The Curious Case Of Dog That Didn’t Bark…



Really ?

Tell me more Mark.


Let’s put aside how it is that disgraced and utterly discredited former Exaro editor Mark Watts came to know that DCI Paul Settle (for it is he) the former Op Fernbridge head was to be interviewed on Monday by the IPCC over allegations that he had  (irony alert) “leaked” information to the the press (all part of the rough and tumble of journalism – right Mark ?)

Mark Watts has helped me identify who the second complainant against DCI Settle was.

In case you’ve not been paying attention, the first complainant was ‘Darren’.



The one thing that ‘Darren’ knows is who put him up to making an allegation against DCI Paul Settle. Though I’m unable to share the details, I know without doubt that Paul Settle didn’t leak to the press the information, and that surety is not based on what anyone has told me – I know!

Given that I know his details were not leaked, I’d suggest that The Telegraph may have discovered Darren’s identity because he attended an event where lots of journalists were and then appeared on BBC News on camera with his real name underneath. Doesn’t that sound more plausible ?

But Darren does know who suggested that DCI Paul Settle was the leaker and encouraged him to make a complaint to the IPCC. Did they write it out for you Darren, did you just have to sign it ? You’ve got them over a barrel.

I think whoever encouraged Darren to make a false complaint against DCI Paul Settle could be in big trouble – Perhaps Mark Watts might explain to Darren what ‘Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice’ is all about ?

So, you see that Darren really does know something important but does he realise ?

I genuinely had no idea who the second complainant against DCI Paul Settle was until Mark Watts started to tweet. (Thanks Mark!)

I had thought it might be Nick from Operation Midland but due to a great deal of research from my team (Thanks team!) I’m now able to reveal that the second complainant against DCI Paul Settle is…

Drum roll maestro!

Chris Fay!

I kid you not.

PS, I hope you all had a great Summer.




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  2. dpack

    could that be the movie that involved a very over ambitious start to the production and was “completed” with cardboard props after much of the crew pulled out, it cost around US$46 million and then earned only about US$8?
    if we are thinking of the same movie both the title and the production problems do have parallels to this sorry situation although the pay off from this seems to have had a negative value from any decent point of view rather than just a loss.
    i wonder what the Baron(s) and Bucephalus are going to do next?

  3. John Chase Bois

    I find discussions around this issue pointless. It’s a bit like logical fallacy 101 and erroneous, unabridged, Aristotelian two valued logic. Anyone ‘knowing for a fact’ seems to some kind of a handle on objective reality beyond the capacity of any known humanoid life form! I’ve found Mark Watts to be largely cogent if slightly guilable. The Nick case seems no more than a smoke-screen because how outlandish the claims were, only just the right side of being believable. I don’t know Nick but I really can’t think of the motivation for anyone to say what he has said outside of it being a) The truth b) an enhanced and distorted truth c) he’s had a delusional episode d) he’s been a lot of money to subvert a broader truth.

  4. tdf

    Some former OIRA men re-invented themselves and arrived into high government positions in Eire in a remarkably short space of time after the end of the Cold War, such as, for example, Frank Ross, or as he preferred to be known after he reinvented himself as a social democrat, Proinsias de Rossa (puh…puh…puh….Proinsias…) I wouldn’t usually make fun of a man with a stammer, but I have very little time for that type of person.

    Interesting to note in passing that he was attacked on the streets of Dublin in relatively recent years and apparently some people were not happy when he turned up at a funeral of an ex-OIRA comrade. To use your phrase, one could draw various conclusions from that, one of them being that his former comrades are still very annoyed with him.

    Agreed that INLA were a very odd and rum bunch. Beset with violent infighting from the get-go, and yet performed some successful and professional operations. They ended up as they started – in a wave of violent infighting.

  5. dpack

    blunt was a very dodgy chap, that story may or may not be true but as he was fully owned after his “confession” debriefing and “immunity from all crimes” in 1963 but in 1966 he still mentioned an “exciting new project” (of a spooky nature [by phone to robin bryans on his houseboat outside maxwell knight’s flat], imho that “project” was the replacement of gay assets with csa offending and therefore vulnerable to blackmail ones.
    it seems sensible to wonder if (post 1963) incriminating film (or later video) of blunt would be useful? and to whom?. if it is true was he alone or was the target his companion/s ?.

    ps the libyan terrorist training/support program was run by the likes of frank terpil (who died peacefully recently) and although a “contractor” retained his strong links with langley (jja ? and maybe colby ? / gb1?) ,often recruited trainers directly from ft bragg and does not seem to have been on a cia most wanted/action list. one could draw various conclusions from that.

    oira had definite links to the soviets but also to 6 and langley among others over the years.
    pira had links to libya among others .
    inla seem to have been a very rum bunch and were perhaps primarily in the “countergang” mould within the gladio b brief although some actions ascribed to them seem to have been contractor conducted in a very professional manner.

    • card2

      Maxwell Knight widow Suzi incarcerated in a Sue Ryder Home where staff obeyed Whitehall to deny Suzi visits from her late husbands biographer.

    • tdf

      “oira had definite links to the soviets but also to 6 and langley among others over the years.”

      Actually, sorry, yes it was mainly the OIRA rather than PIRA that had links to the Soviets.

  6. dpack

    6) iirc it needed a fleet of identical unmarked (grey?) vans over the course of a long weekend to shift it all. it seems likely that it ties in with the photographic lab and skills first learned from the old days in 9/soe e med (and perfected over the years for a variety of reasons) in “rebranding” useful ” friends” and colleagues.
    it would be useful to know where the link was in petit france or liverpool but it seems safe to assume that such a link existed if only for deleting stuff should that be deemed necessary at some point to avoid “confusion” should somebody accidentally notice multiple documents with the same face or some other anomaly .

    8)was also a factor in the end of career of a “lowly” pc ,he resigned over aspects of that case which bothered him greatly (as well as other matters ) rather than was sacked (or worse ).

    9) there was a lot of it about ,plenty of room mikes and humint as well.

    12) there are quite a lot of examples of that sort of thing.

    • tdf

      I can’t say I know much about the detail, but I would guess UK state security was breached on quite a few occasions during the Cold War.

      The Provos had links with the Soviets because for a while they shared a common enemy.

      I have never believed that it was a coincidence that the Northern Ireland peace process got kick-started around about the same time that the Soviet Union self-destructed.

      Also, look into the financing of both CJH & Albert Reynolds, especially in relation to the latter’s odd flight diversion to the Bahamas just months before the Loyalist and Provo ceasefires ( ).

      Revolutionary Irish republicanism dealt with whoever would talk to them and/or finance them over the years – Libya and the Soviets during the 1980s, trace it back further, it was the Nazis during the 1930s, and before that, the French.

      Question: is the internet rumour that the traitor Blunt was videoed abusing children in an Irish orphanage a distraction, or might there be something in it?

  7. tdf


    (1) was that the bloke that knew Geoff Dickens? It was alleged that he died of drink, but his friends said they had thought he was teetotal?

    (9) mail intercepts on a MP and govt minister – I would guess that there were mail intercepts on numerous MPs and govy ministers during Cold War, including on at least one former PM.

  8. TLNH

    Watts attacks that Panorama episode all the time and yet is unable to list a single element of the documentary which was inaccurate. Uncomfortable though it may be for Watts, the journalists behind that show proved beyond any doubt whatsoever that fundamental elements of the story told by ‘Nick’ to police were fabricated, deliberately or otherwise. I suspect the unequivocal fact that key portions of ‘Nick’s’ story were demonstrably untrue had a lot more to do with the shelving of the investigation than the fact that the BBC did a Panorama special on it.

    • David

      @TLNH No, you are wrong. It was far more complicated than that, in fact, one of the most complicated investigations since the Jack the Ripper case. That is why the Met Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey said that the public may never know full background to Operation Midland. Mark watts does know most of the full details, one of a very small group who do know.

      • tdf


        About the only similarity with the Jack the Ripper case I can think of is that no-one has been charged or convicted.

        You will note the stark glaring difference that, unlike in the Jack the Ripper case, there were no dead bodies.

        It’s possible that illegality happened at EGH. It’s possible that illegality happened anywhere, at at any location, at some point in history. We may never know the full truth about EGH, but the Panorama programme did a pretty good, and objective job (and I am ordinarily no particular fan of the BBC).

        • card2

          From my modest experience in one case I pursue

          (1) Sudden death of an MP at Dolphin Square

          (2) Document burglary 1970s of a complainant

          (3) Sudden death of investigating Regional Crime Squad Det sgt

          (4) Burglary and beating up a woman in Dec 1972

          (5) Sudden death of pathologist before he could be interviewed

          (6) Theft of a whole area’s Births Marriages Deaths Records

          (7) Burglary and threats with document theft on ex Regional Crime Squad man

          (8) End of career (Lynette White area Cardiff) of a Special Branch DI

          (9) Mail intercepts on a MP and govt minister

          (10) Euthanasia of a war hero

          (11) NO press will run with story

          (12) Protection of the suspects going back to 1930s and supported by attorney general absolute secret public interest custodianship

          A suspicion that maybe powerful people don’t want the truth to reach the population.

          Powerful people who apparently all along would have been outwitted by hiding lists and files in a shed !! If only I had sussed how easy it was to preserve the evidence

      • TLNH

        It is a matter of unequivocal fact that several allegations by Nick were specifically proven to have been untrue.

  9. card2

    Gojam You had to correct me before on this. “Darren” is source for Henniker Estate ? He described cruelty to Downs Syndrome people ?

    • dpack

      afaik “darren” was the messenger for that henniker story which imho was never going to turn out to be based in fact although apparently it did distract from other henniker stories and more promising lines of inquiry that might well still lead to interesting data and conclusions.

      in no particular order a few places to look :
      righton, the soe eastern med crew, osla, dickie and phil ,the anglo-irish grand unified lodge, broadmoor, albany trust, philby, south africa, blunt, the parole board, the fo and bc, etc.

      these are just some of the direct links (and it is in no way a complete list).
      if one then looks at cross links and one degree of separation links, even just those that quickly emerge from the partial list above, understanding the biography and activities of henniker starts to seem even more central to an understanding of context from say 1940 until now.

      creating a distraction from that would seem a reasonable tactic should one wish some stones were never turned even if it seems a bit of a bolted horse/stable door sort of ploy.

      • tdf

        A lot of Exaro’s stories do more and more look like deliberate distraction.

        In a 2006 BBC documentary, several retired high level figures admitted on camera that they had certain knowledge of a plan for a coup d’detat and setting up private paramilitary armies, due to fears that Harold Wilson was a Soviet agent and fears about the direction that the Labour government was bringing the UK to.

        • card2

          I was making the point about what may be selective gaps in Exaro (gis) information.

          The MP who died at Dolphin Square was Sir John Stradling Thomas Monmouth MP. He was about to raise parliamentary ombudsman inquiry into handling of letters he sent to attorney general and home secretary Subject was MI5 Special Branch liaison creating unlawful police no go area of Leonard Cheshire and Sue Ryder charity. Regional Crime Squad suspicions of identity thefts via GP death registration malpractice. Associated with this were the 6 years of child deaths Beeches Ixworth 1966 to 72

          Ixworth being spitting distance from Henniker estate

          Exaro did have source journo in East Anglian Daily Times who also won’t touch Beeches Sue Ryder Leonard Cheshire Henniker Hervey Vestey

          Cheshire’s mate Michael Bentine was in the coup plots. Airey Neave Sue Ryder founding trustee was up to his neck in it,. His paramilitary recruiter Butler was connected with loyalist collusion paramilitary activity in Kent TA. That activity led to breach of security Kent Plod nil actioned tragically Deal Royal Marines Barracks 89 (11 died in terrorist bombing 22 9 89) The breach involved a man talking to Straight Left. The group of Seamus Milne Corbyn advisor. But at the time Frank Swift. And all this compromised STRAW and WARNER in MacPherson Inquiry.

          Which may be why I am an officially called witness NCA Inquiry Lawrence case corruption

  10. David

    As it turns out that you now think it wasn’t Chris Fay, maybe Grandma has been sucking too many eggs !

  11. David

    gojam – 2013 –

    ‘The documents that Mary Moss put online is only a small fraction of those seized by the police.’ There is another list’. This list followed a NAYPIC investigation and some people on the first list, the public one, were eliminated.
    BBC Newsnight have a copy of that list. Is it accurate? I don’t know because I’ve never seen it but it is certainly more accurate than the public list.

  12. David

    Chris Fay provided a name from the Elm Guest house list that no one else knows about. No one knows that that person is connected with the Westminster paedophile scandal, indeed no one suspects anything odd about that person even to this day.

    Very few people know who that person is, some of those mentioned above do.

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  14. Oh, and want to involve the police to gain a bit of time?
    To cause as much hassle as possible?
    To keep the balls in the air?
    Isn’t this the fashion for failed hacks, and wannabe Esmeralda’s lately?

    Call ’em.
    MY door is wide open.

  15. LOL
    This man made his living by pushing a ball of crap over people and’s hugely satisfying to see it running away from him.
    Now that a certain team of trolls, who seemed to be running interference on behalf of the hencke/watts hack-attack, has decided they need to be somewhere else..
    ..the question must be asked..
    What is Wattsy gonna do?
    No defence
    No career
    No talent
    No clue
    His options are how does he fill his time on twitter?
    By making nasty little comments about people who ‘crossed’ him, apparently.
    Still playing the tool for the man dragging his gong around.
    Wattsy..stop chatting sh!t, mate.
    You been sussed.


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