Long Grove Adolescent Unit, Epsom

Long Grove Adolescent Unit, Epsom

The Needleblog has received allegations of physical abuse and the misuse of drugs at this regional adolescent unit which was attached to Long Grove Psychiatric Hospital.




46 responses to “Long Grove Adolescent Unit, Epsom

  1. M

    I was at this unit many years ago and am still not well. I was subject to abuse by Nurses. I reported this matter to the police about 8 or 9 years ago but they basically told me to go away and didn’t do anything. I was on a number of occasions locked in a ‘side room’ (padded cell) and injected with drugs on a number of occasions. Once in this room I suffered a great deal of physical and mental abuse. Can you advise if there is anything I can do as this still haunts me as it happened some 50 years ago

  2. G

    This is true because I experenced it in the mid 70s

  3. ron moorby

    i was there in 1977 but nobody wants to talk about it

  4. kristie

    I was in there when I was 14 it was awful and bad things happened

  5. mike

    Dear All,
    I have reported this matter to the police and social services. I suggest you do the same as the police and social services are at long last taking these matters seriously. I had a long telephone call with Lydia Bowles, LADO – Local Authority Designated Officer for Surrey County Council. and she in turn passed all the information to Surrey Police. A designated Police Officer will be appointed shortly. Please join me and contact the police on 01483571212 (if you are outside the Surrey area); please state the reference P15273520. Now I am retired I feel ‘free’ to move this on so please do join me in exposing what really happened at Long Grove Adolescent Unit.

  6. DC 4632 Thomas

    Dear all,
    If anyone wishes to report any indicents related to Long Grove contact me please on 01483 632196. The police are always willing to listen and can discuss options available to you.
    DC 4632 Paul Thomas
    Safeguarding Investigation Unit
    Reigate Police Station

  7. M

    At long last the police are involved and I had an interesting discussion with DC Thomas earlier today. I urge anyone who has further information to come forward and contact the police.

  8. Emma

    I was there at beginning of the 90s never told why I was there. Had endless blood tests taken by a female doctor who was convinced that ‘mineral’ deficiency was my reason for being mentally ill was even pinned down and threatened with no weekend leave if I didn’t have them done. locked in a side room and left for 12 hours without water food or a toilet. witnessed many many horrific things in that vile place but never told what was wrong so took 26 years to get diagnosed properly

    • Kyle

      Kyle! I was there in the early 80s ‘ and had similar experiences ‘ being locked in a side room ‘ as well as being force fed ‘ and witnessing a few acts of abuse bY staff ‘ am jus glad I eventually got out of there when I did ‘

  9. M

    Has anyone tried to obtain their individual ‘patient’ records? If so could they let me know where they found them i.e. Local Authority, Trust etc. If so could they please leave a message here as I would really like to look at my records. I was there around 1965. Thanks.

  10. ronmoorby

    I would also like to see these. I was there 1978
    Maybe a get together is needed. If you are interested in this you can contact me on Facebook Ron Moorby Guildford

  11. Emma

    they should have been forwarded to your normal doctor I was told

  12. M

    Yes I think you may well be correct Emma.

  13. Paul lindsey

    Hi! I was there in the early 80s ‘ and experienced similar acts of abuse as well as witnessing it on others ‘ one particulay nasty staff person was a oriental man called Joe who used to torment me whenever he could and was quite sadistic at times ‘ there was also a nurse (sister) who had quite a draconian approach ‘ think she was irish by memory ‘ saying which ‘ there was also a few genuine people there too ‘ most of the teachers at the attached school facility were great! Anyone recall a colored guy (not to be racist here) who used to throw his weight around when he was in a bad mood ‘ a staff member that is ‘ also recall a fellow that used to work with him on nights ‘ a big guy who had been a bouncer formerly ‘ could be a real bastard ‘ ironicaly those two didn’t get on ‘ recall they both got sacked whilst I was there (circa 1982) anyone have similar memories?

  14. Kerry Barker

    I think the Irish nurse was sister canning

  15. mike

    Hi Folks,
    I really think all these comments should be pulled together and sent to thehttps://www.iicsa.org.uk/about-us. You can always be anonymous but given the generic nature of the comments it is evident that there was a regime of inappropriate ‘treatment’ and/or abuse at this unit. What do others?
    Kind Regards,

  16. Louisa Louisa Fields

    I was locked away there…early to mid 90s

  17. Mike

    Hi Louisa,
    Nothing really changed at this dreadful place until it closed down. You say you were ‘locked away in the 90’s as I was in the 60’s. I agree with the comments about the teachers who were great; in many the ‘school’ was like
    an oasis of free air. Wasn’t one of them a Mr Powell-Davies?
    Regards to all and have a peaceful Christmas.

  18. Sarah Leitch

    I was there for ten months in the early eighties. I was never abused but treated with much kindness, especially by Sister Canning. I did not see anyone locked in the cells ever.

    • mike

      Perhaps it was over when you were there Sarah.

    • Tracy

      Sarah I remember you and I was abused by Bill Spreadborough and Dr Tony Baker as were some of the other girls there. Lorna one of the nurses walked in and caught Bill reported it and very nearly lost her job for whistle blowing

  19. 1979 Archie was very bad.

  20. Paul Lindsey

    Was there just after the Falklands war I think ‘ like 82-83.

    • Tracy

      I was there when the war broke out. Hey Mickey was in the charts along with seven tears are flowing to the river – odd the things you remember

  21. Paul Lindsey

    Were you there at the same time as myself tracy? tough tryin to connect the memory after all these many years! How did you make out when you left there , you get married an have a family eg , i live in Wales now for past 26 years now age 50 , work in care home.

  22. Sue peak

    Hi I was there from 71 to 73 there was abuse while I was in there

    • Paul Lindsey

      Anyone remember a guy called Murray? one of the teachers at the school!! Think he was scottish!!! An another called Julian ‘ was a Chelsea supporter ‘ took me to see them play once one weekend i think!!!! Can;t recall any other names but vaugly remember some faces.

  23. Gail Browne

    I have all my records from my time at Longrove, abuse was rife! The padded room is true. Anyone else have ECT? On the positive side Murray was great, loved him showing me how to trampoline, anyone remember Mitch(Staff)? Tim(kid) are you still around?…If anyone wants more info I will talk to the police I am fine with that, despite the ECT I have a phenomenal memory

    • michael stapley

      Hello Gail,
      I red your comments with interest. As you may know I reported my personal issues to the police some while ago and they left their contact details on this site so you may wish to speak to them. I am waiting for a date to meet with the ‘Truth Project’ which is part of the IICSA. I will let people know how this goes in due couse. I am also having for what happened at Long Grove in the 1960’s so the abuse has been going on for many, many years. Finally I would urge all of you to read the book ‘Trust-No-One by Tersa Cooper. Teresa has become a bit of a celebrity so to speak and her book talks about her experiences in Kendal House and Long Grove. The ISBN is 9780752893303. Terea has also written other books including one entitled ‘Pin Down’
      Mike Stapley

  24. Paul Lindsey

    Recall Arthur (I think the unit manager) was ok from memory ‘ firm but fair sort of man! a coloured kid Clive or Clyde (Can’t recall which) who was there at the same time as myself.

    • Sue peak

      Hi i remember arthur catlin his wife was a night nurse she was german they were both lovely always treated fairly by them , there was a night nurse called joyce wells she was really nice , i think another was bonini, another nurse callled mills i dont remember her first name she was horrible , there was alfie bottles he was lovely , male night nurse that was horrible and spiteful was sisco and i think he was called joe i dont know if they were italian or spanish

  25. Sue peak

    The teachers at the school when i was there was tony withers and martin jenkins and of course powell davis, also on the unit was roy shuttleworth and mike who used to bring his dog in

    • michael stapley

      Hi Sue,
      I certainly remember Mr Powell-Davis when I was at this terrible place in the 1960’s
      Kind Regards to one and all.

  26. I don’t know if it’s the same guy Joe ‘ you remember ‘ when I was there there was this Chinese or Korean mayby ‘ was a real sneaky spiteful type ‘ loved to pick on me + a few other kids

  27. patrick o'brien

    anyone remember

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