Dyson Hall Secure Unit, Fazakerley, Liverpool, Merseyside

Dyson Hall Secure Unit, Fazakerley, Liverpool, Merseyside

Philip Savage, previously jailed for abuse against young boys, is to stand trial for further allegations of abuse when he appears on trial at Merseyside Crown Court on 26th January 2015.

Abuse Lawyer, Deborah Corcoran is representing one of the victims who reported abuse by Savage to the police. The abuse is alleged to have taken place in the early 1980s at Dyson Hall Secure Unit in Fazakerley.

Dyson Hall was investigated as part of a large police investigation named Operation Care which began in 1994. Philip Savage was found guilty of sexual offences against nine boys. He committed most of those offences at Liverpool’s Diocesan Hall Assessment Centre where he assaulted boys detained in the cells of the secure unit. He was jailed for fifteen years.

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In Merseyside, the homes involved are St Vincent’s and Dyson Hall in Fazakerley, Liverpool.

Police in Cheshire have charged four other men with sex offences and all are currently awaiting crown court trial.

Two men have been charged with offences by Merseyside police and both face committal proceedings later this month.

The Independent 13/01/95


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