Beechwood Community House, Mapperley

Bracken House, Bulwell

Forest Lodge, Hyson Green

Greencroft, Clifton

Red Tiles, Bulwell

Sycamore House, Sherwood

Trent College, Nottingham

Wollaton House, Wollaton

Wood Nook Children’s Community Home, Beechdale Road

5 responses to “Nottingham

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  2. I was at beechwood when it was called beechwood remand home.

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  4. cathy fox

    Joint Report
    also Broxtowe

    In October 1987 children were removed from their families in Nottingham, and in February 1989 a Broxtowe family was charged with multigenerational child sexual abuse and neglect. A 600-page report on the incident concluded that there was no evidence of the SRA claims made by children or corroborating adults.[citation needed] Though the children may have been ‘sadistically terrorized’, allegations of organized satanic abuse were found to be baseless and the indicators used by the Social Services department were without validity.[46]

  5. TJ

    Beechwood Community House, Nottingham.

    “POLICE are investigating allegations of “systematic” child abuse at a former Nottingham children’s home.

    “The allegations relate to children at Beechwood Community House, in Woodborough Road, Mapperley.

    “A Notts police spokeswoman said: “Police have received information from six complainants alleging systematic child abuse at Beechwood Community House. The investigation is ongoing.”

    “She said no arrests had been made.

    “Eleven ex-Beechwood children intend to seek compensation from Notts County Council – which owned the home before its transfer to Nottingham City Council in 1998 – through civil court claims once the police probe has been completed”.

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