Blackbrook House

Blackbrook House, St Helens, Merseyside

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141 responses to “Blackbrook House

  1. julie benson

    wat hotel is it and I am a ? Housewife that hotel work is really heavy I am 58

  2. julie benson

    I was in manor Heath before they put me in blackbrook it was mixed it was on bury new road in Salford but that berford house was supposed to of bin terrible

    • Pauline

      Yeah it was…I ended up there twice once when I was 12 then again when I was 13 I was a bit of a bugger then I’m now 57

  3. julie benson

    Yes Pauline I am a housewife and I am 58 how old are you I was ion blackbrook till I was 16 went home on homeleave and never went back my mam saide she isn’t coming back so they let me stay at home I told them I had a job or I might of still bin in there ha ha it has been demolished now and houses in it place

  4. julie benson

    Yes Pauline I was a little get as well but it taught me a thing or to the kids today get away with to much give them a dose of wat we had that sort them out

  5. Pauline

    Yes it definitely would, kids these days don’t know how lucky they are…

  6. julie benson

    Years ago the CID came to my house and asked me if I ever witnessed something that happened at blackbrook did they come to you they were from Merseyside the women was called officer KER she saide someone saide I saw something that had happened to them so I asked her wat they were cold and she couldn’t tell me but I don’t really remember if I new there name I might

  7. Pauline

    I got a letter from Merseyside police in 2000 asking me if anything happened to me or did I see anything going on..told them nothing happened to me and I didn’t see anything..

  8. julie benson

    Yes that wat I saide because nothing did happen like the comments on here they saide if I remember anything to call them and they asked me to name the staff and I saide they all probably dead and she saide you would be surprised

  9. Do you girl remember Mrs Gibbons, from Orreal unit by any chance?

  10. julie benson

    Who is that girl Amanda and yes I remember mrs at her ton she was proper greedy the tray she you still to make was huge and mr Stevenson he always wore a tweed jkt wat year was Amanda in there do you know her pauline

  11. Pauline

    Her name doesn’t sound familiar must of been after us..yeah Mr.Stevenson had a beard do you remember Julie Joyce Carol Davies oh and Myra Philips

  12. 1985 I was there hun. I love it their, apart from Sister Elizabeth and Mr Lees. Michelle Hill and Tracey Sacker was there at the time

  13. julie benson

    No Pauline I don’t remember them girls I do remember miss Margaret and miss graham they were sisters old who worked there do you recall miss Helen and mr wearing the school teacher and how did you manage to keep your hair red without the roots coming through it was lovely your hair with your big blue sparkling eyes pauline

  14. julie benson

    Hi Pauline hope you are well the weather is awful I have gone away for a few days do you go away

  15. julie benson

    Amanda how do you know me

  16. Amanda Greenwood

    Hi Hun, I don’t know you. I was in Blackbrook House in 1983.with Tracey Sacker, Michelle Hill .x

  17. julie benson

    Hi Pauline you ok

  18. julie benson

    Wat area do you live in amanda

  19. julie benson

    Lucky you by the sea

  20. julie benson

    Hi dawn wat year were you in bbh

  21. julie benson

    Hi Pauline do you remember Mary Clark she ad black hair

  22. julie benson

    Hi Pauline did you see a lady on the morning BBC news about 3 weeks ago she has wrote a book called the hospital the lady called Barbara o Hare and she was in blackbrook house you should read it it made me cry the things she went through before going to bbh I am on for the chapter the approved school so don’t know wat she has wrote about bbh I was shocked to see bbh

  23. Pauline

    Morning Julie, no didn’t see it. Think I will get the book though sounds really good, where did you get your book from x

  24. Julie benson

    Amazon Pauline Carnot water to read that chapter

  25. Julie benson

    Hi Pauline I know Barbara o hare if it the rite person she was tall with like a short curly hair and had freckles and a small mouth always had a short skirt on or that could of bin because she was tall for her age and didn’t have 1to fit her but wat a life that poor girl had from the day she was born it was a truly shocking read and it made me cry hope you are not easily shocked because this book will truly shock you

  26. Pauline

    Hi Julie, her name doesn’t ring a bell. Maybe if I saw a picture I’d reconise her. Hope you and family are well x

  27. Julie benson

    Yes Pauline I my family are well hope yours are


    • Julie benson

      Hi Pauline did you get that book and if you type in on your I pad Barbar o Hare there is a picture of her but you have to visualise her younger she now lives in Liverpool

  28. Julie ellis

    I was in blackbrook from 1983 to 1984 my name then was julie Ellison I was on orell house in only eNedd up leaving cos I was pregnant which didn’t go down too well with sister Elizabeth

    • Amanda Greenwood

      Hi Hun, I too was on Orrell unit. I was their with Tracey Sacker and Michele Hill. Was Mrs Gibbons their and sister Margaret there when you was on Orrell unit Hun

      • Julie ellis

        Hi Amanda yeah I remember Mrs gibbons and sister Margaret hated them both lol if I saw a pic of your I’d probably remember you do you remember Lisa ambler sheeran off once and she got her hair cut into a skinhead and sisters Elizabeth made her wear a wig

      • Amanda Greenwood

        Yes I remember Lisa, but sister Elizabeth was a bitch.. she sat on me for nearly 3 hours , will never forget her! It was Mrs Gibbons who stopped her from sitting on me for longer. She wasn’t a small nun😣

    • Julie benson

      Hi Julie I bet she was furious and hope you and your kids are well I was in there in 72 but I remember sister Elizabeth everyone does but for different reasons no abuse was there wen I was in there but everyone mentions sister Elizabeth she seems to be the prominent one wat area you from

      • Julie ellis

        Hi julie or orginally from leeds but live in black pool I was only in care for not going to school how come the place got shut down x

  29. Julie benson

    Hi Amanda me and Pauline were there in 72 and yes I remember sister Elizabeth she looked like nanny mc phew ha ha

  30. Julie benson

    Don’t know Julie why it got shut down new houses are there now I was in there for being a little get and not going to school I live in manchester

  31. Julie benson

    Hi Pauline did you get a hat book

  32. I was interviewed in 2009, with Manchester Police. Girl were being sexaully abused, by a teacher and some girls said Mr Lees!

  33. Julie benson

    Hi Amanda I remember mr lees he had ginger hair and beard and was very tall he would take us for netball but I don’t recall any abuse but he was always nasty and had a very short fuse did he get prosecuted But he must of been there a long time because I was there in 1972 I recall he had a wife and children so she must know something and not everyone can say the same so it must be true hope to here from you soon

  34. Julie benson

    Morning Pauline are you reading the posts some girls are saying mr lees abused them and Amanda was interviewed dy greater Manchester police in 2009

  35. Pauline

    Hi Julie, yes I’ve been reading them. Unbelievable what went on x

  36. Julie benson

    Oh yes truly shocking do you think that mr lees was always shouting and very agitated he probably smoked weed with sister Elizabeth ha ha

  37. Pauline

    Yeah he did shout a lot, probably was on the wacky bacci ha ha X

  38. Julie benson

    Do you think he is still alive

  39. Julie benson

    Do you drive pauline

  40. Pauline

    Don’t know he must be about 80 odd year old now lol

  41. Julie benson

    Yes the evil ones always live long

  42. Debbie Taylor

    hiya i was in bbh in 75 to 78 i was in Gerard unit i remember sister monica n mr lees our sister was sister Zoe n i remeber miss Janet mrs Davies miss Carr i have read these msg and it is so sad it wasnt as bad as that when i was there but i was put in the cell in de paul for running away while on home leave im from chorley and was with a bgirl called liz delvard from bacup anna work from liverpool maggie smith from liverpool and there was a girl in de paul called carlene wilson from preston n i think linda mcdougal from preston n rena reynaulds from burnley did any of you know any of these girls lost touch with them all when i left my name was Debbie Williams when i was there .

  43. Julie benson

    No deb I don’t know any of them I was in there with Pauline Davis you won’t know us we would of left and yes I do remember sister Monica and gerrard house mr lees wat was he like wen you were there I remember miss Helen Was she there wen you were in bbh

    • debbie taylor

      hi julie mr lees was ok i suppose when i was there i remember him putting me in cell lol he made me put pj on with no elastic in bottoms n no buttons on jacket a piece of chalk n told me to think about my actions i think i was in 3 days . there was no abuse that i knew of when i was there sister ita was nasty n i think a mr conner started just before i left i was told if i passed my exams i would be allowed home on licence as i had turned 16 its awfull reading what some of the girls went thru hope ur life turned out ok tho thanks for reply julie and miss helen rings a bell

  44. Julie benson

    Wat area do you live in deb

  45. Julie benson

    Did they let you out miss Helen was small and thin she took over with sister Elizabeth and sister Monica I remember that cell on de Paul t was always red hot and they would give me sandwiches full of salt and margarine and a plastic cup with water they were really torchering bleep bleep

  46. Julie benson

    Does anyone know lynn Goodall Maria turnbull patsy McGowan and Ann Oliver two sisters called Rita and Marie one was deaf

  47. Julie benson

    Hi Pauline you well not heard anything from you

  48. Julie benson

    Hi everyone wat about that fire in London it is tragic 1st Manchester then London Bridge now this I wonder how the fire started

  49. Julie benson

    Hi Pauline are you well

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