Trent College, Nottingham

Trent College, Nottingham

A former pupil of Trent College received an out of court settlement for childhood sexual abuse suffered at the hands of two teachers between 1981 and 1983.

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2 responses to “Trent College, Nottingham

  1. Ed Bircumshaw

    I was at Trent during this period and I remember the scandal hitting the school when my closest friend disclosed what happened to him – we went fishing together and caught loads of pike and hung out in the animal house. Be in touch if you like.

  2. Ilsonram

    I see Trent have been taken for £100k recently on a historic case (circa 1983-86). I was at Trent in this period and it was scary. A cabal of predatory homosexual teachers who were quietly shuffled out of jobs once the scandal hit in 1989. I remember reporting what i thought then was a fairly innocuous incident to my Housemaster who promptly ignored it (and issued me a detention for telling tales). Said incident would undoubtedly cost a teacher his career today. The teacher involved went on to serve a hefty jail term several years later, no doubt after perpetrating further ‘indiscretions’ with pupils. The headmaster during that period is still invited back to give speeches at Trent.

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