Rosehill, Northernden

Rosehill, Northernden

Rosehill, Northernden, Manchester

Operation Cleopatra.

This care home was investigated as part of Operation Cleopatra, an investigation by Greater Manchester Police launched in April 1997 into 66 carehomes. One claim dated back to 1958.  The Operation continued to 2002.

Police investigated over 350 complaints of abuse.  Various complaints were made by children at the time but they were ignored.

Allegations were made against staff at Rosehill in Northenden, Broome House in Didsbury and Mobberley Boys School in Knutsford. Ellerslie in Altrincham and Lynwood, Seymour Road Children’s Home were also implicated.

Abuse claims at care home

30 Apr 2005 20:27

A FORMER children’s home in Northenden is at the centre of allegations of sexual and physical abuse spanning 40 years.

FORMER children's home, Rosehill, where it is alleged children suffered four decades of abuse.
FORMER children’s home, Rosehill, where it is alleged children suffered four decades of abuse.

A FORMER children’s home in Northenden is at the centre of allegations of sexual and physical abuse spanning 40 years.

The now derelict Rosehill will be featured in a TV documentary this weekend about historic buildings.

But former residents of Rosehill are bringining a court case against Manchester City Council over abuse they claim they suffered during the 1950s to the 1980s.

In all 85 alleged victims have united to sue the council for compensation. And solicitors acting for the group believe there are even more victims who could come forward to support the claim.

The new action is based on police evidence gathered during Operation Cleopatra – an investigation into child abuse at care homes across Greater Manchester.

Peter Garsden of Abney, Garsden and McDonald solicitors, who are dealing with the case, said: “The police investigated 350 complaints of abuse, and these are just the people they know about.”

“We have had many people come forward who have not been to the police and I have no doubt there are many more out there.”

“Various complaints were made by children at the time but they were ignored. It was certainly a brutal regime and children were treated appallingly. When Greater Manchester Police launched Operation Cleopatra, 350 people gave evidence of physical and sexual abuse at Rosehill.”

Two former employees were arrested and taken to court but each case collapsed after it was deemed the men were too ill to stand trial.

A former resident of Rosehill, who did not want to be named, said: “Being given a slap was just like being told off but I remember the first time I got punched really hard, I couldn’t move my arm for two days.”

“I was really intimidated by the staff but I never told anyone of the abuse.”

The victim told of one carer who he said worked on the night shift and attempted to abuse the boys sexually.

He also said he once witnessed an attack where a boy was hit so hard around the back of the neck that his body went into spasm.

Rosehill Children’s home closed in the 1980s.

The building, a Victorian grade two listed building, built by local philanthropist Absalom Watkins and has since been converted into luxury flats and is to feature on a television programme praising its architecture.

A council spokesman said: “We’re liaising very closely with the solicitors acting on behalf of those people who allege they were the victims of abuse to work through the claims as quickly as possible.”

“Although this is a group action each individual case has to be investigated on its own merits and individual decisions reached on the validity of each claim.”

Manchester Evening News 30/04/05

Abuse scandal dates back 50 years
Rosehill care home (photo courtesy of MEN Syndication)

More than 90 of the claimants attended Rosehill

An abuse scandal which started as one case in a Manchester children’s home almost 50 years ago has ended in a record payout to 168 victims.

Detectives launched Operation Cleopatra in April 1997 after receiving more than 48 separate allegations, one dating as far back as 1958.

More than 20 officers, eight detectives and six social workers worked out of a dedicated incident room in Stockport examining more than 350 cases.

By the time the inquiry wound up in 2002 the team had investigated 66 homes and gathered enough evidence to prosecute six men for the systematic abuse of dozens of boys in care.

What they uncovered was the widespread abuse of boys in a handful of homes, some run by Manchester City Council, carried out by a group of individuals in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

Allegations were made against staff at Rosehill in Northenden, Broome House in Didsbury and Mobberley Boys School in Knutsford. Ellerslie in Altrincham and Lynwood, Seymour Road Children’s Home were also implicated.

Philip Roe

Philip Roe, one of the abusers, was described as evil by police

Victims were aged from five-years-old to teenagers when they were abused in incidents ranging from rape to indecent assault.

Some of the abuse, it transpired, was perpetrated by a man who had managed to rise to the top.

Ronald Hall, a former warden of Broome House, was Assistant Director of Manchester Social Services when he was arrested by detectives in 2001.

He was jailed for 11 years for 21 counts of sexual and physical abuse while his deputy at Broom House, Ian Gray, was given a 14 year sentence for serious sexual offences.

Roe ‘evil’

Other men received lesser sentences for abuse, including taking indecent photographs of children, before the final prosecution in May 2004.

The last case saw Philip Roe, from Hornchurch, jailed for 12 and a half years for counts of indecent assault and buggery on children he visited in care while he worked for Manchester’s social services department in the 1980s.

He was described as “evil” by detectives who worked on the case.

Broome House Care Home

Some of the abuse was carried out by Ronald Hall at Broome House

But while Roe’s conviction brought a satisfactory end to the police operation, there were fears that many more victims were hidden.

Police took more than 922 statements and heard hundreds of allegations during the inquiry, although the men were prosecuted on the evidence of just a handful of victims.

In 2000, solicitors Abney, Garsden, McDonald began urging former residents of five homes in Greater Manchester and Cheshire to join a group action against Manchester City Council.

There were just 15 victims when the High Court at Manchester made a Group Litigation Order in June 2001. By the time of the final hearing in March 2007, that number had risen to 168 – more than half of whom attended Rosehill.

Victims were paid an average of £15,000 each for the abuse they suffered and its lifelong effects, an amount described as “pitiful” by partner Peter Garsden.

BBC News 07/03/07

‘Evil’ abuse social worker jailed

Philip Roe

Roe took advantage of his position to abuse boys

A social worker who sexually abused at least three boys in his care and used two teenagers as prostitutes has been jailed for 12-and-a-half years.

Philip Roe, 59, “seriously and systematically abused” his victims, Manchester Crown Court heard.

Roe was arrested during Operation Cleopatra – a massive investigation into sex abuse of children in care in Greater Manchester.

Roe, now of Hornchurch, Essex, was convicted of 15 offences.

His offences included touching victims who were in care and aged between five and 16.

The incidents took place in his car or when he visited those who had been placed in homes.

Roe was also accused of taking a photograph of a 13-year-old he met in a public toilet, which later turned up in a gay contact magazine.

The boy was abused repeatedly at Roe’s home, and sometimes there were other men present, the court heard.

You used your position to gratify your own sexual desires and were and will remain a significant danger to young boys
Judge Michael Henshaw

The boy said Roe introduced him to the other men who touched him indecently and paid him for sex.

Jailing Roe, Judge Michael Henshaw said: “You used your position to gratify your own sexual desires and were and will remain a significant danger to young boys.

“You masqueraded as a caring professional (but)… there was a gross betrayal of trust.”

Payment for sex

Some of the charges were specimen offences, covering a period between 1982 and 1988 when Roe worked in Manchester care homes.

Prosecutor Maurice Greene said Roe, who denied all charges, had preyed on vulnerable children in his care.

They were too young to object and did not know what was happening, Mr Greene said.

Other victims included a 13-year-old client Roe would pick up from a special school and take home and abuse.

Roe paid another teenager he picked up near a bus stop between £10 and £15 for sexual services.

‘Evil abuser’

Roe was disqualified indefinitely from working or associating with children under 16 and will be on the Sex Offenders’ Register for life.

Detective Sergeant Shaun Egan, from Greater Manchester Police who worked on the investigation from its start described Roe as evil.

He said: “For the last seven years, we have been working with so many people on a long and often difficult inquiry, as they relived the horrors they were subjected to as children.

“I would like to applaud the courage of everyone who has managed to come forward and played their part in ensuring these prosecutions.”

Roe becomes the sixth man to be sentenced as part of Operation Cleopatra.  When caught in Hornchurch he was doing care work through an agency.

BBC News 19/05/04

73 responses to “Rosehill, Northernden

  1. Paul

    WoW I don’t even know what to say or how to start I’ve not spoke about my abuse to anyone in depth I’ve told my wife a little bit but not detailed shit, I’ve thought about reporting it for a long time but I’m scared I won’t be believed because of my criminal past “Nothing Sexual” what’s brought me here now is I’ve been watching a series called “The Fall” and its touched on the subject of Sexual abuse in care homes so I have just Googled Sexual abuse cases at Rosehill and I’ve been totally shocked by what I’ve found and read and I’m proper unsure what to do about it now my head is a bit fucked right now, anyway I just want to say I hope if the people here commenting in this section read this I hope you are all kinda OK these days I’m sure you all harbor some kinda depression or mental health issues but I wish you all well and you are all in my thoughts and prayers anyways unsure what to do from here I may consider reporting my abuse to the police now I don’t know my head is fucked to be honest.

    Stay strong and safe


    Hiya all I was there when I was 14 and remember this place, does anyone remember basher I think he was called he used to carry a elastic band and flick to hit your arse when you bent down to get changed what an arshole he was.

  3. Darren ellison

    Hi David thanks for your time I’ve just emailed them.ive never spoke to anyone about what happened to me at the hands of the evil bastard . yeah Samson was one of them .

    • David Duckworth

      thanks Darren. Im hopefully going to get some help to go to police through survivors manchester, but still waiting to hear., as ive only found out about them, and the possibility of doing something? Im deperate to track down someone but not sure if we can name certain people?

      • John redmond

        Hello there just to let you know I was in that HELL HOLE in 1974 and other care homes run by Manchester council the abuse was rife I know people I.e insurance company that worked for the BASTARDS THAT ran the homes THE NUGENTS to all victims of the care homes I hope that yous are ok I will make sure the Nugents and Manchester council will be head line news as they know what went on at the hands of those dirty BASTARDS and I am glad that they are all DEAD ( rot in hell ) also the police forces GMP and Lancashire police force did a fantastic job in Arresting and charging them and the judge who put them in JAIL don’t name names as the insurance company’s read these blogs don’t name your care homes that you where in as they use them against you ike they did with me as I got the wrong name the ( insurance) said I was commiting fraud they make it sound like it was your Fault I was in a few care homes not going to name them remember this we are all victims please don’t let it Destroy you as hard at it is if you need to chat please PM me I will answer you thank you for reading. John

  4. Darren ellison

    Hi Roy thank you for your time. I’ve spoken to the police and made a staiment about what happened to me at rosehill. But there’s one horrible bastard name I can’t remember he wore a wig or topay? Just wondering if anyone could help me remember his name?

    • David Johnson

      timperly dearden samson, go to a solictors called , millar and simpson, there on the internet based in trafford they wil help ur case, no money needed , ask for a woman called deborah , cocran ,
      i just won my case against these horrible people , with there help

  5. roy James

    Sorry darren it’s sorry bout that… bloody predicted text roy

  6. Darren ellison

    I was in rosehill in the 70s was beaten and sexually abused can I still report it to the police. I’ve never forgotten what happened to me.

    • roy James

      Yes you can. Try the MIT Lancashire constabulary based in Blackpool police station

      • Darren ellison

        Thanks Roy James I’m going to my local police station tomorrow to report what happened to me at rosehill and broomhouse after 37years I’ve never told anyone what I went through.

      • roy James

        Hi Darren. A further point for you to consider if the local police is for you you email contact@iicsa.organisations. uk
        Put your allegations re Rosehill to them. They are independent investigation team.

  7. Chris. Lees

    I was in Rosehill in 1975/1976 it was the worst time in my life I was cained by bolshe on the day I left can you tell me who is dead and wear they are now so we can let all the people who were abused can do the same to them bastards I hope they rot in HELL

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  9. Kevin McDermott

    I was in rose hill remand home in 1966 i was a ten year old.I wasn’t sexual abused but physically yes.I just thought that was normal.I must have been in that place around. 12 times till. 1971.

    back ti

  10. John. Redmond

    Francis don’t let it destroy you I was there in the 70s you need to report it to the police. That’s what I did they will help Francis I remember one al I know is that he had black hair and a 24 hour suntan dearden I think after rose hill I went to Saint Aidens in Widnes it continued there the best news I got was the 4 perverts at rosehill are DEAD and one at Saint Aidens also DEAD please go to the police based at wythenshaw keep in touch Francis you are not alone take care speak soon

    • Roy james

      The name of this man was Peter Sinclair, bastard knocked the shit out of me to

    • Kevin McDermott

      Hi john are you related to Barney Redmond he was a good friend in the seventies he was from Ancoats

      • John. Redmond

        To be honest I don’t know I lived in moss side in the 70s just of main road the main 4 animals from rose hill are all dead the dirty BASTARDS

      • roy james

        Hello John, we’re you aware Bolshe and his wife who used to call herself matron visited Rosehill in the last 8 weeks, having their photos taken, still thinking their shit don’t stink, if you were from Moss Side did you ever come across mixed race lad who was in rosehill in the 70,s called Jerry Skerrit???

      • John. Redmond

        Hi Roy hope you are well heard nothing. About picture taken at ROSE. HILL was the women at rose hill was she at a mother care home. ? as for the young lad I knew plenty of. Them did you stay at rose hill or was you moved anywhere els ( I mean a different care home thanks for the contact please leave bolshe with me look after yourself

      • roy james

        Hello John. First time there was moved on to St Aidans in Widnes, second time when I left was taken to Risley, then onto Everthorpe Borstal, been home since I was 18 after I finished 5yrs YP, how did you fare when you left

      • John. Redmond

        I will be on to the police on Monday more info please after rose hill I went to a care home in wildness between 1973 to 1974 ish it was worse there I found out the BASTARD is dead I still have nightmares about both homes spoke to the police had interview I need a bit more info them 2 going to rose hill for a photo shoot I need it for police mate

      • roy james

        The bolshes were at the building to visit as the guests of The Friends Of Rosehill, they are the people who promote the old main building, if you went to a home in Widnes, it was St Aidans, the same as me, the old red ivy clad building has been pulled down, I was in one of the new buildings… Barlow.. if you remember the other one was called Arrowsmith, wonder if we were there at the same time… John, we all have nightmares mate, wake up in the middle of the night with heart racing, feeling sick where my stomach is churning so much. But we are not those children anymore, they can’t hurt us anymore, unless we allow them to, we are free of them. John try your best to let them go, it’s your life… live it free of them… we are men of 50+. Try to let go mate

      • John. Redmond

        Was you in one of the houses behind main buildings was in the house do you remember the room we all worked on it it was like a disco the cunt in charge he held the ladder the prick was touching you up Roy do you remember who was in your dorm was there a SCOUSER ? Cheers Roy

      • roy james

        Yes was in one of the houses behind the main building, the one nearest the new gym, I only remember 2 people from there, Steve Clarke from Southport and David Wade from Bootle in Liverpool. Remember couple of scousers from the main building… Daddy Duncalfe and Joey Quirke both from Kirby in Liverpool… do you remember Stephenson from Rosehill ???

      • roy james

        John.. my e-mail is contact me there if you want to… take care. Roy James

      • roy James

        John… we’re you in Rosehill. When one of the smallest youngest boys there was called Stephenson. Who was there for nicking cars…. your name is very familiar

  11. Francis Rose

    I rembert that place my first night I got abused night cocky. Nothing you said to anybody would make any difference. Ruind my life 55 and I still rember. Mr Samson. Mr bolsh. Skip .and the beatings. I was there in the 70s had to were shorts I was the smallest allways first in line .I rember to running through the tv room window to escape from there.i have tried to tell people over the years but to ashamed.

    • Roy james

      Don’t feel ashamed, you did nothing.. I remember Samson, an him playing music you were forced to sit an listen to, you moved or fidget, an you were battered where you sat, Bolsh sadistic self righteous twat, lethal with his cane. Worst of all to me was Ilse an Sinclair. I often think of some of the other lads some had it really bad

  12. John. Redmond

    I was there in the 70s it was a horrible place I was abused
    On my first night in there I traced my papers from there
    MCC do that yourself and if anything happend to you there
    Please contact the police if you want any info let me know
    Don’t let it destroy your life as hard as it is contact me anytime
    Please look after yourself.
    Regards. John

    • James Short

      My name is James Short I was at rose hill in the 70s and suffered abuse their. I was eventually moved on to mobbly boys and then on to engmanthorp hall weatherby North Yorkshire. The abuse continued in all these homes. I was compensated for the abuse in rose hill and mobbly boys but not for engmanthorp hall Yorkshire that was because they couldn’t trace the insurers and it was outside their durasticton. To me that was a load of bollocks Manchester social services sent me Their so I was still their responsibility regardless. It is well documented that their was abuse their and a conviction. No wonder we grew up to hate authority and the establishment. We have to live with these demons and that will most probably be for the rest of our lives.

    • Andrew Kadir

      Hi I’m Andrew Kadir I was in rose hill 76/77 I’m not part off the investigation or claim it was terrible what we all suffered do I need to contact the police about my ordeal

  13. Gerald Carter

    Correction, it wasn’t Kenny Rigg, I believe it was Johnny Rigg

  14. Gerald Carter

    I once knew someone by the name of Kenny Rigg who worked at Express dairies. Are you the same person?

  15. Gerald Carter

    I was sitting next to the boy who was punched in the back of the neck and sending his whole body into a violent uncontrollable spasm (trembling).

  16. John redmond

    Yes you can contact the police I was also in there in the 70s it was a horrible place after place to be I hope that you are ok there is loads of victims out there did you get moved anywhere else after rose hill ? We can keep in touch you can contact me anytime you take care and look after yourself thanks John

  17. Anon

    Hi can you still report things about rosehill i was there in the 70 ties

  18. I was in Rose Hill in 1964 where the abuse was still rife. Did any of you have to go and see a psychiatrist in Yorkshire, called Dr Peter Woods>

    [Edit: please no contact details.]

    • Harry Orwell

      I was there end 63 or 64 I was 15. My name is Harry Orwell and I still think about how that pump across my arse and how they made me fight others. I just found this site an hour ago. Friends email

  19. John redmond

    Hello me and my brother where in rose hill early 70s I got abused on my first night at that hell hole a member of staff tried to get in my bed I started shouting he then left ( night staff ) but then what semed ages I got beat up in the time I was there with my brother when you managed to get out an run away it was hard to do because the river Mersey went around the back of it there was only one way and that was swim the river that is what my brother did he got caught and was made to sit on a chair in the main hall all day while getting abused by staff I ended up at Saint Aidens where it all started again does anybody remember that at rose hill it was a terrible place for young people to be put through I have been in touch with Manchester social services asking for my care file got told it was not there how convient still trying to locate it

    • Kevin McDermott

      When you sat in the middle of the main room on a chair you were in the dog house been there.

      • roy james

        Kevin, it was carp in the dog house, sat in those chairs all day between.the snooker table and the table tennis table, having them scream in your face or clout you at will, and having to give up long trousers and your pjs

    • david johnson

      timperly deardren samson, names that live daily in your head, at the moment i am fighting a case against the city council for the sexually abuse i received in care, of rose hill.
      the main culprit is a liz treace of manchester city council , who is head of legal team, who called me vexatious and troubles some ,just out to cause grieve for the council for being raped in care of rose hill in the 70`s then told me in a letter she actually signed bearing her name on it like she is untouchable ,
      . and she is the one who also told me she would have be barred from the courts, because i dared to put manchester city council in county court over care payments, i won the case , then they got it over turned, judge stated no need for any orders, , fuck sake ,
      liz treace is supporting the , system and is blantant in her actions at present i have lucy powell mp involved , if we all send letter about our abuse and the treatment from manchester city council legal team to lucy powell mp. maybe we can get the power of the people behind, us , the power of the pen, , or start a petition to have liz treace the protector of abuser in social services, and foster homes, too removed from office then just maybe, we will be heard , properly ,
      we are not scum , we are abused children who endured alot , and have our concept of life mess up and our futures changed, because of the abuse we received under manchester city council , and head of legal team liz treace , who states some homes never existed for 2 years,, and then admitted it did , and she is still head of manchester city council legal team ,
      maybe enough support and petition can get the thersa may involved,
      we do have a choice,

      • roy James

        Good luck to you mate… hope you get there in the end with your case… are you aware there is a Facebook group for ex Rosehall residential

      • Andrew Kadir

        Hi I was in rose hill 76/77 all them names still haunts me to death I wasn’t involved in any claim as I’v only just today found out this scandal I’ve had a knee replacement and the medication I’m taking is giving me serious nightmares regarding my abuse today I went online and to my shock horror I’m seeing all this scandal

  20. Gary adamson

    I was abused there hobble place lot be when you are a kid

  21. mick

    I was at rosehill myself in the seventies. them abuse was rife. i was sexually assaulted myself. i av never told anyone. i think abuse was a common thing in them days.just part of the punishment. i was knocked out by a member of staff because i ad a dirty fork. and asked to change it.

  22. I got £13,000 offer , with all the help from the solicitor etc , they take 55% of the total amount . S0 i will get about 6,000 .

  23. clive hughes

    I struggled against the council for four years after they accepted the facts for what they were and responsibility for the perps. They waited till I was at my lowest ebb living on the streets and awarded me £5500. I was raped and for want of better words tortured in there but Richard Lees saw fit to make me feel like it was my fault all over again. truth is I would never have gone along with it if I’d known what they were going to put me through. No wonder people still struggle to come forward when this is the way they know they are going to be treated. Richard Lees got a Knighthood for refusing a High Court ruling.

  24. r j stewart

    Hi i to was sent to rose-hill a few times from 1979 to 1981.and was beaten by staff regularly i was a 13yo boy and got punched full force in the side of my head knocking me to the floor by a 6ft3 ex guardsman in front of other staff who did not say a word about it. brutality in that place was part of the regime.
    i wonder how many lads went on to become violent criminals from the lessons they learn t in rose hill that violence was a means to a end ?

    • hi , you should put a claim in just get in touch with the solicitors i mention above , i am just waiting for my compensation, its took nearly 2 years , but dont let these people get away with it mate., coincidentally i was in there in 1980 for 3 weeks . goodluck .

    • John. Redmond

      Yes and they where all employed as care staff what a excuse that was all fucking PERVERTS working for the CATHLIC church there is one cunts name I know I WOULD STICK A GUN IN HIS MOUTH AND PULL THE FUCKING TRIGGER the scum bag bastard I would do it for all the boy that was in care that is why the priests get away with it as they are the bigger perverts FACT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • andrewkadir

        Mate I wish I could find anyone off them especially Sinclair bolsh Samson timpely fucking torcher them all do you know any off the 1st names mate I’m truly out to find anyone off them and commit murder 🤬🤬🤬

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  26. I too dident know who to tell what had happened whilst i was in Rose Hil in 1980 , i was advised to get in touch with Quality solicitors , abney garsden and mcdonald solicitors .I recently went and they were incredibley helpfull and understanding . Ray

  27. steve

    Hi Paddy
    I cant thank you enough. I will phone like you say and get back to you regards what they say. You take care Paddy and we’ll speak again soon
    Thanks again

  28. kenneth rigg

    i was in that horrible place the staff were rotten and evil

    • steve sentino

      My name’s Steve… you mentioned that you were in the same home as myself! Have you reported what happened? I have been in touch with a couple of papers but to date I have had no reply. If you can add to any information I would be greatly pleased as what I endured at that evil home just like you… was unbelievable. I am so glad that they are looking into cases at Rose hill… it has been a long time coming, but at the moment I am not sure who I should be contacting… maybe I should just go straight to the police!!! If you can shed any further light on this subject please get in touch…. I’ll look forward to hopefully hearing back from you.
      For now take care

      • paddy

        hi steve i to sufferd abuse at the hell of rosehill here,s a teliphone number of a silisiters dealing with me but you must hurry theres about three weeks to deadline so good look my friend phone tomorrow 01924457171

      • Roy james

        Hi Steve, your name rings a bell from the past. Think we might of been there at the same time… we’re you not contacted by the police attached to operation Cleopatra. Have to say they weren’t as proactive as Cheshire police in their investigation

      • Steve

        Hi Roy,
        Thanks for your message…. is it possible to send me your actual email so that I can go into more detail regards Rosehill,…Sinclair and the rest of them that worked there. If you could that would be great and interesting to compare notes.
        By the way the Police investigating Rosehill & its Staff, never once got in touch me… most probably because as you say… they weren’t as proactive…. I did however hear solicitors were trying to get in touch with the lads who were in Rosehill around the same time we were…. apparently this was regards putting a claim in against them, did you by any chance managed to make a claim against them? For me, Sinclair was the main one, I remember, he had a Big Black Plimsoll…. (which he called Whooosh!!!) he called it that because when he Swung it… to ”Hit you with it”… well that was the kind of Sound it made…. I ended up black & blue the amount of times I got a smack from that Plimsoll… There were lots of other things the excuse for a human got upto aswell…. from which if you get intouch…. we can compare notes…. There were Others in there that did things that simply should never of happened.
        Any for now Roy… I hope you really are ok…. and I hope we can get to speak some more.
        Take Care for now
        my original surname at the time was Nixon (Steve Nixon)
        I changed my name by deed poll after coming out of Rosehill. I did this for a couple of reasons which ill tell you about another time.

      • roy James

        Hi Steve have responded to your email address. Could you check it’s not gone into your spam box… Roy

      • Steve

        Hi Roy
        just to let you know I’ve emailed you

      • John. Redmond

        Steve the police you contact is hall lane police in wythenshaw I have spoke to them regarding rose hill centrel library do hold your movement cards they will help as that is the wayi got mine try it Steve all you want isyour cards they will say where you where you where moved to even other care homes let me know how you you get on STEVE SENDMEYOUR EMAIL ADDRESS PLEASE

  29. william fox

    no one seems to care about the other manchester city council employees child abusers that filled the childrens homes .

    • steve

      Can someone please tell who I can speak to regards my time at ROSEHILL?
      Thank you

      • janet hunter

        Hi you can speak to abney garsden and mcdonald solicitors i also have a facebook group for former rosehill residents

      • Mark MRobert

        You need to speak to a solicitor called Peter Garsden (from Abney Garsden & Mcdonald) He is the leading solicitor who dealt with most of us into the abuse suffered at Rose Hill.

      • andrewkadir

        Hi mate how you getting on hope everything going good 👊🏼 I was also a victim off the rose hill animals it was only yesterday that I learned about the scandal I was in rose hill 76/77 them bastards gave me a terrible time wish I could find anyone off them pay back bigtime my style Andrew Kadir

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