Burscough Priory Science College 

Cambridge House Children’s Home, Rochdale

Chaigley Hall School

Dyke Nook, Whalley Road, Accrington

Foxholes Residential School, Rochdale

Haslingdon High School, Rochdale

Knowl View School, Rochdale

Green Corns Home, Rochdale

Lynwood Road Children’s Home, Seymour Road, Bolton

Rossall School, Fleetwood

Stonyhurst College, Lancashire


9 responses to “Lancashire

  1. WW

    The file, from Lancashire Constabulary, contained allegations made by eight men that they had been subjected to indecent assaults by Cyril Smith as teenagers. The allegations were very similar in nature, and were allegedly conducted on the pretexts of either a medical examination or punishment for misbehaviour. All the boys were either living at Cambridge House Children’s Home in Rochdale (six of them), or were dependent on Cyril Smith for either employment, financial support or some sort of guardianship. It is noted that 80 pages of evidence was supplied to the then DPP’s office with a covering note dated 11 March 1970.

  2. investigate hutton poplars children home abuse closed now but complaints made to billericay police

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