Exaro’s Mark Watts Tells Staff: “Dig Up A Field”


Some interesting titbits in Private Eye for any Exaro watchers out there, including that Mark ‘Flick’ Watts was told that their witness Andrew was unreliable yet published anyway despite the fact that there was no corroboration and that Oberführer Watts attempted to get Exaro staff to dig up a field looking for a suitcase proving conclusively that he was sane – all on the say so of a nonce. The staff refused and so the sanity of former Editor-in-Chief  of Exaro News’ has not been verified.

I expect on occasions Herr Watts still believes that there is a suitcase hidden beneath that field just waiting to be dug up. Perhaps he should publish his treasure map. I know the Needleteam would love a day out sitting on deckchairs on a nearby hill, eating sandwiches, drinking lashings of ginger beer, and watching Flick’s lunatic followers digging up a field.



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5 responses to “Exaro’s Mark Watts Tells Staff: “Dig Up A Field”

  1. Parsonage

    Here’s an interesting one, how come a Lancashire copper dismissed the service is able to afford to run to libel lawyers?


  2. Ampleforth Watch

    And why did James O’Brien of LBC Radio give Watts so much time to expound his theories?

  3. This is all clear as er….mud to me. But I’m definitely interested in any further comments.

  4. anonymous coward

    Ooh strawman! Well done! A case of sour grapes me thinks

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