Underley Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale

Underley Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale

Operation Tweed.

Review into Underley Hall abuse investigation

A review has been announced into how Cumbria Police investigated allegations of historic sexual and physical abuse at a former school in the county.

The alleged victims of historical abuse at a Cumbrian school have spoken of their relief that the police investigation into their claims is to be re-examined.

The Cumbria force says it will carry out an internal review of its own investigation into claims reported in 1996 and 1997 – they relate to Underley Hall boarding school in Kirby Lonsdale. Former pupils say they were subjected to sexual and physical assaults there in the 70s and 80s. Ashley Derricott reports.

A Cumbrian MP has welcomed a decision to review how police investigated allegations of historic sexual abuse at a former school.

Police looked into the allegations at Underley Hall in Kirkby Lonsdale in the 1990’s. South Lakes MP Tim Farron has been calling for a review of that investigation, which Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner has now ordered.

The former school was closed in 2012
The former school was closed in 2012 Credit: ITV Border

Police and Crime Commissioner Richard Rhodes has instigated an internal review into how Cumbria Police investigated allegations of historic sexual and physical abuse at Underley Hall, a former school in the county.

“Last week I met with Joseph Ryan and Martin Dye on behalf of previous boys at Underley Hall School, Kirkby Lonsdale, who raised questions about the police investigation in 1996/1997 into sexual and physical abuse at Underley Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale.

“I have referred the questions raised during the meeting to the Chief Constable of Cumbria Constabulary. The Chief Constable and I are in agreement that an internal review will take place immediately focusing on the standard of the 1996/1997 investigation and if there were any misconduct issues.

“A Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) from Cumbria Constabulary will lead the review. The DCI has played no part in the historic or current investigation (Operation Tweed).

“As Police and Crime Commissioner I will be consulted on the Term of Reference for the investigation to ensure the issues raised at the meeting on the 25th September are appropriately included.

“It is expected that the Internal Review will take at least a month to complete.

“Both the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and Cumbria Constabulary have spoken to the IPCC to keep them informed of developments. The IPCC have explained the referral process and given advice on handling.

“I would urge any victims or witnesses to come forward and help the Police with their current investigation.”

Child abuse probe investigates former Underley Hall School

Police investigating allegations of historical child abuse are probing activities at a former school in Cumbria.

Underley Hall School, a residential boarding school in Kirkby Lonsdale, closed in 2012.

Cumbria Police confirmed it is looking at the establishment as part of an investigation into abuse claims in residential schools across the county.

The allegations date from the 1970s to the 1990s.

A spokeswoman said detectives were “investigating these reports thoroughly” as part of Operation Tweed.

‘Get to the truth’Cumbria County Council said it was one of a number of local authorities from across the country which used the school and said it was “working with police to review any files relating to Underley Hall”.

A spokesman said: “Underley Hall was a private school.

“It closed in 2012 following an Ofsted inspection which judged it to be inadequate.

“All children placed at the school by the county council were removed following the inadequate judgement.”

Lib Dem MP Tim Farron, whose Westmorland and Lonsdale constituency the school was in, has contacted the Home Office to call for an inquiry after being approached by a former pupil.

He said: “We must get to the truth about what happened at Underley Hall to make sure that victims receive justice, any perpetrators are held to account for their crimes and that children are protected in the future.”

MP Graham Stringer, who represents Blackley and Broughton in Greater Manchester, has also written to the Home Secretary, Theresa May, after he too was contacted by a former Underley Hall pupil who lives in his constituency.

BBC News 01/08/14

In Cumbria, John Wadlow, a teacher at a residential school for children with behavioual problems, Underley Hall, was charged with a dozen sex offences but committed suicide in 1997 after absconding from a bail hostel.  His initial accuser, a former boy at the school, also committed suicide.

Forgotten Children, Christian Wolmar, 2000, p.37


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  1. tony buck

    wouldnt mind going back one weekend ,, hopefully bump into chrisine denison or little fiona that used to work in the kitchens

  2. Aareet Tony did u get my text message what I sent earlier on your mobile, just wanna make sure you’ve still got the same mobile number, if not let me know, something has come up and need to get in touch with you, be careful what u say on here certain people have been reading our comments, get back to me if you’ve still got my number, cheers mate.

  3. I can’t really say on here but we’ve been reported, nothing worth worrying about, just have to be careful what we say on here from now on, it’s one of the teachers, can’t say which one as don’t wanna get myself in anymore shit but he’s worried that’ll do for me haha haha let him have sleepless nights i could give u a clue, we’ve both had a good beating off him several times and it’s not the Nazi

    • tony buck

      bet its the one that had his twin growing out of his neck and had breath like he ate shit 3 times a day,, should put our own complaints to the police,, still got the scar on my head from when errol put my head threw the assembly room win

  4. They’ve taken our comments off here, have u noticed

  5. They haven’t took our comments off there just on old comments now

  6. Alright Tony, how’s it going mate, I’m not saying nowt else on here, it seems like the life wrecking child beaters are now being protected by the authorities, trust no one mate, especially on here, I’m done with all this Underley Hall bull-shit, they didn’t believe us then and they won’t believe us now the whole thing is just a scam to protect people who abuse vulnerable children whether it’s sexual or physical, makes me feel fucking sick. The AUTHORITIES, there all in it together whether it’s Education authorities, Local authorities, the Police or the Court’s. At the end of the day who sent boys to Underley Hall, the Education authorities or Local authorities, if you ran away after being beat up then got court who took you back, the Police again the authorities only to get another beating off Meyer’s then they turned a blind eye probably laughing as they drove off in their panda car knowing what was gonna happen to a vulnerable child. Fuck the authorities fuck society fuck you’s all and anyone that defends or protects child abusers you’re all fucking sick in the head, good fucking bye, keep in touch Tony or John Brown or anyone else I was mates with at Underley Hall

    • tony edwards .tony oliver . the missionman

      its tony Edwards here u ok they should be shott for what they done in that school llo

  7. tony buck

    will text you when i get my back from the repair shop mate

    • tony edwards .tony oliver . the missionman

      hi tony its tony Edwards u remember the one that never sed nowt the boy who cryed wolf and never got hered
      mish is my new name kid still drawing and hav u sean jonh buckann iam their for u kid along with the others that cryed wolf and never got hered k kid holdon its gpoining to get bummppy lol

  8. Ok Tony, nice one mate

  9. Ok mate, nice one Tony

  10. They’ll even get protected by the prison authorities, if they go down, the whole system of authorities is all set up to protect child abusers, that’s just the way society is, try your best to avoid the authorities, they ruin life’s


    Hi mark if thay get off iv got a good way of torturing people so if you want masks boiler suit and we will torture the dirty twats


    yes i will keep in touch with you mark, could do with some good friends


    put them in a barn and burn it with them in burn them all


    ww3 will be coming soon there will be no law and order soon …..

  15. tony

    ha ha ha go on jon lad

  16. Wendy burton

    My dad Brian Burton went to that school anyone remember him?

  17. Wendy burton

    He said to ask how your doing Martin

  18. Wendy burton

    Yes he is doing ok he said it’s nice hearing of you after all these years

    • Martin Dye

      I’m in contact with a lot of guys who remember your Dad,I hope we can get him to one of our regular reunions,if you ask admin of this site they’ll put us in touch or you can find me on facebook.

  19. Wendy burton

    Ok will do he will. Be chuffed to see you all again

  20. Wendy burton

    What’s your picture on Facebook Martin there are quite a few with your name

  21. Wendy burton

    I can’t find you on there can you add me

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  23. Tony buck

    Who the fuck is silly billy

  24. Dyslo

    Knew they’d walk, but then, they were protected way back when, so they’ll be protected now. Judge can’t go on much, end of the day we were all ” troubled teens ” so the judge and the auth aren’t going to take anything we say seriously. There is no way we can grind up concrete evidence, it’s been over 20 years for most, a lost cause, and they’ll get away with it most of them, and they wonder why the majority of people don’t trust in the law? Anyway I’m walking, putting it all behind me, not letting their filthy and disgusting acts come before anything anymore, they aren’t worth an ounce of agro. Laters all, have a good one.

  25. David Haworth

    Hi I’m David Haworth is there any one that remembers me. I went uhs back in the 70s

  26. Hi there. Was at Knowl View School, Rochdale, 1969-1972. Don’t know whether anyone on here remembers me. Its a long shot but you never know. Best Wishes, Ray.

  27. c

    I remember you too David. You and crooky were tallest guys in school. C.
    Martin can get you in touch with everyone.

  28. John

    Joseph Ryan loves to make up story’s just to try make false compo claims.

  29. Mish

    And do u remember Aaron stocks he also raped me and bullyed the life out of me he’s been abouncedded deed he was dodjey as fuk too its like that cunt walow he’s took the easy way out the cunt he should have hung for what he did

  30. Mish

    And has anyone herd from John bucken and David Hodges on and peter O’Connell tony buck I remember u I can stand witness to sum o the batins u used to get the other names here are my mates back then and sevario O’Conner I’ll stand up for the lot of u kids man that place was hell lads OK

  31. Mish

    I was the kid that had no visits no poker mony all was got kicked in to foul of most but never said nowt till 1997 and that’s when all this started some of the teachers and boys were like gangs their u no it its going to be bullied onto bullets this battle and half of u need to get the cunts back k chinup and stand up don’t get pushed about k

  32. Mish

    I remember everything k

  33. Mish

    Tony I remember all the times when I was their till u left when all them daf bully nonses used to do u in half the time I was up trees hiding in that school when I seen most of the shit their mate same with john buckan sumtimes with him in the trees lol when the big lads were throwing stones and sticks up the tree at us fukin cunts splitmy head a few times and sum of the staff were their to chuking sticks Mr Perot was one of them mr cunninghem Mr Darby used to take kids into his flat and the guitarist was their Mr hodgeson but I never went fuk nows what they were doing in their it was Mr Mrs mayors flat back then tho then CNRS warbys flat after put it one way lads I was their for 9 years k herd slog just cross I had a dad the belted me to fuk I got took of him he kidknaped me back and they left him to put me in that place I hope e burnes in hell cos I wasent even supposed to be their cunts I wasn’t even under care their no scocal worker no nowt left for 9 years getting raped and abused of most of the cunts

    • tony

      I’m a lot bigger than I was when I was at underly hall mate and would love to bump into one of them when I’m at devils bridge one weekend,, said to mark that we should all meet up one weekend in Kirkby Lonsdale and have a few beverages and a good catch up,, would love to know what everyone has been up to

  34. tony buck

    Met some great lads there that I will always remember,, always having a laugh and trying to make the best of it,,couple of the teachers as well,, Keith farary the music teacher,,Lister was ok and Linda hall,Mrs Parsons Christine Denison Mrs haglund and the arts teacher where all good as well,, some horrible cunts there as well and still got the scar’s to prove it,, we all know who you are and what you did and so do you

  35. tony edwards .tony oliver . the missionman

    can dc ross woods get in toutch with me its the missionman and iam in brighton again and the pedoothile ring is getting out of controle the only thing I can do is go on this site to tsalk they’ve put me on a thing could computer generraited interface c.g .i. and made moveis with my image and the old pedoas down here 65 plus have put my with kids on pornographic moveis and trying to make me out to be like iam like them I would like u to help me mate u can get in toutch with a place cauld firstbase in brighton and ask for a member of staff could .D. ok I feel a bit outnumberd with the amount of the little noncy pedoes down here ok

  36. Danny

    Don’t talk rubbish

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