Police Investigation Into St James, The School Of Economic Science


This post is to notify anyone with information that there is now an ongoing Metropolitan police investigation into allegations of child abuse by former pupils at St James’ and St Vedast’s schools run by The School of Economic Science.

The investigation broadly concerns allegations during the 1970s and 1980s.

If you have information that may help then please contact the Met’s Child Abuse Investigation Team



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9 responses to “Police Investigation Into St James, The School Of Economic Science

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  2. David

    Vishal Mehrotra’s school next to Gloucester Road Station

    • Justin Sanity

      So many “David”s.
      I’ve recently become aware, that 1 David might not be the person that I believed him to be. In any case, might as well get straight to it…

      Are any of the Davids who have posted comments here, over the years, the much quoted 20 year-old witness to Martin Allen’s abduction?

  3. Anonymous

    School of Philosophy – Ch4 report into Child Abuse at their school, St James’s UK – Pt 1

  4. neil

    Dear the School of Economic Science,



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  6. neil

    SES and censorship.
    “it seems that there is a total lack of critical writing in the field of investigative journalism. In fact there is a censorship of issues of this type across most of the newspapers. There have been no critical articles about this group for some time and it is clear that the advertising has bought the silence of editors around this state.”


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