Trent College, Nottingham

Trent College, Nottingham

A former pupil of Trent College received an out of court settlement for childhood sexual abuse suffered at the hands of two teachers between 1981 and 1983.

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    I think Maltby died in May 2019 or sometime then, and I was in Schola Cantorum, the school choir, which I am not quite sure when that started however it no longer exists. I sang at his memorial as part of it and after reading here how awful some of the things he has done, i am so disgusted that TC painted him as such an “amazing man who changed many young boys’ lives for the better”. I am absolutely horrified but I am extremely grateful that the school as a whole has changed for the better, or they have improved at hiding things

    • MR

      Maltby ignored what was happening asdid lots of other teachers.. he also ignored his alcholic deputy head whos study reaked of whisky and who taught lessons drunk.

      • No Nickname

        I’m afraid there could be more to this than we formerly realised.

      • Andy

        Did Trent ever issue a public statement on these events? I know there was the letter sent out in the late ’80s (I think) mentioning the incidents (I don’t ever recall reading it, my Dad told me about it on the phone as I remember). With most of the protagonists involved now dead it is unfortunate that there is no public record (other than for example the cases that the school still seems to settle out of court plus the ‘That’s Life’ special). These days ‘mea culpas’ seem all the rage but I think this is one example where it really would be justified. I’ve no doubt that while he was alive Maltby managed to cast an obscuring shadow over these events but it does seem to me that his role in this (and others) was entirely reprehensible.

      • MR

        Yes Andrew entirley reprihensible.
        Lots of the teachers must have known as lots of the pupils knew. It was just considered part of life at trent.
        Shameful I hated my time there

      • Andy

        This is 3 years old, but events at Trent were clearly brought to the attention of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (the first phase of this must have been completed) :

  2. MR

    Did anyone get a phone call a few years ago asking about your experience of your time at Trent College. What did you say?

    • No Nickname

      Not me.

      I was asked in person some questions by a governor relevant to a what a boarder’s experience of the school might have been in the 70s in relation to the sort of trouble we’ve been mulling over here, but I don’t recall the governor revealing why he was asking me then. That was 2014, I believe. It was no more than a 5 or 10 minute conversation.

      I wish Trent well, but I remain very confused by the sequence of events that led to terrible revelations in later years, and disturbed even 45 years later, things still are coming out.

      • Woof! Woof!

        Me neither although the change of surname may have made it difficult to make contact. I was at Trent 72 – 79. Catterns then Wright House. Edmonds flat was accessed via Wright House TV room which was also a senior common room for those of us in 4/5th year before we got study/study bedrooms. About 5 or 6 of us were located there. Consequuently we saw a lot of Edmonds and those who went to visit him in his rooms after prep. Mostly it was groups but occasionally it was individuals. There was one boarder from another house who frequently went to his rooms. Still worries me today thinking about it. I think all of in the CR felt Edmonds was very odd. Another occasion he became quite agrresive towards me in the CR to the point where one of my mates stepped in and told hime to leave me alone as he could see I was getting upset.

  3. No Nickname

    I was there too, 71-78
    As a boarder throughout that time, I have a very close insight into what went on in that 70s period; also from the eventual perspective of being in a so-called senior position as a pupil (prefect/school prefect, vice Head of House or whatever that was called, etc).
    Happy to share, because reading this above helps me too.

    • Andy

      NN – which house were you in?

      • No Nickname

        Well, there’s my anonymity blown –


      • Andy

        Well I certainly can’t identify you from that, chuckle. Nor would I want to, anonymity is as people want it on here. This little forum has provided pretty much the only outlet I have ever found to the events of Trent at that time – events that seem to have left remarkably little trace anywhere else on the net (or elsewhere).

      • No Nickname

        I never heard whatsoever, what happened to Mr Simon (?) Anderson?

    • MR

      NN I was there same time as you same House but I was a Day Boy.. lots of people knew what was going on teachers must have known. Horrible place hated it.

      • No Nickname

        The topic of seemingly inappropriate behaviour was obliquely raised within the house, in 1975 or possibly 1976. My feeling was then that this had been handled quite well by someone in authority, on the sketchy information available (at least to me) at that time.

        Other people may have other information, but I have no personal recollection of anyone trying to put a wider picture together back in the mid 70s. If there was a bigger picture at the time, it was perhaps too fragmented to make any sense then.

        I don’t believe I then knew anything beyond my own personal experiences which certainly on occasions felt “off”.

        And …we were entitled to be naive and confused, as we were children.

        I personally could generally cope with the place but, for making a stand on something with another pupil when I was probably only 15, I recall things got very awkward for a time.

      • MR

        So I was expelled in early 1975 so missed any oblique raising of issues in the House.
        It is interesting how our recollections from what is now almost 50 years ago differ.
        As I recall the “abuse” was common knowledge though I don’t think it would have been seen as abuse just “normal” for public school life.

      • No Nickname

        I’d be pretty certain the episode I refer to was spring of 1976 and only boarders were likely to be even vaguely aware of what occurred, although 5/6 people did know the particular situation. The episode I refer to was not in itself abuse, it was the challenging of a master’s behaviour and his reaction to that challenge. It is my personal observation 4th/5th form boys (then there were no girls) were being drawn in by more than one master, and as I had only then reached that age myself, I had not witnessed or been aware of early unusual behaviour. After the episode I refer to, I thankfully personally avoided similar situations from then on. Clearly I’d not have been welcome anyway.

        On a separate point I had been one of the people to go to Edmonds top floor flat after prep where cider was the drink if I recall, but always with others in a group and I was never touched. I was probably 14 then.

        I’m no expert but it seems clear that abusers became more and more emboldened despite the warning signs being there right from the start, although the precise date of the of “the start” in the 70s or 80s may not be yet clear.

        Is it known whether the diaries referred to on this site as evidence in relation to Edmonds, explained when his criminal behaviour had started?

        MR – Be assured in no way would I seek to underestimate the impact of other people’s terrible experiences or wish to influence their own memories of the time.

        The whole situation is appalling and rumbles on, even decades later.

        My best wishes to you after all these years

      • MR

        NN Ref the diaries. Not sure on that. There are a few but not many mentions of them around but are hard to find. There must have been a wealth of information in them. At the police station he called his mother and told her to burn them but the police already had them.

      • No Nickname

        MR Thank you for your insight – until this week I had never heard there were diaries, let alone their being with his mother. Mind boggling.

      • Andy

        Inviting pupils back to your study to drink cider suggests to me quite a degree of confidence that a) you aren’t likely to get caught and b) if you are you’ll get away with it? It’s pretty brazen – even taking the sexual assault element out of it, it’s a teacher encouraging children to break the licensing laws (at a fee paying school to boot, where the parents would be likely very interventionist). Kids do gossip after all. Does anyone recall when Edmonds came to Trent? I think he was an English teacher? I don’t recall him teaching me – for English I just remember Hutchins? (Macro was his nickname I think) taking us for 3rd/4th form English. He also invited us to his study/bed as I recall – but that was during class time, to listen to music (Evita and the Misa Luba stick in my mind). I think he was a bit ‘different’ with his teaching methods.

      • No Nickname

        I think Edmonds arrived ’73 or ’74. I boarded with a few Catterns kids in the summer of ’72 in the top floor area that subsequently became his flat. The fire escape was a rope ladder affair that somewhat sticks in the mind, three floors up! I don’t recall Edmonds until later on than 72, and yes, he taught English.

        Macro (it was “Macro Bullshit ” in full) I found really interesting and we saw him during the day, and without alcohol. He went on to be a professional writer I believe. The day sessions with him were by his invite only and in free periods, but didn’t seem anything to be concerned about, at least to me.

        The form of post prep, group socialising with alcoholic drink seemed to happen simultaneously (or thereabouts) with a couple of masters including Edmonds. I don’t think the alcohol was illegal as such, but it was certainly something that was questionable. Did it happen simultaneously in all four senior boarding houses in about 1974/5? Here I’m assuming Edmonds was attached to Wright, but I’m not certain about that. Put it this way, I have no recollection of knowing the year above mine had been doing the same, but I do recall the year below mine doing it at least for a while.

      • Andy

        Hmmm Edmonds must have been there pretty much all the time I was then. Strange, I had it in my mind that he was a ‘new’ teacher about half way through my stint.
        I don’t think there was anything at all fishy about Macro – I think he just had ‘progressive’ teaching methods :) .

      • Andy

        What was the name of Maltby’s deputy head in the late ’70s? I remember him as being pretty sarcastic (at least to me!) and pretty ‘flamboyant’. Can’t put a name to him though……..

      • No Nickname

        Was he a Mr Sadler?

      • Andy

        That’s it! Well remembered. The teachers common room at Trent in the 70’s/early 80’s must have been a strange mixture of the ‘Jocks’ (Baines, Clapp, Pye, Davies, etc), the middle of the road mob and then the likes of Edmonds and O’Gorman.

      • MR

        If you watch That’s Life Special the scandal of Crookham Court on YouTube the reference to the diaries and the reference Maltby wrote for him is there around 49mins in

      • No Nickname

        Thanks, you are quite right. Heavens above!

        I’m not sure I have seen the “That’s Life” programme before but was aware of it.

        I have though read Ian Mucklejohn’s book “Had” on the tragedy of Crookham Court school, which rightly has excellent reviews

      • Andy

        Good grief – I’ve never watched the That’s Life special before either : minutes 49-51. There you have it read out in court, Matlby’s complicity in effectively passing a paedophile on to another school.

      • Andy

        ” Abuse of pupils at Trent College was the subject of a major criminal investigation by Derbyshire Police in the late 1980s. This investigation commenced following a referral from Thames Valley Police who were investigating Crookham Court Private School; at Crookham a former male teacher of Trent, Anthony Edmonds, had been implicated in serious sexual assaults against pupils. As a result of the investigations a number of teachers were convicted of serious sexual assaults against male pupils of the school.

        On 4th July 1990 Anthony Edmonds pleaded guilty to 4 counts of buggery and 7 counts of indecent assault; he was sentenced to a total of 6 years in prison at Reading Crown Court.

        On 6th April 1990 Peter James Joseph O’Gorman pleaded guilty to 2 counts of buggery, 1 count of attempted buggery and 3 counts of indecent assault; he was sentenced to 4 years in prison at Nottingham Crown Court. “

  4. Anonymous

    I was at Trent from 1973 to 1979
    God I despised the place. I was a day boy who never fitted this loathsome place. I also agree with many if you,. Malltby was arrogant. I was a pupil of Edmunds who felt revulsion in his company. I avoided him like the plague and even stood up to him. Told him that if he ever came near me he would regret it,! What a creep. Made my stomach churn. Never liked Peel either but at least he wasn’t a paedophile! I vowed never to enter the school again. Old Tridents…….you must be joking. A sick sick place. It did teach me to recognise complete knobheads though. It’s the only thing it did teach me.

  5. MR

    Craig. You are a very very brave man. I salute you. IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT. The only fault is in the hands of Edmonds etal Nasty nasty place. Loads of cowardly teachers looked the other way. Baines Peel ,Clapp shame shame shame on you.. I hope you feel shame for the rest of your lives you did nothing to stop it.

  6. Craig

    Hi all who have posted. I was the one that spoke out and put Edmonds behind bars. He’d abused over 200 children by time he was caught. I have the thank my perants as well. I spent many years in therapy and suicidal for many years as well. Unfortunately it still haunts me to this day. The whole sorry state of affaires still trundles on to this day and while there are still things going on, I still can’t get proper investigations underway, old news I guess. Unfortunately that’s the way things were back then, sweep them under the carpet and don’t cause a fuss.

    • Andy

      Jeez, Craig I can’t imagine what you went through. You were extremely brave to speak up and you can at least take a huge amount of credit for stopping Edmonds (and then indirectly O’Gorman etc) – you will have saved many other children from yet more abuse.

      • MR

        Also Sizzler Tyler running around in your shorts. There is no way in a million.yearsthat you did not know shame shame

      • Andy

        Perhaps it’s the impact of covid (or perhaps not) – but apparently there has been a slew of death amongst the teaching staff of that time in the past 12 months – ‘Butch’ Baines (my old head of house – Wortley) , Robin Schlich (Wright and languages), Lee-Smith (biology) and Michael Barlow (head of music). I take a dimmer view of at least one of them than I used to…………..

  7. MR

    Trent remains in the news. Check out Dr Bernard Randall. on Google. Chaplain recently made redundant by Trent

  8. John Richardson


    Possibly others
    All abusers

  9. MR

    I was at Trent 1971 to 1975 when I was expelled. It was common knowledge about Edmonds and others. As I recall the boys being abused were seen as favourites of their abusers and then bullied by other pupils. So a double whammy for them. Nasty place in the 70s. The teachers that knew and did nothing should be ashamed. Shall I name them???

  10. Andy

    From the webpage of BoltBurdonKemp (solicitors) – I am not sure when the case was brought but sometime in the last few years…

    Trent College settles out of court

    Bolt Burdon Kemp successfully represented Mr A in his claim for compensation for childhood sexual abuse suffered at the hands of two school teachers at Trent College. The abuse took place between 1981 and 1983, when Mr A was a pupil. He was aged 13 to 15 years old at the time and was subjected on numerous occasions to serious sexual assaults at the hands of two teachers who also abused many other pupils at the school.

    Mr A did not tell the College about the abuse, or report it to the police at the time. In fact for over 20 years he kept silent about the abuse he had suffered. The claimant’s educational performance and behaviour deteriorated as the abuse intensified and when he was 15 years old he was told that he would have to leave the school or be expelled. The abuse had a profound and lasting effect upon the claimant. He suffered from post traumatic stress disorder and depression. He performed poorly in school exams and struggled to form a career.

    Notwithstanding the fact that neither teacher was ever criminally convicted of sexually assaulting Mr A, a claim was successfully brought against Trent College on the basis that they were vicariously liable for the acts of abuse committed by their two employees. We initially secured early interim payments for Mr A which allowed him to have much needed psychiatric treatment before ultimately securing a final settlement in the sum of £125,000.

    • Jam

      Wow it’s been quite a read . Me and my brother also had the misfortune of being at Trent during the 80s. Maltby aka Gangle was a breed to himself . Boring speeches and always cowered his head as he walked back from his speech in chapel .
      I was in Blake house . 5 years ago I heard Mr Mitchell was still working there . The pupils didn’t even know he used to be called’ fogi’. He actually was a good egg even if he was abit of an oddity .
      Even back when I went through Catterns junior school we all knew things were going on . There were rumours about POG’s barge trip . I’m just glad I had the sense not to go on his barge .
      I didn’t come across Edmonds thank the lord . But can’t seem to put a picture on his face .
      Another master that I had a weird experience with was Mr Ling . Maths teacher with a beard . Was into naturism and used to go to his house with other kids to took about religion . 1 time he took us all swimming instead of Sarge who normally took us . We were all having a shower and he asked us to take our trunks and he’s give us shampoo . Luckily there were many of us and we just laughed and didn’t bother . Strange man he was .

  11. Dave

    I also had the misfortune of being at Trent during the 1980s. Always remembered being invited to one of the teacher’s houses, and being given a brandy or two. At some stage in the evening, I cracked a joke which – innocently – offended my host, and so it was made clear that the evening was now over.

    At the time, I was upset. Both on a human level that I seem to have upset someone, and secondly concerned that news of my indiscretion would reach my housemaster. It never did, and it was only several years later that I realised what a lucky escape I had had.

    Hated Maltby with a passion though. Everybody at the school knew something unpleasant was going on, and how he covered it all up was indefensible. On a personal level, my parents had to scrimp and save to afford the fees -the way he ignored them once he discovered they they were not as rich as maybe he initially thought they were tells you all that you need to know about the man.

  12. Andy

    Just received the latest Old Tridents magazine – contains an obituary of Maltby who died earlier this year. As you might expect its full of his achievements etc – no mention at all of the Edmonds/O’Gorman scandal – I thought there might be at least an oblique reference to it. It says he retired in 1988 because he was 60 – having learned more of what happened at Trent in the early 80’s I was rather hoping that at the very least he was pushed…….

    • .

      I think Maltby died in May 2019 or sometime then, and I was in Schola Cantorum, the school choir, which I am not quite sure when that started however it no longer exists. I sang at his memorial as part of it and after reading here how awful some of the things he has done, i am so disgusted that TC painted him as such an “amazing man who changed many young boys’ lives for the better”. I am absolutely horrified but I am extremely grateful that the school as a whole has changed for the better, or they have improved at hiding things

  13. Blake House

    There were originally 5 arrested I believe, it was in the Sun, around june/july/august 1988. Who were the others?

    I also got detentions from Ken Pye for mentioning Edmonds, after he disappeared. He tried it on with me as well, pop and broken biscuits in his study.

  14. John Richardson

    Maltby knew what was going on in his school. I know for a fact that he hard evidence presented to him. His response was to sack Edmonds and give him a reference to continue years of further offences. What a pathetic weak bunch they all were, there were at least six offending teachers at Trent. No one did a thing, it wasn’t as though it was the odd hand on a boys knee, it was an organised ring. The old teachers should hang their heads in shame, as for Maltby I’m glad he’s dead, weak, pathetic and self serving

    • Andy

      Wow sounds as though there was a huge amount undisclosed/kept hidden. It’s a great shame an investigative journalist or some such didn’t get their teeth into it – too late now I’d imagine, and a huge amount of damage done to boys at the school.

      • willyg

        As far as I remember, there was an investigation, but not at Trent. Edmonds was quietly edged out Trent, and ended up severely abusing other pupils at Crookham Court, which Esther Rantzen covered on one of her shows. It was a pretty big deal at the time. Maltby should have been hauled in front of the courts for that cover up alone. You can Google them for more info.

        This is when the whole Trent thing came into the public eye, as a kind of knock on from Crookham Court. It was in all the national papers. I don’t think the full extent of it came to light though. As mentioned above, there were a lot more people involved at Trent.

      • Andy

        Well O’Gorman was sent down in 1990, but perhaps he was just the sacrificial lamb. Interesting that Maltby’s tenure ended in 1988 around the time investigations were on-going – although having done 20 years as head it might just as well have been co-incidental. Appalling that Edmonds was able to continue offending at Crookham having left Trent. One imagines there was the real risk of the scandal bringing Trent down (as happened to Crookham Court School). Maltby’s successor must have had his plate full to keep the place together.

    • Hitcho

      John Richardson well said. I was also a pupil during this time. I knew there was dodgy stuff going on but i didn’t realise till later the gravity of it all.
      Glad I’m not the only one who despises Maltby. I recently came across a youtube clip of him speaking at Trent and I agree wholeheartedly with Willyg that he comes across as an arrogant prick. How he could have given a reference to Edmonds mentioning that he was sacked for a “minor indiscretion” is unbelievable and unforgivable. He and those who turned a blind eye to all that was going on are guilty of enabling the vile assaults that took place during and after Edmonds’ time at Trent.

  15. Andy

    Wow, some interesting comments here – I was at Trent 1972-1980 and O’Gorman was my Form master in Wortley (plus Chemistry teacher). Fortunately I was a day boy and I think we were more difficult to target. I was aware of Edmonds as being distinctly odd and tended to avoid him (he seemed to cultivate a group of boys – I think he used to run a film club too, must have given him ‘opportunity’). I was unaware of what happened at the school until the early 90’s (after the trials), and often wondered why there wasn’t more of a cull of the school management (there must have been an awful lot of staff turning a blind eye) – as far as I am aware Tony Maltby retired in 1988 (he has recently died), and as written elsewhere made frequent subsequent appearances at the School. I can think of one of two other staff members we also thought were very strange at the time – interestingly I saw a recent legal report that a former boy had been awarded 200,000 pounds in an out of court settlement by Trent – as a consequence of abuse by several staff members at that time who had NOT been prosecuted (so neither O’Gorman or Edmonds). It still turns my stomach a tad to recall sitting in POG’s study bedroom as he went through my report card and what must have happened to some other poor kids in that same room. Those two ruined lives (and looking back I can kind of guess which boys suffered – I hope they have recovered).

    • MR

      Hi Andy.
      Yes he paid them and kept details in diaries. Not sure if he did that at Trent but certainly Crookham Wood. I Started in 71
      so was in the year above you I guess. Edmunds was weird.

      • Andy

        I did not realize that. What went on at Crookham was just unbelievable. I was never a fan of Rantzen but she did a great thing exposing that hideous place. I guess without her intervention the whole Trent situation would never have seen the light of day either. It’s interesting that the Trent scandal has left very little footprint – other than solicitors case reports there is very little reference to it anywhere (compared to Crookham – though that situation was orders of magnitude worse, if that’s possible). I can remember my Dad asking me when I was back from London around 1990 whether I knew anything about it (I recall the school may have sent out a letter to ex pupils about it around then – presumably the Police leaned on them to do that?). Other than that, nothing much. Amazing really, because I find it frankly unbelievable that POG, who operated in my house as a junior housemaster, managed to camouflage his actions from other staff members in Wortley.

      • MR

        Hi Andy. I am not sure I recall O’Gorman. I was there from 1971 to 1975 when I was expelled. So I must have come across him. I am Gobsmacked that people like Butch Baines Bob Clapp and ?? Peel, the so called hard men of the school did not just “caved heads in.”. They should be ashamed. They must have known.
        Were you in the junior school with Mr bradshaw

      • Andy

        Yes – was a boarder at Catterns to begin with and then switched to day boy after a year. I must have started in 73 as I finished 6th form in 1980. I seem to recall I was in 1Y at the beginning. Latin with Bradshaw – ‘amo, amas, amat’ is still stuck in my head. POG was my O level then A level chemistry teacher (and my form/house master, or whatever the guys were called who reviewed your report cards). I thought him odd and serious but as a day boy you were out of these guys clutches I think. Edmonds I knew only by reputation (never taught me, I think he was an English teacher?). Everyone thought he was very odd and effeminate, but I don’t recall anyone at the time suggesting what they were up to – but then there was a big separation between boarders/day boys – boarders hung out together etc. Like you I find it very hard to believe some of the other senior personalities at the school didn’t know though.

      • MR

        Hi Andy.. I started in,1971 as a day boy in the Junior School. You are correct Day Boys were not targeted. I was punched in the face three times by teachers at Trent. Butch Baines. Mr Collyer (AKA Fish) who wrote Maltby’s Obituary and Mr Andesron. That is punched with a fist to the face, adult to child.

      • Andy

        Yes there were some aggressive buggers – I recall the metalwork teacher (‘the Jack?’) whacking someones knuckles with the sharp end of a metal ruler (drawing copious blood needless to say). He was my own personal terror, couldn’t wait to get out from his class.

  16. Adam

    I didn’t actually realise how much I hated Trent until I left (78 to 85, when they expelled me!). I also spent time, thankfully always in the presence of other pupils, in Edmonds’ private flat drinking alcohol. He and O’Gorman have since been prosecuted. The 2015 out of court settlement was relating to a music teacher. Looking back there was a host of dodgy masters but then surely the other teachers would have picked up on something. Maltby effectively covered up the Edmonds incident when the police should clearly have been involved.

  17. Willyg

    God I hated Trent.

    This was going on while I was at there. They were just seen as ‘weirdos’ or ‘pervs’ and nothing much else was said. I remember Edmonds used to invite kids to his study up in Wright house and offer them alcoholic drinks. I went up a couple of times with friends. He tried to jump on me once but I just fought him off and thought nothing of it. I though he was just mucking about. Looking back on it, I probably dodged a major bullet.

    One appalling thing, though (apart from the abuse itself of course), is the way that when all this was found out, they were ushered out and allowed to carry on with their careers. Edmonds then went on to re-offend really badly as part of a paedophile ring at Crookham Court. Just walked straight into another job with kids. As Ilsonram says above, the headmaster is still invited back to Trent to give talks. He’s on YouTube, and still comes across as an arrogant prick (in my opinion of course).

    Ed I think I remember your name. Hope life is treating you well. :)

    • MR

      Edmunds kept a diary with details of what he had done and how much he had paid them. Hi mother looked after the diaries. His phone call was to tell her to burn the diaries, too late the police had them. The hard evidence was a tape recording a pupil made of Edmunds propositioning him.

    • Craig Sheaf

      Hi, I don’t know if you’ll get this message but I was one of Edmonds next victims at crookham. There was no proof of any pedophile rings, just a multitude of individual ones. I was the one that put Edmonds behind bars and blew the whole crookham scandal open. Edmonds abused over 200 children before he got caught, he kept diaries, detailed and sick!! They were found when he was arrested. I do wish he wasn’t just pushed out as it would’ve stopped a more suffering.

  18. Ilsonram

    I see Trent have been taken for £100k recently on a historic case (circa 1983-86). I was at Trent in this period and it was scary. A cabal of predatory homosexual teachers who were quietly shuffled out of jobs once the scandal hit in 1989. I remember reporting what i thought then was a fairly innocuous incident to my Housemaster who promptly ignored it (and issued me a detention for telling tales). Said incident would undoubtedly cost a teacher his career today. The teacher involved went on to serve a hefty jail term several years later, no doubt after perpetrating further ‘indiscretions’ with pupils. The headmaster during that period is still invited back to give speeches at Trent.

  19. Ed Bircumshaw

    I was at Trent during this period and I remember the scandal hitting the school when my closest friend disclosed what happened to him – we went fishing together and caught loads of pike and hung out in the animal house. Be in touch if you like.

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