BBC Inside Out Request: Epilepsy Drugs


BBC Inside Out would like to speak to ex-inmates from Yorkshire and Lincolnshire who were diagnosed with epilepsy in the 70’s-90’s and were given drugs such as Haloperidol and Beclamide.

We are also interested in speaking to those inmates who were not diagnosed with epilepsy but were still given these drugs.

Please email with your stories and experiences along with your name and contact phone number.  



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    So psychiatric research umbrella was after 1956 under Sainsbury at MRC ?

    Did he sanction CLARK and BERESFORD DAVIS at Fulbourn and HOWELLS and KITSON MERRITT at Ipswich and MILNER at Aston Hall ?

    Dpack Lyell MP predecessor was Neave’s cold war warrior conspiratorial chum Hastings who was also in with the other Sue Ryder Home Trustee Harry Sporborg. So no surprises at a Lyell abuse of attorney general secret public interest custodianship to keep everything away from High Court examination.

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    Click to access The-legacy-of-Hans-Selye44.pdf

    Origins of stress research … this would link to George Libman Engel and J W Paulley Ipswich Hospital and Stockwell Centre Colchester stress researcher and prolific prescriber of prednisone .. Ipswich Hospital destroyed all his patient records 1998 when under disclosure application in the legal aid funded corticosteroid/prednisone prescribing negligence actions 1200 cases across UK funded none got to court. Ask generic lead solicitor Evill and Coleman and their barrister and experts why this was. Legal aid paid out millions for lawyers and experts who pocketed the millions but never tested themselves in court.

    Plenty of reading there hope it helps.

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      Take care Gaggan I asked someone to email you who has done extensive research on the research links.

      You may see Selye and Libman Engells (who J W Paulley of Ipswich was in correspondence) Project Monica ? Bio psycho social model

      I think this is something to do with Sir Keith Joseph knocking back Commons calls for inquiry into Sue Ryder, Leonard Cheshire and the Beeches Ixworth disabled children in care deaths 1966 to 1972.

      Clark the director of Cambridge Uni research hospital Fulbourn was advisor to UN and I think to UK Govt. His colleague Beresford Davies was “Mr Lithium” introducing it for wider prescription etc. A proper inquiry into the Matron Mary McGill Decd case 1972 Sue Ryder HQ would definitely have required that Clark and Beresford Davies be interviewed.

      If you look at the charity “Inquest” evidence 2010 when Theresa May lost her judicial review trying to secure secret inquests ? The charity stated that in their collective experience and in the collective experience of their 200 strong lawyer group there is no precedent of a secret inquest.

      This was not true as I had cause to point out to Ms Coles of “Inquest” yesterday. Matron McGill Decd 22 1 72 had a secret inquest within Sue Ryder HQ 3 days after the death was reported. The body was cremated at Colchester a week after that and only after that did the family find out from condolence letters asking them what had happened !

      “Inquest” were given a description of McGill Decd from the floor at AGM in 90s. The same AGM incidentally Dpack in which they described their 3rd party intervention with Mickey Mansfields BIRW in Farrell Savage McCann v UK (SAS shooting of Gibraltar 3) A bit interesting in Deal Barracks Bombing 89 and Stephen Lawrence cases. And dangerous to Jack Straw and Lord Norman Warner IMO.

      One problem with McGill Decd is that evidence of circumstance and identity was given by a man who turns out to have been a Fulbourn outpatient working for Sue Ryder. Who now says he did not identify the body to police and never saw the body in boat lake and never took part in recovering body from lake. Looks like he signed the statement Leonard Cheshire stuck in front of him. But with his clarification the attorney general is left unable to prove who died, how she died, when she died or what happened in the final 19 hours of life. So he is using secret public interest custodianship to deny access to High Court for a judicial examination.

      If Gaggan you call in Panorama expose’ 1975 There was no prescribing guideline in the letter their exemplary character Edwin BAARS presented to police and benefits after arriving in Margate having been discharged from mental hospital in another county with a single ticket to arrive homeless at Margate. I would be interested, re your research area, in whether he had a separate prescribing guideline letter to present to doctors in the resort ??

      Why did the charity MIND give Castle and her ministerial advisors Straw and Warner such an easy time ? Was it an Islington quid pro quo with Peter RIGHTON of MIND ?

      Take care Gaggan and best of luck.

      • Thank you for your comments and information. I will have a look into these. Regards Gaggan

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        Thanks Gaggan I have been emailed by someone else who was subject of Ipswich Family Psychiatric Institute (Its later name) absence of records for child patients. He is suggesting that the PARENTS were the registered patients. And that if any records filtered on to the child GP notes it was restricted to incidental parental comments naming the child. Drugs issues may have been to parents as patients to slip to the kid off the record ?

        Had he been discharged with competence ? If so why did he have to present the social worker letter ?

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        Click to access 5071-A5-6p-gatefold-leaflet-print.pdf

        It looks like 11 Fore Street (Home of Ipswich Family Psychiatric Centre was LOCAL AUTHORITY child guidance leased from Co-op 1947) So this looks like parents having to attend or face kids being taken into care ?

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    Lithium combined with haloperidol in schizophrenic patients
    [Hide abstract]
    ABSTRACT: Previously, the addition of lithium to haloperidol has been reported to be of modest benefit to schizoaffective patients. To test this treatment on a different sample, 36 mainly schizophrenic patients were subdivided on the basis of the median of their initial depression score on the BPRS into depressive and non-depressive schizophrenic subjects. Each group randomly received haloperidol plus placebo or haloperidol plus lithium for 8 weeks. The schizophrenic patients who were on the depressive side of the median BPRS depression score were found to be the most resistant to neuroleptic treatment alone, and benefited from the addition of lithium.
    Article · Oct 1988
    Y LernerY MintzerM Schestatzky