee !
    pity that, As it would of made for a very interesting read indeed !!!!.

  29. Lorraine byrne

    Any one know me Lorraine

  30. Lorraine byrne

    I was at kings down lacy guildford Tracey was my best mate .

  31. Clare

    Hi guys I have stumbled upon this page I was in Honeywood Englefield Green starting 1985 and then at The Oaks for a while then went to Secure Unit (Pindown now illegal) in Woodrough Bramley 1986 to 1987 and The Oaks was bad but Woodrough was worse haunts me still now. Any you guys been there around same times

    • Hi Garfield griffith here I was in honeywood and the oaks don’t know if you remember me I was in with nick brant

      • Clare

        OMG Gary I remember you so well I was only talking about you and Nick the other day! How are you? I remember Nick and the petrol and trying to microwave Clarence the cat then nicking all the petrol out of the lawn mower and staffs cars! Gary my email address is would really be great to have a chat been a long time hope you’re keeping well. Email when you can 🙂

      • Kaz

        Clarence the cross eyed cat with anger issues xx

      • Nick brant

        Clare if you had a sister there called Tracy then I remember you. This is nick brant. I remember Garfield hope your doing OK the both of you. The only reason I came onto this site was the police visited me a little while back because of what went on at the oaks when I was there. So I started doing a little digging hopping it would bring some memories to the front of my head which it has. It wasn’t nice our life’s back then but I feel I can’t change the past so why let it stress me. I do remember that I was a pain at honeywood but then I was a child taken from my home and family and I was angry. I truly hope your both doing well. My email is if you ever wish to talk but don’t worry I’ll not be afended if you don’t. Good luck to you both.

    • Graeme

      Hi Clare, i was in Woodrough in 1980 therefore six years before you.
      Looking back at all of the places that i was in during the 1980’s Woodrough was probably one of the better ‘Homes’ however even there incidents sadly occured.

    • Jason

      Hey clare my names jason i was in bramley late 80s do u remember me

  32. Lorraine cooke

    So no one knows me then ????!!

  33. Lorraine cooke

    So no one knows me then ????!!

    • Tom

      Hi Lorraine, I remember you at Broomfield. I worked there in the early 80’s. I bought you a Mars bar and left it as a surprise for you to welcome you back after you’d been away for a week. I hope you’re ok and life is treating you well. Tom

  34. Jason Humphrey

    Hi guys anyone remember me I was in Gatesden unit why now after all these years

    • Nick brant

      This is nick brant and I kind of remember your name but I’ve smashed my brain a lot over the years so if you no me then I must no and remember you. Did we run away from the oaks one time and lived in a squat in Guildford? If its the wrong the person sorry and hope your life is good for you.

    • Gary

      Hi everyone who survived the oaks I was there maybe 84-85 was moved into the I independent unit later but was 13 when I was dumped there from robinsfield in caterham can’t remember much mostly blocked it all out buried it deep just have the fear with me all the time though still got tattoo from there. Gary

  35. Hi Garfield griffith here I was at the oaks centre bramley before I was moved to Stainton unit in Woking Garfield Griffith my email is

  36. Philip, charke==-

    You Guys seem to open and chatty about all this, went to the police years ago and bottled it, I was in Highfield community home in Horley, RH6 7ND, I was taken to The Oaks on 2 occasions for some reasons I do not want to or have not remembered for good reason,
    I read someone say Jacob Jacobson a while back and I thought It rang a bell inside my head but I’m sure it was William Williamson & Gordon ChinChen that were my Key Workers. Neither of which harmed me in anyway, But think im ready to say who did, (after months of talking to the police 4 years ago then just clamming up an being terrified of court and outcome. Crying as im writing this but, Broomfield (Guildford) and The Oaks (woking) are bad memories for me, Honorific tbh,
    Phil 36, Haslemere, Surrey.

    • Ian Chambers

      Phillip I was in Highfield from 84 – 88. I was sexually abused by a member of staff called Stephen Collins, he was tried and got away with it in 1991. Interested in any others experience with him. I know William Williamson, imdeed am still friends with him,

    • Hi Philip. What was so wrong about Broomfield. I was there from 1987 – 1990 and loved it. You must have been there after me. Brian Longman, Robert Hacker and Dorothy?

  37. Philip Charles Sole

    You Guys seem to open and chatty about all this, went to the police years ago and bottled it, I was in Highfield community home in Horley, RH6 7ND, I was taken to The Oaks on 2 occasions for some reasons I do not want to or have not remembered for good reason,
    I read someone say Jacob Jacobson a while back and I thought It rang a bell inside my head but I’m sure it was William Williamson & Gordon ChinChen that were my Key Workers. Neither of which harmed me in anyway, But think im ready to say who did, (after months of talking to the police 4 years ago then just clamming up an being terrified of court and outcome. Crying as im writing this but, Broomfield (Guildford) and The Oaks (woking) are bad memories for me, Honorific tbh,
    Phil 36, Haslemere, Surrey.

  38. Graeme

    This is a long shot i know however nothing ventured nothing gained..
    1981, Woodrough observation & assessment centre, Bramley, nr Guilford.
    Her name was ‘Cathy’ and she was perhaps 15yrs-16yrs. Ever so slightly overweight, shortish curly blonde hair, and softly spoken. I think that prior to coming to Woodrough she had spent some time in a child mental health unit in one of the mental health hospitals in the Epsom area. Long Grove maybe?
    Anyway, as previously mentioned this is a very long shot but long-shots sometimes can come through so… with the limited info that i have produced does anyone recall meeting or knowing a ‘Cathy’ fitting the description in Woodrough or any other home circu 1981?
    I ask because Cathy was my first love.

  39. Does anyone know the location of where Woodrough Assessment Centre once stood? I know it was in Bramley, but I can’t remember where.

  40. Vicky-Marie Newsome-Hogan

    I was placed in Kinton in the mid 70’s. I was in the intensive unit I believe. The housemaster whose name I am unable to remember but he had two dogs. I tried to run away once and he made me stand outside his office all night not touching the wall with his two dogs guarding me. They had a room with no windows or furniture which they would put us in for hours. One member of staff was absolutely brilliant. The nearest I ever had to a dad. Mr Delaceaux. If anyone knows of him or his relatives please let me know.
    I would love to thank him or his family for showing me love and caring during my ordeal at Kinton. I am now a Transwoman but was placed here as a boy. Thank you

  41. I grew up in care and in a couple of homes I was in it took place, Last place I was in Honeywood 1981-1987 I dont recall it happening although there were some dodgy staff there, I was Jeremy back then!

  42. Vicky-Marie Newsome-Hogan

    Hi, I was in Kinton from Nov76 to May 77. I was in a unit called something like intensive care unit. The housemaster had two dogs and a Land Rover. I think his name was mr Minton.
    I am desperate to find out if a Mr Delaceux ( one of the staff) was involved in any of this or hopefully not. He was the only person that came near to being a dad my whole life, and it was only for a couple of days helping fold tents in the hall. I should explain I am now a transexual woman. My name at the time was Ron Hogan but for some reason at times known as Ron Morgan. Can I please ask that the disclosure of my dead name be kept private to this blog. Having completed my social/legal and medical transition revealing my dead name is for a trans person quite difficult. I feel for every person here that had their childhood and beyond stolen from them. I’m one of them. Be strong xx

  43. Claire Homersham

    Im so fucking hurt right now ,after all this bullshit coming back in my life ,they are now saying that theirs nothing they can do with my allegations about these scumbags ,somehow my age has been change and they are saying I was just over 16 , I mean does that even fucking matter I was still in there care and it was still happening regardless of my age , since this has come bk in my life I’ve trying to kill myself on a number of occasions and my best friend Succeeded before of it ……
    Some people are fucking about others and being listened too …..
    To all you kids out there telling the truth good luck I’ll be there to watch them fucking child abusers get what they deserve in court
    R.i.p laurna waterworth 😇

    • Have they finished fcuking about now I’ve not heard from them for months …my abuser is dead I thought that was why I’ve not heard again since…take care Claire xx

      • Claire

        No it’s still going on I think , contact them and see what’s happening ,I’m going down a different route as they can’t just bring this back in my life and then just finish it ,with no support or anything ,it’s disgusting what Surrey county council let happen to us …. email me Karen ,I’m so sorry to hear you suffered too xxx

  44. Paul smalley

    Hey Claire remember me ?

  45. Cheryl Akehurst

    I’m looking for Lee mayors jimmy Finn heather Sarah Jane early 90s be grateful for contact

  46. Smurf

    Well it’s all over now guys they proved they were innocent and they was so get on with your lives people don’t let this ruin more of your lives hey it’s over

  47. Cheryl akehurst

    Fucking joke wanted Andy slater and Sean McGuiness wot a waste of our emotions well being bunch of wangets pasts past new but I ever see ant Sean tony I’d spit in there face

  48. Lampy


    Where can I find info about the pending court case?

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