Beechwood Community House, Mapperley

Beechwood Community House, Mapperley

Operation Daybreak

THE number of allegations of child abuse in former children’s homes has risen to around 80, Nottinghamshire police confirmed.

The force is carrying out a massive investigation – named Operation Daybreak – to look into historic claims of sexual and physical abuse at five former children’s homes from the late 1960s up until 2000.

The last confirmed figure of allegations was 64 back in April, along with six arrests.

But a further 16 people have come forward since, and the number of arrests is up to 10.

Nottingham Post 12/09/14


James Cleverley said he suffered six years of abuse at Beechwood Children’s Home in Mapperley: Cops are looking at historic allegations dating back 30 years

Abuse: James Cleverley outside Beechwood Children's Home in Mapperley, Nottingham
Abuse: James Cleverley outside Beechwood Children’s Home in Mapperley, Nottingham

A man who claims he was sexually abused at a former council-run children’s home has said he hopes more victims will come forward.

James Cleverley, 52, said he suffered six years of abuse at the Beechwood Children’s Home in Mapperley, Nottinghamshire, that began when he was aged 10.

He has waived his right to anonymity, saying he hopes speaking out will help bring the perpetrators to justice .

His claims follow more than 50 allegations of historical physical or sexual abuse at the former home, which closed in 2006.

Mr Cleverley, of Netherfield in Nottinghamshire, said: “This might make people stop and think hey, whoa, I was in there. It happened to me.”

He added: “Some of them that had it done to them and haven’t come forward, now they know they can.”

He claims he was forced to carry out sex acts on staff and told police about the abuse but no action was ever taken.

“I told the police because I used to run away,” he said.

“Every time they brought me back I used to always say to the policeman: ‘Don’t take me back there’.”

Mr Cleverley, a former fairground worker, said he has struggled throughout his adult life to deal with the emotional effects of the abuse and would like those responsible brought to justice – charged, put on trial, and punished.

He added: “You’re put in there for them to look after you, not abuse you.”

Beechwood Children's Home in Mapperley, Nottingham
Under investigation: Beechwood Children’s Home is facing more than 50 allegations

Nottinghamshire Police said they are investigating claims that people were abused at the home, and some of the allegations date back nearly 30 years.

It is not the first time the establishment has hit the headlines.

In 2011 six alleged victims came forward saying they had suffered abuse at Beechwood.

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police said allegations relating to three other homes in the county were also being investigated.

They are Bracken House in Bulwell, Ranskill Gardens in Bestwood, and Wood Nook in Beechdale.

Officers are also looking at claims relating to Risley Hall in Derbyshire.

Detective inspector Yvonne Dales said: “This is a thorough but complicated and sensitive investigation and the allegations are historic which in some cases relate to events which are said to have taken place nearly 30 years ago.

“We have experienced officers on the investigation team who are working hard on this case which presents many challenges, such as the difficulties around obtaining forensic and corroborative evidence, along with the fact that some of the alleged perpetrators have since died.”

The Mirror 14/07/13

BBC News 14/07/13

Daily Mail 14/07/13

“POLICE are investigating allegations of “systematic” child abuse at a former Nottingham children’s home.

“The allegations relate to children at Beechwood Community House, in Woodborough Road, Mapperley.

“A Notts police spokeswoman said: “Police have received information from six complainants alleging systematic child abuse at Beechwood Community House. The investigation is ongoing.”

“She said no arrests had been made.

“Eleven ex-Beechwood children intend to seek compensation from Notts County Council – which owned the home before its transfer to Nottingham City Council in 1998 – through civil court claims once the police probe has been completed”.

Nottingham Post 15/07/11


One response to “Beechwood Community House, Mapperley

  1. opgreenlight

    Posted by Pauline Barten.
    March 22, 2013 at 8:02 pm (Edit)

    Beechwood childrens home in Nottingham was closed in 2002 for a while because a young girl committed suicide. They got rid of all the staff and were replacing it with new staff. I lived close by.

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