Trent College, Nottingham

Trent College, Nottingham

A former pupil of Trent College received an out of court settlement for childhood sexual abuse suffered at the hands of two teachers between 1981 and 1983.

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3 responses to “Trent College, Nottingham

  1. Ed Bircumshaw

    I was at Trent during this period and I remember the scandal hitting the school when my closest friend disclosed what happened to him – we went fishing together and caught loads of pike and hung out in the animal house. Be in touch if you like.

  2. Ilsonram

    I see Trent have been taken for £100k recently on a historic case (circa 1983-86). I was at Trent in this period and it was scary. A cabal of predatory homosexual teachers who were quietly shuffled out of jobs once the scandal hit in 1989. I remember reporting what i thought then was a fairly innocuous incident to my Housemaster who promptly ignored it (and issued me a detention for telling tales). Said incident would undoubtedly cost a teacher his career today. The teacher involved went on to serve a hefty jail term several years later, no doubt after perpetrating further ‘indiscretions’ with pupils. The headmaster during that period is still invited back to give speeches at Trent.

  3. Willyg

    God I hated Trent.

    This was going on while I was at there. They were just seen as ‘weirdos’ or ‘pervs’ and nothing much else was said. I remember Edmonds used to invite kids to his study up in Wright house and offer them alcoholic drinks. I went up a couple of times with friends. He tried to jump on me once but I just fought him off and thought nothing of it. I though he was just mucking about. Looking back on it, I probably dodged a major bullet.

    One appalling thing, though (apart from the abuse itself of course), is the way that when all this was found out, they were ushered out and allowed to carry on with their careers. Edmonds then went on to re-offend really badly as part of a paedophile ring at Crookham Court. Just walked straight into another job with kids. As Ilsonram says above, the headmaster is still invited back to Trent to give talks. He’s on YouTube, and still comes across as an arrogant prick (in my opinion of course).

    Ed I think I remember your name. Hope life is treating you well. :)

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