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Sir Peter Hayman And Peter Righton Named On BBC #WATO

Very shocking story on BBC’s World at One, ‘David’s Story’ Part 2 (Part 1 in preceding post) relating to the abuse of 8 and 10 year old brothers They were the only two abusers named by the BBC as they … Continue reading


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Letter to Guardian from 1963 from a Peter Righton on Books dealing with Sex for 14-year olds

Originally posted on Desiring Progress:
Below is a letter published in the Guardian from March 23rd, 1963, from a Peter Righton, here described as ‘Tutor, Organiser for Wiltshire The Workers’ Educational Association’, address in Devizes, Wiltshire. It is not entirely…


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BBC Today 18th August 2014; Peter Righton

This extract from yesterday’s Today programme also includes an interview with blogger Ian Pace. A paedophile at the centre of a forthcoming historical abuse inquiry advised the Home Office on changes to the residential child care system. Peter Righton gave … Continue reading


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More Details About Raid On Peter Righton’s Home

It’s nice to get this down as former Detective Constable Terry Shutt is confirming what Peter McKelvie has already said. Mr Shutt  [former detective constable with West Mercia Police] was working as a detective constable when officers raided the home of paedophile … Continue reading


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Peter Righton’s Diaries: Benjamin Britten, Peter Pears and Michael Davidson

Originally posted on Desiring Progress:
I am publishing on here some information communicated to me by Tom Watson MP’s source on Peter Righton and networks of child abusers, which led to the infamous question from Watson to the Prime Minister…


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The Peter Righton Diaries

Originally posted on spotlight:
Peter Righton after his conviction in 1992 The source of Tom Watson’s PMQ left a new comment on this blog earlier today. This might give an indication of the scale of abuse that Operation Fernbridge are…


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Peter Righton: Hereford and Worcester Investigation

Somebody was asking me the other day about Operation Fairbank which began as a consequence of a question asked by Tom Watson MP at PMQs last year. I think there is a great deal of confusion about it. I hope … Continue reading


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St Peter’s Preparatory School, Seaford

St Peter’s Preparatory School, Seaford   Eastbourne teacher charged with child sex offences at Seaford school   Published on 05/06/2013    An Eastbourne man has been charged with sex offences against pupils at a now-closed Seaford preparatory school.   Christopher … Continue reading

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Is Peter Tatchell a Good Gay Spokesperson ?

It is just a question………. I’m not gay myself but if I were I would be upset that Peter Tatchell had written an article today about lowering the legal age of consent to 14 years, thus making it look like gay … Continue reading


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Dr Morris Fraser: Abuse Cover-Up Study

A full copy of Dr Meehan’s study will be available from the Spinwatch website from 31 March 2016. Press Release NEW STUDY HIGHLIGHTS CHILD ABUSE COVER UP Police and GMC allowed convicted Paedophile access to vulnerable children Dr Morris … Continue reading


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Cavendish School, Greenford, Ealing, London

Cavendish School, Greenford, Ealing, London Operation Cayacos Former school teacher and partner of Paedophile Information Exchange founder is sentenced to 21 months in prison for molesting an 11-year-old boy in the 70s Richard Alston, 70, was the long term partner … Continue reading

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In Response To Today’s David Aaronovitch Comment Piece.

If I specifically address today’s comment piece in The Times by David Aaronovitch, it is not because I have failed to recognise that other articles in other newspapers aren’t also misleading their readership by deliberately conflating genuine allegations of abuse … Continue reading


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The Sunday Times: Darren’s Story

For me there are four points of note in today’s Sunday Times story The Sunday Times have talked to an independent source who has confirmed the Daily Mail story that Operation Midland is “going nowhere” That Suffolk police became so worried about Darren’s … Continue reading


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Breakdown Of IPCC Investigations

We’ll update this. We’re assuming all are Met related and that the IPCC complaints do not relate to ongoing police investigations. Caveat: These are our best guesses. 1)  Lambeth and Cyril Smith HERE –    Allegation of a potential cover up … Continue reading


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Suffolk Children’s Homes

Suffolk Children’s Homes   A survivor’s story: Trapped in a subculture of child abuse With numerous inquiries into alleged child abuse either up and running or poised to begin, is there a risk the individual voices of victims might get … Continue reading

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Wanless/Whittam ‘Interesting’ Search Terms.

We’re free to publish anything that is published in a government report. Here are the search terms that Richard Whittam and Peter Wanless used while trawling through the files. Reproduced without prejudice. From Annex D Peter Wanless/Richard Whittam QC Review … Continue reading


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Op Cayacos: New Arrests Imminent ?

Detectives expect to press charges within weeks in an investigation that was sparked by a question in Parliament about a paedophile ring linked to politicians. The charges would be the first to result directly from a dramatic intervention in the … Continue reading


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Operation Fairbank: An Overview.

Yesterday, I noticed that Alun Roberts and Paul Rogers were discussing Tom Watson’s PMQ on Twitter and it’s prompted me to write this overview which I hope will clear up some misunderstandings. I’m sorry if much of this is already known but I hope … Continue reading


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Operation Cayacos

Operation Cayacos is an offshoot of Operation Fairbank which began soon after Tom Watson MP asked this question below on the 24th October last year. Richard Alston, 69, in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk is the second person to be arrested, … Continue reading

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Larchgrove Assessment Centre

Larchgrove Assessment Centre Glasgow ‘borstal’ Larchgrove identified in latest child abuse scandal to hit Scotland. Government and the legal system have certainly let the victims of alleged child abuse at the Larchgrove remand home. Now its up to the Law … Continue reading


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