Happy 100th Kirk…

But when you’re gone the truth will out because everyone in Hollywood is just waiting to tell.


100 year old Kirk Douglas

[This story] concerns one of the biggest male stars ever, and one of the most beloved female stars to ever live…

One day she was invited to meet with this movie star about an upcoming major role. This man was a legend already, and was very powerful. … Thinking [s]he herself was powerful and savvy, she accepted the invite. In his hotel room. She never saw it coming.

Without even discussing the film, this actor — drunk already — began making a pass at her. She politely declined, and excused herself. He wouldn’t have it. He literally threw her down, slapped the hell out of her, and ripped her clothes off. He shouted obscenities at her, continually punched and held her arms so tight he left scars and bruises.

He raped her repeatedly, spitting on her, and did permanent damage to her body. She was bleeding everywhere, with a battered face. She passed out. When she came to, the actor was still in the room gloating, and told her to come see him tomorrow night and he might give her the role. He laughed at her as she fell down, her legs so wobbly and weak. She gathered her torn clothes, and tried to walk out of the hotel and to her car – blood and semen running down her legs and bruises already forming on her face.

She could barely make it back home in her car. She wanted to kill herself, so ashamed of what happened. The damage to her psyche was permanent, and haunted her forever.

…Her mom said she must have made the actor mad and offended him. They called a doctor, who took her to the hospital secretly to have her treated… The studio knew, and did nothing. After all, the star actor was a money machine. … She grew into an amazing woman with a legendary career. But she never forgot, or forgave, and never got over what happened.

She never named the star actor publicly, but her friends and family knew the truth. Even after marriage and kids, if she saw this actor anywhere – she would almost convulse and cry. And worst of all, Hollywood and the world continued to honor him, pay him, and treat him like a king.

Today, he’s still alive and barely holding on. But those who know the truth are still hoping and praying he will rot in hell for eternity. That all his good deeds and donations will never mask the truth…

So when the time comes, and the now 95-year old Kirk Douglas, the superstar actor, finally dies, there will be tributes and honors about him. Just remember that he is a monster who never repented, apologized, nor showed any sorrow for destroying the lives of others. Especially the life of that young beloved actress named Natalie Wood.

Attributed to Robert Downey Jr 


16 year old Natalie Wood in ‘Rebel Without a Cause’


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  1. Shui Evans

    I believe his punishment will come at the Pearly Gates I am not a religious person but I do believe in Karma children were a pawn back then and no one took there interest at heart very sad because she was a beautiful person.

    • artmanjosephgrech

      The reality is that human justice is rare indeed and few victims obtain a meaningful sense of justice. Those who do are part of the establishment, powerful rich and sometimes all three.

  2. Shui.Evans

    Thank you for telling me shocking that they put the rape scene in and disguised it by saying a bogus name.

    • I think as you alluded to earlier – it was an important if tragic event in her life which couldn’t be missed out if viewers were to understand her and her life.

      Natalie Woods’ biographer had obviously talked to close friends and family members and established the truth. In life NW hadn’t wanted have it made public – in death there was no first hand witness and even though many knew about it, it would have been a legal minefield.

      Sadly, it is what it is and I’ve no doubt at some point more will come out.

      Contrary to what many might think – I don’t just pull rumours from the internet and publish – dig yourself and you’ll find that there is far more substance to this one.

      • Shui Evans

        As they say no smoke with out fire it all comes out in the wash eventually.

        • artmanjosephgrech

          I wish it was true that it all comes out in the wash and does so to benefit those direct involved or that our awareness of such events makes a difference to how we collectively behave in the future. Individually we are always pawns in someone else’s game and in generalIy ask are we individually better, do we lead better lives by having an increased awareness of the realities of life, especially the realities of states governments and large organisations and individuals with power which enables then to exercise control and abuse power and people.

          How is the individual who is not part of a state, government, organisation with power to know the truth as it is only the originator of a an event who know what they have done ,,,,, and this does not mean they necessarily know why they did it and even if they admit to doing it is there reason for doing it that what they believe or say at the time? Then if you extrapolate from this to an organisation with hierarchies or many levels of functioning disentangling how a situation came about went in one direction and not another

          Here is a New Year thought for you Human beings make bad decisions as well as good ones when they gain or are given power over others directly or indirectly, therefore humans beings are working on the creation of independent intelligence which makes more reliable and better decision taking….. the most recent example has been on mechanism to bet (trade) in the market to make more wealth for those with the wealth to bet ( called investments) which sounds respectable, with the baking crash the out come although with the wealth where quick to work out how make vast fortunes from the economic and personal devastation which resulted. However say we progress and create intelligence that does not make mistake and become free of the creator the recent TV Series Westworld and and on the ongoing series Human covers the subject in an engaging way and as have a number of Hollywood entertainment films over the past decade. They all make the point that the more effective we are the more likely the creation will decide to eliminate humans from the decision taking process and make then the servants the workers as the majority of us are of those with power now.

          I hope you are saying that that the truth about the death especially the unnecessary death of anyone merits attention irrespective of who they are or have been and that the torturing of anyone unless it is in the interest of continuation of humanity is never justified. Rape is a form of torture which can never be justified…what happened to Natalie who I ordered by Michel whose on screen work I enjoyed….. and therefore the subject attracted my interest… However what worries me is that the focus appears to be moving away from why was the known behaviour of Jimmy Savile covered up given the level of power of those who knew of his behaviour and has everyone decided finding out about the cover up is no longer important?

          The classic defence presented by the Official Biographer of Margaret Thatcher volume two is that she was only prepared to act re Morrison for example if there was evidence. and that she, followed by Blair concentrated on dealing with the present , moving on to the next without crisis and call for Executive decision.. This is bullshit as we all should now know. It is all about who is expendable and who is not. The young actress was considered fair game, child in care were and in many eyes are still considered fair game girls and then as women are fair game in some religions, societies and states you think this will change via a national inquiry. and inquiry? or publication of truth?

  3. artmanjosephgrech

    Well said

  4. Shui Evans

    Can I ask where you get your information not disputing but OMG maybe that’s why her life was so chaotic with the drinking etc typical of Hollywood to do what they liked and cover it up.

    • I first became aware of this about 8 years ago when I happened to watch ‘The Mystery of Natalie Wood’ a biopic which was produced in 2004. – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mystery_of_Natalie_Wood

      In it she was raped and beaten by a director called ‘Roy Tremaine’ in exactly the same way as described above. I was shocked as I didn’t know about this and I decided to look into it. and found that there is no film director called Roy Tremaine – which is very strange for an otherwise accurate biopic.

      What I did find were plenty of comments saying that Kirk Douglas had raped Natalie – some seemed very compelling and appeared to have come from insiders who were saying that as soon as Kirk Douglas died then the truth would come out.

      It seemed to me that the film producers were fully aware of what had happened and decided to include the rape but disguise the rapist.

      I’ll also include this from the BBC

      “The book controversially reveals Wood’s “rape” at the age of 16 by a man who Finstad will only identify as a “powerful, married movie star”.


      This was long before the comments above which are attributed to Robert Downey Jr were posted 5 years ago.

      I used to like Douglas as an actor but I’m afraid there is probably more to come out about him once he’s dead.

      I hope this helps a little but I accept it is not hard evidence but it is very similar to the kind of rumours that were floating around about Jimmy Savile and the public didn’t find out the truth about him until he died.

  5. Ah! It IS Bandini. You were banned a while back for being a pompous arsehole who wanders around the internet like a proud goat that thinks his pellets of shit are pearls of wisdom bestowed upon the Earth.

    I only allowed the original comment because I mistakenly believed you were a different idiot.

    And so, as I must be consistent – I’ll delete the comments of the banned person including his precious links which will no doubt lead to more deposits of his shit.

    Wait until the man dies and then you’ll see I’m right.

    Goodbye Bandini… Goodbye AGAIN.

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