Hill End Adolescent Unit

Hill End Adolescent Unit, St Albans, Hertfordshire

There were particular establishments about which we received many complaints, the worst in this respect being Hill End Adolescent Psychiatric Unit near St Albans.  A total of 17 young people complained about the regime and their treatment there.

At Hill End, we received complaints from two young people who seem to have been sent there purely because they suffered from anorexia nervosa.  Both had been committed under Mental Health Act legislation and had been kept locked up on secure wards.  Their ‘treatment’ appears to have been solely behavioural modification ‘therapy’ and use of sedative drugs.  The use of drugs, particularly largactil and haraparadol, both as treatment and during restraints is a common and widespread practise.  At Hill End, we also had many complaints from young people (supported by staff) that sedation was used as punishment.  As an example, one young person, out of sheer boredom, set off the fire alarms.  As she did not own up, all eight young people in her dormitory were sedated for 24 hours.  Those that did not take it voluntarily were forcibly sedated.

Another common practise at Hill End and other units was that during forcible restraints, their trousers and undergarments were pulled down and injections administered in their buttocks or thighs, often violently.  All young people felt humiliated and sexually assaulted by this treatment, particularly female young people, subjected to this treatment by male staff.  They often complained of being ‘groped’ or ‘touched up’ by males in these situations.  All the female young people who complained had been subjected to strip searches on occasion by male staff and about 60% of those had also been body searched.  The most common excuse being searching for glass or other sharp objects with which young people could damage themselves.  Yet most young people felt that the circumstances at the time of the search gave no rise to any real concern that young people had any such items.  Generally, strip searching appears to be part of general routine procedures within units.  For instance, young people being strip searched after visits by social workers because ‘that is the rule.’

The Therapy of Fear, NAYPIC 1990

“Below is a list of the cases we were investigating just before our closure under John Major’s administration:”

Hill End Adolescent Unit 1990.  We made the report, ‘Therapy of Fear’.


Hill End link with photograph

838 responses to “Hill End Adolescent Unit

  1. I forgot to mention that I have contacted the BBC and the guardian newspaper, I’m willing to do an interview with them, I’ve also been in touch with my M P ,the inspirational Thangham debbonaire, experienced in domestic violence and child abuse and child protection, she is undoubtedly the M Pin the house of, she has been a huge success in Bristol through her work with the police and her practical ideas on possession of drugs for personal use.

    • Scott

      Hi Judith

      I spoke with press last year and it was published in the express online so maybe also try and speak with the reporter I dealt with Lizzie dearden she was great and really wanted to help get the story out there it was a shame a few people contacted her asking for payment for a story which she declined but she is always willing to speak with us but will not be paying you can also find her on twitter

  2. Judith Raudies

    I’ll try to get hold of her tomorrow, thanks for that, Scott,have you got a solicitor.

    • Scott

      I’m using Leigh day which is where most of us went I also gave my statement to op meadow at the beginning of investigation

      • Judith Raudies

        That’s good. My daughter and I have started to write a book about my friends life, I have all the files and contacts and she has the writing skills, hill end will feature heavily in the book, it will certainly be a hard read, not for the squeamish. I don’t understand how someone could witness the abuse and either join in or turn a blind eye, have they no conscience, it sounds sinister like a cult,could be American horror story. The use of sedation is also really concerning, largactil and haloperidal used on 11and 12 year olds is dangerous and would probably have lifetime effects. This is the worst case of abuse imaginable. My friend remembers three names, mrs brilliant, mr Duggan and the doctor peter,can’t think of his surname.

      • Oliver

        Yes Mrs Brillant was the sadistic teacher that worked at the school.
        You should join fb group to get more info on the case.

      • Judith Raudies

        I would love to hear more about mrs. brilliant do you know if that was her real name? How many staff worked there and what did they teach. I have never been on Facebook, if I join how do I get in touch, it would be amazing to get more information for our book,,send me a link,I’d love to start some dialogue on this, please contact me

  3. Judith Raudies

    Oliver, I’ve joined Facebook, get in touch, Judy

    • Me

      Judy I admitted my son to Hillend on the advice of Social Services as he was suffering from s severe trains which had made him very ill. It was the worse mistake I made in my life as that place ruined his life forever, it was s nightmare for him. I am very angry about the things that happened. My son at present is ok but that changes daily. I am waiting for the outcome of Operation Meadow but I can assure you whatever happens I shall not give up on getting justice for my son and letting the world know what those people, calling them human beings is being kind to them, did to his life.

      • Andy mitchell

        They ain’t gonna do nothing,we are wasting our time government arseholes ain’t gonna admit they’ve done anything wrong

      • Lisa

        Do you remember signing anything that said they would administer drugs should the need a rise. Would be interesting if you was able to get that paperwork as from the solicitors last letter, apparently the cps are looking at if they had authority etc to admitted such drugs to the kids

  4. Judith Raudies

    Someone has told me that doctor Peter Brogan has a private practice in London and that another ex member of staff works for the Huffington post, Iwas hoping that someone might have some information, check in

    • Oliver

      Peter Bruggen died earlier this year or last year .

      Doctors that still practices under his name is Dr Hill-Smith (Surrey and Borders CAMHS)

      Peters Carter that heads up Royal College Of Nursing.

      Ric Lambert independent coach/therapist (has now been arrested and pending bail.

      • Sonic

        Do you have any more information regarding Lambert’s arrest please? Do we know what it was in relation to please.

    • Sonic

      Judy, Bruggen died unfortunately about a year ago I think.

    • daniel rankin

      hi i was at hillend twice as an adolecent .ive had intervews from op medow twice now still waiting for an outcome there was a fire there witch destroyed some record mine were not damaged.obvously there will be compansaton for the wrong doing they inflicted on us the police gave a suttle indicaton that there are making sure no body is jumping on the band wagon for componsaton feel free to get intouch i think its abad idea sayin to much on a on going case

  5. soniccape

    After confirmation from operation meadow I can confirm that no arrests have been made in relation to this case!

    • Andy Mitchell

      I very much doubt there will be,it’s gonna be
      Swept under the carpet,if anything was going
      to happen it would have happened by now

      • It’s with the CPS now .
        I have been told officially to expect their decision within 2 months.

      • Scott

        I’m getting more and more angry waiting for this now I’ve been fighting for years I was part of a group who was dealing with solicitor in Ireland trying to get justice they had a meeting with government officials about 5 years ago then pulled out and ignored us ever since that was a major cover up if it happens again then 🤛🤛🤛

      • Andy mitchell

        They are taking the piss Scott,no way should it take this long

  6. Andy mitchell

    It’s looking like we are going to be ignored again Scott no way should it take this long,how longs it supposed to have been with the cps now,I think we should all get together and picked Downing Street,hopefully that might get people to listen

    • Lisa

      We’re give them until January then I will start making noises with the cps. If we don’t get an answer think it’s time to start going more public ourselves. The film crew we see in September haven’t even had the manners to contact us so bollocks to them making money out of us. We need to start looking down other avenues now.

      • Me

        Agree Lisa, patience running out, if nothing very soon time to get the media involved. I shall never give up.

      • daniel rankin

        i suffured hill end 2 times film crew have been intouch to give there thank yous..they cannot make any money and put a film out without any convictons or admissions that will end up with a slander case i n the nhs favour

  7. swalter90hotmailcouk

    Would love to hear from anyone who may have been in there when the horizon documentary was filmed during 1979. My Dad who has now sadly passed was a major part in the filming. Today I have come across written documents from him speaking of what happened when he was there.

  8. S Maunders-Walter

    Would love to hear from anyone who may have been in there when the horizon documentary was filmed during 1979. My Dad who has now sadly passed was a major part in the filming. Today I have come across written documents from him speaking of what happened when he was there.

  9. danny

    @ judith raudies i thank you for your compasion and strenth in getting our voices herd i was a hillend patient twice in the late 80s ive been battling with coping in life as everyone else is i could type allnight but then it will become forefront of my mind and will be abit narky ive a daughter t o look after…they were supossed to groom us into socailble adults and give us the tools to live life nicely and show our children the same,at the end of the day alot of us were not dignosed with any mental illnesses then.so whey were we being treated as such alot of us ,well speaking for myself were strong willed and didnt care how far we went….that was then i now suffer from mutiple mental health issues…..AND WHO WROTE TAT ARTICALE GLORIFYING BRUGGAN IS IT THE SAME BRUGGAN WE ARE TALKING ABOUT????

    • Lisa

      I found an article on Bruggen that I shared on here., might of been me. His dead now which is a shame he won’t be brought to justice.

      • Lisa

        I certainly wasn’t glorying him.

      • Andy mitchell

        We all need to get together and picket 10 Downing Street,if ppl don’t wanna be seen wear masks,I’m definitely up for it

      • Oliver

        I share your frustrations Andy .
        It is taking too long and we are suffering badly just waiting.
        Lisa you were glorifying Bruggen – extremely insensitive and have some appropriateness.

        His side Dr Andrew Hill – Smith is still working for Surrey and Borders NHS as a consultant psychiatrist .

      • Daniel

        Does anyone remember a a Male nurse with the gammy or glass eye used play table tennis alot also what was the names of the teachers?? Thinking back the only doctor in my opinion who had any empathy was dr Kaplan..and lisa l sorry if I offended you, of course u wasnt glorifying bruggan

      • Oliver

        Mr Jordan was a black Caribbean in origin guy .
        Teachers I remember ; Mr Ingram , MrsBrilliance
        Staff: mr Mason (manager) , edmudson, Jones , lambert , Clayton , Audini , Dr Lindsay, Mr Jones (horrible) , Mrs smith elderly nurse worked nights and the nicest , a male nurse that was bald ,wore sandals and creepy.

      • Andy mitchell

        If we are going to do this it needs to be sorted so a lot ov us go and take banners,I’m proper up for it cos I really think it’s going under the carpet and it’s so wrong,I think they are just seeing it as we were all just naughty kids and they are so wrong,there was reasons why we was the way we were and we definitely shouldn’t have been punished for it,we’ve all gotta stand anyone who s up for it,ie Downing Street can you let know so we can sort out a time and date,we really need to do this

  10. Oliver

    Was anybody abused by a nurse that worked at HEAU called Mr Joardan (Lenny Joardan)
    I have memories of him being physically violent and waking up after sedation(just for whispering) with his hands down my pants . I am so angry and traumatised that this is taking so long . Brush under the carpet scenario .

    Andy – I am happy to go to Downing Street to protest .

  11. Daniel

    @Oliver I think that might be the fella I’m on about did he have a dodgy eye??

  12. Me

    Lisa I know you would not glorify Brugen ever. I am sure like other people on here he caused you too much pain and unhappiness

    • danny

      my last memorys there was my socail worker discharging me there of her own accord after me beind sedeated for nearly 3 days i can still taist the largactil now and also the pink medicaton for the side effects,personaly i would give it a couple of more months to see the outcome before we as a collective take action,remember the solicitors will not waist there time on something they feel there not going to get results on they dont get paid

  13. Msdz

    Has anyone any news on the investigation please

  14. stan

    Hi all,
    Firstly, I write the initial blog back in 2006 (I am sure a lot of you will now what one I am talking about, it is mentioned a lot).
    I am just reading through some of the latest comments. It is still a waiting game.

    I suggest, that if the police do not have the evidence to prosecute, hopefully Leigh Day will run with this, there is overwhelming evidence of systematic abuse happening.

    If they feel that are unable to do this in a civil case, then, what we need is someone to lead, a crowdfunding thing to start, and for a test case load (perhaps 10) to go to the high court with the money raised. I am sure that we could collectively appeal for crowdfunding and raise a good load of money (which would pay for a legal team)

    we would need to set up a proper group, and have some sort of leadership element to it. Maybe if this started as a not-for-profit, some money would be available to fund the admin and space hire costs.

    just a thought

  15. Daniel

    Your idea is a good one russ on a personal level i cannot see this been left alone,although it does seem to be taking a long time ,i think we must remember that people are still come forward with there account of that destructive shithole could this be holding things up? Is there a cut off point,it took me well over a year to speak with police and they came to me,on the other hand the cps have all the professional findings i would of thought we would of had an answer of which way there going to go on this ,none of what im saying will help,its fustrating i want this to go criminal like all of us i would imagine closure means more to me personally than any amount of money…the situation has put a massive strain on my mental health as of many others i would emagaine the main thing is not to go silent let them know we wont leave it…on the civil court side im sure there is solicitors barrister what work on a no win no fee basis,i personally don’t think or should be hands on with this,giving police statements was enough for me,maybe others are stronger,

    • Russ Quilty

      Hi there it was not my idea I just agreed with the original author who had the idea of crowdfunding etc. I still think we should wait until the CPS announce their decision.

  16. stan

    Hi Daniel (and Russ)
    I was suggesting that if the police cannot find a criminal prosecution to land, and Leigh Day find the challenge of taking a civil case to the high court, we do not have to leave it there.

    The option I suggested is just that, an option.

    And Russ, you are right…nothing should happen before the decisions are made by the CPS and Leigh Day, nothing that is except for keeping up a resolve during this waiting game. Preparing for the worst while hoping for the best type mentality



    • Daniel

      No problem I will defently looking Dow diffrentry avenue’s if there is know resolve criminal proceedings would be ideal.I still have some faith a company like liegh day wouldn’t be taking on a case like this thinking it weak…remember they wanna get paii

  17. S Maunders-Walter

    Could anybody that stayed from1978-1980 please contact me I would appreciate it. My email is s_walter90@hotmail.co.uk

  18. stan

    I was there in 1979

    • Melissa

      Was you there at the time the horizon documentary was filmed?

      • stan

        yes, but, i don’t recognise myself on the film, so i may have been dragged out of the room at some point for fucking about

    • Melissa

      Oh ok, my brother is in the film, do you remember any of them?

      • stanb65

        Hi Melissa
        I don’t even recognise myself, so really, i wouldn’t recognise others. I hope you understand, i have NO photos of that time of my life, i have a couple from when i was 17/18, other than that.. it seems i sprung to life in my 40’s


      • Melissa

        Totally understand x

  19. stan

    Andy Mitchell
    I think the plan is for next April, so not too long really,
    overall it has been long, but this is the final stretch…so hang in there.. it will happen

    • Andy mitchell

      Only time will tell it’s been with the cps for ages they are just putting it off anyway they can it’s ridiculous,I wonder what the next excuse will be cos I bet there’s gonna be one they are taking us all for mugs

      • stan

        I have the same fears as everyone else, but, and this is the big but…The police have pretty much done a two year criminal investigation, over 100 witness statements, and prepared a file to the CPS.

        The solicitors have been in from the start and they are a business, but have not been paid.

        Neither of these things would still be on the scene if the aim was to sweep it under the carpet..

        Be patient… i know it is tough, but keep a lid on it..

        OH, and i went through my papers
        I was at Hill End twice, May 1979 and March 1980

        so if anyone was there during that time, say hi

        if anyone remembers Aidan Deeney, he was the Watford supporter….sadly he died a few years ago…he was there at the same time as me

  20. Daniel

    Not being rude who exactly are you judith am I right you are ??? I would hate to think your intensons are sinster..we have all been through a tuff time slot of emotional scars are left.please don’t weaken our case.I’d hate to think you are conected to the NHS for example.or some kind of investigative reporter.with all due respect.can you please explain your interest

  21. stan

    Hi Daniel
    I wouldn’t worry too much about who someone is, they cannot damage what is true. No matter how hard they try.

    I think, reading back Judith cares for someone who was in Hill End,

  22. stanb65

    and yes, stan 65 and stan are the same person… this thing wanted me to register.. and stan was gone haha

  23. Daniel

    I spoke to leigh day a couple weeks ago they have heard nothing,i know isince the beginning of the year alot of police got pulled of casaes to read through encrypted fone messages being used for drug supply high leve,gun supply, humam trafficking etc.,they have millions of messages to link,,could this be a reason for them slowing up,Corona virus ?? ..just trying to make sense of it,to me the evidence is overwhelming!!

    • Hi Daniel
      The investigation into Hill End was almost complete, papers have gone to the CPS to see if any criminal charges can be filed. Of course, it will always be an ongoing investigation, but the bulk of the work has been done,

      The delay is because of Covid 19 and a decision to pause it all for a year.
      don’t worry,
      it has not gone away, it is still happening

    • Jacqueline

      I was under the impression that the case has been with the cps for a while now

  24. stanb65

    Hi folks…
    I need to clarify a message that I left a few days ago, I said that things were on hold for a year. Let me sort that out

    there are two things, the legal action and the civil action..

    The legal action, so all the police investigation, that is with the CPS to see if they can prosecute anyone with a crime, THAT IS NOT ON HOLD, that is still with the CPS, no one knows how long it will take but we must be patient, there is no stone being left unturned and lets be honest, no one listened for decades, and now not only are they listening, they are doing some hard work to try and get us ALL some justice.

    The second part is the civil action (Leigh Day)
    because of the coronavirus, and the fact they have to wait to see the results of the criminal investigation, the civil action is being delayed and this could be up to a year…so,,,when the criminal investigation is decided, we will all be told,

    Keep the faith,

  25. rubin

    Hi everyone. We are starting work on a documentary about Hill End Adolescent unit. One of the main characters of the documentary is one of the survivors.
    We are looking for people to come forward and tell their experiences at the unit and the abuse they had to endure.

    Please contact me on 07932989674 if you would like to help and expose this horrific institution and the people behind it.

    Thanks and hope to speak to you soon.

    • HEAU95

      Documentaries does not have characters as it factual.

      What is your production company called Rubin?

      • Rubin

        I shouldv’e said “main person” to avoid the confusion. But I think the right people will understand what I meant by this.

      • Heau

        Do not entertain this at all!! As Rubin is related to one Rick Lambert’s band members (google his mobile phone number) .. Rubin or Paul (what ever your name is) What is your gain to come on here to cause distress and annoyance?
        A reputable production company has already contacted Leigh Day solicitors with regards to making a documentary..

      • Rubin

        I have already stated my intentions, without any concealed malice. Obviously I have left enough details here for you to find out more about me, so nothing to hide, right?
        I’m happy more people are keen to do a documentary on this important subject. Shouldn’t that be a good thing?
        Anyways, I hope you have a good day.
        Kind regards,

      • HEAU

        Rubin, you have associations with Rik Lambert. Stop pretending that you are bonafide production company.. As Scott explained there is a major criminal investigation going on at the moment .. A production company has already been in touch with the solicitor that produced for the likes of panorama , dispatches and channel 5 . Just go away with your nonsense as you have been rumbled.. What documentary production company use the word “characters” ..

      • Rubin

        Dear Heau, I do not have any association with Rik Lambert. Not sure where you get this from.
        And I have already addressed the “character” point, to which I said I shouldv’e used a word “person”. Meaning that we are already working with someone who has gone through the Hill End horrors back in the 70s and is prepared to talk about it in on camera.

        I see that you somewhat disagree with us working on this documentary, which is fine, so I guess we will not be asking for your participation.

        Kindest wishes,

      • Heau

        No I won’t be participating as you mobile phone is linked with a band that Rik Lambert plays for.

        For your information I was a patient at HEAU in the 90’s. You are clearly jeopardising the case in order to get info for Rik Lambert and his colleagues.

        What is the website of your production company ?

      • Rubin

        That is fine, it is your prerogative think that.
        Best regards.

      • duke

        Im sorry to disagree HEAU95 with your comments to rubin firstly please fact check as i am aware he has no accociation with a rick lambert of who you have later mentioned another comment and why do you feel the need to spread untruths it is obvious that its not for you which is fare enough

    • Russ Quilty

      Sirs. Please don’t make a program not everybody wants this horrible period splashed over the airwaves for people’s entertainment. Just leave the police to Persue this.

      • rubin

        Hi Russ, it’s not for entertainment, it’s for a disclosure. Addressing a very important issue that doesn’t end with Hill End. It’s part of a much bigger problem as you know.

    • Scott

      I definitely won’t be sparking to you without police or solicitor given permission most of us signed forms with police preventing this as it’s still a live investigation and looks as tho prosecutions are likely

    • Lisa Lee

      Rubin, who has given you the rights and permission to start working on a documentary ? I see you have been asked on a few occasions who the production company is…can you please disclose this….At this stage it gives me no option but to inform the police what your intentions are….as you are clearly interfering with a live investigation…that is in fact a criminal offence….As I have stated I will be passing your details over to the police and solicitors for them to investigate exactly who you are.

      • Russ Quilty

        Lisa. I already have told the police and my contact officer has passed the details to her Lead Officer.

      • Rubin

        Dear Lisa, we have been in contact with the police and they are aware of us making a documentary. All information will all be fully synchronised with the authorities so there is no interference with the ongoing investigation.
        But be my guest and do check with the police or the solicitors yourself, it is your prerogative to do so.

        The idea of the documentary is no different from what all the victims have done here on this blog for many years, which is discuss their experiences and talk about the horrors of this institution, which I don’t believe interferes with the investigation at all. The only difference is that it would be on camera.

        This is all about public disclosure, Lisa, which you seek yourself, judging from the comments made above and all I have asked was if anyone would like to take part in this.

        Hope this clears up come of the miscommunication.

        Kind regards,

      • Duke

        Dear Lisa thank you for your concerns as from earlier post it seems you are the one that have been speaking to film makers and exposing names on this feed like mr Rubin stated it has nothing to do with operation meadow although I have been in contact and dealing with them the film doc is based around me and I have agreed to make an appearance to sum up the effect of dark truths on a personal level I have been approached many times by many directors over the years and this kind of works for the cause of exposing of the care system I wish you all the best with you quest and I hope the doc will help give justice xxx

      • Russ Quilty

        Mr Rubin. You are talking I am afraid a heap of bullshit. You have no idea what I went through there and it was probably a lot less then some other poor souls who I weep for. My preference is no television documentary but I respect others. You will get NO ASSISTANCE from me

    • Melissa

      Can I just ask…you don’t plan to use any footage from the Horizon documentary do you?

  26. duke

    I welcome this rubin really pleased you are doing this i am happy to partake being at hill end during the seventies for me its so important to air and lighten first hand the dark truths that go on and the mental effect it has upon so many so would be happy to discuss

    • Scott

      I agree with this being done but now is the wrong time it’s a live legal investigation that is with senior cps solicitor and charges are likely to follow soon it’s also been dealt with by Leigh day solicitor who have already had a large production company contact them and are wanting to do a documentary on this but have been told they can’t till police investigation has ended police have spent many years gaining evidence and the evidence they have believe me is massive anyone who have police information also have signed a form preventing you from talking to the press ect this is done for a reason as it could turn a jury meaning it would be likely thrown out in court I would advice before talking with Rubin you speak with opp meadow at herts police or Emma at Leigh day for advice nothing against you Rubin I would love to get it out there but not until cps have returned and legal proceedings have concluded

      • Duke

        Hi Scott I will double check as have been dealing with operation meadow

      • Linda

        Hi I was there too 1985 I’ve also given statement and have a feeling it won’t go anywhere. Again.

      • Linda

        I feel like this will be hushed up again and sitting here “waiting and wondering” is going to be another waste of time. I’m so angry I’m about to expose this but I don’t wanna blow it in case it gets to court. 🤛😡

  27. Daniel

    I find you to be very slippery fella rubin you know the drill,go through our legal representation to ask any information from any of us who were admitted to heau,we may have had problems with our lives many of us still do….but speaking for myself i aint stupid you have been red flagged mate,if you have any respect please dont post or snoop about any longer…..with respect

    • Duke

      Daniel how do you know what who is slippery and who is not I am happy like I said to partake and think it is most important I’m sure mr Rubin’s will check legal aspect but red flag who there are many documentaries on subjects like this an no one has the manopoly you submission a lot I have been approached many times over the years to do documentary on children in care and hill end hospital

  28. Daniel

    Lets have it right mate,regardless of his alleged connection with rick lambert,i will and have scrutinised anyone i think aint proper,my thoughts are why you asking now if you are on point you know the proper channels to go through like our briefs leigh day,i sense something aint right when he should know we cant speak about our times at heau,its under investigation,there could be prosecution made here,wait till its all wrapped up then thin about your documentary,not only that if a film documentary whatever was made without prosecution slander allegations could be made would anyone reputable risk this?? in my opinion no,,,i am not been awkward just sensitive and careful,we must stay strong and together,

  29. Daniel

    and duke nothing personal to you on a personal level ive lived with this like many for decades the same as yourself lets think about ourselves first and anyone else after that if there is a 1 persent chance this man aint legit i will stay away from it,i wouldn’t want to jeopardise any work been done by op meadow,i know there taking this well serious they have tried on occasions to see me when locked up actually right on me, and i dont have a good relationship with authoritys, i finally found the strength to talk…yes our stories should be told,now aint the right time

  30. Linda

    Please everyone be careful who you are replying to and leaving comments for. There are people on here who are using information for their own gain, be it financial or otherwise, maybe for the people we have complained about. The lady writing a book “for her friend “, her Facebook profile ,which I’ve just checked says “social worker, likes men and smoking cannabis!” This along with others could be anyone. We’ve come this far please don’t blow it or any chance of a fair case(in the courts eyes) by letting people who do not have good intentions for us to get justice, expose this in the wrong way. I myself am ready to shout what happened to us from the F@*# rooftops but I’m holding back. For now. If for some reason this case ends up going no where then we can all do and tell and say what we want about it as we won’t have anything to lose. Until we know what’s going to happen ( a call from Emma at LD or the police) let’s just be a little more patient and a lot more cautious. I for one have waited too long for some sort of justice for anyone to F@*# this up for me.

  31. madswatford@hotmail.com

    Thank you Linda, s very sensible approach, patience just a little longer having gone this far.

    • Linda

      Thanks @madswatford, who are these people making “documentaries “ and “writing books”, yet trying to get information from us? Trying to make money from our misery more like. We know our solicitor has been approached by a legit company and all involved should only talk to that person IF they want to, and steer clear of anyone else. “ lady writing the book “ is NOT legit.

  32. Michelle

    I was at hill end and have my care file was sadated most of the time there I went there twice 1994 every two mins a meeting gather in circle get restrained then whatever happened I was always hungry I hated mr Jordan the most I escaped twice whilst at Edward Jenner school it was a real life hell now I’m ultra hypersensitive allergic to most meds and Hertfordshire county council let them get away with it

    • Heau15

      I have horrible memories of Mr Jordan. I remember being sedated and waking up to find Mr Jordan sexually abusing me and under the sheets. One weekend I could not go home and was the only patient on the unit . He had to take me to the opticians on a Saturday afternoon in London Conley . Before we got to the optician he stopped the car and sexually abused and threatened to send me for electric shock treatment in the main hospital . I was a 13 year old boy sent to HEAU in 1995 because I took several overdoses.

      • Michelle

        After being restrained and sedated I use to wonder where was my clothes and why am I naked straight away I’d be sedated again I fought every time but they couldn’t brake me so sent me elsewhere secure unit we never stood a chance July 94 -may95 be strong never let the system beat you

  33. Michelle

    Looking at paperwork now was there in1995 reading a letter To doctor Lindsay From another professional satiny he had anxieties about the pre-emptive use of sedation and its doses they abuse their power of authority clinical manager was Ian mason

    • HEAU

      Did you managed to get your files from HEAU? I under the impression they were burnt in a so called fire.. Yeah I was there in 1995.. I remember Ian Mason the manager .. I remember one evening he said to everyone that he needs to sedate everyone as they are short staffed. I also remember Dr Lindsey and some other spanish female doctor.. I should try and get my file.

      • Scott

        I was also told mine from 93 were destroyed in this so called fire but the police have told me they managed to get them so maybe there was a secret back up that’s been found

  34. Has anyone else received a letter from solicitors this morning ?

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