Kendall House Addendum Report

Kendall House Addendum to Main Report

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What can I say? The report  begins well and gives due credit to Teresa Cooper for the 30 years of her tireless struggle to achieve recognition for the maltreatment meted out to her and other residents.

And there it ends. One might ask, given the unprecedented access that Dr Sue Proctor had to Kendall House and Church of England records, why there is no reference to any official documents that might corroborate the testimony of the former residents that participated. One might further ask why the only reference to any official documentation in this report is to note its absence when particularly damning allegations are made by former residents – including the legally sensitive (for the Church of England) subject of organised drug experimentation on children at Kendall House.

Doesn’t that seem odd to you? No documented corroboration of witness testimony – but the noting of the absence of corroborative documentation when it suits?

If I were a conspiracy theorist I’d have a field day with this report – as I’m not, I’ll just say that this report falls far below what I’d expect from an independent report undertaken by professionals.

































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  2. By the Seaside

    This personal narratives in this addendum leave me cold with despair on their behalf as children. Whilst I understand the perceived need for the ‘sing song’ tone of the review panel narrative and recommendations where is the OUTRAGE and the search for political and legal redress on behalf of the victims.
    I previously advised that I would not comment again, but come on sort it out properly.
    Richard John Haynes

  3. card2

    Comments on Kent Messenger Report

    merkava_bob wrote:
    I’ll repost what I commented this morning because obviously someone’s delicate sensibilities were offended (Wouldn’t be from KCC Social Services by any chance?)

    Psychiatrist Dr Marenthiran Perinpanayagam was a complete and utter quack and charlatan. I had a client (I was involved in advocacy so don’t want give names) who was a patient of his. He’s field was supposedly adolescent psychiatry. My client had been very badly bullied at school and at this stage was temporarily in care at Glebelands Home in Maidstone (now closed)

    Despite having supportive independent evidence of the bullying. This clown used a very primitive skin galvanometer Lie Detector test on a vulnerable client without taking any form of consent from legal guardian (obviously sceptical because any teenager in the 1970’s in care was seen as troublesome and lying delinquent!) Like a lot of Psychiatrists of that era he thought he was God (or maybe even the creator of God?)

    He was also very liberal with the dosages of major tranquillizers (anti-psychotics, regardless of whether a client was psychotic or not) His favourite “liquid cosh” was largactl (chlorpromasine) in way above the recommended daily doseage.

    I would also be very interested to know if another psychiatrist, Dr Glaisher and child psychologist Mrs Absolom were involved. They were then based at the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Team in Wrotham Road.

    The social work team at that time were also extremely suspect. It’s no wonder that these poor young women were not believed because one of the social workers on the team at that time was Nicholas Rabbet. Rabbet it turned out later was a superintendent of care homes in Islington and was also a prolific child abuser (Subsequently struck off by his own professional body) This is documented asxwas the inquiry in London as was police involvement. He also had connections I believe with the infamous Haut de la Garenne care home on Jersey that was also visited by Jimmy Saville.

    Fortunately Rabbet will not be abusing anymore young boys (that was his speciality) He was subsequently arrested in Thailand and charged with numerous child sex offences. He committed suicide whilst in custody.

    My heart goes out to these young women and to those brave enough to speak out.

    The Kent Messenger or other journalists ought to do some further investigations especially with regards to Mr Rabbets murky presence as KCC social worker. I personally think that Kendall House in Gravesend is the tip of a very nasty iceberg concerning care homes in Kent.

    (If take off again I’ll repost, haven’t you heard of text files and cut and paste)
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    14/12/2016 10:53:30
    Turpin wrote:
    From 1966 to 1972 there was an unknown number of disabled child deaths, in Islington and Hackney care, at the Beeches Ixworth Suffolk. This is a village close to the Henniker estate (Later home of abusive Islington Suffolk project)

    I have just asked Suffolk Police to report the Beeches and Ipswich Family Psychiatric Centre to Op Hydrant to seek an overview to include Aston Hall and Kendall House. Aston Hall and Ipswich Family Psychiatric Centre research activity has a common factor of Royal Medico Psychological Assn which also links to William Sargent at St Thomas. The Kendall House psychodabblers seem to link back to Aubrey Lewis and Maudsley whose influence was behind RMPA and Cambridge Uni research asset Fulbourn Mental Hospital Cambridge.

    The head of psychiatric research at Medical Research Council was IIRC Dr Peter Elliot. Whether Stowe old boy attorney general Nicholas Lyell took this into account when he applied various secret public interest custodianship cover up early 90s also extended to protecting from police inquiry Old Stowe boys Leonard Cheshire, Lord Henniker and Hayman ???

  4. card2

    Some of the wording seems underhanded. EG “Remained silent” instead of “Remained unheard” “Relentless” instead of “Tenacious”

  5. artmanjosephgrech

    Like you I don’t dabble in conspiracies but deal with the evidence of conspiracies. Anyone who still does not understand the nature and the extent of the cover up go and see the film Snowden and you will learn all you need to know about how the world now has to work in the digital age and will become even more dangerous and out of anyone’s control once artificial consciousness has been created for military use, if it has not already.

    If you go to see the film the warning is that the end credit information which implies the situation in practice has changed is nonsense of course.

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