BBC Request: Medical Drug Trials

Hi there,

 My name is Gaggan and I work for BBC’s Inside Out programme based in Leeds. It has been brought to our attention that a number of medical drug trials were carried out on children and inmates at various detention centres and approved schools which apparently were not approved by the children/inmates or their guardians. The authorities apparently used the children/ inmates as guinea pigs and carried out a number of medical trials and experiments. I would like to speak to people who have had similar experiences and were a part of such medical trials during the 60’s,70’s,80’s and 90’s.

I am keen on speaking to people who have had similar experiences especially from the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire areas as I work for the local BBC Yorkshire station. But I would love to hear from people outside Yorkshire and Lincolnshire too.

 Please can you get in touch with me with your name, phone number and a brief note about your experiences on : and I will call you for an off the record chat.

 Many thanks





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13 responses to “BBC Request: Medical Drug Trials

  1. someone should notify T Cooper.
    This is a big deal..a breakthru.

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  3. Whistleblowing GP

    You might want to look at ‘informal’ drugs trials in the community via prescribed drugs diversion. All you would need are an approved prescriber (doctor mainly),perhaps a pharmacist or dispensing doctor(GP) and a pharmaceutical wholesaler. You might want a patient to nominally allocate them to perhaps with dementia etc. so you get paid twice. Easy, easy…

    • Gaggan Sabherwal

      Thank you for your comments. Do you know of anyone from Yorkshire or Lincolnshire who would be happy to share their experiences with me? Regards Gaggan

  4. Thank you for posting this comment on this page. I forgot to add I am keen on speaking to people especially from Yorkshire and Lincolnshire as I work for BBC Yorkshire. But people from outside the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire areas are also free to contact me. I would love to hear your experiences too.
    Many thanks

    • Hi I would love to help but feel I would prefer to give assistance once the BBC proves it can be trusted. This could easily be done by broadcasting pure truth back to back for a period of say 2 weeks. Once that happens get back to me by all accounts I will help you get in touch with the people you need…don’t worry I am not going to lose time waiting around for a call that is never going to come instead I will leave you to “present” the “facts” in the way that best suits the interets of those who want to establish and manage the perceptions of others.

      • Gaggan Sabherwal

        Hi there,

        Thanks for your comments. Do you have a number that I could call you back on?


        PS- Please email me your number.

  5. Terry Moogan


  6. Whistleblowing GP

    East Yorkshire- nothing ever happens there does it ?

  7. Hi ,I was in Wrexham when needles put into me .

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