Op Midland Were Unaware Of Nick’s Savile Allegation Before Bramall Raid


Field Marshal Lord Bramall

Before looking at The Telegraph story regarding Metropolitan Police commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, visiting Field Marshal Lord Bramall on Wednesday and apologising to him, I thought I’d lead with some new information, namely that, according to an informed source, Operation Midland were unaware that their key witness ‘Nick’, under the pseudonym ‘Stephen’, had previously made an allegation in a Sky documentary that Jimmy Savile had abused him at the time that they raided the homes of Lord Bramall, Harvey Proctor, and the late Lord Brittan in March 2015.

It is believed that Operation Midland detectives only became aware of this after The Needle revealed this information HERE in September 2015, and the national press reported it.

Though this will come as a surprise to many, I’m afraid this is fairly indicative of the shambolic Op Midland investigation headed by Met’s Homicide unit. That is an important distinction. This investigation was not headed by the Met’s Paedophile Unit who may have recognised in Nick’s allegations a familiar pattern of conspiracy theorist fantasy that they had occasionally encountered since November 2012; this investigation was headed by the Homicide Unit.

Whether the summary and conclusions of Sir Richard Henrique’s report, when published, will contain the detail of the Op Midland investigative failures such as being unaware of the Savile/Nick connection  remains to be seen – somehow I doubt it.

It is also my strongly held suspicion that Operation Midland were unaware that ‘Nick’ had visited Wilton and Imber Village military premises only the year before in 2013, until  The Needle  reported that he had in Feb 2016 HERE. Certainly The Guardian’s Vikram Dodd appears to suggest that Midland were not aware of it at the time.

In one instance Nick correctly described the interior of a military premises in southern England, where he claimed abuse had taken place. The details he provided were not publicly available, and the premises itself is not open to the public, making it likely he had been there at some stage, police concluded.

The Guardian

Such oversights might appear incredible to readers but bear in mind that Operation Midland didn’t even interview Nick’s ex-wife despite the fact that she was one of the first people he had told about his alleged sexual abuse.

Below is the five minute extract from a documentary called Crimes That Shook Britain: Jimmy Savile which was first broadcast on the Sky Crime and Investigation Channel on 17th August 2014, which contains an interview with Nick about his abuse by Jimmy Savile that we revealed in Sept 2015. The full programme can be viewed HERE. 

On to the apology to Lord Bramall,

Britain’s most senior police officer has issued a humiliating apology to Field Marshal Lord Bramall, admitting his force was wrong to raid his home over false paedophile allegations.

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Metropolitan Police commissioner, also said sorry for the length of time officers took to finally drop the investigation into the 92-year-old D-Day veteran and war hero.

Lord Bramall, the former head of the Army, has been told he remained a suspect in the high-profile paedophile investigation for months after police realised there was no case against him – meaning his wife died without knowing he should have been cleared.

The Telegraph

Elsewhere, The Mail reports today that Harvey Proctor is to meet Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe to ‘discuss the Henrique Reports findings’ HERE One thing we can all be certain of is that soon after the meeting we’ll learn the full details of it from Harvey Proctor himself.


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11 responses to “Op Midland Were Unaware Of Nick’s Savile Allegation Before Bramall Raid

  1. TE16

    jeez i believed him at the time . What a bloody mess . Does he still work for the NHS? should be put on trial for wasting police time .

  2. dpack

    regarding continuity of knowledge even with the best archival system it still needs somebody to know they need a piece of data, if some knowledge and data is not archived (which is always the case ) or the archive enquired of is not the correct one even the correct question will not generate the correct answer.
    I can think of many examples where the correct question has not been asked and therefore the wrong conclusions reached at least for a while.
    blaming the officers of midland for failing to see what might be obvious to those with a different knowledge base is counter productive and might be a significant objective for those who would “keep a lid on this” however midland could have shown more diligence in seeking the probable origins of the details within the allegations they were investigating and perhaps a great deal more discretion in their dealings with the media.
    that said in my humble opinion they believed they were investigating allegations, which is what they did.
    engaging a counter intelligence operation to identify the origin of and motives for those allegations is perhaps what they should have done considering the nature of the situation. maybe that is a task for others.
    coppers are not normally involved in such things i feel rather sorry for them even though the situation they were central in has so far been very counter productive to the pursuit of truth and has still got a sting in the tail when it gets fed to the public as part of the campaign to “keep a lid on this”.

    in other news the drip of stories around why justice goddard went continues but there is no mention of why emerson went just after prof. jay arrived. it is all rather messy at the mo and there is a need to make sure that “dark forces”do not derail and prevail and that as much truth as possible is revealed.

    • dpack

      “that said in my humble opinion they believed they were investigating allegations, which is what they did.”
      should read
      “that said in my humble opinion they were led to believe they were investigating allegations, which is what they did.”

      • artmanjosephgrech

        There are several industries set up to hide information with top of the list accountants. I spent three years looking into accounts as part of assessments for the National Lottery Charities Board. The larger the firm of accountants and the more well known the greater the skill applied in presenting accounts to satisfy Charity Commission rules and funding contributors but it mostly House of Cards, confidence building and intricate layers of calculated often well intentioned deception. Lawyers are next followed by public relations. Remember the attempt to get the BBC to list all those paid more than the Prime Minister..

    • artmanjosephgrech

      last Tuesday in a public lecture at Newcastle University Emeritus Professor the Dianna Bowles was asked what happens to government requests for research based evidence. She said it is usually put in a drawer, unless it matched the prevailing political imperative Of course the Government did not ask for an impact assessment on a Leave referendum vote which would contradict the propaganda required and of course they knew it was standard civil service practicel to prepare plans for responding to Leave with options depending the steer then given.

    • tdf


      On Operation Midland, bearing in mind the new information Gojam has provided in his blogpost, I have a great deal more sympathy with the MPS than I previously did.

  3. tdf

    “this investigation was not headed by the Met’s Paedophile Unit who may have recognised in Nick’s allegations a familiar pattern of conspiracy theorist fantasy that they had occasionally encountered since November 2012, this investigation was headed by the Homicide Unit.”

    This is interesting. I would suggest that “occasionally encountered since Novemeber 2012” could go back further. Part of the problem is when people leave or retire, the experiential knowledge of experienced officers is not retained by the organisation. Happens in all organisations and all sectors but I would guess particularly a risk in the police given that (for very good reasons), some information and intelligence has to be kept confidential within certain small teams.

    • I think that is a fair point tdf. I chose that date because some of the paedophile unit investigating Fernbridge/Fairbank were involved in Midland but not in possession of the facts of the broader investigation.

      Believe it or not that earlier investigation had to look at all allegations including online and some people came forward with information that was plainly taken from places like the David Icke forum.

      I’m certainly not suggesting that everyone who came forward was a fantasist – that would be a distortion but enough did that I think it is fair to say that Nick’s allegation should quickly have been recognised as fitting these patterns.

      It would still have been investigated but understanding that would have instilled a little more caution.

  4. There is a similar report in the Times which has the full page, a front page article and an editorial on the background to the departure of Justice Goddard

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