Repton Lodge, Sparken Hill, Worksop

Repton Lodge, Sparken Hill, Worksop

Operation Xeres is looking into allegations between the 1940s and 1990s, relating to former care homes, schools and a youth detention centre.

The homes include Skegby Hall, YOI Whatton, Repton Lodge in Worksop, Laybrook, Berry Hill Open Air School and The Ridge in Mansfield, Amberdale in Stapleford, Ashley House in Worksop, South Collingham Hall, and Caudwell House in Southwell

The allegations range from low-level physical abuse to serious sexual abuse.

First charges announced Mansford & Ashfield Chad 28/10/15



John Mann has named the Notts children’s homes caught up in allegations of child abuse following new victims coming forward.

The Bassetlaw MP commented: “There have been a large number of new allegations made in the last fortnight that historic child abuse took place at several local children’s homes.”

“Confidentiality is guaranteed for everyone who has come forward and I have passed on information to the police.”

“I will continue to work with victims and the police to get to the truth.”

“After speaking to many victims I have decided to name the children’s homes allegedly involved to encourage anyone with information to come forward. There are more people out there who can help to uncover the abuse and assist the victims in achieving justice.”

Two of the children’s homes, Repton Lodge and Ashley House, were based in Worksop.

The full list of homes where allegations of abuse have been raised is as follows:

Repton Lodge – Sparken Hill, Worksop

Ashley House – Worksop

Laybrook – Mansfield

Skegby Hall- Ashfield

Retford Today 03/11/13


10 responses to “Repton Lodge, Sparken Hill, Worksop

  1. Nicholas jones

    Hi my name is nicholas jones an I was in both care homes ashley house and Repton lodge at that time it was run by a Mr an Mrs freer his name was Bert freer I went in ashley house for 9 to 11 months then to Repton lodge around 1976 or 1977 I was physically abused in Repton lodge got drag up stairs by my hair by one of the staff cannot remember there name who it was!!! I stay in Repton lodge for about 4 years.

    • Gary cordsll

      Hi Nicholas us as at Repton lodge in workshop in 1980s my name is Gary cordall was Smith back then do you remember Aney staff names please

    • john lovejoy

      Hi nicholas i was in ashley house around 1978 or 1979 ish. spent 9 or 10 months there then got moved to repton lodge .I think i was nearly 13yrs old when i got put in repton lodge .I spent nearly two years there then i got banged up for 7 weeks at oxford detention center and i thort i was going home after the 7 week dc….like fuk.. i got another 2 years at repton and stayed there until i left when i was just over 16yrs old. I can remember that some of the staff were very aggressive to me at times aswell..Uncles and aunties we called them lol. I remember all there names. I cant place you at all.. get in touch mate

    • 7

      Hi my name is Stephen Taylor I sent 11 months at Ashley house went to repton lodge 1979 -1985 I remember all the staff there Mr wing was my key worker Mrs freer staged me upstairs with my hair but we had to call her auntie Jean. Miss Jones miss fox uncle bert Mr Wilcox

  2. i was in repton lodge worksop then julie dexter i phoned mr mann about what happened with me nothing has been done no phone calls back

    • Gary Cordalk

      Hi Julie Dexter ime gary cordall was smith in the 80s iwas at repton lodge from 85 to 88 can you remember me atall can you remember eney of the staff names there

      • john

        Hello Gary i was at repton lodge from 1978 to 1982. Before i went there i was at ashley house sunnyside. I was about eleven or twelve when i got put in ashley house then i got moved to repton lodge. I can remember all the staff names and one or two of my mates that were in there too. I left repton when i was 16 back in 1982

      • john lovejoy

        get in touch mate .forgot to put my full name john lovejoy

    • john lovejoy

      hello julie i was in repton lodge from 1979 ish to 1982 . I am john lovejoy … i remember all the staffs names there .

  3. Lucy bognar

    Hi I’m Lucy I went to the ridge at Mansfield n also rely on lodge both abusive places from 1979 to 1985 foster homes in between awful places to live locked up beaten kicked pinched pulled by hair few nice auntie s

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