Orchard Lodge Children’s Home

Orchard Lodge Children’s Home

Although run by Southwark Council, we understand that Orchard Lodge was located in Anerley in the London Borough of Bromley.

Daniel Swales, 36, who worked at the Orchard Lodge Children’s Home run by Southwark Council in South London, has been missing since police began receiving complaints, the spokesman said.

The allegations concern boys aged 6-13 who joined soccer teams Mr Swales organised in the South-East London League.

Mr Swales had worked at the home for the past two years as a child-care officer.

A team of 10 detectives is investigating, and inquiries are being made in the Manchester and Blackpool areas.

The Age 06/07/87

Bachelor Daniel Swales kept the sordid secret of his past hidden from council bosses when he applied for the job.  Now detectives are trying to track him down after at least 20 pupils claimed he assaulted them.

Daily Mirror 04/07/87


7 responses to “Orchard Lodge Children’s Home

  1. Jules

    Has Daniel Swale been caught and convicted for his brutal crimes on children. Is he still alive (16/06/16)


    i was in orchard lodge when i was 13 and came across swales in not a nice way

  3. Jak

    My brother is 39 now and was in a football club that he ran in the 80s
    to this day my brother suffers due to the abuse this monster inflicted on him
    I am trying to find out if this monster is still alive and if so where is he ??
    Can anyone help ??

  4. Dean Morris

    I was also had by this swale in the 80’s in a children home and would like to talk to somebody and help please contact me @ Dean.morris88888@gmail.com

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