Ashley House, Worksop

Ashley House, Worksop

Operation Xeres

First charges brought Mansfield & Ashfield Chad 28/10/15


John Mann has demanded an inquiry be made into historical cases of child abuse which allegedly took place in 17 Notts care homes- two of which were based in Worksop.

The Bassetlaw MP named the Worksop children’s homes caught up in allegations as Repton Lodge and Ashley House after new victims came forward.

Said Mr Mann: “I have called on Notts County Council to launch an independent inquiry into abuse in these children’s homes.”

“I now have information relating to allegations of child abuse in 17 children’s homes across the county. Two of those homes were in Bassetlaw.” The allegations are of all types of abuse, from beatings to rape.”

The relevation comes after Home Secretary Theresa May was forced to apologise after the second chairman of the Government’s inquiry into historical abuse quit.

Mr Mann added: “It would be incredibly useful for the police and the victims if people with information would come forward- including people who lived in the homes and worked in them. Confidentiality is guaranteed.”

Anthony May, of Notts County Council, said: “The safety and wellbeing of children and young people in our care is our highest priority and we take this very seriously. Investigations surrounding former children’s homes are complex, the police investigation which began in August 2010 is still underway.”

“The County Council has agreed with the City Council, the Police and Crime Commissioner and the chief constable to instigate an independent review which will start once the active police investigation is complete.”

“The County Council’s service director for children’s social care, Steve Edwards has contacted John Mann to request clarification regarding his concerns of alleged historic child abuse.”

Worksop Guardian 06/11/14


4 responses to “Ashley House, Worksop

  1. Steve

    I was at Ashley house in 1984

    • john lovejoy

      I was at ashley house in 1978 and the govenor was mr.smith . a rite evil little man. i remember mr vicars mr donavan and a few more staff too

  2. Shane Henson

    I was in ashley house and was sexually abused by a staff member

  3. Paul

    Hi my name is Paul I was beaten bye a staff member called mr rattcliff and when I looked at other staff member in the same room thinking I would get help they just watched and my mother was not allowed to visit me because I was covered in bruises

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