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IPCC Look At Investigation Into Disappearance Of Vishal Mehrotra

Great work by The Needle team members who spent much of yesterday creating a text version of the difficult to read report ‘Inquiry into Suspicious Death of Vishal Mehrotra’. The original can be found on LBC HERE   Also see … Continue reading


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Vishal Mehrotra: Putney – Rogate Fairground Connection

The recent LBC investigation into the disappearance and murder of Vishal Mehrotra and the release following a Freedom of Information Request of the report into Operation Mehrotra raises a number of intriguing questions. Not least the revelation that the principle … Continue reading


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Operation Mehrotra

Credit to LBC for publishing this 21 page report from 2005, which has been obtained using a FOI request.


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Interview With Vishal’s Father Vishambar Mehrotra 1982

This interview with Vishambar Mehrotra  for Thames News was filmed in 1982 following the discovery of Vishal’s remains. It is not the news piece that was broadcast but the raw unedited footage. Hence the seemingly odd questions to camera at the … Continue reading


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Vishambar Mehrotra talking about son Vishal to LBC 3 March 2015

The Met has confirmed to LBC that the IPCC will look at possible corruption and negligence in the investigation into a young boy’s murder. Vishal Mehrotra, 8, disappeared on the day of the Royal Wedding in 1981 and his remains … Continue reading


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Martin Allen & Vishal Mehrotra

I was struck by the similarity in dress between the artist’s impression of Martin Allen’s abductor and a description of a man seen with an Asian boy later on the afternoon of Vishal Mehrotra’s disappearance not far from the place … Continue reading


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New Information Regarding Vishal Mehrotra

  Right now it seems every MSM story mentions Elm Guest House. I’m not in a position to say whether they are correct to do so but I think it’s always a good thing to remain cautious. Yesterday evening we … Continue reading


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Vishal Mehrotra: Too Many Coincidences!

Do you believe in Coincidences ? Of course coincidences do happen but when they appear to happen shouldn’t we take the time to ask ourselves whether they are just coincidences ? Earlier today I made a post entitled Where Do … Continue reading


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Timeline: Sidney Cooke And Associates

8th Apr 1961 Sidney Cooke is fined £20 for indecently assaulting a boy in a cinema. Until convicted in 1987 for the “dirty dozen” offences this was Cooke’s only conviction for a sexual offence. 1973 Leslie Bailey is accused of … Continue reading


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What happened to Vishal?

Tom Swarbrick’s LBC Podcast ‘Vishal Mehrotra went missing in London on the day of the Royal Wedding in 1981. His body was found in a shallow grave in Sussex nine months later. 33 years on, nobody knows who took him. … Continue reading


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Roger Stoodley On The ‘Cooke Group’ And Elm Guest House Links

Former detective chief superintendent Roger Stoodley in The Times today effectively validates the cautious approach we felt obliged to outline in respect to Mr Mehrotra’s revelations in The Telegraph yesterday. That can be found HERE Broadly, Vishal Mehrotra’s murder matched … Continue reading


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Operation Stranger (Jan ’86 – ’89?)

We’ve been trying to untangle the police operations, the networks they connected, and piece together a chronology. The results so far have surprised us. We’ll make the connections later. This is our first one, Operation Stranger (and its strands). (Sources … Continue reading


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Roger Pincham, The Liberals, And St James School.

It is very odd, to say the least, how often St James school, run by the School of Economic Science , a strange cultish organisation which preaches a hybrid of Hindu philosophy, meditation, and socialist economics, keeps cropping up. I first … Continue reading


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