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Hampstead Hoax Reaches New Levels Of Stupidity

If anyone had any doubts regarding the stupidity of those supporting the Hampstead Satanic Hoax then those doubts would have been dispelled by the release of their latest video. I’m afraid I can’t link to that video let alone embed … Continue reading


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Hampstead Satanic Hoax: Judge Pauffley Is Wrong !

In Mrs Justice Pauffley’s judgement HERE, she remarked that those that perpetrated and perpetuated this hoax so damaging to the two young children at centre of it were either “evil” or “foolish”. She’s wrong. Any sensible person observing what has … Continue reading


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Hampstead, McKenzie Friends, And Terence Ewing

I really don’t know how far I need to go before a large number of misguided people will let go of the Hampstead ‘Satanic’ Hoax. Not far enough yet judging by the comments left on the last article. So, here … Continue reading


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Three Wanted In Hampstead Harassment Case.

News today from the Ham & High reporting that Ella Draper, mother of two young children who can only be identified as P and Q, her partner Abraham Christie, and their ‘supporter’ Sabine McNeill are among those wanted for questioning … Continue reading


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Internet campaign about satanic cult at Hampstead school was ‘fantasy’ says judge

I’m going to take the unusual step of quoting a news article in full, my apologies to the Ham & High but I know that many of those that Judge Mrs Justice Pauffley has criticised read The Needle, though no material … Continue reading


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Edgeborough School, Farnham, Surrey

Edgeborough School, Farnham, Surrey ‘Why did Dad send me back to the school if he knew I’d been raped?’: Actor Donald Sinden’s son on the horror of being abused by his headmaster – and the horrific secret his father took … Continue reading

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Cumberland Lawn Tennis Association, Camden, London

Cumberland Lawn Tennis Association, Camden, London Police ready to investigate historic sex abuse claims against West Hampstead tennis coach An elite tennis club says it “co-operated fully” with police over shocking allegations that a former head coach molested young players … Continue reading

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A Response To BBC Radio 4’s Analysis Programme By Tim Tate.

Tim Tate is a multi- award-winning film maker, journalist, and best-selling author. He was also a contributor to the BBC Radio 4 Analysis programme about Ritualised Sexual Abuse. Part 1 of which can be listened to HERE, and Part 2 … Continue reading


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Analysis Of Analysis

Yesterday evening saw the broadcast of part one of David Aaronovitch’s BBC Radio 4 programme entitled ‘The Anatomy of Panic’ which sought to look at the phenomena of ritualistic sexual abuse. That broadcast can be listened to here- BBC Analysis. … Continue reading


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Why I Do Not Support John Hemming

I’ve been accused, in the past, of political bias because around the time of the Iraq War (2003) I joined the Liberal Democrats. I went on to become a town councillor for a short while. I resigned from the party … Continue reading


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The Satanic Cult That Wasn’t : BBC R4

How Satanic abuse accusations in a North London suburb went global, but turned out to be untrue. Melanie Abbott investigates. It’s members are, it’s claimed, drawn mainly from a school and church in Hampstead. They are said to wear shoes … Continue reading


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The Police Were Forbade From Investigating Lord Janner In 1989

“The witness had produced affectionate letters that were allegedly from the MP, some on House of Commons notepaper, and provided a detailed description of the inside of the MP’s Hampstead home”   An investigation into child abuse allegations against a … Continue reading


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