Op Midland Complainant ‘Nick’ To Be Investigated For Perverting The Course Of Justice

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8 responses to “Op Midland Complainant ‘Nick’ To Be Investigated For Perverting The Course Of Justice

  1. dpack

    thanks jeremy.

  2. Jeremy Stocks

    Gojam, Card2, Dpack – grateful thanks from ordinary peeps who were deeply shocked by the revelations of 2012. For those of us who went through the “change”, – disbelief, denial, disgust – other dis words. We simply didn’t know. We had no idea. Those poor kids. Thanks for those brave warriors – they showed true courage in printing the truth. My name btw is my name. I hide not behind any nom de plume. It’s also my name on Toytown Germany, my expat forum which deals with the migrant onslaught. btw the Germans are dealing with it actually quite well.

  3. tdf

    US Presidential election day – a good day to bury bad news, from the MPS point of view?

  4. dpack

    In the spirit of sensible legal caution all i want to add is that in an investigation of this matter those who most actively promoted “nick’s” statements should also be put under scrutiny.

      • card2

        I agree. Be aware that 18th November a senior coroner will be reviewing inquest 1995 of a child patient at Guys. A tragedy brought about by rogue failure of the hospital power and backup power system, If HM Coroner looks at the history of warnings re Petbow Generators that would include Sir John Stradling Thomas MP who died at his Dolphin Square Home 1991. A time he was contemplating raising parliamentary ombudsman inquiry related to the civil service handling of his reports

        At the time of the Guys tragedy 1995 ex Kent ACC Sir Ian Johnston was Met asst commissioner in charge south east London and in charge of Lawrence investigation. In 1989 he was Kent ACC operations when a terrorist bomb killed 11 Royal Marines at Deal Barracks. Among the security warnings Kent Plod had ignored was the matter of a saboteur at Petbow and a 1987 rogue fault sequence at Guys Hospital.

        I have long wondered how met was investigating Dolphin Square without asking questions about Sir John’s death.