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  1. tdf

    Saturday night and Sunday morning.

  2. Sabre

    Re China,
    Huge country, huge population, UN Security Council member, nuclear power, very high industrial growth.
    The scale is the most important aspect to politicians and financiers.
    There are huge profits to be made.
    There are those with incredible wealth in China the focus on the impoverished is somewhat less pronounced.
    Nominally communist, China is actually a State Capitalist if not a variant of a national socialist country.
    China is as likely to crash and burn spectacularly as it is to soar.
    A billion plus people, some of them amongst the most gifted in the world, could push China in some very unexpected directions.
    What happens if and when everyone loses their jobs and savings and violently throws off the shackles of the State?

    Those that hyped Japan were hyping their own investments, Japan has suffered a couple of decades of decline since.

    I’m giving away my age but as a teenager in the late 70s I was an avid reader of the Economist, sad I know, Brazil was the stirring soon to be global economic giant. Brazil is, it is true, a member of ‘BRICS’, however, kids living in sewers and the poverty of the favelas is a shocking contrast to New York, London and Zurich.

    • tdf


      Interesting observations. Your characterisation of modern China as state capitalist rather than communist seems correct to me.

  3. Sabre

    The inquiry spirals ever downward.

  4. dpack

    well ,it seems pushed not jumped from the beeb report, a very interesting development as he had been pressing for just selective topics of a “safe” nature to be included and for many things to be quietly dropped as lines of investigation.

  5. dpack

    in more other news

    if that is the case i’m beginning to think prof.j might be the right sort of safe hands. his background does have the potential for conflicts of interest but finding a senior qc with the necessary experience and knowledge but with no potential conflicts of interest is not going to be an easy task as the former qualifications almost always comes with the latter liability.

    • tdf

      As for the CSA inquiry, quite frankly, what a mess.

      By rights it’s Teresa May’s mess, so it’s up to her to sort it.

      Then again, by rights Brexit is Cameron’s mess.

      Australia’s CSA inquiry, as far as I can gather, seems to be running ok.

      Ireland managed to complete a large scale CSA inquiry which while it took a long time – close to 10 years from start to finish – only one change of chairperson occurred in those ten years – not all that bad of a record compared to the four changes in chairperson for the England/Wales inquiry in barely 24 months, not to mention the recent senior lawyers’ resignations.

      In other news, Met Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe has given notice that he will relinquish his position and retire as of next year. I believe it is being claimed that his early retirement has nothing got to do with the Henriques report, but for those naive enough to believe that, well, there’s a river I can sell you….

  6. tdf

    Tbh, I wouldn’t personally advise making any big decisions or major life-changing plans just on the basis of the Brexit vote. A lot of water still to go under the bridge.

    My personal view, geo-politically, for a long time, has been that ‘the west’ is in relative decline, and the power is gradually shifting eastwards. But that’s just a view on the long term trend. And I don’t speak Mandarin, so I’ve no immediate intentions to go and emigrate to China.

    I’m old enough to remember the early 1990s when the likes of Time magazine and a then presidential candidate, Ross Perot (anyone remember that guy?) were warning that the US was in big trouble because the Japanese were buying up half of Manhattan and the like. Well, these days, the country considered the main rival of the US back then, i.e., Japan, has a massive population crisis in so far as it simply not breeding enough to replace its population. And it never properly recovered from the outcome of its disastrous speculative bubble in the 1980s. So who knows what will happen.

  7. dpack

    i have been considering a dexit .

    in other news a subject that is best not commented upon until justice has run it’s course as it would be very wrong to do so for several good reasons

  8. Simon (Si)

    yes me too, I remember going on my first date – ice skating with my girlfriend at the time, I kept failing over and Human Leagues ‘Only Human’ was playing at the time! lolol :)

    in other news:-
    Great result! I just hope Labour now can appeal to the lower-middle class and get voted in the next election as the government.

    Another Tory government just does not even bear thinking about, and the EU might not of been perfect- but who is going to keep them in check? the house of lords – hmm I don’t think so..,.

    think I might ‘SiExit’ myself from the UK! :-(

  9. tdf

    Prefer the original.

    (borne to make mistakes)

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