Grove Park Community Home

Ivydale Children’s Home, Peckham

Orchard Lodge Children’s Home

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  2. 12/07/2013 Goto News Index

    Uppal Taylor Solicitors in Nottingham are currently representing a number of former pupils of Bredinghurst School, London, in a claim for damages.

    Uppal Taylor Solicitors currently represent a number of former residents of Bredinghurst School who are bringing compensation claims for personal injury, loss and damage occasioned to them as a result of alleged abuse and maltreatment suffered whilst they were pupils at the School.

    Bredinghurst School, which was located in Peckham Rye, London is no longer in operation.

    The former pupils allege incidents of sexual, physical and emotional abuse whilst resident at Bredinghurst by members of staff and/or other residents. The allegations span a period of ten years throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

    The alleged abuse of pupils, who were at their most vulnerable when they attended Bredinghurst, was a gross breach of trust by the staff employed to care for and protect them. Instead of being a caring and nurturing environment Bredinghurst the former residents state that the school was an institute feared by the Claimants for its alleged brutal and abusive regimes.

    The abuse and maltreatment that the Claimants say they were subjected to whilst they were pupils at Bredinghurst has been varied in nature. The impact of that abuse upon their lives has been long-standing and serious.

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