The Ecstasy of Gold

The Friday Night Song


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  3. dpack

    not drugs in sport or E but this might shed some light on similar issues elsewhere.

    i don’t know anything about the one beginning with b but haloperidol is a horrible drug.a pal of mine had to take 2 consultant psychiatrists home from work when they prescribed to each other to get a better understanding of what they were giving their patients.both no longer use the stuff.

    • artmanjosephgrech

      The only surprising aspect of the Guardian article and the BBC reporting to-date is the impression given that this is some kind of revelation. As I tried to explain to explain to Teresa Cooper and anyone who cares to pay attention to the use of drugs to modify the behaviour of young offenders and troublesome adolescents, was one aspect of the use of drugs in the treatment young people and I provided the direct experience example of the use of abreactive substance as a short cut approach to regression therapy used by Oxfordshire Children’s department because of the support from the Kahans in relation to the medical Director (Dr Milner) of the Staffordshire County Psychiatric Hospital and I have no doubt that as with child abuse issues this was the top of an iceberg which everyone in Government national and locally involved knew about and covered to varying degrees and for varying reasons.

      The serious aspect in relation to Ecstasy and Gold which reveals the continued brilliance of the Friday night song selections is that the 99% of UK subjects become dependent on substances most of which are legal and all can be acquired at a price. Listening to the successful competitors recite the script of the sacrifices they make and thanking the national lottery and how surreal the experience reminds of the original creators of the bread and circuses project

  4. artmanjosephgrech

    The lesson of Olympic gold is no short cuts no quick fixes but a professional analysis of the task and endless hard and at times boring work

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