Judgement Day

The Friday Night Song



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  3. tdf

    If you twist and turn away
    If you tear yourself in two again
    If I could, yes I would
    If I could, I would
    Let it go

  4. tdf

    As they fall out of the woodwork
    Onto pages of cheap social media accounts
    You have the grace to hold yourself
    When those around you fall

  5. Simon

    Sorry not on topic

    but could anyone of predicted this?:-

    Child sex abuse inquiry: Judge Lowell Goddard quits


    sad day for uk justice…

    • Sabre

      I’m sad to say that my cynical told you so seems to be right.

      Still hoping to be proved incorrect in the long term though.

      Regards to all.

  6. tdf

    Let’s go fellas..