Hillary Clinton Is Obviously Very Ill

Look at Hillary Clinton’s eyes during her speech yesterday.

This is no longer a conspiracy theory and it certainly isn’t pneumonia.

This is not funny.

She obviously has a neurological disorder and should not be running for President of the USA.

If she does not withdraw then there are two possible outcomes.

  1. Trump will win.
  2. She wins and her deceit against the American electorate is revealed after her election and 50% of the US public react.

Neither of those outcomes seem ideal to me.

She needs to withdraw from the race ASAP


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10 responses to “Hillary Clinton Is Obviously Very Ill

  1. ed lynch

    you’re a bit of a crackpot when you talk about other subjects gojam, stick to your lane

  2. artmanjosephgrech

    Good to see a broadening of geo political subjects after your Brexit campaign success although be prepared for a Britain and the rest of Europe little different in 2020 than it is today.
    I suspect it does not matter who is the official head of the USA apart from the technicality of having a finger at the button as geo political power rests as it always has with the with the CIA and homeland security via the State Department Secretary together with the international corporations and international financial bodies while in terms of domestic politics organised crime which in the USA has an international significance, has an inter state role along with the largest army in the world and organised religions and religious movements.

    Individual states ignore Washington just as individual counties within states tend to be a law unto themselves. In the UK there used to be a national power structure based on the heredity head of state and the mechanisms of the privy council which broke down until recently when the ability to control the new media was worked out.

    It is interesting how the present power structures on both sides of the pond are dealing with the contemporary J C and will do so from next Saturday morning.

    I was reminded how things basically do not change when driving through Hebburn and Jarrow on the banks of the Tyne from Newcastle on Monday because the main road to South Shields gets bunged up in the rush hour from new roadworks. When I arrived in 1974 there was a posh Catholic Labour Club in Hebburn where you went to see the godfather after mass on Sunday mornings if you wanted something and the Conservatives, Orange men and unionists had a tatty place on the main road which I noted on passing on Monday had been done up on the outside with some paint and the building was now divided into two uses with at the side the Orange Order Hall and at the front was the entrance to the Protestant Conservative and Unionist club.

    Presently reading the American Years Dunoon & the US Navy and where in fairness in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s it was the USA navy, the CIA and the State Department who conned Macmillan into placing Polaris in the Clyde close our second city because they wanted any first strike from the Soviets to fall there than on the USA homeland after the Russians launched their satellite and the West worked out than once launched a nuclear warhead would take only four minutes to arrive. Unfortunately the UK’s attempt to launch its own retaliatory rocket system was dead in the water so speak as it took several times the four minutes to work and which makes the would you press the button concept meaningless as the power to do so is retained officially by the USA head of state and where as we have seen re the Russian and Ukraine, Russia and Syria the USA has no intention of committing ground forces to Europe or the middle east and where the economic threat of interest is from China and internal divisions at home. Trident has no military value. We do need to keep up to date with all weapons of civilian extermination and their means of delivery in order to try and defend their use against us. PS did you know the most important military strategists of the past 150 years have all been Russian

  3. Woodrow Wilson
    President, 1913-1921 In the midst of a campaign to promote the Treaty of Versailles across the US in 1919, Wilson suffered a severe stroke that left him incapacitated until the end of his presidency. Despite his bad health Wilson remained in office until the end of his term in 1921 — made possible by his second wife Edith, who acted as a mediator between the largely immobilised president and his cabinet.

    Roosevelt was diagnosed with polio in 1921 at the age of 39. Despite the disease leaving him unable to stand or walk without support, he went on to serve 12 consecutive years as US president. Throughout his time in office, Roosevelt avoided disclosing the full extent of his condition: Although he used a wheelchair in private, he avoided doing so in public.

    Details of Kennedy’s ill health were largely unknown during his presidency, and have emerged only since his assassination in 1963. Questions have been raised about whether heavy medication might have had an impact on his political decisions. In 2002, historian Robert Dallek described a president constantly suffering from degenerative bone disease and heavily medicated to soothe severe back pains. According to Dallek, JFK was hospitalised nine times during his 2 ½-year presidency, a fact kept secret at the time.

    George H W Bush
    President, 1989-1993 In 1992, Mr Bush vomited and then fainted in front of television cameras at a banquet hosted by the prime minister of Japan, Kiichi Miyazawa. His spokesman later insisted Mr Bush was simply suffering from intestinal flu but was fine otherwise.

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  5. With the track record of quacks chucking tablets at superstars over there, I’m afraid the answer may soon be found after an autopsy.
    She’s going to push herself too far, and some quack will help her do it.

  6. joekano76

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  7. Her speech is very clear.
    Dude..at the very least, she’s wired up like a christmas tree.
    This parrot is off her t!ts I think. Looks like a bad trip, ‘cos she looks scared too..prolly worried she’ll drop, by the look of her.

    Looks like she’s being propped up in more ways than one. If the condition of her condition don’t get her, then the cure prolly will.
    One way or another, if she don’t move over quick..

    Idiocracy, here we come.

    • Mate, Her eyes are moving independently and she has to blink to get them straight.

      She’s sick, very very sick.

      • I get you, man..but her speech is too clear.
        Apart from the flicking eyes, there seems to be no other bad neurological presentations during the vid above – slurred speech, forgetfulness, unsteadiness, stuff like that.
        She looks like Spud in a job interview, to me – speeding her face off.
        Some kind of coke compound in eyes as well I think.. like those RedEye drops maybe.

      • tdf

        Are you talking your book, Gojam?