Exaro Is Finished


Last night came the unsurprising, as yet unconfirmed, news that Exaro News was folding from Guido Fawkes and Exaro’s former Editor-in-Chief, Mark Watts via Twitter.



As Mark Watts alludes to in his tweet, this news follows a tweet a few days earlier by Mark Conrad stating that David Hencke had taken over as ‘Head of Exaro’.


Many will now be asking what exactly has gone on and I’m afraid that I don’t know the answer to that; all I can do here is speculate – it may be informed speculation but it is still speculation and there is a reason for that because although I have been trying to find out what has been going on at Exaro News over the last few weeks, it appears to me that everyone involved with the news agency has been in a mutually agreed purdah – everyone that is except for Mark Watts who has been talking to Press Gazette first on 3rd June:

Watts told colleagues in the email: “You have the right to know that further cuts to the editorial team are, indeed, planned, and, as you know, no proper announcement of this was made at the outset internally.”

He added: “Even if you end up leaving Exaro, you can all be justifiably proud of the terrific work that you have done to ‘hold power to account’. How many journalists can say that today? I am sure that your time at Exaro will be a real boon to your future careers.”

Press Gazette

And again a few days ago apparently following a statement by David Hencke and  Mark Conrad’s tweet copied above:

Watts told Press Gazette: “Exaro’s management made clear to me during the course of meetings about my position that they would be making a cut of at least 25 per cent to the casuals budget.

“But they were working from a baseline figure that was 20 per cent lower than in reality, amounting to a 40 per cent cut overall. I was merely reflecting what I was told by management and what their intentions were.”

He added that losing the editor position at Exaro would result in the agency running “less challenging stories”.

Press Gazette

Intriguingly, between these two Press Gazette stories Anna Raccoon tweeted:


So, what is going on ?

My best guess is that this is a consequence of the inquiry announced by Met Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan Howe earlier in the year which is being undertaken by former judge Sir Richard Henriques which is looking at the police handling of historic allegations of sexual abuse against public figures over the last few years and which is due to be completed by November. I know for certain that Henriques has been interviewing individuals connected to these investigations and it stands to reason that he would want to talk to Mark Watts and other Exaro journalists.

I can think of three areas over which Henriques may want to talk to Mark Watts and others about.

  1. Issues related to the Met investigation into an allegation against Leon Brittan made by Exaro witness ‘Jane’ – not the actual allegation itself but what followed when ‘Jane’ had been told by DCI Paul Settle that there would be no further action. This also draws in Labour’s Deputy Leader Tom Watson MP  (I doubt he’ll be too happy about that) A timeline for that can be found HERE
  2. Operation Midland and Exaro Witness ‘Nick’ and perhaps other Exaro witnesses (Too many different issues to go into in detail.)
  3. The false allegations made by Exaro witnesses that DCI Paul Settle had leaked complainant’s personal information to the press. This amounted to false allegations of misconduct in a public office and has led to an ongoing IPCC investigation into DCI Settle. More on that HERE

There are probably more areas that Henriques may have wanted to talk to Exaro staff about but as you can see there is enough to justify a chat and it isn’t hard to see how such serious issues once exposed by Henriques may have consequences beyond an internal Met Inquiry – regardless of whether it was Bernard Hogan Howe’s originally intention when setting up the judge led inquiry.

Some people have suggested that I focus on Exaro’s former Editor-in-Chief, Mark Watts too much and that others like David Hencke and Mark Conrad should be equally criticised and I think to some extent that is probably fair – I agree that they both need to take some responsibility.

However, I’ve heard enough stories over the last few years from reliable Exaro insiders to lead me to believe that it was Mark Watts who was the driving force. He was able to wield executive and supreme editorial power which he exploited in pursuit of his own deeply flawed strategic vision founded on a possibly delusional, certainly conspiracy theorist’s, view of the CSA reality; too often information was increasingly made to fit this view, any information contrary to it was ignored – the owners were hands off as a matter of genuine principle and the staff working under Watts were almost powerless to  change the disastrous course.

Some suggest that if that is all true then those journalists should have resigned and two I know of did just that.  However, reasons for not doing so can be very complex and aren’t necessarily explained by self interest or that everyone at Exaro News was fully on board.

There will be criticisms of others and I’m certain some of it will be justified but rather than attribute blame to everyone involved at Exaro, I’d rather wait to hear their side of the story. Remember also that there were staff working at Exaro News who were absolutely nothing to do with the reporting of child sexual abuse who’ve also lost their jobs yesterday.

It looks like the Exaro brand, like Ratners before it, was just too heavily contaminated to continue.

If any former staff members of Exaro News would like to contact me – IN ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE – and help me to understand better what has been going on, then please email me at gojam57@gmail.com

I’ll leave everyone with one question:


What on Earth does Watts mean by “An act of vandalism” in this context ?

PS, The apology by Exaro to Patrick Mahoney, HERE, for publishing stolen material might have contributed to Mark Watts being sacked but given that such an apology is an admission of liability and therefore very likely part of an agreed settlement between Mr Mahoney and Exaro News – it is unlikely to be the reason why Exaro has folded.


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  1. dpack

    tiberius was /is too big to make public. countryman was an earlier example of a valiant attempt by the forlorn hope.the link below is not the full report even though it does run to a couple of hundred pages.

    Click to access 140602%20DC%20Craig%20Mackey%20annexes%20UPDATED.pdf



    more recent

    that stuff does not even scratch the surface .

    there are many reasons records disappear ranging from ” oopsie i pressed delete by mistake ” to ” remove all traces of it and all possible links to it ” . the later can be facilitated by a variety of means ,as directly and tidily as the “burglary” of the newport records and if needs be as crudely as by setting fire to a warehouse full of boxes as exampled in the case of many of the north wales care home records,other records relevant to that seem to have been weeded more subtly from a variety of places (the jilling’s report was down to one copy when it resurfaced). it does seem a little odd that so many ex residents nhs medical records for the relevant time period have been “lost” or reduced to a tiny fraction of what one would expect.

    that the records of a very dodgy “contractor” seem to have evaporated is not much of a surprise but to speculate on the reason or means may or may not be useful.
    that the “contractor” also seems to have evaporated is another, rather more interesting, aspect of what seems to this ignorant outsider a strange and horrid situation. alive or dead most folk leave a trail.

    yet again mr snowden’s brave work seems worth a mention

    Click to access the-art-of-deception-training-for-a-new.pdf

    • card2

      The origins of Countryman were at Nuneaton planting gelignite on a man to deal him into being a Met source for vice squad IIRC.

      You see the sudden Met “Distinctive jacket” development ?? That man is not Gary Dobson. As you know Head of Organised Crime CPS wrote to the Lawrence murder team and to NCA a few weeks ago on my concerns about failures to disclose to defences Det sgt Davidson disciplinary 1995 The officer who seized a jacket from Dobsons home and said the house dust on it ruled out it being in Well Hall Road two weeks earlier.

      With his history of moonlighting as a bodyguard on plod time prove he didn’t swan off after seizing and failing to seal the jacket. Where was he when the dust was brushed off and the jacket laid on cell floor next to Lawrence clothing.

      • TerryB

        Hello card2

        It’s commentators such as yourself that keep me coming back to this blog as I know there are people here who know a lot more than myself.

        The reason for my response is I have a small interest in miscarriages of justice since many years ago there were a couple of high profile cases that the msn reported as being clear cut cases only for me to find myself reading about these cases on mojuk.org and innocence.

        The Stephen Lawrence case always bothered me as there didn’t seem to be enough evidence to convict.

        The group the police focussed on may or may not have been involved yet eventually they managed to get the conviction with barely any evidence and certainly no “new” evidence that would permit bypassing the double jeopardy.

        Your comments sound as if you have certain knowledge around the case and while I’m not asking you to tell, it was always claimed that there was a white gang involved in a racist attack, is this true or is the motive somewhere else entirely?

        • card2

          I am an officially called witness to National Crime Agency Lawrence case corruption inquiry but what I know within their terms of reference I don’t have a scoobie. I did like the Chinese civil service question. Told them all I know. If within that is the snippet they want they know and I don’t.

          I am pretty confident that the motive for killing Lawrence was not “Racist”.

          And I know that “Institutionalised racism” in 1971 was a research purposes red herring used in Home Office contracted sociology research to test police trainees for gullibility and malleability and (more worryingly) peer pressure compliance. MacPherson merely promoted a myth to bogus reality by mass hysteria.

          I have found this blog helpful. In fact I was just running by NCA argument based on what I have been told via this blog.

  2. Just to add to this statement made of me on this thread !!!

    Quote ** card2 on July 23, 2016 at 6:53 pm
    I don’t know whether this relates. But via Facebook I ended up helping the victim, who waived anonymity, of rape aged 8 by the vile mercenary Parker twins of Nuneaton.

    At the stage I had written direct to Judge at Warick Crown Court IE Me over parapet pressures arose as the victim had new survivor campaigner friends. One she met and he told her he is in fact Cathi Fox of the blog.

    Then she got distracted into campaigning. I had broken Kenneth Parker alibi and judge did issue directions to CPS and CCRC (neither the latter nor I know why CCRC) Then reports were of Kenneth Parker being dead in France.

    So on the face of it some guy without a profile piccie on FB approaches female survivors and appears to actually be Cathi Fox who makes 100s of FOIs in a female name.

    The female survivor of Parkers got as far as emailing Tim Rayment of Sunday Times who turned in Tyrone Chadwick mercenary associate of the Parkers in 1995 for murder of blacks during the neo Nazi mercenary attack to destabilise transitional Mandela Regime.

    The Parkers were with the Sunday Times people and Chadwick 95 when Rayment turned in Chadwick

    The Desmond Tutu commission of inquiry re mercs was 1994.

    It seems like progress towards getting his lay on file pulled back was being made and in from the flanks came the internet warriors who were not going over the parapet to engage but sure as hell were not helpful to me who was someone who tries to promote justice.

    card2 on July 23, 2016 at 7:20 pm
    I recall now after the man who claimed to be Cathi Fox had met the Parker twins victim IIRC I started getting aggressive FB PM questioning pushing for information about Bishop of Medway and trying to get me to agree a name I had connected with right wing paramilitary training at Deal Barracks, connected with a private military cadet group, was in fact Roger Gleave.

    The pursuit of a new story around Gleave became obsessive through her FB and we ended up blocking each other.

    I have thought that someone else may have planted child abuse stories into the history re Deal Barracks before the 22.9.89 terrorist bombing.

    Though I reported in good faith to Judge Goddard inquiry I did add a caveat about danger of planted stories.

    1. I asked you on an email to never speak of my case again after you yourself got caught lying on Facebook and then proceeded to block me mr Card….I see by the date of your comments you continue to do so yes Mrs Banks aka Sarah Brown nee Reeves

    2. I was not 8 years old !! Get your facts straight this case has been into court Google the Parkers before you make information publicly of me as the child online ….

    3. Roger Gleaves was an information gathering due to a survivor trusting me and disclosing to me of a childhood happening that no longer can be spoken of online due to being the survivor supoorted and not obsessed with has found the courage to o to the police station !! Facts of you’re troubled ideas of me and obsessing when it was only a question in your pm … Nobody asked you to answer …

    4. Yes Ken Parker is said to be dead I recieved my answers of foi which are still insufficient to a justice needed but what must I do to be believed maybe you have all the answers

    5. Chadwick …. Enough said I have my reasons for this

    6. The judge did he help you ? Did you tell me he did ? Has he furthered your investigation that I asked you not to continue of me ? He helped me and did what he could with the law today and yesterday’s and issued 28years to Tom Parker.

    7. I never came to you for help you jumped all over my postings in an against child abuse group which at the time was suited for my choice to be there and there was infact no way of Cathy Fox caused myself any harm or misguidance in my own journey, I have met this person and they are very genuine and so to is their research !! And a good source of info that was needed at the time of helping another person….

    7. You yourself asked me to mark a memory for Tara blue balloon white rose outside parliament I to did this in April 2014 !! You did receive the video tag yes ? Yes you did mr Card I know you did….

    Lastly your speech online about myself will be passed over in evidence of how you want to bring my case in the public eye on your own terms and not of the terms of the findings of now which will not be discussed publicly by myself….when you yourself have a strong case to bring forward for help to others then do it on your own journey not mine !!

    Yours Faithfully the once a victim of the Parker twins now survivor of many abusers in my journey to the truth.

    • April 2014 was the start of my journey with a group that attended London to support I had been to 3 protests of the 4 and in April 2015!! I shared a blue balloon marked Tara tied to the parliament greens flag poke on that journey that day I met many survivors and stood with pride, previous to this date I showed my attendance in July 2014 with my daughter to another protest and in September 2015 I attended my last one in support of a survivor walking their journey of truth to face the fears and memories that had been troubling a tender soul. Now where in all that do you feel the need to say I’m obsessed !!! I do have my Facebook you blocked returned to me as I was being reported for telling the truth….I can collect all of your interactions on my personal Facebook of just who was obsessed with the Parker story when it was you yourself all over any posting of the Parkers !!

      • Now also reading through once again you say *quote

        🔴I had broken Kenneth Parker alibi 🔴

        Where ? When ? Please do tell because I have my answers from 3 sources and non of the 3 is named Mr Card !!! People have come to look for me in my journey not you gone out and solved my case. If you continue these lies I will have to take this further Mr Card, honest people came to me with their journeys of life around the Parker twins, unless ofcourse you know them ? Please do tell where and who Ken Parker was with when I was making this rubbish up on the stand ? Because you wasn’t there then in the 1980’s and there was no alibi breaking by yourself, I had 3 sources contact me with truthful information which I might add was shared with you !! I do hope you haven’t discussed this anywhere else ? That wouldn’t be very honourably to a trust I have you and not an obsession you claim I have !!

        I’m truly sorry to all other members on this posting but upon reading this on the posting of me how dare you belittle me and as I said before get off my journey to justice and the truth to be told so others can get help in bringing their cases forward.

        • card2

          I have never belittled you. And I have explained what I found out about Parkers and you sanctioned me to write to the Warwick Crown Court Judge. But as you have pointed out there is more to the Parkers than your case. And I pursue my interest in them.

          I found out about the 50 lbs of gelignite. This then gave good grounds to estimate the date he was remanded and using the one third to parole work out when he was due parole which was during 1980.

          This was also the year Airey Neave was killed. It would be astonishing if Parkers arrest was not filed with anti terrorist lead given that I also found out about the IRA use of helicopter at that time to survey quarries in that area for explosives thefts.

          I would remind you again that you were accusing a lot of other people of lying about you and belittling you It appears now to be my turn on the rosta.

          But to me it looks as if we established what I said about Bear/Cathi Fox is true. What I said about questions about Gleaves is true. What I say about what I found out re Parker history and Sunday Times and attack on transitional Mandela regime is true. And that I applied my findings by writing an argument to the Warwick Crown Court Judge.

          I am glad you feel you have good people helping you now. Just a little surprised they haven’t been able to confirm Ken Parker as dead.

      • card2

        I haven’t said you were obsessed. I am grateful Tara was remembered.

    • http://m.nuneaton-news.co.uk/twins-jailed/story-20281824-detail/story.html



      The whole truth of these vile twins is never being proven but please don’t think you know it all Mr Card in this case, unless you are a victim of them and their associates and have evidence to bring forward back off reporting your opinions of innocent people that are trying their hardest to get justice !!

      • card2

        Mrs Banks my interest in Parkers is that they were among mercenaries subject of the Desmond Tutu Commission of Inquiry 1994. They were with Sunday Times and Tyrone Chadwick in South Africa in 1995 when Tim Rayment of Sunday Times turned Chadwick in.

        The questions that should have been put to the Parkers under the Kent Police Authority call for inquiry 1997 included the details of their preparation for the attack on transitional Mandela regime.

        If you are the victim then you agreed that I should write direct to the Judge at Warwick Crown Court which I did. He issued directions for CPS and CCRC but I do not know why CCRC. The next thing I heard was that Kenneth was dead in France.

        I don’t back off. But there again I don’t make FOI applications in false names

        • Then do so by leaving me out of your findings there are much more things to focus on for myself….and there’s much more to focus on with the Parker Twins than me !!! The incorrect information you are sending out of me will not be tolerated hence take a look at your own block list as you are not on mine

          • card2

            That is rather my point. There are things about Parkers I pursue that are not your case. And if you recall it was me who found the story of 50lbs of gelignite at rail side 1979 ? It was me who found the story of IRA surveying quarries by helicopter. It was me who wrote to attorney general to ask if he was applied to for fiat to bring explosives charges against Parker in 1979. This was all part of breaking his alibi and exposing Warks police for failing to investigate the declared alibi defence properly.

            You became niggled IIRC when the matter of Bear came up and the FOI applications made in Cathi Fox name.

            I cannot exactly remember whether I had linked in Operation Countryman before you jumped ship ?

            • I am not niggled but your intentions on my email where to attack others within the cause I have no wish to help you in your behaviour and I was not 8 years old please get you facts correct I have had enough people call me a liar since age 5 I fought in a court room for the truth

              • card2

                Having re read some of our FB messages I have missed something about someone who asked you for money …. and I should have remembered that.

                I would be grateful if you could message me on FB and confirm the name of the person who asked you for money

              • card2

                OK sorry re short term memory. If you refer to PMs 23rd August 2015 and see I wrote about NCA and IPCC being engaged. At that time you were very angry with other people who you said were lying about you. Then we fell out as far as I recall over the people you have sought to defend on this thread. But in fact we have clarified that what I say about being questioned re Gleaves and what I say about the FB man “Bear” who blogs as Cathi Fox are true.

                In December 2015 I was officially called as a witness to the National Crime Agency Inquiry into Stephen Lawrence case corruption. The Parkers mercenary history, the alibi breaking, the writing direct to Warwick Crown Court are all matters on NCA record now. But Theresa May does not want Straw investigated.

                This does have implications for Chadwick and the Parker twins. Because it was Home Secretary Straw who protected them from interview under caution in inquiries called for by Kent Police Authority.1997. So did they prepare to attack Mandela regime in Thanet as the Tutu Inquiry was told ???

                A Labour Home Secretary protects a man from police inquiry whose history is of nicking explosives the year Airey Neave was killed by INLA. The year IRA were surveying by helicopter with a view to nicking quarry explosives in the area Parker nicked explosives. And by the time your fight for justice got him to trial it was an incredible list of missing prison and parole and probation records that got him, against alibi law, a lay on file by benefit of doubt .

                It stinks. I hope he has been confirmed dead.

                • Nobody has confirmed officially to me he is dead I only have word of trusted people that something took place. I have asked officially and it has not been returned with an answer to me.

                  • card2

                    Yes we reached stage at which I had started writing to UK HM Coroners to try to find who might have jurisdiction for an inquest into Kenneth Parker death.

                    I think you are entitled to the confirmation of death from Warks Police. Otherwise they should be re-investigating his alibi.

                    How the heck can it be if his fingerprints are fed into system nothing pops back flagging a history of theft and possession of explosives ? A mercenary deployment trained to blow up rail lines and conduct electrical sabotage. ?

                    Something stinks ….. need dpack thinking on this one.

        • You made your own inquires and informed me of them the lay on file was to support others coming Forward this was no to be the case !! The system will over ride any case they see fit to go into the court room it’s not rocket science it’s an injustice served and there’s 100’s it’s been served to….you not the only one who doesn’t back off I didn’t and haven’t for 37 years for the truth to be known and heard

          • card2

            What was the spate of questions to me about Bishop of Medway about ?

            • I asked you if you hear anything on Roger Gleaves would be grateful to know ?!! This is all then fed me about the corps and another campaigners name and I said of Gleaves name changes…you take it as you wish I know the truth of yourself and you are not as you claim online my adoptive dad…there will be no more contact between us Mr Card i refuse to acknowledge you’re ignorance of survivors journeys and the help others give…continue on without me

              • card2

                So someone got you to ask about Roger Gleaves then ? You accept I was not lying about that ?

                Bear the FB man is Cathi Fox the blogger then ? You accept I was not lying about that ?

                You are not in a position to know whether I am a victim and survivor

                By using the June 79 gelignite information the argument could be made that time was spent on remand. Parole back then was on one third.

                Alibi is on showing where the defendant was not on implying where he wasn’t ?

                So if he was arrested as late as June 79 his parole would have been Oct 80 ?

                This moves closer to the time of the offence. But it shows he lied to the court and fabricated an alibi ….. that is part of what I argued to judge.

                As I told you writing to judges means there mustn’t be any anonymous armchair experts moving behind closed doors on Facebook etc generating questions about Gleaves etc. It was me who was over the parapet. Fighting for you with your backing.

        • Peter Nowlan

          Mrs Banks ,I grew up in Hornchurch Cottage Homes .I was too young to understand what was happening around me to girls as well as boys .I was the only child to pass ( from a LCC home) the 11 plus.I was interviewed by a head shrink by the name of Clement Freud,who sat along side of me in the supretendant’s office.He patted my shoulders touched the bruises on my face ( from all the boxing I did) but thankfully we were interupted.I know what fear and anger is .

          Peter Nowlan

    • card2

      I was not “Caught lying on Facebook” Sarah.

      You are lying.

      • card2

        Will you set out please exactly why your claim I was “Caught lying on Facebook”.

        As was made clear to you at the time The Warwick Crown Court required me to make a statement of MY interest. Which I did. Just as I did when I wrote to HM Coroner. You do not own the Parker twins cause.

        I see that around 16th August 2015 I contacted the What Do They Know site to inform them that Cathi Fox may be a man who is on Facebook as Bear Robinson. I mentioned that there is a Doctor Kathi Fox who is victim and an expert criminologist so I hope the blog name has not caused any confusion. I think it may be OK to make FOIs in name of a recognised journal. But that it may be an offence to make application in an alias.

        You know I am a witness to National Crime Agency. So now you have called me a liar I feel duty bound to get the facts and report them to NCA.

  3. dpack

    it is helpful in the sense that many things are rather complex and interwoven , the nature of the morgan link is interesting. ta .

    • card2

      dpack if when admin give my email to Theresa ( Kendall House) they give my email to you … then I can tell you to a degree of certainty who killed Lawrence and that his motive was not racist. But I can tell you here this info went to Sir John Stephens with the Queens jubilee security warnings postings. 2001 2002.

    • card2

      With Morgan if it interests you dpack complete shot in the dark 1987 ? See if he had anything to do with City of London National Guard lodge. The Harry Lambert Adscene group IIRC were the only paper to carry story of dads army arrests Maison and Co. Paramilitary collusion within TA ………

  4. dpack

    data harvesting from membership applications does seem an efficient way to go about such things.

    am i correct in thinking that some of the problems related to the lawrence case could have considerable crossover with operation tiberius (and similarly themed operations ) as well as the more well known “informant” (and various other) issues?

    • card2

      I have no knowledge re Tiberius. But that was importation themed like arrests of Jack Whomes and the other man for Rettendon 3 killings

      My approach is that it was a theft inquiry at Sericol Broadstairs looking at suspected theft of cyclohexanone 92/93 that stumbled on the massive contamination of Thanet water supply with cyclohexanone. In the first 12 years of remediation after that 470 Tonnes of cyclohexanone was remediated from the plume in the chalk layers under the factory. Hence the amount that was abstracted into water supply from Rumfields water abstraction quarter a mile away would have been in the hundreds of tonnes over an unknown number of years.

      The senior site safety engineer (see forged qualies courtesy of Cyril Hoser) from 1988 to 1998 (when after internal inquiry he was given a quiet ten grand severance) was George Richard Maison tory Cllr and Roger Gale MP North Thanet tory assn vice chair. A former leader of Kent Adventure Training Corps who was arrested for paramilitary activity within TA 1987 and then not charged.

      So cyclohexanone is a chemical used in back street drugs labs

      But this Kent inquiry was not reported to Alex Leighton (later Mayfayre PI company director whose wife was a co director of a company with an ex cop who was director of the PI company that Daniel Morgan was with until murdered OK ?) SERCS arresting officer of UDA hit men and drugs criminals based in Roger Gale MP constituency … the 1992 arrests.of UDA Margate

      Those arrests led to the 1993 murder trial (which collapsed later) of UDA for killing London supergrass David Norris who had a posse of bent met detectives on his payroll. Six days into the murder trial and its senior Met witnesses were allocated as a concurrent duty the Stephen Lawrence murder inquiry.

      In 1997/98 during MacPherson Inquiry and during trial of Jack Whomes for Rettendon 3 killings … the failed drugs warrant raids in Thanet. Back street labs making ECSTACY. A source of E not reliant on importation. Leak from within Kent Plod to targets one of whom owned a security company providing door staff. There was inquiry in Kent Plod who leaked the raid plans ? I have given the name to National Crime Agency. Kent Plod having apparently failed to find it.

      My thinking is that the E labs was a matter that should have been referred to Rettendon 3 case and to the SERCS UDA case of 92 93 ??

      You will notice that 97 98 Kent Plod were conducting Lawrence Inquiry and that in 97 the Kent Police Authority had called for inquiry and report. A call that extended to the creation of International Bodyguard Assn by unlawful use of Deal Barracks to the gangland killing of Brinks Matt money launderer Donald Urquhart and the relationship between Charlie Kray, Clifford Norris and Kenny Noye and what may have been source of moonlight bodyguard work to five detectives including Det sgt Davidson of Lawrence Inquiry.

      The disciplinaries were in 95 and 3 tecs used sudden onset mental health issues to cop out on a runner. But Davidson was found to have moonlighted on plod time and falsified his duty records.

      Happily having confirmed this with Gary Dobson family I told NCA Davidson was in fact on duty the day the “Distinctive jacket” was seized by DAVIDSON. In the house he told them that the amount of house dust on the jacket shew it had not been in Well Hall Road in April. BUT of course given his later disciplinary was DAVIDSON off moonlighting later that day when the dust was knocked off the jacket and it was spread on cell floor alongside Lawrence clothing ?

      So what could senior case officer say to clear this up ? Nowt he had been recalled to the David Norris murder trial the day the Nelson Mandela inspired arrests occurred. Lee Jasper the black activist who had invented stories of BNP white supremacist gangs terrorising Thamesmead claims he set up the meet between visiting Mandela and the Lawrences two weeks after Stephen Lawrence was killed. Didn’t Lee Jasper come to acquisitive grief later as Ken Livingstones advisor ? Lee Jasper was able to influence appointment of Dr Richard Stone to the MacPherson panel.

      The jacket after its unsealed into to evidence handling was forensically examined and no blood spot found where one would later appear after DRISCOLL took over the case many years later. Then it was independently examined for the Lawrence private prosecution and no blood spot found.

      So who was exhibits officer for the Lawrence private prosecution 1996. Back it goes to Met and then to Kent officers in MacPherson Inquiry who unseal yet again. Then at some point a demoted met sgt admitted unsealing and tampering but he was excused giving evidence by judge at 2012 trial cos diddums met officer felt the shame of being cross examined about evidence tampering would make him suicidal.

      In the blood spot was an unidentified fibre. Fly enzyme transfer from the dried flakes of Lawrence blood which were found in evidence bag mayhap ?

      If I was on jury I would expect to be told all this. The officer who initiated evidence handling was later disciplined for falsifying met records. He recognised that forensic evidence on the jacket was vital defence evidence for Dobson. That evidence was brushed off. No blood spot found for years (and it would have been visible to the technology of the time) and one plod even admitted tampering with the evidence.

      The issue, on my concerns, Head of Organised Crime at CPS recently wrote to NCA and Lawrence murder inquiry about is the failures to disclose to defences Lawrence private prosecution 1996 and CPS 2012. In CPS case cos DRISCOLLS team concealed the adverse facts from CPS. And yes I pointed out that CPS in 2012 had a high ranker who did have this knowledge. Chap called Mike FULLER ex Chief constable Kent and founder of black police officers assn whose star rose on the back of Lawrence Inquiry.

      Essex Plod acquired a chap with this knowledge years later ex CEO Kent Police Authority Mark GILMARTIN. Who seems to have been coy about cadets in Kent etc when Essex plod did the blogger Chris Spivey who blogged about anomalies in the Lee Rigby case.

      Hope this was helpful.

  5. dpack

    ta ,i will look into it.

    • card2

      Kent Plod should have looked into it re Forged Army Records of Service (Reliance Security Deal Royal Marines Barracks bombing 1989 and forged UDR ID cards and recruitment docus 1987 collusion arrests at Broad Oak and Roger Gale MP constituency vice chair engineering qualies with which he gained work after not being charged for paramilitary collusion explosives and unlawful missions to Ulster and Ireland)

      Not to mention that after not being charged with paramiliutary collusion Roger Gales constituency vice chair founded British Army Assn just produce yer genuine Army Service record book muggins ……………. leading to doppleganger army record book holders ???

      Kent Plod don’t do feckups by halves.

      But today they impressed by calling Driscoll who claims to have cracked Lawrence case a liar. This is to do with Cuxton tales of paedo hunting parties and bodies recovered from ponds. Kent Plod saying that people should not misconstrue what Driscoll says as the truth. Why weren’t the jury told that at the trial of Dobson and Norris for the Lawrence killing ?

  6. dpack

    that many aspects of the darkest corruptions seem to demonstrate how small some worlds are is little comfort but it does make establishing context somewhat easier.
    were righton and /or fraser involved either directly or indirectly with the clark/sargent/howells/ipswich crew?
    do any of henniker’s charitable and board of type links (albany ,tonybee,parole,broadmoor,further education etc etc ) link to that crew?

    the detention centres/borstals/yps/etc over decades were a haven for sexual abusers and sadists, i have been told a few stories that are too nasty to relate second hand.
    one i think is fit for here is that of a chap who although he had a relatively “gentle” time at mendomsley (spp?) when he was much younger was horrified at seeing husband in ecclesiastical garb at a coe synod in york. the gist of his comments were “i had it easy, he was a truly evil bastard, that was the worst nine weeks of my life, how can anyone let an evil man like that excuse his past by dressing him as a vicar”.

    there does seem to be a coherent effort, if a somewhat desperate and catch up one, to “keep a lid on this” in relation to many strands of inquiry that on the surface should be simple matters of fact relating to one place or organisation and result in some “slappings”, be those posthumous or direct, and forming the basis of new guidelines for the future.
    it seems there are some very rattled cages in high places at the way things have been noted, linked and interpreted by at least some of the public and they are desperate to prevent such things becoming official in parts or as a whole.

    i can see their point, looked at as a whole and placed in context the various parts of truth is a very dangerous thing to those who rule.

    • card2

      I think Fraser did some child asthma research that might link him to Paulley and Howells at Ipswich. But tenuous. And again tenuous Thanet Roger Gale constituency tory Cllr Cyril Hoser passport forger and alleged porn importer. But bear in minds only. No weight

      • card2

        Possible link to Paulley research GP asset Dr Alan Lower Stowmarket who became lib dem county Cllr like Lady Henniker. Tenuous again.

  7. dpack

    yep, that is the chap.
    that he is the chief legal advisor poses some awkward questions regarding the government’s level of commitment to the stated aims of the inquiry, if he was to be promoted to chair some of those questions would be answered beyond reasonable dought.

    it seems a rather difficult task to find a new chair who is committed to the stated aims and is acceptable to the state, perhaps the two things are mutually incompatible, if that is the case the inquiry was never intended to fulfil it’s stated aims and was intended to be a safety valve whilst ignoring some very serious matters and whitewashing many others.

    at best it seems likely that this inquiry will only manage to address some of the issues and will be unable to address others due to limitations on scope, lack of documentation (there are often issues regarding finding it even if it does exist and it’s keepers want it found), reluctance to testify completely and truthfully on the part of some etc etc .

    it seems very obvious that the worm cans that could be opened and examined by a full and honest inquiry based on the stated aims of this one are not only numerous but have implications that threaten the stability of the state and various branches of the establishment (i include international states and establishments as well as the uk based ones ) and threaten the current or posthumous reputations of (or life and liberty of, in the cases of the living, ) individuals by exposing some of their darkest deeds .

    • card2

      Hiya dpack attorney general office just emailed me. I just this second replied. The clerk doesn’t want to put McGill Decd back in front of attorney general. I have just asked him to consider what if the anon information re child deaths at Beeches being connected with the Sue Ryder deaths 1972 (McGill and 3 others) from a former Bishop of Durham 1997 was from John HABGOOD who by then was in House of Lords but now we know he covered for the abusers at the Detention Centre (Mendsmery ?) which included his own archdeacon and a PO Husband who ended up effing ordained ??

      As you know I wanted Lowell Goddard calling Celia HENSMAN Sir Keith Josephs DHSS civil servant. And also calling HABGOOD.

      Sir Keith Joseph in denying Sue Ryder deaths and Beeches deaths inquiry 1972 was in fact protecting psychobabbler CLARK of Fulbourn mental hospital … from police questioning. CLARK the advisor to HMG and UN on the bio psycho social model of care. The very bollix Lowell Goddard was supposed to unravel “Duties of Care” as based on the teachings of the megeles of the Royal Medico Psychological Society whose cttee included William Sargent the monster of St Thomas Hospital and J G Howells one of the Ipswich research Mengeles.

  8. Aardvark

    It’s been difficult not to notice the high media profile, Janner family, PR machine in action recently, particularly on the BBC. They have no intention of letting the evidence against Janner, be aired in the Goddard inquiry, with Daniel Janner saying he would like to cross examine all 33 alleged victims.


    Apparently Daniel Janner is “delighted ” that she has resigned and was about to call for her resignation.

    There must be a lot of pressure behind the scenes, to try and stop the inquiry into the Janner case and the airings have been postponed until next year, why was it postponed?


    As the saga continues, it just becomes more obvious, to many more people that the Government has no intention of the full truth coming out and that they are still trying to cover up CSA in the UK.

    • card2

      I know that one MI5 file naming Janner should have been 2002 Queens jubilee security warning re Kent Adventure Training Corps. The private military cadets backed by Roger Gale MP. Janner as chair of the relevant parliamentary cttee had nil actioned report and witness statement re holocaust denial lectures to pan European private cadet groups War and Peace Show Kent 1999.

      Why protect private cadets who were late 90s anyway under Kent County Council youth protection inquiry. An inquiry lied to for 18 months by Kent Police.

      • Aardvark

        Interesting to see what a tangled web it all is card2, a veritable house of cards…

        • card2

          KCC were making inquiry into KATC and being lied to by Kent Plod. The first KCC knew that a KATC leader, using a forged REME Record of Service to clear vetting, had worked for Reliance Security Deal Barracks terrorist bomb year 1989, Was when I told them. The copper they were liaising with was in fact deputy senior CID of the Deal Barracks bombing case. IE One of those overheard exempting Reliance from inquiry and seen stealing evidence at the bomb scene.

          He was also arresting officer at Broad Oak 1987 of 21 TA HSF soldiers for paramilitary collusion activity. The arrests under Unlawful Drilling Act 1819 that did not result in charges in spite of unlawful missions to Ulster and Ireland and possession of explosives they had made into IEDs. The arrests not referred to CPS or Attorney General (Explosive substances act 1883 I think)

          It was out of those arrests, including of KATC leader and later north thanet tory assn vice chair, that security warnings to Kent Plod re Deal Barracks security arose.

          In 2001 2002 it was planned that HM the Q would meet KATC cadets during jubilee year 2000.

          Hence the warning to MI5 do you really think this is a bang on idea lads. And to Sir John Stephens who would thereby have learned that his shoot to kill inquiry in Ulster was short of a tale of Kent TA soldiers with forged UDR ID cards joining in and occasionally going apple scrumping south of the border to meet OIRA.

          My mate John. Ex bomb disposal. Historian. A large man who sounds like John Clees totally unaware of how funny he is. He would punch yobs on buses only for the women on board to protest he had hit them too hard and driver ask him to leave. He would harass the leader of the council at meetings with his booming voice “Not impressing me preening up there like a pox doctors clerk”

          Anyway John at the War and Peace Show 1999. Marquee fronted by a bookstall (Try Stevens Books owned by League of St George ?) His curiosity on fire he conned his way into the marquee only to behold pan European private cadet groups being lectured that the holocaust was a hoax.

          One of the groups all wore tee shirts bearing the logo of an SS unit.

          “Oh oh dear why on earth would you choose to have that unit’s badge ? All well and good killing unarmed villagers. But ran like hell first time they met Mister Thomas Atkins”

          Behind the speaker was a piccie of whichever Nazi leader had been a chicken breeder. John now on a roll “Oh the failed chicken breeder. Eugenics theory led him into business failure. Aryan chickens you see. He should have improved the gene pool with some kosher cocks”

          The other historian with John suggested they leave. But John hadn’t punched anyone yet. However he acquiesced and his witness statement was copied by me to Greville Janner.

          The War and Peace Show IMPS ended its sponsorship of KATC in response to my complaint. But Janner did diddly ….. including not sending a kindly warning re plans for HM the Q to meet Roger Gale backed Kent version of Hitler Youth.

  9. dpack

    a rather interesting piece,he hints at a push rather than a jump,which seems very plausible,then he goes on to suggest ben emerson as a replacement who would be a very “safe pair of hands” if his history of representing the security services is an indication of how safe his hands are thought to be .

    • card2

      Excellent dpack.

      • card2

        Ben who steered at Putin re Litvinenko but never checked his rear view mirror for RISC Mayfayre Murdoch Det sgt Davidson Lawrence Inquiry arrests of UDA 1992 Margate.etc >>>>> Yes his hands at are at ten to two steer where he is told to go ??

  10. dpack

    any suggested replacement should be subjected to due diligence like the previous 3.
    considering 2 were shown to be very obviously unsuitable from the most basic vetting by the public and the third has resigned, which could have any number of innocent explanations ranging from early burnout from knowing too much to health or family concerns but her resignation could be for darker reasons such as refusing to be party to any cover ups or frustration at obstructions it makes sense to be very cautious about justice goddard’s replacement.
    the inquiry’s chief legal advisor is a man with an interesting c v and some interesting clients which imho makes him very likely to be a “safe pair of hands” type of appointment this makes the choice of chair even more important as they need to be fully committed to finding the truth and making the future different by driving the whole process through or around any obstructions as well as being both a competent chief “investigating magistrate” and personally robust enough to survive emotionally and physically through a long and difficult process.

    from the few bits of i know of she seems to have been trying to do a proper job in the face of some serious opposition and based on that i wish her well in whatever she does next.

  11. I am not surprised by this and nor am I surprised that legal action might be pending. And on another note Goddard has just resigned….

  12. Simon

    Maybe what she saw was just too much too bear?

    terrible news though…

    • card2

      The inquiry emailed me Tuesday. This was about my submission of May 2015 and that they have consolidated my later information to it and that it will be looked at by the inquiry and maybe I will be called.

      It was not about me asking a long while ago for her to make a prior determination as a New Zealand judge who would find out that UK govt misled New Zealand Govt who also recognised Judicial Cttee Privy Council etc. Home Office and Suffolk Chief constable colluding to lie to and mislead NZ govt to protect Sue Ryder (The charity in which Savile was abusing at Sue Ryder child hospice Leeds) etc

  13. dpack

    in breaking news


    it hit the bbc a few mins ago,i wonder what the full story might be?

  14. dpack

    as mentioned in the introductory caveat there is no way to know for definite if any or all of this is true.
    some parts do agree with other perspectives on the same subject and some parts fit into gaps in (or are perhaps red herrings for) other stories, some bits are almost certainly false or misinterpreted.
    perhaps as suggested it is wise to treat it like a “based on a true story” sort of thing.
    the “crowley” character real ,composite or fiction has some rather unpleasant views and seems to have been party to some very unpleasant activities but some of the statements attributed to him are probably true, some are probably not, deciding which is which is the tricky bit.
    that said over half of it seems viable when cross referenced with other sources but as the fellow said the best way to hide a secret is to create a lot of smoke and mirrors for it to lurk within.


    as the roundabout spins another piece comes into view ,which although seemingly unconnected to the above does seem to have been constructed with nuts and bolts of a size mentioned.
    if detroux was part of a stasi/kgb/fsb csa blackmail team (there is data that suggests that) and he was also part of a “western” csa blackmail team (there is data that suggests that as well ) is he an example of cooperation,a double agent,a freelance selling assets to both parties or is it more complicated or entirely different to any of the above?.

  15. nuggy

    how could they carry on i think were geting close to being sued out of exitence anyway just like scalllywag were.

  16. dpack

    nz is one part of the usa,uk,canada,aus five eyes sigint agreement.


    it seems probable that there have been and are other aspects of the shadow world where there is co operation and/or “mess gossip”.
    even between “enemy ” services there is a fair bit of information exchange. “we know what you did last summer”, “you should know this because we don’t want any misunderstandings” and many other topics that one may feel it is best to have in the open or provide to an interested party for a variety of reasons ,i spose this probably includes “we know what your pals did,how do you feel about them now”.

    the nz pm could have been briefed from information provided by any of quite a choice of folk as to the background of what happened to his citizen and the info could have come from friends or foes .it is possible they were briefed from sources that were rivals to ryder,neave, sporberg et al for political,strategic ,personal or moral reasons (even during the cold war there were some who thought using “our” nazis or harming kids ,disabled or not, murdering nurses etc etc was morally unacceptable, i would hope there still are).

    whoever put the information in his direction seems to have been quite well informed and was probably within the intel community but some journalists and even humble researchers can feel the best way to deal with what they know is to tell an appropriate “grown up” and hope they can do something about troubling problems they cannot deal with themselves .

    • card2

      was Charles littlejohn a legal advisor to nz govt he was a wartime colleague of Alfred McGill Matron McGill’s brother This seems to have caused Home Office etc an unexpected surprise.

  17. dpack

    not quite a double post,two very similar ones with a slightly different slant.

    sporberg and maxwell would be an obvious link between elements of us/uk spookery and mossad.

    maxwell was a very busy chap over the years ,the nuke notes, the promis computer program to track folk from their electronic paper trail (and let anyone who has the back door key observe who other observers are observing,the knowledge that a news baron can acquire, the yacht parties and the “evidence” they could provide, influence in exchange for “good publicity” or influence for keeping “secrets”. im sure folk could add to that list but just those things would make for a very useful asset / “knowledge broker”.

    i wonder if he did drown or if he retired somewhere warm and pleasant? i recon im undecided on that.
    there is a school of thought that he did drown but it wasn’t either accident or suicide which i dont rate very highly but odd things can happen to odd chaps, i half suspect that might be a red sea herring if he did retire into obscurity.

    regarding the paperwork from the nazi nuclear weapon program when the oss met some of the chaps from the nazi nuke program near the end of the fighting in europe they decided not to shoot them on the spot and to try to move them away from the russians with the option of shooting them if it looked like the russians would get them. (a bit earlier the oss had considerd shooting heisenburg at a conference but his presentation indicated the “uranium club” being a long way off producing a viable weapon so they didn’t.he was flown to the uk a little after some of his colleagues)
    when they were “resting” during their quite gentle interrogation phase in the uk(45/6) the place was bugged to listen to what they said among themselves.the transcripts were partially released in the 1990’s but according to some sources when they were given the news of hiroshima and a few days later nagasaki they mentioned they could have had a working device by about late ’43 but thought it would be wrong to unleash such a weapon, especially to the third reich, even if it would have been too big for a v2 it would have been suitable for a heavy bomber much like the manhatten devices.
    so instead of making the thing that they thought would work they asked for more money ,supplies equipment etc and continued experimenting with the physics, chemistry and engineering which would make their notes etc of great interest as in some ways they were ahead of the los alamos crew.

    perhaps this roundabout has some elements of a waltzer as some the seats spin on their own axis as well as rotate with the whole machine.
    sporberg certainly seems to be performing a very complex dance with an axis that moves between various others as well as spinning and rotating with the whole.
    i first noticed him a while ago as banker to the ryder charity and the more i get to know about him the more likely it seems that understanding him is necessary to put many things into their proper context.
    im not sure when he first got very chummy with angleton ,perhaps when angleton returned to langley from south east asia to take up a staff job? although they may have met before that as angleton was involved with the vatican rat lines in 1945/6 which would/could have brought him into contact with many of the folk who we have mentioned over the last few weeks some of whom also knew sporberg.his boss at hambro’s is also an interesting chap who is deeply embedded in the context of ww2 and after.

    • card2

      It waddles and quacks. Ryder gave an unpublished statement to Observer describing how with other SOE gals she worked under charity cover in post war Europe. They invented a song how many Nazis have we sent to England today. So it gels with her later German postwar internment visitor duties. 1971 the German internment release scheme run by her Neave and Brandt IIRC. And then the Welsh RCS get interested. RCS Det sgt defies SB threats. Cops a suicide verdict. Matron McGill at the charity HQ gets nosy concerned at the distance kept between admin and piss poor care sides of the charity. Suicide verdict. After Horst Kopkow PRO release impeccable intelligence sources briefed selected press that they had always suspected Leonard Cheshire and Sue Ryder charities to be assets of Vatican ratlines. Sunday press willing to publish but want to attribute the Vatican ratline suspicion to me (Make me look like a twat) while calling Neave and Cheshire “Undoubted patriots” I don’t play. Nowt got published.

      From my point of view as I wrote this is re-inventing the wheel showing that when attorney general uses secret public interest custodianship to block access to high court in McGill Decd there is a hell of a lot of “Secret” he is custodian of.

      • card2

        In March 1972 two months after McGill Decd Inquest. New Zealand PM directs London diplomatic staff to approach home office to seek to re-open the Suffolk McGill Decd inquest.

        How much would NZ at that level have known at 1972 ? re hidden agenda in Sue Ryder charity ?

        By late 1972 a NZ man John Blackie came to Suffolk and he appears to have found an aide of the Sue Ryder HQ Jan 1972 who was with Matron McGill when she died. He had been physically prevented from getting into the inquest 3 days later held inside the Sue Ryder ome. By Suffolk poliee.

        It appears Blackie learned there was a dissenting young copper on the death day. And was looking for me at the time of my medical prescribing error temp death 7th Dec 1972. What I don’t know is the status of the late Mr Blackie.

        on 10th or 11th Dec 1972 on ward I was visited by a girl whose sister had just been beaten up allegedly by IRA at Tidworth married quarters. Army had advised her to return home to Suffolk till her husband Ulster tour ended. They were looking for furniture and a cottage. The sisters were the daughters of the Polish RAF WO who I now know was given the OIRA asset warning re Wattiisham and the man targeting his oldest daughter while he seconded to Cyrprus 1969.

        My older bro by Dec 72 was ops controller Oman. The beating up of the girl brought her back to Suffolk though she was already flagged as a former target of OIRA man but only to her dads knowledge at that time.

        When I get out of hospital early 73 I have to put OIRA man on his arse (Didn’t know he was flagged as such at that stage) and the other incident at Bandbox Ipswich I described. Began to think someone was out to get me !!


  18. dpack

    as promised a history of the israeli nuclear program





    some points of relevance:

    this started in 1948.(before wilson may or may not have helped a bit)

    sporberg was closely linked with the norskhydro factory (see heavy water delivery.he was also deeply involved in tube alloys/mannhatten and later matters nuke and otherwise).

    france and the uk “owed” the israelis for suez.

    there seem to have been differences of opinion between various folk in the whitehouse and the cia/military industrial complex.

    the co operation between israel and south africa (far beyond the deals in conventional arms etc ).

    that various materials,components and expertise were provided by a variety of semi official and less official sources is relevant not just to the supply but to expediting/turning a blind eye to it.(i included the “never happened” shell stuff to demonstrate that such facilities existed/exist rather than pointing a finger at that specific facility)

    regarding the delivery side of things a similar level of assistance seems to have been provided.

    project samson ensures friends stay friends as well as deterring enemies

    there are plenty more aspects that can be extracted from the above data one that springs to mind is the level of control over well placed individuals that might be required to organise such a project and keep it both operational and secret.

  19. dpack







    there is a lot of data above a few things of note and relevance include :

    the norway heavy water. sporberg ?

    the early france /uk assistance. well before the stories about wilson etc.

    the sampson option. obligation of “friends” as well as deterrence of enemies.

    the differences of opinion between the whitehouse and “others” both within the us establishment,military,intel,industrial complex and foreign powers .

    the stuff about rds is but one example of non governmental organisations being involved in secretive hard core nuclear things,i am not suggesting that they were a source of specialist materials to the israeli project but that such a r and d facility could have been.
    the delivery of associated technology such as the kryaton tubes is another example of “dual purpose” equipment finding it’s way to dimona.

    the probable israeli/south african tests should be noted. much like the various deals between the israelis and armscorp sa.

    imho the israelis are not in charge but they have had big stakes gamblers and first division players in many games.

    • card2

      Fits in with Sporborg Hambros Bank funding of Robert Maxwell to buy out Butterworth Technical Press to bring their contract, collating records Nazi nuke program in house.

  20. Anon

    There is no Profit in Truth and no Truth in Profit – just ask Rupert Murdoch.

  21. dpack

    ps considering his spoonbending chum’s activities with at least 3 international secret services at the very least he should appear in files relating to his pal.
    i wonder if those files will be presented

    • Aardvark

      Of course they knew, the Police in Leicestershire, who wanted to charge Janner, were told to stand down by “top brass”.


      Janner would have had security checks, through out his career, like every serving MP. It won’t wash if the security services, deny all knowledge, it’s quite impossible that they didn’t know. However, will they admit any knowledge, with the can of worms it presents, hence the endless cover ups.

      It’s amazing how connected it all is, Janner’s pal Uri Geller, cousin of Clement Freud! Sonning is also an interesting place, such a magnet for connected folk, for such a small village, but hasn’t he headed back to Zion, after all, the writing was on the wall and we have been waking up!

  22. dpack

    umm ,with every turn of the roundabout a little more of the machinery and ride seats becomes clearer .
    i just noticed this as it went past at some speed.


    asking and receiving don’t always match up but as mentioned earlier the questionnaire can be more informative than the answers .
    considering the mentions he has had in this thread i find maam’s questions rather interesting.

    • card2

      Thanks dpack I last wrote to the inquiry 10th July but that was to add to my May 2015 submission re Suffolk aspects.

      If we juxtapose Queens jubilee security warning to MI5 2001 2002 re Kent Adventure Training Corps with Janner nil action on the war and peace show holocaust denial lectures to an European cadets it is about the same time.

      I can date it pretty much because Rex Cadman of War and Peace Show wrote to me and IIRC their sponsorship of KATC was abruptlyb stopped and also Kent Army Cadet Force wrote to confirm they had an existing reporting procedure to avoid contact or confusion with KATC. And Kent Plod called and tried to use harassment warbings to stop me reporting KATC to National Childrens Home Broadstairs whose premises KATC used after being kicked out of Conyngham School Ramgate IIRC. They had keys to their own locked storage at Conyngham that school staff did not have duplicates for>

      I defied Kent Plod and they said I would get a written warbing if I wrote a complaint letter about KATC. And if I defied the written warning I would be arrested (which would be my first chance to defend at law) So I opted for arrest and told copper I would send two more letters next day copy to Chief constable tell him bypass written warbing and send sasme officer back to try arresting e better send six mates with him. I did that and heard no more

      Did the same thinbg when they tried that harassment warning trick after PSNI special branch contacted Ramsgate Royal British Legion about 2003 asking for a report from (me) about Deal Barracks bombing and sabotage of generators. Kent Plod got wind of this and tried the harassment trick to stop PSNI SB being sent report. I don’t know why a PSNI SB Det sgt wanted a report his sister was on cttee of our RBL. Because Sir Ronnie Flanagan already knew m y stuff from 1999 when Sir David Phillips was kicked of Rosemary Nelson case. After Flanagan expressed concern March 99 about Straw suppressing the 1997 Kent Police Authority call for inquiry re paramilitary collusion in Kent. But I figured if the Det sgt wants a report send it perhaps Flanagan didnpt want the for ce knowing what he had in reports in his bureau ? But Kent Plod tried intimidation quite a bit. It wasn’t for the faint of heart.

  23. dpack

    the by 67 (and onwards) dates for live ammo training of dubious irregulars by well placed “respectable” persons in kent is interesting, it has parallels ( and perhaps consequences) in many places ,not just the uk.
    i have not forgotten about the nuke de zion stuff .
    i need to check some dates for a few things.

    • card2

      Thanks dpack

      There is the happy result that we return to the theme of the thread. League of St George consolidated at Ramsgate (Thanet South) in the 70s. When BNP formed they rejected or ejected men who had engaged in paramilitary training in Kent “With a rival group”

      The League are said to have been involved with the strange James Shortt who established the two paramilitary training fronts ILETA and IBA (suspect as source of moonlight bodyguard work to Det sgt Davidson Lawrence Inquiry for which he was disciplined 1995. A time Shortty was said to be working for Charlie Kray and his IBA member Jason working for Mayfayre Associates PI co suspected) Shortt had the weekend use of Deal Barracks 76 to 83. In my submission to Judge Goddard I reported the back story, caveat in case it is plant, of abuse of Royal Marines band lads aged 16 at Coleherne and Boltons pubs Earls Court mid 70s.

      Jean Bultot (Brabant killings) was involved with Shortt’s provision of training at Deal Barracks. And his own account to a Belgian magistrate that the killings were about an elite military pink ballets paedo ring may need its own caveat ?

      Shortt was an associate of at least one leader of the Roger Gale backed Kent Adventure Training Corps private military cadets. The real Army Cadet Force had a reporting procedure to avoid any mixing or confusion with the Roger Gale backed “Hitler Youth”. The War and Peace Show 1999 holocaust denial lectures to pan European private cadet groups was the matter nil actioned by Greville Janner at parliament.

      After the arrests of 21 Broadstairs TA men 1987 while they were paramilitary training on land at Broad Oak (belonging to Roger Gale’s chum the late tory Cllr Derek Dolding ?) no charges in spite of missions to Ulster and Ireland forged UDR ID cards explosives and weapons. In spite of objections to its re issue Roger Gale’s mate did get his firearm cert back

      9mm semi auto 303 762 unlimited ammo round refill.

      In 2003 Gen de Chasterlain queried his terms of ref under GFA with a view to deploying to Kent. Blocked told his terms prevent him investigating security forces. Oh so govt saying it was legal under UNlawful Driling Act 1819 then ? In 2008 Straw repealed the act. Then my MP got a letter from Sec of State Defence amounting to accepting that James Shortt never had Crown authority. (Including for his paramilitary training exercises involving uniformed British Police training with Belgian police special units 1982 then)

      George (Gales constituency vice chair and former arrested paramilitary and KATC cadet leader) was an associate of later convicted Thanet forger Cyril Hoser a senior north thanet tory Cllr. Cyril did dollars and documents and qualifications. I also wonder if he did firearms certs UDR ID cards too and the occasional army record of service.

      In 1998 George’s employer Sericol allegedly held internal inquiry to see if any of iys stalwart engineers had got the work with qualies courtesy of Cyril.

      And they gave George ten grand severance just before he was found guilty of libelling elderly tory Mrs Mortlock the lady assaulted 96 on her doorstep by a combat suited man. The assault the convicted killer of 6th Thanet range member Ken Speakman coughed to but Thanet CID (Deal Barracks bombing case offcers) kept that from Nick Biddis investigating Speakman Decd

      Nick was also investigating the Kenny Noye road rage killing of alleged door E pusher Stephen Cameron. And Mr Biddiss got the hump that News of the World was undermining his inquiry with leaks. Which PI company was feeding Murdoch confidential plod info and who did they have on wages named under parliamentary privilege Mayfayre and Davidson ???

      While Biddis was investigating away like an actual proper copper poor luv Thanet plod also managed to leak the drugs warrant raids to targets And the raids for backstreet lans making E from ingredients like blackmarket steroids duly failed. How prolific had that e manufacture been and shouldn’t the defences in Rettendon 3 case be told about this source of E to club doors. Nooooo only complicate things.. Should the back street labs matter be referred into the UDA arrests case Margate 1992 drugs supply matter. Nooooo only complicate that nice MacPherson Inquiry.

      You couldn’t write it as fiction and luckily I didn’t. Somehow into this history there was Saudis training with uzis and neo Nazis on their way to attack transitional Mandela regime (Tutu Inquiry 1995 Tim Rayment Sunday Times etc) And among the anti Mandela mercs was the vile child rapist Parker twins of Nuneaton. The defence alibi to recent historical rape trial Warwick of the one now reported dead in France was at the time of alleged child rape 1980 81 he was in nick for the explosives offences (50 lbs of gelignite dug up beside a railway line near his home June 79. But as I said the lay on file I challenged by reporting direct to Judge at Warwick with new information and some sums re remand time and one third to parole breaking his alibi IMO Which brings us back to theme that is when the man who said he was “Cathi Fox” befriended the victim and I began to get aggressive FB PMs demanding to know if Bishop of Medway was involved at Deal Barracks with Kent Adventure Training corps. I suspect that the name of the game may be story invention. Judge issued directions CPS and CCRC and next thing Kenneth Parker reported brown bread in France still waiting for that to be confirmed.

      I don’t believe the defence alibi story because at the time IRA were using a helicopter in area to survey quarries from which to nick explosives and because the explosives prosecution needed Attorney General fiat. So I wonder what forces were at work for all Ken’s prison records to disappear and no records for the police liaison with quarry explosives storage. I just sincerely hope that no one thought that sounds like Ken the nonsa was recruited as a source by plod (as was sometimes helped by Lord Longford stepping in from his do goodery prison charity BTW) and maybe he shoukd be brown bread. That would be awful. But on the plus side saved a recall to trial at Warwick.

    • card2

      So dpack 2005 general election campaign Maidstone Hospital backup genny goes rogue blows up sets fire to a and e three day evacuation loss of a and e services. And Tony Blair directs that copies of the past reported concerns of Card2 be sent to NI Office. I then wrote to Mr Blair at 10 Downing Street till 2007 when he brought out new security of electrical supply guidelines for NHS hospitals. John Reid at some point issued a consultation about legislating qui tam. A move if pursued I also think would represent a good recommendation in another context the Goddard Inquiry. Who I would like to recommend bringing back qui tam and misprision of felony by statute. End the reliance on whistleblowers and once again make it an offence to fail to whistleblow. Undo 1960s Labour nanny state social engineering.

      On the other hand while holding evidence of company fraud falsification of factory load tests at Petbow Blair gave a queens award to industry to their ex MD !! I always thought Blair was mad as a box of frogs.

  24. dpack

    synchronisation is a powerful tactic, the example above is, imho, relevant to understanding some of the cogs driving parts of this roundabout.

    re victor r the “script ” of “margaret goes to moscow” might not be far off the reality.

    re nuke de zion the situation seems perhaps both more simple and more complex than the often postulated hypotheses. more to follow.

    • card2

      Survivors of the 1989 bombing are in touch with me. Bandsmen (and I infer the Reliance Security) were told there were special forces in barracks (SBS) and to leave them alone.

      That this may have been for exercises Waterland and Margerita (joint with Gladio) is my pitch> But SBS were in there is stated by survivor.

      A concern re false army record guard is that his long term associate (Roger Gale MP’s tory chum George) was talking directly to the son of the Head of Straight Left communist group Frank Swift. Giving blow by blow details of “Undercover missions” in Kent TA to Ulster and Ireland which was the activity that later gave rise to the 21 arrests of TA men at Broad Oak 1987. Sostory telling began from before he joined the Broadstairs HSF unit. He had failed his REME TA trade test and still stayed in TA Ashford area from 92 to 95 (Templar ?) hence he appears to have been involved in “Undercover missions” in two successive TA units. His other long term associate was Chief GMBU shop steward Petbow Backup Generators. Working as an electrician in spite of degrees in applied maths and stats.

      The daughter in law at that time of Frank Swift was a person opposed to the reissue of a firearms cert to Roger Gales arrested but not charged mate. So this was one of the 41 lines of inquiry in the breach security warnings I gave Kent Plod late 88 to mid 89 re Deal Barracks security.

      As you know neither CPS not attorney general took the no prosecution decision. That appears to have been hatched up between Templar and Kent Plod. The DI case officer for the TA paramilitary arrests 1987 was involved in nil action of barracks security warning and turned up at bombing 22.9.89 as deputy senior CID overheard by a Pc Coroners Officer naming the false army record guard and decide, with his boss, to keep Reliance out of their inquiry. The pair were also seen “Removing property which did not re-appear in evidence” A spokesman for Reliance did say to me “That REME Record was an embarrassment to us in the explosion year”

      It was 1998 when I raised the first records trial with REME Corps Secretariat (Police having never raised a records check meaning they found the record to be false locally in Kent) and REME ran check then called in MOD Plod.

      Later in 98 a senior labour Cllr in Thanet (Reserve officer) called in Met AT Branch to Thanet. So the history appears to be that Straw suppressed the KPA call for inquiry, the REME inquiry raised with MOD Plod and the Met AT inquiry. Which was nothing at all to do with MI5 once interviewing him re “Straight Left” in 1975 I think ?

      Some corruption and cock up leads to cover up, that is my conspiracy theory (Said Zebedee)

      • Aardvark

        Card2, of course what you are saying is not surreal, it just seems that way, because of the implications of what you discuss, the sheer scale of the cases and the people and institutions you reveal. It’s initially hard to take on board, the level of corruption and the cover up involved and of the threats that were made to National security, thank you for what you are doing!

        • card2

          Thanks. In 1976 I was being threatened with OSA charges. It was after the Panorama broadcast 1975 which was mainly about poor care standards in benefits funded care homes in Margate. It featured Edwin Baars who had been discharged from a mental hospital in another county given a social worker letter to present and a single ticket to arrive homeless at Margate.

          And presumably Barbara Castle and her special advisor Jack Straw and Norman Warner at DHSS ministers officer thought I was Panorama source. After my medical accident temp death 1972 I was working as a benefits clerk while getting stuck into my weights and martial arts etc as part of my rehab training.

          At the time in 1976 there was only one fella knew and that was the man using my car to investigate the IRA fraud on benefits an ex para. And I confronted him and I was wrong. Some CPSA rep clerk had put my name in on spec.

          In 75 76 I was sufficiently recovered to work club doors as a second job. And I worked with bouncer Johnny Swift the coal miner son of Frank Swift Head of communist group Straight Left. Then I did something unusual for me I came up with a plan. Frank was asked by his son and must have played his part really well cos it worked a treat. He was Head of Inland Revenue Staff Fed union and a big noise at TUC. He phoned civil service lamenting two cases his uion was fighting of fiddling tax men. He had no sympathy for thembut imagine his delight to be taking an interest in a recent OSA charges case arising from a Panorama Broadcast !! And would the civil service note the man accused will not be needing legal aid. It will be funded to provide the best defence. Exposing Labour for discharging mental patients homeless.

          You may have put together that MIND giving Barbara Castle an easy time (IE A silent MIND) may be something to do with an executive called Righton ?

          The civil service backed off real quick and I don’t doubt some spookie record flagged me up linked to Frank Swift.

          Then on the basis of questions are more interesting than answers I waited (by which time I was a commercial tyre fitter (never darken civil service door again) then coal mine sort of blacklisted everywhere else.

          But one day Johnny Swift got a new mate. George the special constable (George who would be arrested and not charged for paramilitary collusion ten years later George who became Roger Gales constituency vice chair that George) And George was in a far right group which bizarrely included the militant left wing shop steward of Petbow generators and the guy who would later be a Reliance guard at Deal Barracks he of the forged army record. George a man who arrived bearing questions …….

          And as I got to wandering wtf this group was up to I did think “This is surreal this” ..

          And I cannot explain why they enjoyed a de facto unlawful police no go area/ But they did. Yes George seemed protected by Roger Gale at times.

          All started with a death of a nurse on my rural beat 1972 and me in quixotic mode seeking to uphold the lifelong duty in the constable oath. I thought making Section 37 care home issues (Panorama 1975) I could expose Sir Keith Josephs protection of Sue Ryder Section 37 home. . Worth a shot.

          And intrinsically morally worthwhile to try exposing govt for discharging helpless people to homelessness. After a period of homelessness Baars filtered into a change of use seaside boarding house care home. Registered as a care home no requirement for qualified staff (Same as sue ryder)

          It was 25 years after my OSA run in that attorney general seemed to want to know what had happened. “Basically I set a trap for Airey Neave founder of Sue Ryder Homes in the hope he would want to know why UK leading commie was interested in his charity”

          It was an idea I borrowed from an OIRA asset ……………

          That is how it was. I tried to get clever. And got lucky.

        • card2

          dpack sharp as a tack yes the group was operating for about 8 or more years before Roger Gale became MP in 83.

          But complaints of burst fire training at a quarry go back nearly ten years before that. Associated with the Ramsgate based gun club of which later murder victim Ken Speakman was then a member. They used a quarry (not consented as a range) for burst fire paramilitary training at weekends. Police got a complaint and nil actioned. So in fact there was paramilitary live fire training in Tnanet from about 1967 I think.

          Beggared if I know what was going on. In 1981 the 6th Thanet Gun Range has said a “Renegade” pistol section established and then paramilitary live fire seems to have transferred to that .22 registered quarry range. If the paramilitary training fronts formed by using Deal Barracks then used that range the fact is there had been a 15 year history of such use before they started there.

          I aint got a scoobie what was behind it.

          As you know Saudis were seen training with uzis there about 94 95 Kent Plod intimidated the regular army witness to keep quiet.

          All sorts of explanations have been suggested. OIRA penetrating GLADIO. GLADIO having infiltrated Kent Plod. Wilson Plot signed up Kent Plod and they never restored sanity. I dunno ….

    • card2

      Maybe if we look at the tragic death of a child patient in post op ICU at Guys 95 it would help the cogs>

      Mains electricity arrives at a key or vital point. It then moseys into the backup generator control system. The backup control keeps an eye on it. And if mains power disappears it auto starts the backup diesel genny. But to spare said local diesel genny being called upon to supply the national grid the auto control helpfully opens the incoming mains breakers before connecting the backup to the site supply.

      With Guys the Petbow backup system decided to do this when actually there was mains power available. And it switched mains power off the hospital.

      Always beware of that when a paper reports a mains power cut.

      But at Guys the auto Petbow system was on a roll. Manual override forget that not playing. Then its backup genny supplied Guys for twenty minutes till a local diesel tank ran out. Acting as a defacto delay timer the diesel demand system had not called diesel from main storage to local tank.

      But in 1987 an identical fault sequence had occurred on that Guys system before and been fixed. Rogue sequence was back by 95.

      If we apply FBI expectations to this, the second (tragic) event was a chance of one in 3 million million. Someone was nobbling vital and keypoint power systems. But Kent Police decided to take the one in 3 million million chance it was the hand of fate.

      In 97 their police authority said surely not and called for inquiry. Suppressed. In 98 the Cllr Reserve Officer said surely not and called in Met AT Branch. Suppressed.

      I have to wonder at the mentality of Blair and Co. They went into make a name on Good Friday Agreement. “What was the most recent and most serious ever IRA deployment” Well Tony had been told “The 1996 IRA sugar bomb hoax our resilience would not have survived it. Perhaps don’t bring in former Soviet weapons grade stuff until we have ensured the backup power infrastructure for all our vital points” But Tony and Jack were well known on the roundabout for cocking a deaf n.

      What was also going on in 98 the KCC Youth protection inquiry into the Roger Gale backed George led Kent Adventure Training Corps.(Private military cadets lost KCC affiliation 2003)

      The holocaust denial instruction to cadets was referred to parliamentary cttee where its chair buried the complaint. Chap called Greville Janner.

      But in 2002 Queens jubilee bless her heart some Herbert (I think called Capn Kelly some sort of dep lord lt in the smoke) decided HM the Q should meet Roger Gale backed private cadets for a swift huzzah. And warnings were sent to MI5 and to Sir John Stephens. There is the matter of one of their instructors with a false REME Record working at Deal Barracks security 1989 Sir John mate

      Sir John “But this shite relates to me shoot to kill inquiries and me evidence to MacPherson 1998” At some point a David Veness got involved …


      This chap I imagine. He has gone on to do sterling work with Airey Neave Trust I think.

    • Aardvark

      As Paul Flynn MP states, why isn’t the findings of Operation Tiberius open for us all to read, particularly when it is stated, that there is, overwhelming evidence that there has been “endemic corruption” in the Metropolitan Police?

      The obvious answer of course, is that the establishment don’t want us all to know how corrupt the system really is and how high up it goes. That there is evidence of a “Secret Fraternity” (Freemasons?) of corrupt members of the Police and those in the criminal world that have committed and covered up crimes together.

      That Bernard Hogan Howe is unable to confirm to Paul Flynn, whether this kind of corruption within the Police isn’t still ongoing, doesn’t instill much hope of achieving justice for Daniel Morgan’s family or a just outcome for all the historic, CSA investigations.

      It was interesting to note Andy Burnham getting jumpy, when corruption in the South London Police was mentioned, was he worried that serious allegations were about to be revealed, involving the Labour Party?

      The revelations of Operation Tiberius should be open to us all, We all need to know how corrupt the system is, so effective changes can be made. Instead our corrupt establishment, want to slap a top secret notice on it, like so many other files and dossiers etc, so they can maintain the status quo. It is laughable to hear the likes of Cameron, describing Nigeria as “fantastically corrupt”, when the levels of corruption, covered up by the British establishment, with it’s veneer of respectability, runs deep and stinks to high heaven. The Ferris wheel keeps on turning, the evidence is overwhelming, but still nothing changes, except the same attempts to cover it all up, all over again.

  25. card2

    Dpack I am busy information flowing in so thanks for this


    That should be a qui tam action at the time Roger Evans MP was reporting Plessey torps and petbow gennies linked to DTI and MOD. It was Ian Taylor MP at DTI I think who was acting when Gwent Special Branch file was transferred to MOD Plod and MOD procurement liaison for nil action Plessey closed after Marconi buyout.

    Pre 65 the BBC contact and associate of Herveys London overspill personnel management man (Pink panther period associate ? Which is causing me to rethink the scorn we gave to local info re Baker Street 1971 BTW) was Richard Dimbleby who died mid sixties I think. Thanks again.

  26. dpack

    i haven’t found what i’m looking for yet but in the spirit of surreal roundabouts.

    “In addition to MacLean, the founders of the highly discreet Hakluyt & Company are George Jellicoe (Earl), who was head of a committee to reform intelligence and security under the Thatcher government and is now president of the Royal Geographic Society; and Brian Cubbon, former permanent secretary at the Home Office who was a candidate in 1987 to head the Secret Service.[2]

    Mr. David Steel

    May I, on behalf of my colleagues, express our horror at these murders? On a personal note, is the Prime Minister aware that Mr. Ewart-Biggs, in his previous capacity, which he had only just left, as Minister in Paris, was held in very high regard in the diplomatic service? Those of us who enjoyed the hospitality of his home knew it as a place not only of serious discussion but of laughter and gaiety, which has now been cruelly shattered

    03 July 2014 UK
    Former mandarin has “no recollection” of paedophile dossier

    The Home Office’s most senior civil servant when Leon Brittan was home secretary tells Channel 4 News he has “no recollection at all” of a paedophile dossier handed to the Home Office in 1983.

    Speaking by telephone, Sir Brian Cubbon said that “it was all a long time ago and there was a lot going on at the time”.

    He said that he thought that the version of events contained in a clarification issued yesterday by Leon Brittan seemed “credible”.

    Sir Brian was Permanent Secretary at the Home Office from 1979 to 1988. He was in post when Mr Dickens, a crusading Tory MP, met Mr Brittan in November 1983 and handed over a dossier containing allegations about the Paedophile Information Exchange. That dossier has since been lost.”
    thanks to another researcher for the above .imho the significance of three items is greater than the original context.

    maclean was henniker’s commanding officer during the soe/6 mission in yugoslavia and a very close chum of neave.
    note: apparent exaro misdirection regarding henniker ( righton, pie, hayman, etc etc) .

    cubbon had more shrouds than casper.
    haklyut might be a private company but the cross pollination with sis (and other spooks) is considerable.

    leon has a lot of question marks related to him one being was he stopped with csa video tapes by solanki at dover?
    note: apparent exaro misdirection ( regarding dover and several other leon matters ).

    cubbon was in the car when ewart biggs was killed.
    note: very good targeting?

    steel almost certainly knew about smith.
    steel and pendry junior had a common interest in syrian matters.
    note: exaro link via pendry.

    the original context was the question is cubbon the name redacted from the note of the meeting between dickens and leon?
    my answer to that would be; very likely it was,perhaps john mann’s testimony to goddard will help clear up quite a few such matters.

    there seems to be far more information yet to be gleaned from the bits of dismantled fairground machinery seen in the above which i came across looking for bury st edmunds and found bury lancs where cubbon originated from.
    odd how things happen sometimes.

    i did find that napier has an east anglian connection.

    • card2

      Dpack.. what I have to do is to see whether the information, with which you have helped a lot, can be put to use.

      I suspect that it may, now to think about it. This is to do with Articles 2 and 6 European Convention of Human Rights re the six years of child deaths at Beeches. And possibly UN Minnesota Protocol> And whether it is also useful in Matron McGill Decd inquest appeal and I think it is.

      Trying to link that on via Radio 270 Roger Gale is a bit tenuous. So I am inquiring as a separate issue how to petition arguing he misled Commons 2000 (Thor WMD chemicals) See how that goes..Reg Keys solicitor is aware of this.

      I think Article 2 can be applied as an argument to Jimmy Savile abuse Sue Ryder Child Hospice Leeds, informed by Matron McGill Decd. To Matron McGill Decd. And to the six years of child deaths at Beeches. BBC Trust have long been aware that Dame Janet Smith conducting Savile review at BBC failed to disclose prior interest and knowledge but were not prepared to question her.

  27. dpack

    ok i will see what i can dig up re hervey et al.
    i recon most of the old hands that pop in here have a scientific rather than dogmatic attitude to the nature of reality.

    • card2

      Pity their science doesn’t extend to cybernetics theory then.

      • card2

        I think a Hervey associate who acted re development/London overspill was also being trained pre 1965 for BBC broadcasting skills.

        It would be a turn up if Hervey was behind the Beeches Ixworth didn’t expect that one !!

  28. Sabre

    Pop in occasionally, surrealism seems to be the order of the day.

    • dpack

      hi sabre,some of this stuff might seem even more or slightly less surreal if you have a look at the clement freud and hilda murrell threads.

      • card2

        Someone a bit too confident of their version of reality dpack ?

      • card2

        dpack I wonder if you could apply your considerable ability to the question of whether Victor Hervey money was behind care homes at Ixworth ? Whether this links into the developments of things for London overspill etc Bury St Edmunds town bonds and so on and the association between Eldon Griffith MP and Hervey ??

    • Aardvark

      A Magic Roundabout kind of surrealism it seems!

      • card2

        “Of course it all works” said Zebedee

        “Cept for the torpedoes” Whispered Florence “And there are the USA attorney general qui tam actions, and failed backup power serious incidents at Dounreay, Hunterston B. Dungeness, Devonport and …… ”

        “Florence !” Zebedee scalded “Don’t juxtapose things like that”

      • Aardvark

        “You mean, we could have had a nuclear melt down of National, nye, International, catastrophic proportions and no one told us about it !!!?”.
        “Good grief!”, exclaimed Dougall, “I can understand how this all links to Hilda, who was such an intelligent, conscientious and fine upstanding woman and how potentially, that man Freud could be linked, but what about all the other smorgasbord of elements you discuss Christy Mac, such as Britain’s appalling standard of childcare and the Government and the Secret Service, please make this crystal clear, how this all fits together, you know, in lay man’s terms, so that everyone can understand how this all fits together?”.
        “Yes, please make it straight forward and simple, we understand it’s a puzzle with pieces, but a description of the whole picture helps enormously!” exclaimed Brian.
        Meanwhile, Dylan snored loudly, under a near by tree, oblivious, to all the proceedings.

        • card2

          Hunterston B 1998 try google

        • card2

          Commander Rob Green was trained for reliability analysis duties in RN Intelligence.

          In the late 1970s there was a 100% failure of torpedoes on Bahamas sea trial. From which it was known that the wrong integrated ccts were in and they could never have worked. From which it was known the factory was falsifying factory test records.

          Then if you google IRA sugar bomb hoax

          Then know that Plessey torpedoes report and Backup genny sabotage reports were submitted linked by Monmouth MP tory barrister Roger Evans in the 90s at a time Tam Dalyell had got in touch with me.

          Hope that helps.

          And I reported by invitation Dounreay backup power failure incidents and to post Jap tsunami UK review of civil nuclear security and resilience.

          I should have been reading stories about suspicions of Victor Rothschild I reckon. The thing is when I got into this sort of thing he was the boss I think.

  29. dpack

    imho he would have been an opportunity too good to overlook if it arose and perhaps fairly high on a priority list especially if that list was in part from moscow.
    the only good reason i can think off for philby to visit jordan just before he jumped would be to visit his old chum(soe days and perhaps early cold war) the ambassador (henniker) to either plead his innocence/offer to turn again or for a final briefing.imho i recon the latter is slightly above either of the former in percentage terms.
    philby is a complex story even in the official version but i suspect the official version is not the truth.there are indications that the russians also had doughts about where his his loyalties really lay.
    regardless of anything else his knowing philby and blunt would be enough to make him of interest to moscow and oira would have had their own agenda regarding the second most top>’79>top anglo-irish mason ,royal pal etc etc .

    • card2

      This is good stuff and thank you.

      I think with Biggs Davison Monarchist League cold war warrior anti Wilson area I am interested to ask if Hervey used BBC connections to prepare other men for broadcasting skills ? Biggs Davison links to Roger Gale MP who was DJ and company co director Radio 270 as I have learned from you so thanks.

      Lord Clinton Davies on the phone a few years ago said of Michael O Halloran MP 1972 Commons question, re 6 years of child deaths in care at Beeches Ixworth, “He wouldn’t have asked if he wasn’t put up to it if you know what I mean” I didn’t know what he mean and he didn’t enlighten me.

      The Christs College anon information for an anon former Bishop of Durham seems to indicate he was suggesting a link between Beeches child deaths Sue Ryder Homes Cavendish Settlement Movement and Bishop of Southwark Mervyn Stockwood.

      I think given the Hervey and Henniker common interests there must have been a connection there. And the Unison Ctee stuff involved ex MI9 Michael Bentine a pal of Leonard Cheshire …

      The Suffolk OIRA man was born Suffolk I think he served merchant navy then settled shortly and married Southampton mid 60s but was back in Suffolk active by 67 I dunno if he may have been active before that Hants But a man he knew from merchant navy I think moved to Suffolk in nlate 60s and I seem to recall he self built a house skilful chap Danny (or denny) but I cannot recall if he was Irish sorry. OIRA mans mate on coast was a nickname Panda and he was a fisherman so there was a boat that could mosey out around Cobra Mist ?

      I know that the late Legrys turkey millionaire had a minder suggest Mr OIRA not hide behind bankruptcy about a debt

      I put Mr OIRA on his arse a few weeks before my bro Oman tour ended 73. At a rugby club do. IE Before I knew about bro’s post Oman official warning and thus learned about Mr OIRA. That was one of two fights brought to me in the weeks after being dead half hour and readmitted with pneumonia and I thought at time a bit unfair I just been dead lads cut it out. I won them both.

      The one at Bandbox Club Ipswich was nasty a guy went for me with a broken glass as soon as I reached top of the staircase into club . I thought it was a set up. I threw him over the bannister and down the stairwell he went head first into a wall mounted fire extinguisher at the bottom and I fecked off so since no inquiry I guess I did not kill him. Sort out those apples but I bet he had a headache.

      Paranoid ? I was still struggling to get balance control too. So perhaps the bully comes out when they sniff weakness ?? But they got the wrong man. I did pop up Ipswich Hospital for a quick heart monitor after that fight though as heart stayed at about 180 …. was OK by morning.

      • dpack

        paranoid? possibly not considering the circumstances.

        christ’s has had some rather interesting alumni (and staff) for instance https://www.christs.cam.ac.uk/sites/www.christs.cam.ac.uk/files/attachments/Mountbatten%20Room.pdf ( small world) .

        a small but interesting point is that stockwood was made a bishop by macmillan when knox cunningham was pps.
        k c was a well dodgy geezer in many ways that include his personal behaviour as well as his activities with his anglo-irish mason chums some of whom have had a few mentions recently.

        geoffrey fisher is another chap with a few interesting stories about him not least that he was chaplain to the unified grand lodge uk which puts him in direct contact with (grand master from ? to 79 ) dickie . fisher’s gl connection would have also brought him into contact with henniker via h8 being gm anglo-irish lodge ( perhaps h8 was deputy gm guluk under phil post dickie?) again small world.
        ( afaik the dahl’s sadistic caner tale about fisher does not fit the relevant dates for dahl’s schooldays) ..

        fisher is the archbishop of canterbury who proposed stockwood as a bishop but k c would have been the one who actually said yes or no even if macmillan thought he was making a decision and was the chap who signed the paperwork.

        another small but interesting point is that there is an unverified but very plausible hypothesis that macmillan was “the other boy” when evan treadagar was expelled from eton.

        evan has a whole worm can factory of his own but some of his antics involving david might well be included among other matters in the hess papers which also got a recent mention in relation to maurice’s insurance policy. (again small world).

        i will check out stockwood as a quick look as to why i knew the name and your mention of him makes me think he might be of considerable interest. .

        a boat on a coast can be a very useful resource for all manner of things ,mr oira does seem to have had a fairly wide range of “hobbies” and “friends”.

        pal of cheshire but also subordinate comrade of neave at 9 so a double link for the retired goon.

        ay up sabre,yer right about surreal, i just noticed this post might seem as surreal as robin bryans:)

        • card2

          The other bit of Christs information was Katherine Low Settlement. But I think the Durham bishop may have meant Saint Katherines something to do with de la hoy work witn another settllement movement set up ??

          As far as Matron McGill Decd goes we seem only to be mapping that attorneys general have a helluva lot of secret public interest to protect. Absolute custodianship of secret PI Section 13 Coroners Act 88 refusing access to High Court to quash the suicide verdict. But it is a strategy nusashi calls beating at the corrners.

          I would like to see retrospective article 2 inquest for the six years of child deaths at Beeches Ixworth.

        • card2

          From my point of view a coherent picture is emerging of Hervey entrepreuneurial and anti trade unionist involvement in Suffolk development London overspill etc. I am also told who at BBC pre 65 and where meetings re industrial development took place in Essex I think. So the involvement of Vestey seems inevitable and the later strike busting at the giant Haverhill Meat Products bought out by Sainsbury. One of the strike busters went on to become a senior mason and tory MP. Blessed if I remember his name.

          Given the arrests for paramilitary collusion in TA 1987 Kent Broad Oak including the later vice chair North Thanet tory assn and given the history of paramilitary live fire training at a gun range in Roger Gales nortyh thanet constituency and given arrests of UDA hit men and drugs criminals Margate north thanet 92 (Later same case officers as Stephen Lawrence Decd) ….. I find Roger Gale Radio 270 and BBC Head of child tv back story of interest too.

          As you know I am an officially called witness to National Crime Agency Stephen Lawrence corruption inquiry. They don’t seem too happy as Head of Organised crime CPS recently took with some of my disclosure concerns and my view is there is now a cover up as Gary Dobson IMO has a pretty compelling appeal case.

          That appeal case also links to the paramilitary live fire training in Roger Gales constituency. And I think to Mayfayre Associates. And to Det sgt Davidson disciplinary 1995 that neither Lawrence private prosecution nor CPS prosecution seem to have disclosed to defences.

          Poor old Sabre.

          The NCA seem to have the hump at beingasked to note in the murder of Robin Stoddart at Southampton by UDA the hitman who was rolling with Mad Dog Adair wife. But how many UDA hits don’t they want ? After all their Lawrence corruption inquiry starts with one the hit on London supergrass David Norris. They already don’t want to look at the Brinks Matt money launderer Donald Urquhart hit and there was me thinking was there a connection with paramilitary live fire training north thanet.

          What may be helpful is the guns history Savile and Jaconelli up that Radio 270 locale Scarborough. It being unusual for military fantasists who become MPs not to have made an early start into lala land.

    • Aardvark

      dpack, you mention Philby and Blunt, but I’m not sure if you have discussed their great friend, fellow “Apostle” and collaborator, and possible 5th man, Victor Rothschild.


      If he was the 5th man, doesn’t this have great bearing on the contexts you describe, particularly as he worked for the Security services, advised both the Heath and Thatcher Governments on security issues and is suspected of giving away Britain’s nuclear secrets, which would have had a huge impact on the geopolitical situation, we see today and why was he never outed, like Blunt?

      • card2

        I rather like the cut of dpack jib. He latched on quick that a secret was/is “It don’t work” and I will leave the intelligence analysis to dpack. But if Victor told the soviet that they would have thought he was double bluffing.

        dpack copes well as, for example, he learns that our torpedoes being unreliable (Falklands) had Special Branch in full conspiracy chase hunting gladio foxes that didn’t exist. After some years of inquiry they discover that a senior manager is in fact an ex Newport bus conductor with no engineering qualies at all. Happily he ran a cleaning business on side and was caught by newly installed CCTV loading one of his sign written company vans with quantities of torpedo factory cleaning materials. So he toddled away.

        Do you think if Victor told the soviet the truth they would believe it ?

      • card2

        In the cause of supplying the surreal. A test area at Plessey I was asked to look at was for sonar dipping buoys. Let’s find the dastardly soviet subs shipmates !!

        They are testing in batches and half fail. Then they test the failed half and half fail. mmmm

        So there are two test rigs in that static handling area. And a failure rate of a half.

        Sharp as a tack and at my bullshitting best “There is an inverse proportionately going on boss” What we need to do is operate both rigs at same time, Bouy fails. Now buoy rig on its own buoy passes.

        Next thing check for spetznaz sleepers in case they nick the other rig and get to tying it to soviet sub conning towers. ???

      • Aardvark

        Card2, it is suspected that Victor Rothschild gave away Britain’s nuclear secrets to Israel, not the Soviets!

  30. dpack

    oldfield did get a recent lurid mention in relation to dolphin square that does not fit the little data available about him .however just to complicate matters one of the old boys who “defended” his posthumous reputation by the use of words that almost confirmed the allegation was involved in interference with democracy in the 70’s.the story of him cottaging in a pub as a reason to remove his clearance does not fit the data about his way of life.
    the report that puts him at kincora talking to the staff (mcgrath? or mcgrath + semple? or + other/s?) in the office, which seems reliable, does seem to fit the data in that it is likely he was there to tell them their game was up and to gather knowledge from them of how the situation had come about perhaps in exchange for a few “minor” convictions and light sentences to keep matters quiet (and avoid escalating the troubles further ) rather than any of the very unpleasant and/or fatal alternatives they could have faced.

    it is worth reading this when considering the possible nature of exaro (and various other organisations and individuals ).

    Click to access the-art-of-deception-training-for-a-new.pdf

    regarding henniker he seems to be connected to quite a lot of worm cans and to understand him could be important to opening any or all of them. with fully assisted access to all the archives (not just the registry but all uk and many foreign records ) i suspect it would be difficult to prove or even find hints of some of the things he did .
    the data so far has shown some useful lines of inquiry which could be explored and a few that i recon lead to balance of probability answers of over 80% .there are plenty of provable things about him that add to a huge heap circumstantial evidence for some of the unprovable ones.
    i find it obvious why there could be a need to distract from his real activities by causing wild goose digs etc.

  31. dpack

    im not sure about exaro’s comments on norman john worthington or the equally successful plotting to get rid of heath.
    iirc exaro were involved in promoting some very lurid stories regarding heath (chucking kids off boats etc) that had no internal logic ,would have been unlikely to remain secret until recently and were not his nature.
    his “friends” went to considerable trouble to help him keep his homosexuality in the closet ,they were not covering for a psychopathic child molester/murderer as suggested by exaro.
    neither of them were in favour of the developing nuclear strategy of win at the expense of europe which was a major consideration for those at the top of the list of those who wished them gone.

    henniker was playing very big games .
    imho he was under dickie’s influence up to a point but he does seem to have shown initiative as well.
    it is possible they did not part as friends but it is more plausible that he knew nothing of dickie’s demise before the fact and merely took up many of dickie’s responsibilities after his death along with those he already had.
    it does seem plausible dickie realised what he had done had put everything he had worked for in greater danger rather than protecting it as he intended.

    henniker’s motivation has puzzled me for some time but the best i can come up with is that he sought to ensure a strong uk government (and a well controlled executive and social infrastructure) with no credible opposition in electoral or direct action politics or powerful foreign threat that would ensure the continuation of the aristocracy and establishment.
    this would broadly fit with the intended outcomes of various things he seems to have been deeply involved in although it also set the ground for external forces (angelton and his heirs) to use that structure for ends he might have not wanted.

    dickie’s prime motivation seems to have been the rule of the mountbatten dynasty and their allies with henniker’s activities as part of the means.

    a bit of a tangent from exaro but it seems relevant as it is possibly some of the things they seem to have been distracting from.
    to merely think of them as trying to protect the reputations of various vip’s or even protect the covering up of their behaviour or even misdirecting from the exploitation of knowledge of that behaviour is to oversimplify the situation.

    it is a bit ironic that exaro have had quite a lot of cash to” keep a lid on this” and most of the tin openers work for nothing (and are willing to take the risks to sanity and well being that go with opening worm cans ) as it is the right thing to do.

    • card2

      The joke “Heath fell overboard and a crew man shouts shall I throw you a buoy and he shouts this is no time for pleasure” was well known at the time of the Wilson plot. There was a rumour forty men told the joke simultaneously in 40 pubs across England. To kick it into circulation …

      My theory is the pre arming of loyalists was all to do with breaking the class warfare plans for which IRA were seen as armed advance guard for soviet. Gardaí gave us the plan 62. So allow a bit of thinking time and the arms supply began five years later before troubles kicked off officially.

      The cold war warriors were mad as a box of frogs. The Russians had let Neave know they could safely leave fecking up UK industry to British management which they used to tell jokes about. He was chair of science and technology cttee I think.

      seem to recall that names who had thwarted the Wilson plotters started turning up in recent lurid accusations. Anyway Exaro has done its thing. Now try looking at Henniker ?? No hope or bob hope ?

  32. dpack

    ps afaik it was them that led via “darren” to a wild goose chase body hunt on the henniker estate ,they also suggested that henniker and hayman had “parallel lives ” which is very much not the case, the former was a premier league club owner and the latter a half time pie recipe .
    iirc they portrayed hayman as being far more important than he ever was in several ways.

    • card2

      my view is Henniker was in a much bigger game and I think it had to be connected with Herveys support of monarchist league Biggs Davison etc

      Who chucked in Hugh Beach name ? I seem to recall someone did.

  33. dpack

    it is rather difficult to celebrate their demise as they did manage a significant amount of damage when active and their ignominious end could be used to cause more.
    the msm has noticed
    and seems to be presenting it as exaro’s false claims = no substance to all claims.

    that is not the case as demonstrated by multiple credible accounts of vip csa being committed and covered up.
    to go through an autopsy of exaro seems unnecessary at this time as study of them while they were operating has demonstrated their methods to be deeply flawed and their output to be distraction,confusion and misdirection which could be taken for incompetence if it was not for the backgrounds of their main backers.

    as “plumbers” they have shown themselves to be “cowboys” but the flooded swamp they have created could still be used to hide the steady drips and broken pipes of the real problems .this should be countered by any means available.

    regarding their staff ,it seems plausible that some were useful idiots but some must have been onside in order to direct them in the required directions.

    whether or not the truth emerges via prosecutions or inquiries remains to be seen but i wont hold my breath as to expose them fully would expose things that make watergate look like a damp mousehole.

    no dought booth (a few million quid isnt going to bankrupt him ) and pendry will be ok (but he might be considered toast by some of his chums) but the grunts of the staff might need to think about a career change and if they can get a job flipping burgers they could consider themselves fortunate.

    my only direct contact with them over 3 yrs ago was henke asking if i had the dickens papers, i told him the truth that i did not and that if i had he would be able to read them on multiple websites and about them from multiple other potential recipients.he didnt like that much.

    one good thing they have done is help identify assorted trolls and in some cases identify their motives.
    another is observing their panicked rush to confuse the solanki story which might indicate that he was actually pointing to a smoking gun.

    overall i would rate them 1 out of ten as plumbers, 3 or 4 out of ten for smoke and mirrors (depending on the end game) and minus ten for disguising themselves so incompetently.

    once they were toast they did go rather quiet on these matters but shutting down and any possible consequences to individuals on the staff should be considered as being one of the planned for potential end games.
    they might be almost dead but the severed head of a rattlesnake can still be dangerous.

    • card2

      Thankfully Gojam has put me straight on names so I aint doing well on this thread mixing up Nick and Darren. So is this the lot who started chucking in names of people who had thwarted the Wilson plot we discuss on other thread ?

      • Peter Nowlan

        Card 2 Here in Australia there has been an explosion. The Exposure of pedophiles in the Catholic church has just been met be the chief of the Angican church who has names the buggers in his church that he knew were guilty of crimes against the young.Because it’s a Royal Commision charges from the Federal Police ( the Australian version of the FBI) will soon follow.Please read Purging of the Demonds – it’s in Google .A criminal QC wants me to sue your PM May because of looking the other way when she was Home Secretary.

        Yours Peter Nowlan

        • card2

          I will have a look at amazon. In Australia doctors following the Ipswich family psychiatric centre “Play therapy” psychobabble research into “Curing” child asthma have been convicted of abuse on child patients. I put the aussie press reports in my submission to Goddard Inquiry in UK. Though at 8 I was terrified in the visits to the centre in Ipswich Suffolk all I got was being placed in strange yoga positions. I think that was paedo erotic abuse but these positions were presented as special positions that would stop asthma attacks. But that was it no physical interference. Plus the strange thing about our GP (thank God) catching my dad giving me ephedrine with quinine that was given to him without the GP knowing. I know he reported the Ipswich Family psychiatric centre to a consultant chest physician McNabb.

          Dr Peyton Ipswich GP Thank you.

          • Peter Nowlan

            Pedophiles protect others for fear of being cought themselves.What you are watching is the twisted version self preservation which can only perpetuate the crime.As to the decision of only compesating those who wre sexualy interfeared with and not the repeated bashings.This is an administrative decision which flys in the face of Law .The 1689 Bill of Rights states no “cruel and unusual treatment ” therefore an appeal court cannot in law uphold an admistrative decision that is trumped by an Act of Parliment .

            These May can run but she can’t hide.
            Yours Peter Nowlan

            • card2

              Theresa May has stitched up terms of reference to Lawrence case corruption inquiry (Bring Det sgt Davidson head on a plate without yielding grounds to quash the two convictions for killing Lawrence) . To “Duties of Care” Goddard Abuse Inquiry (Have a good old sociobabble few years on the expenses use some barristers for world class bullshit then make some token recommendations preferably with some new socio jargon to help the spin)

              • Peter Nowlan

                Card 2 Look back on the history of May and her husband .Take a close look at the relations and inlaws and her /his contacts.There si always a reason for coverups.

                Peter Nowlan

                • card2

                  Peter I am an officially called witness to the National Crime Agency Stephen Lawrence case corruption inquiry mate.

                  I wrote to Theresa May when she was home secretary and objected to terms of reference.

                  My argument is that whatever it is 1992 1993 (Arrests of UDA hit men and drugs criminals Margate 1992 same murder case officers as Lawrence Decd 1993) that NCA want me to give statements about it must already have been subject of the 1997 call for inquiry from Kent Police Authority. So how the hell can it be a corruption inquiry if what they want to know now has been subject to a Jack Straw and Tony Blair cover up since 97 and NCA ain’t allowed to investigate Sir John Stevens, Lord Warner, Jack Straw, Michael Mansfield, Lee Jasper, Doreen Lawrence and Ros Howells ?????

                  So Head of Organised Crime Section CPS. He begins to see my point of view (Recent weeks) and writes to Head of National Crime Agency who doesn’t tell his case officers tasked to chat with me. And the CPS chap writes to the current Lawrence murder inquiry.

                  The issue here is disclosure. The lack thereof. And the CPS chap decided that if there had been a failure to disclose adverse facts to defence at CPS prosecution 2012 it wasn’t CPS fault ? Met Plod hadn’t told them.

                  But their head of CPS quality control was Mike Fuller ex Chief constable Kent the force that conducted MacPherson Inquiry. And CPS chap decided he could ignore that as Mr Fuller don’t work for CPS any more.

                  While I am moseying about trying to be helpful to the cause of justice I suggested it would be an awfully good idea to trace prison staff who were at Feltham Young Offenders at a time a chap called Acourt was in there and chatted to a cell mate. Then give the HOLMES computer system a kick as it had eliminated in early days the man named in that cell for killing Lawrence.

                  And, at risk of upsetting all the libtards who believe in fairy godmother and the existence of institutionalised racism, arrest on suspicion a chap who is suspected of killing Stephen Lawrence and live with the consequence if convicted that his motive was not fecking “Racist”.

                  Aardvark should consult Zebedee and co and inquire after the charity remit of Michael Mansfield’s British Irish Rights Watch ooman rights cheridee. Now renamed. And consider the Garland Plan of IRA provided to HMG by Gardaí 1962 and to whom the task of interpreting it as a soviet plot may have been given. What we need is some reds under beds theory and union bashing Then consider Gen de Chasterlains report of concern to NI Secretary 2003 (about when David Phillips quit as Chief constable Kent aided by Blunkett into a nice ole sinecure)

                  Then if IS9 TA SAS NEAVE and MACPHERSON (later judge running a farce called Lawrence Inquiry) hove into yer 1962 thinking … Houston we have a problem. I wonder if the able dpack might explain ? What there is ? A consistency of error. IS9, Good Friday Agreement and Michael Mansfields charity strategy all align ……

                  So it is 1989 and our scene is Moscow 22.9.89.

                  Mrs Thatcher “Cabbage soup is awfully good. Bit wary the hun east and west being one country again. Do you think we should get in wiv an early straightener”

                  “Argh Margaret I have bad news. Big bang at Deal on the Kent coast mate. Looks like Deal Royal Marines School of Music got hit.”

                  Mrs Thatcher “Oh oh I see”

                  “Margaret we do hope the barracks based joint SBS Gladio war games against an imaginary Russian enemy will go ahead.”

                  Mrs Thatcher “Fecking jackanory where you get that from ?”

                  “Margaret why privatise barracks security luv ?”

                  Mrs Thatcher “I’ll ask Milton”

                  “If it was us the civvi guard with the false army record would have been in the gulag before he could fecking whistle mate”

                  Mrs Thatcher “False record ?”

                  “Yes Margaret his mate has been worrying us for a while. The geezer who nobbles emergency backup generators. Caused us some headaches telling yer. Fecked if we want to move in yer gaffe is teetering on the edge of catastrophe dunno how you can even relax there”

                  Mrs Thatcher “You got more front than Sainsbury geezer given Chernobyl you ole chancer”

                  “What we better do Margaret is support pundits to talk about aristicocrat indiscretions at Eton and secrets and blackmail. Usual form. I got a good one. Victor Rothschild gave yer nuke secrets to Israel.”

                  Mrs Thatcher “Bet his brief case was bulging “

    • jack

      As per usual nobody has a clue what you are talking about.

      • card2

        If it is a classic deception to start with truth then crab sideways. It may deter from crabbing sideways back from the deception destination to get to what the truth was in the first place. Simples.

  34. Simon

    Stranger things have happened! (and still do)
    So the smoke clears (if only a little bit) then the mirror shatters – nice one ExaroNews! Thanks for what you [sic] did?

    Message to ‘ArtManJosepth’; I like your posts > very informative, so what if a little too long for some people? (I’m a bit dyslexic as well – and do the same in my messages). But do keep doing, what you are doing and thank you.

    Same goes to all the other informative posters too; such as Gojam, dPack, card2, and the rest (I’m sorry, I cannot remember you all).

    Please keep it up, as you all are the force – that really ‘holds them to account’.

    • card2

      Thanks Simon. I just do my own thing. I was dead half hour having CPR Dec 72 so lucky I emerged with IQ at 146. I have quite a bit of success in remedy but none at all in justice. Some of my ideas in whole or in part have created

      Door steward licensing

      Creation of IPCC

      Article 2 Inquests

      New security of electrical supply guidelines NHS hospitals

      Report by invitation after serious nuke incidents Dounreay and Hunterston B

      Report by invitation to Chris Huhne post Jap tsunami review of UK civil nuke resilience and security

      Part of successful warnings to MI5 before 1996 IRA deployment to take out mains power distribution

      But as far as justice in cases like the six years of disabled child deaths at Ixworth 66 to 72 no success at all

      It is in the quality control and elimination of fraud in supply to vital point and MOD that John Reid issued a qui tam law consultation but I think it would lend itself to Judge Goddard recommendations leglslating back by statute together with misprision of felony.restored. To reward report to make it an offence again to fail to whistleblow. To undo Labour social engineering of 60s

      I would also like to see law about safeguarding records and criminalising their destruction in some circumstances such as thwarting disclosure

      I want to see the whole cybernetics theory history examined and its influence on the pseudo science of sociology and on social work doctrine undone.

      So that is it really.

      • Peter Nowlan

        Hello Card 2 , Please if you have a moment reply to me what test did you go through fo rthe IQ testing ? I went through a similar thing when i was eight,I was attacked by a hive of bees and they thought they had lost me.
        ( a gipsy lady had the staff strip the shroud off me washed me all over in ice cold vinegar – all the bee stings popped out ) .I came around she and an Irish nurse took turns in holding me untill I was ready to be sent back to Hornchurch Cottage Homes _ a haven for peadophiles( read Purging of the Demonds on google).Because of my sudden leap in academic marks they school had me tested160 .This was conformed some years later when I went for a highly paid job .The test was Hum Wadsworth.
        Yours Peter Nowlan.

        • card2

          I went to a MENSA supervised test in the 1990s at Cardiff University.

          After being dead half hour Dec 72 I lost ability to reverse vans on the mirrors with any ease. And I forget people’s names the instant they introduce themselves.

          I also was a while getting balance back. Even in my early 60s ju jitsu breakfall to the right roll like a sixpence to the left like a threepenny bit that usuall stops at first corner. Rickets cripplerd legs till I was six or so has left me with a feature my wife finds useful. I refer to my swagger. When I learned to walk my leg geometry was of legs that twisted behind each other. Imagine if you will from the waist down I bizarrely resembled a swastika.

          So to perambulate I did so in a series of forward moving sumo style stomps.

          As me legs straightened I never lost the upper body swagger.

          When I was a bouncer in the 70s and 80s I worked with a fella Brian who had his back mended with steel in Oregon paid for by HS. He fell off scaffolding I think. Brian creaked like a Hammer Horror door when he did his sit ups. One night Brian and me walking round. Brian like lone ranger with his clamped back John Wayne roll and me with me swagger. Some blokes said “Look at that pair of swaggering c-nts” Later they caused trouble and still don’t know the two fellas that ejected them were registered disabled. But my wife can spot wheres wally husband in an instant in a crowd the swaggering man.

          Brian by the way after his surgery could see ghosts> “You are in a different electro magnetic reality Brian” I mentioned hoping to be helpful. You have a lump of steel around the nerves in your spine”. The next mystery with Brian was with that ballast in his back he still went on to instruct survival swimming for North Sea. I assume it wasn’t magnetic pinning him to the edge of that helicopter mock up they rotate under water.

          And the final mystery with Brian is soy sauce. We got on very well with our Chinese community. Brian had hurt his elbow a bit badly doing Marine stuff I think. And the Chinese brought him some Chinese embrocation. IN a soy sauce bottle. Every weekend they would ask on the door “How elbow Blian” and then they could be seen laughing. Brian became suspicious and tasted the medicine It tasted like soy sauce. I still dunno whether those little sods had him rubbing soy sauce marinading his elbow for a month.

          Best of luck.

          • Peter Nowlan

            Hello Card 2 ,And I thought I had done it tough.

            Yours Peter Nowlan

            • card2

              I am interested that your home was Essex though. No involvement of the Strom Ohlsen mental babblers at Southend ?

              Vinegar is for wasp stings BTW

              But I too was saved by an Irish nurse. Nightshift she said I would only get balance back if I got right at it. So as a balancing aid the 15 stone Irish patient in next bed agreed for me to carry him round ward. And with the weight I balanced and walked. In the middle of the night to the approbation of the ward. No doctors to see. And with everyone awake well naturally Irish sister made a brew of tea. With Suffolk for some reason visitors to hospitals bring eggs free range from home in those days.Ward kitchen holding huge amounts of eggs. So to accompany midnight tea and weighted perambulation boiled eggs/ People get better doctors mark it up on their CV. Irish nurse did it. No one knows.

              I imagine that Irish sister if ever she did a day shift. In come from Suffolk folk “We brought some treats sister guess what they are ?”

              “Is it fecking eggs ? “

        • card2

          I think my IQ was much higher than 146 before I was dead half hour. I was IQ tested age 8 at that Ipswich family psychiatric centre with two different methods but as I say 24 years of med records missing.

  35. Peter Nowlan

    Hi from afar. If it was’nt so fanciful I would suspect the deft hand of M I 5 and the Home Office has been at work.

    Peter Nowlan

  36. About time these jokers were pulled down.
    I and many others told them straight, that this would blow up in their faces before you could whisper “ambulance chaser”.

    Please don’t anybody try to big them up – they do not deserve it.
    Investigators? Don’t make me laugh. They sat there and raked most of their ‘stories’ in as leaks from ongoing investigations; leaks that almost certainly came from proven liars and from those who had nothing but financial gain in mind.
    Then they banged them out using two fingers (pun intended), using ridiculous cliff-hanger (no pun intended) tactics to eke them out to the public in order to ratchet up the tension.
    These chimps have made a mockery of due process, and have done almost nothing but chase stories for profit.
    In my opinion, they were PROFITEERS who actually tried to MAKE the news instead of just reporting it – sickeningly enough, all just part of a chain to extract money from the misery of CSA.

    As for Watts going on about an ‘act of vandalism’, then in my opinion he’s just trying to lay the foundations for a future blag..getting ready for the ‘it wasn’t me’ speech he’s probably already fed to the cops, but has yet to try on with the rest of us.
    Good luck with that Wattsy.

    This organisation has helped to virtually destroy police investigations and reputations – and has muddied the waters for potentially thousands of people who have suffered (or witnessed) childhood abuse, and want to come forward – not to mention the wasted money spent by various police services/operations on wild goose chases.
    The fact is, VIP CSA abuse existed (exists?).
    It HAPPENED – but now there is even less chance of getting to the truth of it, thanks to the likes of EXARO.

    As to whether some of the EXARO team were ‘less bad’ than others, then I think it’s worth looking at the damage done to the entire CSA debate by this little clique, in order to gain better context; something I hope future official investigations will address fully and soon.
    They all contributed, and their only saving grace would be to blow the lid off what the hell was happening at EXARO and reveal the truth.
    In fact, any persons who are connected to this sordid online rag, have a moral DUTY to come forward and explain their part in manufacturing the cluster-bomb of fubar they threw into our midst.

    My final points to this lengthy comment:
    *What WAS/IS EXARO’s connection to sweaty Nicky, and a certain notorious ‘service’?
    (The service in question is the one that applied an unverified therapeutic model to adults who had suffered CSA as kids; said model being seemingly able to ‘unearth’ ‘forgotten memories’).
    *Why did/does this ‘service’, and EXARO, seem to be ‘protected’ by online thugs – the most disgusting and abusive trolls on twitter (proof available)?
    *Why didn’t Watts and Hencke challenge the abuse that was going on under their own noses on twitter (proof available)?
    *Why didn’t Watts, Hencke, OR EXARO respond to, what are now turning out to be, VERY relevant questions as to their behaviour and practices (proof available)?
    *Why hasn’t the story of EXARO’s demise hit the headlines in the MSM?

    You know, there’s more – but just thinking about it is enough to remember the damage that can be done done to oneself by banging one’s head off a wall.
    Go look online for yourself – it’s all there.
    Suffice to say, I hope that any future investigations look at this situation thoroughly, as any kicking of this rat’s nest is sure to get them all climbing over each other to get out –
    – so get your popcorn ready.

    (Everything in this comment is simply my opinion, largely based on personal experience.)

    • card2

      I was phoned a while back by East Anglian Daily Times crime reporter Colin Adwent. I asked why he won’t touch verifiable matters like the 1972 Commons questions re Hackney and Islington care child deaths at the Beeches Ixworth Suffolk 1966 to 1972. Yet he runs with single source lurid stories and feeds them on to Exaro.

      I think dpack made a comment recently about looking for a non existent body on the Henniker estate.

    • Justin Sanity

      @adeybob – a very admirable analysis & summary, in my opinion. I concur with nearly everything you’ve said/ raised here.

      I want to ask you some things, however. First, let me be crystal clear in stating that it is not my intention to ‘pick a fight’ with you (or anyone else). I need to understand how & why my some perceptions of mine seem to differ from those of others, and I can’t clarify this for myself without asking you these questions. That’s all.

      Have you always held the perspective you express here? If not, were there specific events or revelations over the past year which brought you to your current understanding? What might those have been? (You needn’t go into great detail).

      Circa January – April 2015, my perception was that you were acting as a type of “enforcer” for the Fay-Maloney-Allen “party line” on various topics and attempting to suppress public discussion of certain subjects that didn’t directly support that line, even if it also didn’t directly contradict that line either. Would you say that perception was fair? Do you see that as being “thug-ish”, now? Have you apologized for anything you said or did, back then? Would you like to?

      • card2

        I don’t know whether this relates. But via Facebook I ended up helping the victim, who waived anonymity, of rape aged 8 by the vile mercenary Parker twins of Nuneaton.

        At the stage I had written direct to Judge at Warick Crown Court IE Me over parapet pressures arose as the victim had new survivor campaigner friends. One she met and he told her he is in fact Cathi Fox of the blog.

        Then she got distracted into campaigning. I had broken Kenneth Parker alibi and judge did issue directions to CPS and CCRC (neither the latter nor I know why CCRC) Then reports were of Kenneth Parker being dead in France.

        So on the face of it some guy without a profile piccie on FB approaches female survivors and appears to actually be Cathi Fox who makes 100s of FOIs in a female name.

        The female survivor of Parkers got as far as emailing Tim Rayment of Sunday Times who turned in Tyrone Chadwick mercenary associate of the Parkers in 1995 for murder of blacks during the neo Nazi mercenary attack to destabilise transitional Mandela Regime.

        The Parkers were with the Sunday Times people and Chadwick 95 when Rayment turned in Chadwick

        The Desmond Tutu commission of inquiry re mercs was 1994.

        It seems like progress towards getting his lay on file pulled back was being made and in from the flanks came the internet warriors who were not going over the parapet to engage but sure as hell were not helpful to me who was someone who tries to promote justice.

      • card2

        I recall now after the man who claimed to be Cathi Fox had met the Parker twins victim IIRC I started getting aggressive FB PM questioning pushing for information about Bishop of Medway and trying to get me to agree a name I had connected with right wing paramilitary training at Deal Barracks, connected with a private military cadet group, was in fact Roger Gleave.

        The pursuit of a new story around Gleave became obsessive through her FB and we ended up blocking each other.

        I have thought that someone else may have planted child abuse stories into the history re Deal Barracks before the 22.9.89 terrorist bombing.

        Though I reported in good faith to Judge Goddard inquiry I did add a caveat about danger of planted stories.

    • Here comes Adrian, spouting more conspiracy theories. His comment is as mad as his blog posts. Only read if you’re interested in the ramblings of a madman.

  37. joekano76

    Reblogged this on TheFlippinTruth.

  38. card2

    Is Nick the one who sourced the Henniker Estate Righton killing story ?

    Just asking because on the Clement Freud thread dpack has been very helpful with his input on Henniker history.

    • No, that was ‘Darren’

      • card2

        Thanks Gojam Darren I am getting on a bit. Memory. So Nick is the Dolphin Square deaths source ? My only interest in Dolphin Square is Sir John Stradling Thomas MP dying at his home there 1991 while he was considering raising parliamentary ombudsman inquiry about the Sue Ryder Home sudden deaths and identity thefts case.

        • Darren made allegations about that too – it is confusing. But Nick didn’t make any allegations about Thornham Magna, Darren did.

          • card2

            Thanks Gojam. It was Darren I was talking about with EADT Crime journo Colin Adwent I reckon. It seemed to be open season on single source stories. But he will not run with the disabled child deaths with only two getting inquests in care at Beeches Ixworth 66 to 72. Lord Clinton Davies had phoned me about them too so I suggested EADT phone him ex Hackney MP. I would like to see an Article 2 Inquest which is what I wrote about it in my submission to Judge Goddard.

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