Rising Sun

The Friday Night Song



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10 responses to “Rising Sun


    • tdf


      Why are you promoting anti-semitism on your blog?

      • Excuse me?… you better let my rabbi know!
        “Yo Norman… I’m being accused of anti-Semitism! I don’t think the person who used the term actually knows what it means… but…”

      • and… what blog?
        Anti-Semitism!… you really need to check your facts on that one! RALMFAO! :O

      • @tdf…. I’m actually sat with two of my Jewish friends this evening! :D Please please please try and respond tonight! :D 23/03/2017…
        Why am I promoting anti-Semitism on my blog? RALMFAO!
        Are you one of these paid trolls who has absolutely no idea what their talking about?… YOU REALLY NEED CHECK YOUR FACTS ON THIS!!!

  2. tdf

    …move me a mountain…

    • ‘I can move move move any mountain!’ (except Sinai!)… any response than mongo?
      Thought not!… you shouldn’t go throwing the term Anti-Semite around so loosely (first, not at someone who practices Judaism! :D although found it slightly amusing)… more importantly because it’s extremely stupid and dangerous… to quote from ‘Peace, Propaganda, & the Promised Land’
      “the fact that anti-Semitism is alive and well in the world today, makes it all the more important to differentiate between real anti-Semitism, that needs to be condemned and opposed in it’s own right, and it’s mis-use as PR strategy” (or Trolling strategy in this case)

      Hey if you’re interested in Shamanism… my friend left a book entitled ‘Magic Of The Ordinary – Recovering The Shamanic in Judaism’… if your interested? ;)

      Of course… a song!

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