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  1. anonymous coward

    Euch of all people to misappropriate Gene!

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  3. artmanjosephgrech

    an appropriate choice for the day the film Snowdon is released which concentrates on the man whereas the best way to understand what he has done is to join the 1387000 others who have viewed the documentary. Given that his purpose was to disclose the extent of USA surveillance of everyone with assistance from the UK and other friendly governments and the measures being taken to legitimise continuing activity, it must be resumed that what I am saying has been picked up at Langley and wherever as a multitude of organisations have acquired he ability to devour huge quantities of data looking for such words as Langley and Snowden.

    I thought of this earlier to day when looking at the index to the two National Inquiry Seminars has 40 pages all instantly automated. I assume that a similar searchable database will be created by the London Metropoiitan University which as won the contract to go through every publication discussing the subject Social and Political discourses of Child Sexual abuses sub headed rapid evidence assessment from 1940. The Hansard will show little but there is a letter from the National Association for the Unmarried mother and child in Child Care News on the issue of Mandatory which it will be interesting to see if they spot!