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  1. Jeremy Stocks

    Seen this? Seems America is about to have a Saville moment:

    Any links to our “chums”?

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  3. Sabre

    Shirley Oaks survivors pull out of inquiry.
    A facilitation of “hand washing”.
    I always wanted to be wrong on this issue, however, “told you so” with infinite regret.

    • artmanjosephgrech

      The Shirley Oaks group like I suspect many other survivor led groups failed to understand what an Inquiry can and cannot do. It cannot achieve a more meaningful sense of justice for an individual. The Hillsborough families had to wait two years before a new Inquest changed verdict and the process could begin of renewed police and or IPCC inquiries and civil actions. An inquiry cannot change human nature or the culture of organisations which it why the detailed examination of what happened institution by institution the form of hearings operated according to due process and core participants would each take at least a year if to be comprehensively covered, let alone grouped according to subjects and where the concentrating hearing on individuals who are dead and the cover up can only be organised once all police and judicial process have been completed and this includes initiated civil actions.

      It was also going to be impossible to hold a hearing on the role of establishment past and present in the cover up. Now of course all the withdrawal of one set of people in relation to one investigation only help the cause of those who want the inquiry to stop because of the risk of it focussing on them and their institution and because the way to attack the new Prime Minister and bring her down, forcing new General Election is to attack and attack her through the way the Inquiry has been managed and where there are interests in all the main political parties, together with UKIP and the nationalists in Ireland, Scotland and Wales to unite to bring this about. Parliament will just stop the funding and call it a day if given the opportunity. The so called Truth project could continue as I am sure will the ongoing police inquiries and hopefully the collation and securing of written and digital records will prevent their further destruction apart form those which national security and nation interest will required destruction as it always has.

  4. artmanjosephgrech

    From Wikipedia
    Jones’ relationship with her father was strained; he was strict and felt forced to disassociate himself from her because the church refused to make him a bishop as long as he was associated with his daughter.[citation needed] According to the particular denomination’s beliefs, one should only use one’s singing ability to glorify God.[22] Bishop Robert W. Jones died on 7 May 2008.[101] Her mother, Marjorie, always supported Jones’ career (she sings on “Williams’ Blood” and “My Jamaican Guy”) but could not be publicly associated with her music.[22] Marjorie’s father, William, was also a musician, and played with Nat King Cole.[22]

    Jones described her childhood as having been “crushed underneath the Bible”,[27] and since has refused to enter a Jamaican church due to her bad childhood experiences.[102]

    Through her relationship with long-time collaborator Jean-Paul Goude, Jones has one son, Paulo. From Paulo, Jones has one granddaughter.[91] Jones married Atila Altaunbay in 1996. She disputes rumors she married Chris Stanley in her 2015 memoir I’ll Never Write My Memoirs, saying, “The truth is, I only ever married one of my boyfriends, Atila Altaunbay, a Muslim from Turkey.” She spent four years with Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren, her former bodyguard;[103] she was the one who got him a part as a KGB officer in A View to a Kill.[104] Jones started dating Danish actor/stuntman/bodybuilder Sven-Ole Thorsen in 1990, and was in an open relationship as of 2007.[105]

    Jones’ brother is megachurch preacher Bishop Noel Jones, who starred on the 2013 reality show Preachers of LA.[106]

    Jones’ real last name is often referred to as “Mendoza”, which is actually a name she used in her 20s to fool her parents.

    There is no such thing as a Private life for anyone who has any form of digital internet link device as I predicted only four years after this performance especially now that organisations, political parties in addition to governments have the software capability of trawling through millions of mails, tweets and other social media postings and interactions looking for and responding anywhere and anytime.