Wife Of Senior Detective Exonerated By Sir Richard Henriques Demands Apology


DCI Settle appearing before the Home Affairs Select Committee

Today we learn from The Telegraph (story below) and The Mail that DCI Settle’s wife has written to Bernard Hogan-Howe demanding an apology for her husband (full letter below). She is absolutely justified in doing so.

If there were any justice DCI Settle wouldn’t just receive an apology and commendation for his work but also an immediate promotion. He alone had the courage to stand by his principles and though there will be many in the Metropolitan Police, some senior officers and a great many rank a file officers who will have supported his stand, it is he and his family that have had to deal with the consequences of doing nothing more than his job with dilligence and integrity.

DCI Settle is exactly the kind of police officer that the Metropolitan Police need to help take them forward as they enter a new era after Hogan-Howe leaves in the new year.

The Telegraph states:

“A spokesman for the IPCC said the investigation remained ongoing but it is understood DCI Settle will be formally cleared when its findings are published.”

Quelle surprise! Two complainants both with previous criminal records for different forms of deceit and both with well known links to discredited news site Exaro.  These complaints to the IPCC against DCI Settle were always just another way of attempting to smear him personally and reputationally.

“I accept that the correct decision was made by Detective Chief Inspector Paul Settle in concluding that no further action should be taken in the case.” – Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe

Met Police

Full Letter

Dear Commissioner

You may recall that I wrote to you in September with a letter regarding the abysmal treatment my Husband Detective Chief Inspector Paul Settle had received at the hands of your organisation. Given that you did not even have the common courtesy to acknowledge receipt, let alone compile a meaningful reply I have taken the liberty of copying this email to several Journalists who have covered the case to date.

Following the publication of the Henriques Report it would appear that the only person to come out of the whole affair with any credibility is my husband. I believe that Sir Richard stated that his conduct was exemplary. I also note that you admitted in your press release that his decision was correct despite the underhanded behaviour that followed it.

Given that my husband has been completely exonerated and praised for his actions by a High Court Judge, I would like to know if you have any intention of apologising to him? If not, why not?

Furthermore I am acutely aware that others have been recognised for their work on Operation Yewtree. Taking into account, the lack of support and resources my husband had, and the fact that unlike many others he has shown to have his integrity intact, this is of course despite efforts to the contrary by your own senior leadership. I would like to know if you have any intention of commending my husband? Again if not, why not?

Finally this has had an incredible impact upon my husband. The blanket of professionalism that he had prided himself on has been needlessly ripped from underneath him, by the very organisation he has loyally served for 25 years. I would like to know why it took an independent review for you to listen to what my husband had been saying all along?

I would also like to know what you are doing to prevent this sorry state of affairs from occurring again, and impacting upon others the way it has my family?

I look forward to your reply.

Yours Sincerely

Story In The Telegraph

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howehas been accused of destroying the career and wrecking the health of the only senior detective to warn him that the VIP sex abuse inquiry was a “baseless witch hunt”.

In a blistering letter, seen by the Daily Telegraph, the wife of Detective Chief Inspector, Paul Settle, accused the Met Commissioner of treating her husband “abysmally” and called on him to apologise immediately for the damage he has done.

DCI Settle was forced to step down as head of the Met’s paedophile unit after he tried to close an investigation into Lord Brittan, the former Home Secretary, over unsubstantiated claims of rape.

The case was reopened after political interference by the Labour deputy leader Tom Watson and DCI Settle went off on sick leave, suffering from stress.

He was later placed under investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) after being accused of leaking personal information about a convicted fraudster and a fantasist.

But last week a damning report by Sir Richard Henriques into Scotland Yard’s handling of the disastrous VIP sex abuse investigations, completely exonerated DCI Settle of any wrongdoing.

The Telegraph


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  1. card2


    I mentioned above a child death at Guys Hospital in 1995 and that area commander for Met was Sir Ian Johnston ex Kent ACC. HM Coroner there is now in fact searching for the inquest record to consider an application to attorney general for a new inquest or further inquiry.

    Anon and Jack I wonder if you could assure us, citing your evidence and vast experience, there is no cause for further concern about the serious Devonport incident 2012 ? An incident that occurred when and where MOD and Police were never distracted by “Submissions”. I mention this because an essential fallacy of dear Anon is assumption that police and public sector if left alone can do a perfect job of defence of the realm.

    And perhaps Jack and Anon can set out why these incidents have nothing to do with the concerns expressed in the late Sir John Stradling Thomas MP constituency casework curtailed by his death 1991 at his Dolphin Square Home.

  2. Anon

    I’m afraid these two (?) fantasists are all over this blog like a particularly nasty rash and have effectively made it unreadable. But it’s a good example of how self important obsessed people can waste police and government time – if card2 has made even one tenth of the submissions to various authorities as he claims to have done then he has indeed soaked up resources which could have been used in a more rational and productive manner.

    • And yet despite it being “unreadable” you’ve managed – well done. ;-)

      I’m not sure that your exaggeration, hyperbole, and misrepresentation is very convincing – no wonder you posted this anonymously.

      • card2

        I am sorry if I failed to make it clear. I am a retired electrical and control engineer. My submissions re backup generator unreliability and sabotage were variously invited by Scottish Energy Minister, Energy Minister post Japanese tsunami review of UK nuclear resilience and security, Tony Blair prior to new security of electrical supply guidelines for NHS hospitals 2007. Sir Ronnie Flanagan RUC re sabotage consistent with IRA Garland Plan.

        Other submissions I chose to send all passed terms of reference admissibility screening. Such as Iraq Inquiry.

        Along the way I was commended twice for the lifelong honour of my constable oath.

        Plessey Torpedoes was not a submission it was a crime complaint about company fraud with technical; explanation for unreliability of the torpedoes. I don’t think the MOD experts, who checked out my report, felt their time was wasted because they both agreed it.

        My status as a witness to National Crime Agency Stephen Lawrence case corruption inquiry is by official call.

        Other submissions would include those mandated by Common Law and Statutory duties to report such as in Terrorism Act 2000. It being a criminal offence to fail to report.

        One affidavit was by legal advice to put facts on the record so that a Chief constable could not later deny knowing.

  3. Jack

    I get the feeling there are a few fantasists posting on this thread.

  4. tdf

    If your suggestion that there was more to the Deal Barracks bombing than meets the eye is correct, then I would ask the question – qui bono – who benefits?

    We know that there was security forces collusion with loyalist terrorists (proven and has been admitted to), was there also collusion with republican terrorists and if so, with what end in mind?

    • tdf

      Or am I misinterpreting you, are you ventilating a possibility that the Deal barracks bombing was really a loyalist job and done with the intention of provoking a strong security response against republicans/nationalists in Northern Ireland from Downing Street?

      • card2

        The collusion in Kent I refer to featured arrests in 1987 of 21 Territorial Army soldiers who had allegedly carried out missions to Ulster and into Ireland. You will find a reference to these arrests in Pat Monteath’s Quill Publishing books. The sidekick “Paul Jones” is a composite between one of the TA men arrested with Andre in 87 and an ex para who became a Kent Special constable. Pat’s character “George Inamos” is based on a Kent Adventure Training Corps leader, ex Kent special constable, George Maison who later became vice chair of north thanet tory assn.

        There was an application to join the TA unit from another leader of KATC but checks could not verify his claimed regular army REME service so he was rejected. This was the man who would gain work as a Reliance guard at Deal Barracks 1988/89.

        Both the KATC leaders were in fact long term associates of the GMBU shop steward of Petbow Generators. The alleged saboteur. The first report of sabotage of which I am aware was 1981 from a commissioning engineer in Nigeria. Although a previous employer of the GMBU man GEC Distribution Transformers formed suspicions of weld sabotage after a costly product recall.

        In warnings on the barracks I made crime complaints of company fraud and of sabotage against Petbow. It was many years later I learned that Ploddie had never heard of the Sean Garland Plan of IRA which included sabotage and infiltration of unions !

        Six of the 41 lines of inquiry in the warnings were DHSS Benefits frauds. These I did explain to DI George Rogers at the time he was arresting officer of the 21 TA paramilitary collusion men. The MO of IRA in Thanet was to recruit single mum claimants who had no “Liable relative” (Absent father of kids) declared or whose liable relative had never had a national insurance number. Such claims had no vicarious link to the only centralised records which was National Insurance at Newcastle. The system had no way to auto detect multiple address claims in these cases. One we caught in 76 had 48 addresses across England each with a live claim. To detect it meant DHSS going on overtime and across the country putting all live claims back to section files and then creeping check.

        Her Wimbledon claim address was already flagged at Scotland Yard as suspect active unit IRA address.

        In 87 there were 3 Thanet single mums who approached one of the arrested TA men asking if he could help extricate them from frauds they had been recruited into.

        In 75 76 Barbara Castle was DHSS minister advised by civil servants Jack Straw and Norman Warner. What did they do to correct the system to prevent such multiple address fraud ? The answer appears to be nothing.

        The other 3 DHSS frauds in the barracks warnings were Manston claim addresses flagged at DHSS as suspect IRA. I arranged for DI Rogers to meet my DHSS source at a Broadstairs pub but he did not turn up.

        Although the arrested TA men had forged UDR ID cards and allegedly semtex and IEDs there was no application to attorney general under Explosives Substances Act 1883 for consent to prosecute. Kent Plod went on Unlawful Drilling Act 1819 alone which in 2008 justice secretary Jack Straw repealed just before Deal Barracks issues once again came on top with the expose’ of the bogus ex SAS con man who had contributed to the false WMD story in 1997 98.

        My position concerning the 11 murdered Royal Marines is that we should have a retrospective Article 2 inquest. The same position I take over the six years of child deaths at Ixworth. Deal had a gross insufficiency of inquiry and Ixworth had pretty much no inquiry.

        Speculating about who set the bomb at Deal is pointless as there is no substitute for full inquiry.

        Do I believe that Sir Ian Johnston in 1995 recognised the Guys backup genny failure sequence as identical to that of 87 and described in warnings his then force Kent ignored re Deal Barracks ??? I believe that the child patient who died at Guys 1995 should also have an article 2 inquest in which Sir Ian Johnston has to answer.

        Do I believe that senior HM Coroner Southwark, currently reviewing that 1995 Guys child death, will support application for a new inquest under article 2 ? NOOOO. What if he did so ? Yes let’s expose his predecessor Montague Levene as a pratt. A pratt who gave the narrative verdict in Lawrence case. Who ran a cock up Guys death inquest covering up questions about who sourced bodyguard wok to Det sgt Davidson of the Lawrence case.

        With much of the story it appears not to leave Kent. It was Army Intelligence then at Ashford who told DI Rogers what to do in his arrests of the TA men 1987. When I report to people like Lord Carlile on this I suggest they read about Stephen Glass. For that is as close a match as I can find for the personality of the Kent case officer.

        Someone suggested that I should run a blind test re Kent Plod and hence I looked at a 2008 murder case at Margate. No terrorism overtones. And it was worrying. I asked why they did not hand over the victims home, the crime scene, to his co-occupant. “Wot co-occupant ?” “The one listed on voters lists Det Supt” Then I reported the will as a forgery produced after the murder. Plod nil actioned that because they had handed over the crime scene to a suspect on the basis of that will. And it just went on and on. Companies House return due at time of murder. Benefits frauds. Money laundering. All things Kent Plod had failed to consider.

        There was a ton of electrical forensic the plod had not looked at. IPCC phoned me and it took about 40 minutes to explain to their investigator (ex DI) the electrical stuff. At the end she was impressed “So from the power blackout you can show there was more than one intruder and that the victim was held in the house not shot immediately and that shooting occurred as a power cut caused chaos.” “Yep”

        What happen when you phone plod is that none of them has a case overview. If you query the will you get referred to legal services. If you query with legal services the admin of estate during which plod failed to notice companies house warnings and strike off of victims scaffold business then legal services refer back to murder team who then elect silence.

        On the electrical forensics ? Plod had handed over the house to a suspect who put in a self employed electrician tenant who rewired the house. No chance of reproducing the electrical truths of the murder event.

        The main factor seems to be the stupidity and corrupt cover ups of that stupidity of the plods.

        At the Deal Barracks bomb scene the PC Coroners Officer saw senior CID steal evidence and overheard them name the KATC security guard and agree on a cover up that they had failed to act on the extensive security It would take but minutes for the Stephen Glass of Kent CID to write in his mind a new history in which he heroically took decisions as a highly trained professional police officer. Mad as a box of frogs. .

  5. tdf

    “No one has ever been arrested or convicted in connection with the Deal bombing”.

    Hmm! Sounds murky.

    • card2

      Yes there were special forces and Gladio in barracks for joint exercise scorched earth. The bombing occurred the day Mrs Thatcher was in Moscow discussing German re-unification.

      One military fantasist, false Army Record, Reliance guard was a leader of the Roger Gale MP backed Kent Adventure Training Corps. His fellow leader was later vice chair of north thanet tory assn but in the 80s was chatting pretty much direct to Straight Left. Communist group.

      This was a part of what Jack Straw covered up in MacPherson Inquiry. The paths that called into question his own history involving Straight Left and his activity as advisor to DHSS Minister Barbara Castle 1975/76. In 1997 Kent Police Authority called for inquiry which would include inquiry into Jack Straw and Norman (now Lord) Warner.

      The corruption of MacPherson Inquiry was added to by Labour attorney general John Morris in a Margate Police custody death case of 1995 coming to inquest 97 in which it emerged that the coroners officer had seen the PCA invigilator, a senior CID man, stealing evidence at the 1989 Deal Bombing scene. The split blood samples came back with very different results. The senior CID man’s showed a massive paracetomol overdose. The Coroners Officer sample showed no such thing. This suspicion of senior CID arranging for doctoring of a blood sample was at a time Kent Plod were conducting MacPherson Inquiry and had custody of exhibits which they had unsealed. Attorney General Morris went for a cover up by a new inquest held by functus officio Deal Bombing Coroner of Dover.

      The conspiracy against the Thanet Coroner to gain grounds for appeal seemed to involve the charity “Inquest” and their buddies (Farrell Savage McCann case ECHR) British Irish Rights Watch …. patron Michael Mansfield QX Doreen Lawrence brief. This came home to roost in Rosemary Nelson Inquiry when BIRW concealed their knowledge of Kent based loyalist paramilitary collusion. A matter Kent Police Authority called for inquiry into 1997 and which Straw suppressed.

      Investigation of Kent Adventure Training Corps would have opened the can of worms including loyalist paramilitary collusion in Kent TA and as you know JANNER helped suppress inquiry into KATC re the later 1999 holocaust denial lecture activity. By which time the Kent history had developed various implications for the bogus WMD case, the Tower 7 collapse and the training of Al Quedda in UK. (Frank Etim Mark Yates Bakri Choudhary )

      If you make Deal Barracks a hub then vectors to abuse suspicions go back along security history, out to Belgium (Brabant killings) and into private cadet groups.

      • tdf

        Crumbs. This really is quite a can of worms.

        • card2

          Yes My mate gave a statement to plod 1988 about history of approaches to Kent coalmines trying to get explosives and dets. Approaches by leaders of KATC. Concerned that one of the idiots had gained work with Reliance Security at Deal Barracks. The daughter in law of a senior figure in straight left wanted to raise her concerns. Kent Plod refused to take her statement. I made a statement. In my report to Lord Carlile 2014 I set out the 41 lines of inquiry including crime complaints (Like sabotage of Petbow Generators) that were in our security breach concerns re Deal Barracks 88/89

          It was 1998 I got a phone call from late Bill True who owned the land adjoining paramilitary 6th Thanet Gun Range. WTF Uzis middle easterners live fire paramilitary training etc etc.

          It was when I took interest in Bill’s troubles with the range that an ex Army Colour sgt talked to me about the range. The ex colour then received threatening phone calls from a tory member of Kent Police Authority. This was reinforced by Kent Plod arresting his wife for trying to snatch a baby and making the matter go away in exchange for his silence about the range.

          In 2010 Bills boy had an abuse of process case against Kent Plod and the court sat gobsmacked at the evidence of being stopped 80 times a year for 15 years ever since his dad defied Chief constable about the gun range.

          At one point in that 15 years Kent Plod had mocked Bill “We couldn’t get away with this if you were black especially if yer fecking name was Lawrence”

          In that 15 years Bills boy had half a dozen malicious charges thrown out on each occasion on judge direction.

          I was asked to prepare a report re gun range for the cross examination of senior Kent Plod at Crown Court. On the day CPS withdrew against Bills boy as no Kent Plod turned up. The turkeys weren’t voting for Christmas.

          In any event black Attorney General Baroness Scotland whisked black Kent Chief constable Fuller outa plod and into a CPS sinecure before the 2010 Crown Court hearing. As I have written my judicial review application against Fuller 2009 was stolen from Royal Courts of Justice. It re-appeared one copy missing at RCJ in 2014.

          Chief constable David Phillips Kent (Get Stalker campaign and Hillsborough lies pedigree) was kicked off Rosemary Nelson murder Inquiry March 99 when Sir Ronnie Flanagan expressed concern about Straw’s cover up of loyalist collusion and Straw’s corruption of MacPherson Inquiry. David Blunkett whisked Phillips outa plod and into a sinecure a couple of years later.

          The current National Crime Agency inquiry into Stephen Lawrence case corruption to which I am an officially called witness. The NCA seem reluctant to visit and take a statement from a former bodyguard assn man. He can state who was using 6th Thanet Range for paramilitary firing instruction. And whether that man was also source of moonlight bodyguard work to Det sgt Davidson of Lawrence inquiry. He can state yes or no whether he worked for Mayfayre PI company too.

  6. Justin Sanity

    @tdf – working through government stats is generally a bugger, I find.
    UK stats, in particular, but perhaps I just don’t get their statistical “accent” :)

    However, Finklehor’s stats work for the US has been quite straightforward, comprehensible and reliable for the last two decades. (Finklehor “recovered” from his earlier errors as a researcher, i.e., the dreadful “Nursery Crimes”, in the early 1990’s).
    He gives us this: “In 1999, about 1,800 juveniles (a rate of 2.6 per 100,000) were victims of homicide in the United States. This rate is substantially higher than that of any other developed country”.

    Click to access 187239.pdf

    Again: This rate is substantially higher than that of any other developed country – and Finklehor’s tables for the rates between 1980 and 1997 show that rate to be remarkably stable, with the only significant fluctuations going UP, not down. I’d expect the rate to have been similar between 1970 and 1980. That’s quite horrendous.

    • card2

      The standard of sudden death inquiry in UK is very poor.

      For example the senior HM Coroner Southwark should be reviewing a 1995 inquest now. At my request. A child in post op life support died at Guys Hospital when the hospital power system went rogue and switched itself off followed by a delayed failure of the diesel backup generator.

      Cut power to life support and the post op child died.

      Inquest gave a non blaming misadventure verdict. How did the manufacturer of the power system escape inquiry ? The maker was Petbow (now Cummins owned) and their system had failed in the same rogue fault sequence in 1987. But the inquest proceeded on the basis the 1995 failure was on equipment made by “MVA”

      Met Plod must have failed to make any effort to visit. MVA is the power rating in mega volt amps.

      The area commander for met was Sir Ian Johnston. Who in 1989 was ACC Ops Kent Police when Deal Royal Marines Barracks was blown up by terrorists. 11 Royal Marines killed.

      In the security breach warnings to Kent Police (that they nil actioned) was the matter of sabotage at Petbow. Citing the 1987 Guys failure sequence.

      The alleged saboteur at PETBOW was an associate of the Kent Adventure Training Corps leader who, using a false Army record to clear vetting, worked as a Reliance Guard at Deal Barracks.

      And back we come to JANNER protecting Kent Adventure Training Corps from inquiry re holocaust denial lecture activity 1999 War and Peace Show.

      And on the uninvestigated security history of Deal Barracks we encounter the bogus ex SAS con man who later was never investigated as possible source of moonlight bodyguard work to Det sgt Davidson of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry.

      Looking more at the paramilitary activity re bogus ex SAS man we encounter the Desmond Tutu Inquiry 1994 re neo Nazi mercenaries fighting for Inkatha. Then Tim Rayment Sunday Times report 1995 turning in a mercenary for murder of blacks in South Africa. The men with Rayment associated with the killings were child rapists. Their history goes back to conviction for possession of explosives 1970s. And we have landed at the locale of the origin of corruption inquiry Countryman. The sand on which Hedgerow was built ?

      Better keep the lid on that ?

      The only people calling our police highly trained and professional are the police when in full self licking narcissist flavoured lollipop mode.

      • Justin Sanity

        “The only people calling our police highly trained and professional are the police when in full self licking narcissist flavoured lollipop mode”.

        I won’t dispute that you may have information/insights about this, that is not available to me.
        Nevertheless, I have more respect for the real police officers whose ‘front-lines’ investigative work in uncovering & apprehending child abusers is a matter of public record, than for layman wannabes whose claims to being their “investigative colleague” are blatantly false. I was outraged to read in a news article from decades ago, Chris Fay’s outrageous LIE that Dutch police “colleagues” (his word) had shown him a child snuff film.

        • card2

          You seem to conflate or confuse Chris Fay position with that of contributors to this blog.

          What is happening re IICSA and my submission, for example, is that I have reported accounts of abuse in the 1970s of cadet recruits to Royal Marines band. If this is true then victims were of an age that would match those on a bandmaster course who became victims of the 1989 terrorist bombing. But I added the proviso that the claims for historic abuse came from UK Column. I have no idea whether they invent stories, are gullible for such stories etc. My role is to report and to call for inquiry either way whether the story is true or whether it is invented. An approach different to that of Mr Settle ?

          Who re Deal Barracks has mentioned a Belgian pink ballets paedo ring is Jean Bultot of the Brabant killings case (29 murders in Belgium aka supermarket murders) whose Belgian statute of limitations expires this year so he can return from South America. Bultot told this paedo ring story to an investigating Belgian magistrate. Bultot was an instructor for the Deal Barracks based “International Law Enforcement Training Agency”

  7. card2

    It looks as if Liz Davies left Islington Social Services 1992 the same year Roger Evans MP raised the Beeches child deaths 66 to 72 issue with Nicholas Lyell Attorney General.

    So it looks as if Liz doesn’t know about the six years of disabled child deaths at Beeches Ixworth.

  8. Aardvark

    Liz Davies discussing CSA in Islington and beyond, the trafficking and murder of vulnerable children, the protection and cover ups of offenders. Corbyn and Hodge were made fully aware of what was going on in Islington, what does that say about them and why is Keith Vaz now on the Justice committee?
    Liz Davies mentioned that an office for PIE was set up near where she worked, in the clip below, it is also mentioned, that there are important people that are implicated at the highest level. This is not going away, despite the denials, cover ups and media games.
    The French call CSA, the “English Disease” how sick is our Society that there has been a cover up of the abuse of children on an industrial scale? Perhaps the establishment has normalized the idea, because of the 200 hundred year old tradition of sending their children to boarding schools, where many children have suffered abuse, other Europeans, wouldn’t dream of sending their children away to school at 8 years old! Many poor children in care had no choice and suffered terribly because of the state system, something has to change and allowing the truth to come out, can begin to bring about the change our Society desperately needs, to help protect our children.

    • Justin Sanity

      Thank you for that, Aardvark.

      Not trying to downplay ‘problems’ in the UK, and recognizing that every missing or murdered child is a unique tragedy of infinite proportion…

      I’ve actually felt surprised by the, comparatively, small number of officially recorded child murders in the UK and by the much smaller number of murdered children publicly described as having been care home absconders and/or child prostitutes.

      By contrast, the large number of murdered prostitutes in North America – male and female – of all ages, could only be described as a slaughter. Add to that the comparatively large number of children, who were neither runaways nor prostitutes, murdered by serial killers and you would have to call it mass slaughter. So much tragedy and loss…

      The two young teen Indian boys living in a “care home” in Vancouver, Canada, Inseparable buddies they were – small, slim, street-smart but very vulnerable. Known to have frequented child prostitute ‘strolls’ in Vancouver on weekend nights, staying over at unnamed ‘johns’ homes. One Monday, they didn’t come ‘home’ – and were never seen again. A year later, someone strolling through Stanley Park stumbled upon a small skull and turned it in to police. A search of that area turned up no other related remains. Mis-classified as female, the skull sat unidentified in a forensics lab for almost a decade, until the friend of a woodcutter who lived near the park questioned him about where he had found the small skull on his bookshelf. “In Stanley Park”, of course. Convinced by his friend to turn the skull in, the woodcutter led police to an area not far from where the other skull had been found…DNA would later identify these skulls as the missing Indian boys. No other related remains have ever been found, and their murder remains unsolved.

      The body of a young male, originally believed to be 18-21 but recently re-calibrated as 11-14, was found – savagely stabbed to death – in a pond in Florida in the early 1970’s. Still unidentified, no clues as to who might have killed him or why, but some suggestive personal traits – small, slim, “dressy” clothing and a shaved pubic region…

      Almost two decades later, also in Florida, the naked lower half of a male body is found in a trash bin behind a gas station. Just that. Analyzed as being approx. 16 years at time of death.

      Meanwhile, near New Orleans, the naked & hog-tied body of a young teen boy was found in some woods. Strangled. It would take decades to identify him and reunite his remains with his family members.

      And of course there was Dean Corll, John Wayne Gacy, Clifford Olson, Randy Kraft, Patrick Kearney, Wayne Williams, William Bonin, and many more murderous maniacs.

      So terribly, terribly sad…

      • tdf

        @Justin Sanity

        “I’ve actually felt surprised by the, comparatively, small number of officially recorded child murders in the UK and by the much smaller number of murdered children publicly described as having been care home absconders and/or child prostitutes.

        By contrast, the large number of murdered prostitutes in North America – male and female – of all ages, could only be described as a slaughter. Add to that the comparatively large number of children, who were neither runaways nor prostitutes, murdered by serial killers and you would have to call it mass slaughter. So much tragedy and loss…”

        Difficult to take a view on this without a per capita comparison tbh.

      • tdf

        @Justin Sanity

        “And of course there was Dean Corll, John Wayne Gacy, Clifford Olson, Randy Kraft, Patrick Kearney, Wayne Williams, William Bonin, and many more murderous maniacs. ”

        Quite a few of these guys seem to have served in the military.

  9. tdf

    Extract, Alan Clark’s ‘Diaries’ page 279:-

    February 1990

    Ministry of Defence Thursday, 1 February

    One should not take pleasure from the discomfiture of colleagues, I suppose. But without question it is one of the more agreeable bonuses in the sport of politics. So unpredictable, and so random it seems, in those it afflicts.

    This morning there is a really lethal piece in the Daily Mail – a full-scale article on the leader page – about poor old Stradling Thomas, ‘Stradders’ as he is known; “Is this the laziest man in the House of Commons?”

    It is clear that he took a lot of drinks off the reporter, they were in the Strangers’ Bar for hours. But when the unfortunate Stradders came back from voting and the reporter asked him what he had been voting ‘on’, Stradders didn’t know. Great indignation. But we seldom ever know what we are voting ‘on’. Apparently the public like to find this shocking.

    Anyway, there was poor old Stradders alone at a table in the dining room. Thinking he might be a bit low, nice old stick in the Whips’ office, all that, I joined him.

    He was disagreeable. Didn’t make sense, started up a totally Kafka-like quarrel (attributing remarks, or, at least, thoughts to me and then demolishing them) about pronunciation. ‘A Hotel’; ‘an Hotel’; ‘an apple’, etc.

    Batty. He looked completely degenerate in the way that real alcoholics do; details of personal appearance so neglected as to make a really off-putting, smelly whole. Cardboard City. Serve me right for trying to do a good deed.”

    Extract ends

    • card2

      Lord Clinton Davis phoned me a few years ago about Beeches. He told me that Michael O Halloran MP was “Put up” to asking his Beeches question 1972.

      1990 re Stradling Thomas is very interesting.

      • tdf

        Thanks for those links.

        • card2

          You have really put me on to something with Alan Clark. 1989 Defence Procurement became a poison chalice. I would love to have been there when he was briefed. His pompous version of reality blown apart.

      • Justrin Sanity

        “I am accordingly appointing a study group…”
        Appointing a study group? That’s ALL? Outrageous!

        I have always advocated that the death of any child “in care” ought to be subject to at least as rigorous an inquest process as any other citizen might receive. I know that level of caring & respect hasn’t always been adhered to, and that is a disgrace.

        I’m still hopeful that Liz Davies will some day force an investigation into the fate of children in care, whom she seems to believe to be unreported deaths, by publicly naming them.

        • card2

          I think in the six years of child deaths two got inquests. This included the last of 3 children to die from Dec 71 to April 72 Tara Pratina Naiker. The inquest changed the doctor cause of death to hypothermia due to cerebral palsy IIRC.

          HM Coroner Bury St Edmunds was unable to find the other records when I asked. This would have been about 1992 when Liz Davies left Islington Social Services I now know. And when Roger Evans MP reported concerns to Attorney General.

          The concern was that HM Coroner did not get an overview of care deaths occurring in his jurisdiction.

          Dame Janet Smith’s stage 4 Shipman Inquiry was tasked to examine such shortcomings. I put two matters to her Inquiry. The Beeches deaths. And the 1972 Welsh Regional Crime Squad Inquiry into GP death registration fraud in Leonard Cheshire and Sue Ryder Homes.

          Dame Janet ruled that both these were beyond her terms of reference. But she learned that the two charities were subject of protection from police inquiry and about a Special Branch monitor that RCS had discovered not long before the RCS Det sgt died with a suicide verdict.

          Hence Dame Janet had prior knowledge about Savile when she conducted the BBC review. He had committed abuse at Sue Ryder Child Hospice at a time the charity was subject of special branch liaison reporting. And at BBC Dame Janet made no declaration of prior knowledge.

          Sir Keith Joseph I think shared platforms with Peter Righton.

          But the more interesting questions to my mind are Barbara Castle and why she did not raise inquiries (Sue Ryder HQ deaths and Beeches deaths) when she became DHSS minister 1975. The great political diarist had lost her own records of hers and the others 1972 questions in Commons. Maybe Sue Ryder trustee Airey Neave had a word ? Castle was definitely scared.

          In 1995 Panorama exposed Labour for discharging mental patients homeless to seaside resorts. As far as I know Peter Righton was an Executive of MIND and maybe a quid pro quo was why MIND did not cause merry hell re Panorama ?

          What I want to see is an Article 2 Inquest for the Beeches deaths.

          The Henniker Estate close to Ixworth became home to the abusive Islington Suffolk project some years after the Beeches tragedies.

          The IICSA have a report from me re Beeches for information. With no inquiry no one can say whether abuse occurred. We can only say no inquiry occurred.

  10. tdf

    John Stradling Thomas MP is briefly mentioned in Alan Clark’s diaries – pages 84 and 279.

  11. Justin Sanity

    Well…HURRAH for DCI Settle! is all I can say.
    He seems to have a similar ‘strength of character’ to that of the genuinely heroic Roger Gaspar, famed of Operation Hedgerow, the “People Not Property” report advocating a specialist pedophile investigations squad, and commanding the “Ghost Squad” CBI investigations team.

    There really was corruption in the Obscene Publications Squad during the early 1970’s, the full story of which can be found here:

    BUT this corruption was limited to tipping off Porn merchants about impending raids and selling seized porn materials back to them. There was no evidence or even suggestion of corruption with respect to the PRODUCTION of CSA images, nor with respect to prosecution of persons involved in exploitation-abuse of minors for that purpose.

    There has been unscrupulous, deliberate and/or ignorant mis-interpretation of statements Roger Gaspar later made, about Operation Hedgerow and allegations that investigation into VIP involvement in that case was squashed or covered-up.
    For example, in “‘I was warned off’ says detective involved in historic paedophile probe”, Sunday Express, December 21, 2014. there appeared these statements: “A FORMER police chief told how his superiors tried to stop a major paedophile investigation, warning: “Don’t open the box, you will never get the lid back on.” and “Retired Detective Chief Superintendent Roger Gaspar said Scotland Yard top brass feared what Operation Hedgerow would unearth when it was launched in August 1987”, which are intended to insinuate that “Scotland Yard top brass” ordered Gaspar to limit his investigation to deliberately avoid uncovering and documenting VIP involvement in organized CSA.

    That is NOT what Gaspar actually said, however, nor was that what senior investigators meant by “you will never get the lid back on”. Here’s what Gaspar is actually quoted as saying:
    He said: “I was lucky that I had a great deal of support from senior officers, some of whom were advised not to do it by other senior officers.
    “There was this ‘don’t open the box, you’ll never get the lid back on’ kind of idea.
    “There were a couple of policy discussions.
    “Early on I went to see the commander about resources because I needed aid from other divisions, but I was told to just deal with what I had.
    “I was warned not to open the box to find what else is going on because it would just carry on and on… which is the kind of the thing the Met is finding now with its historic abuse inquiries.”

    In Operation Hedgerow, Gaspar employed the type of joint police & social workers investigation model advocated by people like Liz Davies and Sarah Nelson. This model is capable of uncovering a much broader network of CSA victims and abusers than would be the case in typical police investigations, the parameters of which are limited to the allegations specified in a formal complaint against a specific accused abuser or abusers.
    In the joint investigations model, the social workers use their knowledge about a community’s residents, their access to children and family’s confidential records, and informal “interviews” under the guise of “confidential” everyday-type conversation, to build a flowchart of a child complainant’s siblings, cousins, and other minor relatives, as well as their age-mate friends, acquaintances and associates, and ALL of these minor persons will be solicited to provide information about any & all sexual partners they may have had – whether the partners were other minors or predatory adults – not limited to persons previously named in any formal complaint. Obviously, this model is potentially capable of vastly broadening the scope of an investigation that originated with a few (or only one) complainants.
    BUT, there is an inherently viral aspect to how children acquire information about, and experiences with, sexual behaviours in our society. If a child who complained of being paid to perform sexual acts on a care home employee, let’s say, also discloses that they had a sexual encounter with an age-mate at summer camp – and that friend had told them he/she had an ongoing sexual relationship with an older cousin, and that cousin claimed to have been abused by a boarding school teacher…do you extend your investigation to encompass that camp friend’s relationship with their cousin, and the cousin’s relationship with their teacher, and any further disclosures made by the friend, the friend’s cousin, and any other minors that they know of who had older sexual partners, etc.etc.etc. – ?
    THAT is the social reality which senior investigators were warning Gaspar about. It is conceivably possible that there would never be an end to the investigations that such an open-ended model could lead to, nor an end to the policing resources required to pursue it. They were NOT saying, “don’t open that investigative box, because you will inevitably find VIPs lurking inside it”.

    And in fact, Gaspar specifically debunks the Sunday Express bald-faced rumor-mongering about allegations against VIPs, such as: “According to reports at the time the ring was “used by highly placed civil servants and well known public figures”, but police lacked the “evidence or manpower to pursue them in court”, and “The names of the MP and member of high society were provided by boys aged in their early teens, who were akin to rent boys in Piccadilly Circus and Victoria Station”.
    Gaspar told the Express “…he found no evidence to support the claims”, and “When you are doing an inquiry like that, lots of names get thrown at you”. “There were a couple of famous names… but when we looked at them it was rubbish.”

    There is another potential danger to the joint investigations model, and that lies in the possibility that the social workers involved may develop the delusional belief that they are equivalent to highly trained & experienced police investigators, and attempt to conduct their own, personal, unauthorized and incompetent “investigations” of alleged CSA victims and their supposed abusers – and then promote their false-allegation based rumors about VIP abusers and government-intelligence cover-ups, through any & every form of media, for decades afterward, Which exactly describes what Chris Fay has done, from the very first time he succeeded in suckering newspapers to report his personal CSA fantasies and his fraudulent claims of having been an “investigative colleague” to genuine police experts like Roger Gaspar. (“Colleagues”! How dare you, you arrogant little worm!)

    • card2

      Well you got through that without mentioning Nuneaton or Ixworth.

      • Justin Sanity

        Forgive me, but I’m not clear on whether you mean to imply that this:

        “From 1966 to 1972 there were child deaths of disabled children in Hackney and Islington care at the Beeches Ixworth Suffolk”.

        is related to allegations about VIP pedophile rings exploiting children in care homes and or allegations about “pedophile infiltration” of parliament and government ministries? And if so, exactly how?

        • card2

          I don’t subscribe to paedophile ring theories.

          I was neither implying nor meaning to imply

          Why did Liz Davies leave Beeches Ixworth out of her concerns ?

        • card2

          DPack and Gojam note

          As you know the death of Sir John Stradling Thomas MP 1991 at his Dolphin Square home headed off his plan to raise parliamentary ombudsman inquiry. It was 1992 that the Beeches child deaths was included in the related concerns reported by barrister MP Roger Evans Monmouth to attorney general Nicholas Lyell. The year Liz Davies six years of working for Islington Social Services ended.

          Sir John suspected that his letters to Patrick Mayhew AG and Police minister Earl Ferrers had been intercepted. So are there grounds now to suspect that Roger Evan’s reports to AG Nicholas Lyell were similarly intercepted.

          Yes. I am exploring this with Attorney General office.

          That is about as far as I want to go on this thread.

  12. dpack

    ps in other news the iicsa seems to be bleeding out in regard to survivor support and trust which does not bode well for the final results.

  13. dpack

    hayman might have acted as a lamplighter for a number of vip/diplomatic offenders in a uk based blackmail op. it is possible he was rumbled and pressured by foreign interests but i would put the americans higher on the list of potential masters than the russians. top of my list of potential masters for hayman is henniker 8 who seems to have been a command node in the “exciting new project” (blunt ’66) which i take to be the replacement of gay assets with csa ones made necessary by the change in the laws enacted in ’67.
    regarding the russian penetration of the uk establishment/spook community i recon that study of masterman’s book about xx during ww2 could be very relevant to quite a few “assets” the russians thought were theirs.

    im a bit busy at the mo ,i will have a think and get back to this hypothesis asap

    • card2

      We have a crib. We know the IRA asset and who he was spying on for sure. We conjecture about who else he may have been directed at. But we know he was under surveillance/phone tap and we know police did not know.

      Anything the asset learned MI5 learned. Double X MO was to play information and disinformation into such a set up. But we can put Sporborg, Neave and Berthoud in his sights. And we conjecture that Henniker hence Mountbatten was also in his sights.

  14. dpack

    umm could be.

    something that just struck me was the use of the word “the” rather than “a” or “this” in relation to mr settles troubles. he warned against “a” or “this” .
    that “nick’s” story appears to be a false narrative does not mean all stories are equally false.

    for a short starter list i could offer up smith, freud, janner, morrison, blunt (a huge worm can) leon (in other narratives such as a brighton night and the walk on the beach at dawn or the solanki story). the bulic story needs close scrutiny and even strong hints such as mention of the “brothel papers” being secured “for safety” should be looked at. savile should not be a closed case as he links to many things .etc etc

    the mess that dci settle tried to avoid happening is “a ” vip csa inquiry not “the ” ie only vip csa inquiry .

    while i am at it i will mention some deaths as well bulic in the 90’s , in the 80’s willie and hilda who may both be relevant to the dickens papers and the new cross fire which has some very odd aspects. all of these seem to have potential links to “a” line or several lines of vip csa inquiry .

    there are many non recent vip csa related things that need inquiries to establish truth and action to serve justice, protection and truth and there are some that are much more recent as well , they also deserve scrutiny.

    • Aardvark

      @ dpack, the fact is child abusers had infiltrated into the highest offices of Power and had effected Goverment policy relating to childcare. The investigation of VIPs is therefore very relevant to the CSA that took place in institutions up and down the country.
      The facts, Peter Hayman, dept dir of Mi6 only convicted because of Dickens intervention. Were his ‘sadistic’ journals and possible connections investigated?
      Peter Righton Goverment advisor on childcare!!!, convicted paedophile, but were his connections etc fully investigated and who promoted him to his high office in Government?
      The PIE office in the Home Office, why was such a dodgy outfit in a Government Office and who gave them that space and who in Government also gave them grants?
      The Albany and Azimuth Trusts, Dr Morris Fraser, etc etc, the list of Government connections to paedophiles and Goverment policy making that has effected child care in Britain, is actually crucial in finding out what went on in institutions. However, there is a conserted effort to undermine the idea that there is any VIP aspect to CSA investigations (there are of course many more offenders that could be added to your list, protected of course, Lord Tonypandy (speaker), P Morrison MP, Tom Driberg MP, W Straubenzee MP, Colin Peters barrister, Lord Victor Montagu, N Fairbairn MP, etc etc etc

      • card2


        The Jack Straw Barbara Castle correspondence is sealed I think.

        And with DPack we have explored a bit that went on at DHSS Ministry Office 1975 76 when Castle was minister and Straw and Warner civil service advisors. Such as further cover up of six years of disabled child deaths in Hackney and in Islington care at Beeches Ixworth 1966 to 1972.

      • tdf

        “The facts, Peter Hayman, dept dir of Mi6 only convicted because of Dickens intervention. Were his ‘sadistic’ journals and possible connections investigated?”

        I don’t think your first sentence is correct. Dickens named him in the House of Commons under parliamentary privilege. But it was Private Eye, not Dickens, that originally revealed that he had been investigated and let off with a warning. I would guess (though I don’t know) that the Eye were tipped off by a policeman who was peed off that Hayman had got off lightly.

        • card2

          To support the official conclusion that Hayman had never been vulnerable to blackmail by a foreign power ? Dpack what do you think ? The conclusion unsafe unless there had been inquiry into IRA asset in Suffolk acquiring information of use to Soviet ? The asset not investigated in murder of Airey Neave also.

          This asset was part of the correspondence from Sir John Stradling Thomas to Paddy Mayhew and Earl Ferrers 1990. Mail Sir John suspected to have been intercepted. Hence his plan to raise parliamentary ombudsman inquiry His death at Dolphin Square intervened 1991. Back to DCI SETTLE how could he investigate Dolphin Square without re-examining Sir John’s death and plans to involve ombudsman ?

      • Aardvark

        @ tdf thank god for good policemen with the right conscience ay!, because the fact is there have been many paedophiles in positions of power who have been protected from prosecution, you just have to ask Lord Armstrong about that! What about the 9 other people mentioned in Hayman’s correspondence, the contents were apparently sadistic and involved the murder of children, how do we know he and his correspondees, hadn’t acted out these vile peccadilloes, especially as there have been coverups, files going missing and D notices etc? If Dickens hadn’t increased the pressure by naming Hayman in parliament, would Hayman have been prosecuted?





        @ card2 I think you must be one of the very good ones, keep up the great work and a great amount of respect should be given to anyone who has vital information and has reported it.

        • card2

          I aint good but I am tenacious. What Dpack and I explored is that we know a man living at Stowmarket was tagged as an IRA asset acquiring info of use to Soviet. His known targets were Clement Freud Walberswick, Sue Ryder Leonard Cheshire Cavendish, My brother RAF V bombers and Oman war, A Polish RAF WO, a Sizewell protestor.

          We have conjectured about other Suffolk targets and the suspect list includes The Real Pink Panther the arms dealer Hervey Marquis of Bristol Ickworth House, Henniker Thornham Magna, Lord Stonham Home Office Northern Ireland Minister, And if he was in to Hervey then Monarchist League links to Radio 270 (Director then is now Roger Gale MP) at Savile and Jaconelli stomping ground Scarborough. Perhaps another spy then took over the Scarborough line of interest.

          From 1966 to 1972 there were child deaths of disabled children in Hackney and Islington care at the Beeches Ixworth Suffolk. There is some suspicion Hervey money was behind care homes at Ixworth.

          Although the six years of deaths was raised in Commons 1972 there has been no inquiry.

          You can see above that East Anglian Daily Times in 2014 would not run with the Beeches story. They intimated they would put it to Exaro that they claimed was Mirror funded. There can be no lurid allegations re Beeches as there has been no inquiry.

          The Beeches cover up started with minister Keith Joseph 1972.

          Barbara Castle minister sustained the cover up.

      • tdf


        The Hervey you refer to I assume was Frederick Hervey the 8th Marquess of Bristol?

        His half-brother was the notorious 7th Marquess of Bristol John Jermyn who boasted of sleeping with hundreds of male prostitutes or ‘twinkies’ as he called them. So far as I am aware it was never revealed if any were under the age of consent.

        Like Frederick, John Jermyn died quite young, after spending his fortune on drugs, cars, prostitutes and high (and low) living.

        • card2

          Victor the 6th “Real Pink Panther”

          Dpack and I were going back a bit. Hervey’s influence in BBC gaining broadcasting tuition from Richard Dimbleby for a man who was brought up on and lived at Ickworth House estate. This chap was availed self build land from the Vestey Estates closer to Haverhill. He was a personnel manager and aide to Hervey re London overspill relocation and investment in Suffolk. Suspected to have been an accomplice of Hervey in his Pink Panther days. Dimbleby died young. It was John Biggs Davidson MP Epping Forest who emerged as “Voice of Freedom” of Monarchist League.

          If it was Hervey money behind care homes at Ixworth then, on the face of it, sound business reasons existed. I haven’t checked how many Hackney and Islington families may have been expected to relocate to Suffolk. Or whether those with cerebral palsy or Downs syndrome children would require Suffolk care home availability.

          We made the point that Biggs Davison used Roger Gale’s Radio 270 at Scarborough as ML Voice of Freedom. Jaconelli and Savile stomping ground. After Radio 270 Gale joined BBC and became head of BBC Childrens TV. After his TV career he became Roger Gale MP North Thanet and a supporter of a private cadet group Kent Adventure Training Corps. Known locally as “Hitler Youth”. Protected from complaint inquiry, re holocaust denial lectures to pan European private cadets groups, by Lord Janner.

      • tdf


        Apologies, the man you seem to be referring to was Lord Nicolas Hervey, who never acceded to the Marquis title: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lord_Nicholas_Hervey

        The 8th Marquess is still alive and is the present holder of the title.

  15. dpack

    update ,janner, allegations against others under police investigation need sorting first as delving into janner before those are taken care of could conflict with justice in cases against the living.

    worded carefully and following the bbc line of reporting .
    as reasons for a delay that seems reasonable.

    • Tom Symonds (BBC) states that an IICSA spokesperson has said it has nothing to do with Op Midland.

      There’ll IPCC investigations regarding the failure to investigate on previous occasions. Could be that.

  16. dpack

    breaking news iicsa “delayed due to ongoing police investigations” ,i wonder which ones?

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  18. H

    So the Dorset review wasn’t worth the paper it was written on then? Who commissioned that one, Hogan-Howe again or Steve Rodhouse? When will a review of that Dorset review be held then, because it was obviously flawed and contributed to the reputation trashing of a now vindicated officer. Disgraceful..

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  20. card2

    The fact remains that Savile abuse at Sue Ryder child hospice was never investigated against the unlawful police no go area (MI5 Special Branch liaison spying on police ) evidence in Matron McGill Decd 1972

    The fact remains that the Dolphin Square death 1991 of Sir John Stradling Thomas MP was not reviewed as part of abuse inquiries. Sir John had raised McGill Decd with attorney general and Home Secretary and was planning to raise parliamentary ombudsman inquiry into suspected mail intercept on his letters to attorney general and home secretary.,

    In 1991 I had not discovered the six years of disabled child inmate deaths at Beeches Ixworth in Islington and Hackney care 1966 to 72 IIRC so Sir John’s letters almost certainly did not mention the six years of child deaths.

    IIRC the Special Branch intimidation of the ex Regional Crime Squad man (Former Sue Ryder charity case officer 1971 72) had started by 1991 The burglary of his home and excrement smeared threat was 1992.