Kendall House Report: Summary

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The findings are harrowing. They reveal an institution which had weak governance and oversight. A place where control, containment and sometimes cruelty were normalised.
A place where vulnerable girls, many previously and repeatedly let down by their parents, social services and other agencies, were caught in a regime that in many ways sought to rob them of their individuality, of hope, and in some cases of their liberty.
Girls as young as 11 were routinely and often without any initial medical assessment given anti depressants, sedatives and anti-psychotic medication. Often these drugs were given dosages which exceeded usual prescribed adult levels. This served to control their behaviour, placing them in a constant stupor, restricting their ability to communicate, or have any personal autonomy.   The drugs put them at risk of numerous side effects and of which were distressing.  The effects of the drugs also increased their vulnerability to emotional, physical and a smaller number of cases, sexual abuse.  Those that resisted faced sanctions – this included being locked alone in a room for long periods.
With only one exception, every former resident who spoke with us experienced being placed, sometimes forcibly, in this locked room. Isolated from their peers, and often heavily sedated, they could be kept in the room for days on end.  Every former resident witnessed others being placed in this room. On at least two occasions, girls were placed in straitjackets, others were threatened with transfer to a local mental health hospital. In some cases threats were enacted, and girls were admitted to the adult ward of the hospital before returning to Kendall House, often traumatised.
The practice of over medication was seen in the early 1960’s and was prevalent during the late 1960’s and until the 1980’s. Examples of sustained practice of this nature, albeit less frequent, were identified into the mid-1980s until the closure of the home in 1986.
Why were girls placed at Kendall House?     A variety of reasons were identified. For some it was deemed a place of safety, others were on remand after committing offences such as theft, violent acts or anti social behaviour.  Some had very troubled, fractured or violent family backgrounds, others had psychological or behavioural problems and were felt to be in need of a secure and structured home placement. Placements ranged from a matter  of weeks to over four years.
Whatever the reason for their admission, none anticipated or deserved the treatment they received there. In a regimented, rigid culture , where docile conformity was demanded, girls were supervised by a largely unqualified workforce, who in turn were led by the dominant and authoritarian figure of the superintendent, until 1985 when she retired.  Information was not shared, communication between the leadership and the staff was poor, and until the mid 1980’s virtually no training or supervision for staff was provided.  For the girls they, they too had little if any information about why they were there, and contact and correspondence with their families and social workers was restricted and controlled.
Between 1967 and 1983, medical leadership was provided by Dr Perinpanayagam, a psychiatrist from a nearby hospital who visited regularly.  After 1983, a second psychiatrist then fulfilled a narrower oversight role for training and encouraged a different model of care and treatment, one that had less reliance on medication.  When he left in 1985, medical oversight was provided through the local general practitioners, supported by psychiatrists from the local hospital until Kendall House closed in December 1986.
Concerns about the medication regime at Kendall House were raised during the 1970’s and 1980’s by residents and their parents, by some social workers and by some employees. All were either ignored, rebuked, ridiculed, or belittled by those in positions of authority in the home.   Few, if any of these concerns resulted in changes to the regime at the home.
Wider concerns about the medication of children in institutions were raised by academics and the press in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, and received ministerial comment.  Public requests were made by these bodies to review the use of medication in Kendall House. This did not happen. It was felt to be a matter for clinical  decision. No opportunity to review, address or formally challenge the concerns was taken.
Kendall House was first subject to formal regulatory inspection in 1984 and only then were many aspects of the regime challenged and some changes made. It was re-inspected at the end of 1985, and whilst some improvements had been made, concerns about the use of medication and the use of locked isolation room for residents remained.  
By Tom Pugh, Press Association
Vulnerable girls at a “toxic and destructive” Church of England children’s home were drugged and sexually and physically abused over nearly 20 years, a report has revealed.
Revelations of sexual abuse, ill-treatment and physical abuse at Kendall House in Gravesend, Kent, between 1967 and 1986 were outlined in an independent review.
It disclosed how girls as young as 11 were routinely, and often without medical assessment, given powerful anti-depressants, sedatives and anti-psychotic drugs.
Those that resisted, challenged or overcame the drugs’ effects faced sanctions, including being locked alone in a room for days on end or emotionally abused.
Others told how they were raped after being imprisoned in an isolation room and locked in alone overnight. And for some, the trauma of living at Kendall House lasts to this day, the review said.
The review said: “The findings are harrowing. They reveal an institution which had weak governance and oversight, a place where control, containment and sometimes cruelty were normalised.
“A place where vulnerable girls, many previously and repeatedly let down by their parents, social services and other agencies, were caught in a regime that in many ways sought to rob them of their individuality, of hope, and in some cases of their liberty.”
It added: “The evidence we have heard and read during this review tells of a place which was, on the whole, toxic and constructive to the girls placed there.”
Drugs were administered in dosages which exceeded usual prescribed adult levels to control girls’ behaviour, placing them in a constant stupor, and restricting their ability to communicate or learn, it added.
Launched last year by the Bishop of Rochester, the Rt Rev James Langstaff, the review found the effects of the abuse have led to many “broken lives”.
The report named consultant psychiatrist Dr Perinpanayagam, who was a medical advisor to Kendall House, as a key adviser on drug treatment for residents. He retired in 1983 and died in 1988.
The 137-page report also revealed how:
:: Every resident placed at Kendall House was “vulnerable to the risk” of emotional, physical or sexual abuse by staff, other residents or third parties;
:: Every former resident spoken to by the review team had suffered abuse;
:: Some girls were placed in straitjackets, and
:: Some former residents went on to attempt suicide;
Claims had been made before the review that some former residents who had been drugged went on to have babies with birth defects.
But review panel member Ray Galloway said: “Birth defects were not a significant element of what was mentioned by the ladies in interview.”
Although around 20 legal claims brought by ex-residents have been made, none have been brought relating to birth defects, Mr Langstaff said.
The review said residents were frequently sedated to an extent where they could not walk, speak or have control over their normal daily activities.
None of the perpetrators of the abuse are still alive. The review also noted that the home operated under a “regimented, rigid culture, where docile conformity was demanded”.
Girls were supervised by a largely unqualified workforce led by a “dominant and authoritarian” figure, Doris Law, who is now dead.
The review recommends the dioceses of Rochester and Canterbury make payments to all ex-residents who took part in the review.
Opened in the 1920s, Kendall House was a home for vulnerable girls aged from 11 to 16 who were mainly placed there by their local authority. It closed in 1986.
Since 2006, pressure has mounted on the Church to examine the slew of claims of abuse and mistreatment from former residents of the now-defunct home.
Then last year Mr Langstaff set up the review, chaired by Professor Sue Proctor, who led the inquiry into Jimmy Savile’s reign of abuse at Leeds Teaching Hospitals.
Prof Proctor described the Church’s initial response to allegations about Kendall House as “woeful” and inadequate”. And she said the administration of powerful drugs appeared to have an “experimental approach”.
She described the commissioning of the review as overdue. And she said that for the vulnerable girls, Kendall House was a “frightening, violent and unpredictable” place.
Mr Langstaff said the diocese “apologised unreservedly” for the suffering caused.


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  1. Susan Marie Stephenson

    In reply to comment posted by Timo, 29th July, 2016 @ 8:51pm.

    I note your reference to Park Surgery, Driffield (previously know as The Bridge Street Practice), as a past Senior Officer and whistleblower at this surgery, I draw your attention to the latest Care Quality Commission report dated 23rd November, 2016.

  2. Snoopy

    Interesting article, comments and connections to Leicester – Keith Vaz and Greg Knight

    • artmanjosephgrech

      The House of Cards? Keith was re-elected by Members of the Commons of all political parties despite strong another candidate

  3. card2

    The question about doctors is a good one. I am trying to get it considered under the law enforcement lead. I am also suggesting they consider recommending researching drug free medical research, going back to World War 1 concerning respiration PTSD and restraint implications, that was dropped in UK 1920s. So far I have not been told that the IICSA cannot consider law enforcement or other matters related to duties of care if specific sexual abuse is not alleged.

  4. Snoopy

    What about the doctors in all of this? Where are they?
    (Look at post and replies – Anonymous 23/11/2015)


    • artmanjosephgrech

      I would make the obvious point is that if registered medical practitioners or their agents has or uses medication on a patient without their consent, unless authorised to do so, if that individual is incapable of giving authority and in the case of children by their parent or legal guardian, it is not just a matter for reporting their conduct to the body with the power to deregister and discipline, but to the police as an assault may have been committed or worse.
      This makes very serious the allegation that at Kendall House and other establishments which correspondents have alleged/stated during this discussion any children or young person as defined under the legal definition at that time who was in the legal care of a local authority or recognised and registered third party who was experimented upon with the approval of that authority or in effect agent of that body should have questions to answer about their knowledge of that medication, its purpose, its outcome and potential side effects.

      As I have stated as an individual child care officer I was authorised by my County Council employer, a Juvenile Court, the parents of the subject, who was a young person, and the young person in question who was of an age to give approval, albeit facing the prospect of an Approved School order without agreement to administer medication with the intended purpose of life lasting behaviour change and that in my role as a Director of Social Services I was aware of the use of medication to control behaviour where there was a risk of self harm or harm to others, and as is now also used on residential care establishments for the elderly.

      While this is of interest to the Jay Inquiry it is important that the Statutory Inquiry and rhe Panel Inquiry as with the UK Tribunal were specifically set up to only look at sexual activity between those underage and between those under age and adults within and by institutions.
      This was wrong and potentially diasterous if the objective of holding the Inquiry was/ is still to draw a line in terms of ensuring that every individual with an allegation has opportunity for what happened to be raised, recorded and if requested appropriately investigated but restricted to the subject of potential sexual crimes

      As much harm in terms of life long consequences for the individual and for society has been caused by physical, psychological and emotional violence as sexual and one as only to read the frustration of those placed in Medomsley with whom I have had some direct contact and of other establishments instiututions such as Young offenders, Approved Schools Communiy Homes with Education on the premises and specialist care treatment units, and I presumed residential and non residential education registered establishments as well establishments provided by or for the National Health Services to understand this and that it was the migration of behaviour control and change regimes from Young Offender and Approved Schools into the new Commuity Homes system established under the 1969 Children and Young Persons Act which created the culture within establishments along with other factors such as genericism, aspects of corporate management, the divorce between management and professional practice, tribal protectionism particularly party political, trade union, masonic and rotarian which comined to reinforce the dangerous and ahrming cultures and their cover up. It is important not forget that Levy Kaham investiahtions and report was into one local authority although the Utting Report People Like Us covered all forms of abuse as did the Labour Government investigations and public response led by Frank Dobson and the subsequent Goverment and Parliamentary until the Cassam doctrine appeared to gain traction after 2002 of concentrating concentrating on the present and the future rather than the past with as Lord Tebbit stated the day befoe the Coalition reversed its position the British Way of cover up had disastrous consequence. Colin Smart

  5. Snoopy

    Interesting report – Files reveal approved school drug trial plans in 1960s – At Richmond Hill Approved School in North Yorkshire

    • card2

      I had an email from IICSA yesterday wanting me to give evidence to Truth Project re treatment of children with asthma etc with research methods involving drugs issued without GP knowledge.

      I replied saying my concerns are wider, as written in my submission, as it is clear that Royal Medico Psychological Assn was a common factor in the research and trials that went on.

      • card2

        I spoke on phone at some length with IICSA yesterday.

        Bolam Defence available to medical profession from 1957 and whether Royal Medico Psychological, Maudsley and Tavistock took this into account as part of setting up trials.

        Social Services were aware of Govt commissioning research by Tavistock (the late 60s 3 year research on inmate communities of Leonard Cheshire Homes. The position about legal advice re inmate rights is still kept secret by attorney general. So fads like User Empowerment were researched.

        Fulbourn mental hospital empowered to the extent inmates carried out assessments of new admissions. This under a consultant who was an advisor to UK Govt and to UN. What concerns me is whether Fulbourn outreach scheme outreached not only into Ryder and Cheshire Homes but into child homes (Here I ask about Beeches Ixworth child deaths 66 to 72)

        Cambridge Uni asset was Fulbourn and they contracted research work four days a week from J G Howells at Ipswich. My concern here is not just what happened (For which IICSA want my evidence as an 8 year old guinea pig) but the influence of their unproven and cruelly and unethical and ludicrously unscientific exploration on sociology and social work.

        Would we see the mad cybernetics of the researching psychobabblers translate into sociology jargon about post Feudian concepts etc.

        At some point MIND were addressing Bramshill Police College on the merits of user empowerment (What colour would you like your cell) without any irony that no one was empowered to say no to chemical coshing.

        I would like to explore with IICSA whether medically unqualified people (Social workers) administering drugs was assault.

        MIND of course kept quiet (Oh dear MIND exec Peter RIGHTON) when Panorama exposed Labour for discharging mental in patients homeless to seaside resorts (1970s Panorama) And social work knew this was happening because the victims were given social worker letters to present at benefits at the resort to be paid cash daily homeless.

        The civil servant advisors to Babs Castle were Jack Straw and Norman Warner who I want to see called. As I want to see civil servant Celia Hensman called re child deaths at Beeches Ixworth and Tavistock and Fulbourn in Cheshire and Ryder Homes. (Civil servant to Keith Joseph DHSS minister)

        dpack the KCC youth protection inquiry into the Roger Gale backed private cadets Kent Adventure Training Corps during MacPherson will be IN. And the “Intelligence” raising concern back through Savile and Jaconelli stomping ground Radio 270 BBC to Monarchist League will be IN.

    • artmanjosephgrech

      Wider issues on the misuse of drugs and mind bending
      Taking my mind off from being suspended from Labour Party for playing mind games on Twitter I first read with interest but a large dollop of salt the Cathy Fox article reblog on the alleged role and power of the Tavistock Institute and Clinic in London on the USA. The role of the Tavistock in Social Work is an important issue just as the role of the Anglo American Universities of Sir Cyril Taylor in terms of education. Sir Cyril who hosted the first formal meeting of the UK People Tribunal, a group which merits public scrutiny along with the Tom Watson group which included Dr Liz Davies (not to be confused with the Barrister now leading the Legal opposition to limit those able to vote in the labour Leadership contest) and Peter McKelvie who we have not heard further since leaving the Justice Goddard era advisory panel.
      By another coincidence the Needle Blog published further comment about the use of Drugs in young offender institutions and children in residential care and the subsequent community Homes. The original article was on the publication of one report on one establishment but a couple of us have pointed out the use of substance drugs in relation to behaviour control and treatment was and is much wider both in relation to ages, types of situation and people, substances, periods of experimentation and purpose or objectives.
      It will be appreciated that the use of drugs is only one aspect of the systems to break down personality, reinvent and control, including the use of triggers. The Cathy Fox reblog refers to the use of LSD and I have on several occasions and places mentioned that the Kahans held an event in Oxfordshire in the mid 1960’s for Councillors Magistrates and social workers in the County, the City and neighbouring authorities at which Dr Milner( Staffordshire County Hospital) promoted the use of a form of LSD as part of regression therapy and personality rebuilding based on basic Freud ideas re death and sex and where I was asked to undertake one case of a schoolboy which worked which profound outcome for the boy and his parents.
      It will be appreciated that many psychiatrists first used the substances on themselves in controlled conditions although I am not sure to what extent this has also applied to the medical/psychiatric/psychologists involved with security services, the military and adult offenders. I have not come across any references to pharmaceutical companies hiring subjects for experimentation although it would be surprising if not the position.

      One aspect which has not been given the attention it deserves is the use of TV, the Internet and the iphone and the developments in what previously was described as subliminal. Understandable because of the national security issues it is rare for any public disclosure although parliament had looked the unit set up to influence public attitudes and opinions and more recently the special military unit brought together to monitor and exercise influence on social media and the internet generally.
      It was noteworthy yesterday that attention was given to the attendance of Nigel Farage at the Trump Election gathering and the anti-Establishment/ anti power and control existing order appeal of the two politicians although little attention has been given to the failure of the Cameron led Establishment use of multimedia to control the referendum vote, to the failure of the USA Establishment to prevent Trump gaining Presidential candidacy despite the kind of alleged power the Tavistock is said to exercise in terms of influencing politicians and other outcomes in the USA and where it remains to be seen if the combined forces at work to prevent Jeremy Corbyn remaining Party leader will be successful.
      While I reject random and chaos theories for explaining events there is coincidence but sometimes the number of coincidences become puzzling. As I have mentioned to some I attended the LoveLikeJo event in Trafalgar Square where I was interviewed for Swiss Radio and someone who worked at Tavistock overheard what I said and commented how much he agreed with the views expressed, and by one of those great coincidences had lived in the same street and knew Peter Westland former Director of Social Services and full time Social Services Officer for the Association Metropolitan Borough Councils.
      Peter represented the Association on the Officer advisory group for the first Forum involving all the local authority Associations in the UK and which had been our idea after we had attended a European Conference at the Hague, (We also attend the Anglo Irish conference in Dublin on Drug misuse in a joint enterprise between the UK, Irish and the Northern Ireland Administrations) and which is mentioned to point to the use of this kind of drug substance, in overseas operations, intelligence and uncover work and the means of keeping control of the population dependent as producers, suppliers and consumers of substances.
      I did think it was significant that the representative of the County Councils Association waited until Peter left the pub where we were having lunch after a meeting of the Officers Advisory group, which I had chaired, to ask how Brian Roycroft had become the only person then and since to be appointed a European Commissioner by Margaret Thatcher who was not a professional politician, given his alleged socialist and Labour party credentials, as the Cabinet office had asked for Chief Executives nominations and where three had been put up. (Cathy Fox has just published one of the investigation which Roycroft was asked to undertake by his pals at the top of the Department of Health)
      I was mindful of the LoveLikeJo meetings (and I am also putting on my blogs site my letter to all those who contributed to Jo Cox) because as was mentioned in Tribute special session of the House of Commons. She had helped someone who wanted to become a Tory MP breaking the same rule which has led Deputy Party leader Tom Watson and the General Secretary are using use to prevent some people becoming members and supporters or remaining members able to vote for Jeremy Corbyn for being nice to the Greens, to saying that Teresa May was an excellent result for the Tory leadership or in my case that I have more in common with Scottish nationalists in Parliament than with a chunk of the PLP who voted to kill civilians in Syria as they did in Iraq and Afghanistan and are prepared to annihilate millions more through the development of a new series of Tridents although my offence in under the abusive tweets and where I have lost count of the number of times Owen Smith has indulged in personal offensive abuse of Jeremey Corbyn and where I am not prepared be silent about those who appear to put personal interest and ambition over the future of the Party, the Labour Movement and the UK more generally. How dare they.
      (This is also published child care and Protection and Artmanjospehgrech Google Blogger) colin smart

  6. Richard Haynes

    The Rt Hon Sir Greg Knight MP says on 5th August 2016 ‘I have more important things to concern myself with …’ the matter rests there,, unless evidence is sent to me’
    So there we have it, VERY BIG QUESTIONS about SERIOUS MATTERS but with nowhere else to go . I was a Bridlington GP for 2+ years who listened to many harrowing stories of systematic and confirmed historical abuse in Bridlington and elsewhere in Yorkshire. Very many more than ever before in my 15+ years of GP practice.
    On submitting my voluntary removal of my licence to practice to the GMC feedback is invited as to your reason- loss of faith was the answer.

  7. Teresa Cooper

    Hi Card

    It would be good to talk to you off here and the team can give you my email address.

    • card2

      Your solicitor Madeleine (?) has my email address and I spoke to Mary a little while back the team medical records specialist.

  8. Hi Card

    Sorry for the delay. I am not normally one to reply on blogs as I am more of a Twitter person… although I am not associated to any groups either FB or Twitter etc Thankyou for your kind words and support. It is gratefully welcomed.

    The misuse of drugs is a specialist field for any researcher or campaigner and very few have any experience so I welcome those with knowledge. Most stick to CSA and exclude the drugging which played a significant role in the UK care system albeit it at different levels. It also happened in borstals, child MH units and the military etc. When I published my book and website, it was the ministry of defence that kept visiting my website more than most. 2013/14 it was Westminster of which my MP prob accounts for 95% of those hits. My MP was best friends with the leader of the local authority that sent me to KH and was the main user of Kendall House.

    I saw your FOI Card. It will be interesting to see if they respond.

    TDF, Thankyou for your replies and I welcome your views. I would appreciate any update to the Wiki if possible. Any news links would be great… not those with solicitor David Greenwood in them though.

    Its good to see such a keen interest in the misuse of drugs and welcome any input. Its a subject that has long been silenced.

    • card2

      In my submission to Judge Goddard May 2015 I did make the point that these research psychobabblers lacked the mathematical sophistication to understand the area in which they chose to dabble. I think they were mad bad and no where near as clever as they saw themselves. Terrifying that they had the power to insulin overdose. truth serum cosh, chemical cosh. electro convulse, aversion “Therapy” , lobotomise prescribe at will

      I asked for Sir Keith Joseph DHSS minister civil servant 1970s Celia Hensman to be called. Explain why Joseph refused inquiry into six years of child deaths at Beeches Ixworth 66 to 72.

      I have a FB friend who is a doctor and former police surgeon. So far not a clue why Howells gave me ephedrine with quinine behind our GPs back when I was 8. I am pretty confident that the rickets which crippled my legs to age 6 was not dietary it was side effect of cortisones. I do have a theory about the ephedrine. It is scary but it fits the facts.

      I think I said 24 years of GP records missing from when I was born first 24 years of life. Ipswich Hospital records destroyed for all Howells and Paulley victims (I am reluctant to say patients) Cambridge uni record for Howells research contract gawn !

  9. card2

    That should be 1970

  10. Teresa Cooper

    Thankyou for the replies card and tdf and sorry for the late response. I will respond in more detail but I need to address Colin. Apologies.


    You have a habit of undermining the severity of Kendall House and go right off track. It’s not just about the severity of abuse that took place at Kendall House. You miss the point Colin. The children and grandchildren were born with birth defects. Some have died and possibly generations thereafter may well be affected too. The church acknowledged the birth defects as a result of the drugging in writing. We are physically ill with aggressive illnesses too. Acknowledged by the report. The same illness you and your buddy made out I faked when I was and still am, very ill. Drugging did play a regular role in care but not to the extent it wiped out blood lines with birth defects and illnesses. If you knew that much about drugging, you would know that but Kendall House was above your remit.

    I was isolated, my name blackened and undermined by those who are supposed to advocate for survivors. Your Tweets fully supported the church and I did not misinterpret what you wrote. It was yet another attempt to shut me up and make me look bad.

    Look at the result I got Colin. I am proud of what I have achieved. I done that on my own and it took me thirty years. I lost everything in the process but at least I can walk with my head held high.

    • card2

      Thanks Teresa I have been phoned back this week by the medical records specialist in the team at the Essex firm of solicitors.

      I mentioned Bolam Defence which became available to medical profession 1957. This was essentially what stopped the 1200 legal aid funded actions for cortisone prescribing negligence in the 90s. In my case I then spun my solicitor leading med neg firm Morgan Cole over in complaint to Law Society Office for Supervision of Solicitors. I only got the max one grand the OSS could award. But I got Graham Miles of Morgan Cole judged the worst case of poor service put before OSS It hasn’t stopped his career.

      Experts like Jean Ginsberg charged the legal aid £1300 per hour to give opinion on disclosed medical records. But they were not reporting tyhings like 24 years of GP records are missing and hospital records were refused disclosure. And then “Expert” £1300 per hour “Opinions” waft off to barrister Simon Levene. His counsel opinion included that a Judge might be upset at my phrase “Steroid holocaust” and it could be construed as offensive to Jews

      And he killed legal aid by predicting the Bolam Defence would succeed. My suspicion is 1200 exactly similar opinions were given. Milions were milked out of legal aid and not one case tested in court.

      The generic lead solicitor was Evill and Coleman. They were funded to collate a library of everything published wideworld since 1945 on corticosteroids. So what does the library say ? In effect that British accepted medical opinion is not the leading expertise. What does counsel say ? He says Judge will only go by British opinion.

      So why bother collating a library ? Milked legal aid.

      We have daughters and grandchildren Our oldest daughter has been sick since age of 17 she is now 38. She has been asked many times if she ever was prescribed cortisones as she exhibits their side effects. But the answer is she has never been prescribed them.

      In my case after spinning the solicitor I kept fighting. OK so we using British standards ? How come early 50s the Mengele at Ipswich (A life event stress and cortisone researcher a fact hidden from his patients(sic) victims. How come he was researching collaborating with a Dutch doctor and is in touch with Libman Engells in USA ? Simon Levene has no answer. Ipswich Hospital destroyed all that consultant records in 1998 to refuse me disclosure having got away with refusing my toss throb solicitor four years earlier.

      “Oh he wasn’t researching” said barrister Levene

      “Well how come he published then old mate and how come that didn’t see the light of day from Evill and Coleman library for the 1200 actions Possibly a dozen of which Ipswich ?”

      Then the medical “expert” used in my case complained to my solicitor I had the cheek to invite him to actually examine me. I was questioning him about his opinions. They get a little less smug when it is mentioned that maybe they would benefit from experiencing a nice old roid rage

      Then their perception changes. They see a world in which they are the frightened victim. In which when they appeal for fair play no one is listening.

      They aint heros when no one pats them on the back any more.

      I would like to have patted them. Just a bit fecking hard.

      In my case after 14 years of continuous cortisone psychosis osteoporosis muscle weakening etc I was weaned off those drugs negligently prescribed for 14 years. At age 42 8 years after getting off them and gym training to get bone density and reverse some muscle wastage I won a Welsh Maters national powerlifting title. Charing X Hospital had opined that I could only ever recover 50% of my natural potential strength.

      In my case God smiled on me. When I moved to Kent in 74 my aunts friend was Stan Edwards an ex Army PTI who ran Margate boys club. He also used the club after the lads had finished boys club in evenings as a gym. Stan got me into weights. Without that countering the side effects inadvertently I would have been like others in the 1200 cases. In a scaffold in a wheelchair.

      I won’t answer Barry he makes me angry now.

      No one is patting him on the back. He betrayed his honour for a contract. He obeyed a gagging order. When I exposed Labour 1975 for discharging mental patients homeless to seaside resorts I was working as a DHSS clerk (Panorama 1975) Official Secrets act action was authorised by minister Barbara Castle with her snivelling advisor Jack Straw. But I backed them off. Albeit I was blacklisted and only place I could get work was coalmine, They gave me unpaid adult day release and I got qualified

      In 1999 I applied for a war disablement pension and it was awarded within two weeks. Other lads from my 1970 Army unit were already getting pension for lung damage.

      The MOD doctor who examined me in my home wrote “Unfortunately when this soldier left service in 1870 he fell under the clutching NHS mad man J W Paulley of Ipswich Hospital” I asked for a copy refused. He had fecked me up with his steroid prescribing. And when it is secret to MOD that is exactly what got recorded.

      I waiver between anger at Colin and feeling pity for him. He is but a little man.

      Teresa you walk with honour girl. Feck em I have long since put submission to Goddard. Suggest Qui Tam and Misprision be legislated to statute. etc.

      If you took a murderer and said you can go to prison or you can take this pill every day but here is what it does … he’d choose nick. Kids got both and they cry for justice. And all Goddard can offer is the lexicon of sociobabble jargon swirling in a smokescreen around “Duties of care”

    • card2

      Click to access Clark-Laurence-leonard-cheshire.pdf

      I hope the linkie is OK

      In the UK Leonard Cheshire Homes in the late 60s the Dept of Health commissioned a study over some years by the sinister Tavistock INstitute. Group psychiatric research on Leonard Cheshire Homes inmate communities. Probably developing the social control con called “User empowerment”

      The legal advice about inmate rights it is still a secret whether advice was given to the Dept of Health. So feck the inmates then eh ?

      The “User empowerment” trend worked its way into MIND. Fad fad.

      But when Panorama exposed Labour for making mental patients homeless at seaside resorts 1975 what did MIND do ?? Stayed quiet. What was in it for MIND executive Peter RIGHTON ?

      But in 72 a couple of years after Tavistock researchers have mengeled in the Leonard Cheshire charity the inmates at Le Court Cheshire Home revolted. That created the DANNERS the Disabled rights movement. Who flour bomb posh dinner fund raisers for the Leonard Cheshire charity.

      And chain themselves to railings at parliament.

      They cry FREEDOM.

      In about 1968 Lord Denning the founding trustee of Leonard Cheshire Homes gave a ruling about unlawful police no go areas. A Chief constable cannot make policy to exempt people or organisations from policing. Denning of course had founded the charity that was protected by Special Branch monitor of police with force liaison reporting to MI5 on any police attention directed at the charity.

      The court froth and the rotten reality all personified in one master of the rolls.

      The Special Branch monitor also protected Sue Ryder Homes. And that was in place before Jimmy Savile happened to abuse at Sue Ryder child hospice Leeds 1975.

      I have blood tests this morning and daren’t go back to sleep in case I miss appointment. I will finish here with an analogy. In 2012 there was a serious nuke incident at Devonport. In 1998 2000 and 2001 there were previous serious incidents also due to backup power failure Dounreay . And also close to criticality due to backup failure Hunterston B 1998.

      I happen to have a copy of the official report re 2012 Devonport.

      To translate the management speak it is they don’t know what went wrong, they don’t know why, they don’t know how to fix it but fear ye not UK nuke programme management (none are engineers) will introduce new procedures for the engineering maintenance staff.

      Perhaps in years to come if we keep getting away without a huge disaster a manager. let us call him Colin. will announce that questioners are stupid and ignorant. If only they understood the procedures that were in place.

      And maybe someone will ask “Shouldn’t the Commons have discussed this before the Trident vote ?”

      “No need” Colin will say “We had the procedures in place”

  11. card2

    A particularly stupid submission to Goddard has already asked for separate study from the origin of the theory of prophylactic separation many years before the 1969 CYP Act.

    • Thankyou Timo.

      They were evil and some of the abusers are still alive :-/

      • card2

        Teresa I think the victim, of six years of mellaril in a state school, will be contacting the Essex based solicitor Madeline.

        In the matter of six years of disabled child deaths (IN Hackney and Islington care) at the Beeches Ixworth Suffolk, Information was sent via Christs College Cambridge from a “Former Bishop of Durham” who wished to remain anon. This was to link the child deaths at Ixworth with my concern at adult deaths nearby in the Sue Ryder Home. The common line of inquiry represented by an alumnus bishop (this can only be Mervyn Stockwood Bishop of Southwark) and a charity. I think the charity was not Katherine Low Settlement as suggested through Christs. I think it was connected with a settlement movement charity where Stockwoods biographer (ex aide to Archbishop of Canterbury) de la hoy had been involved IIRC.

        I am trying to get an article 2 inquest for the Beeches child deaths.

      • tdf

        Didn’t write the wiki article but will have a go on editing during the week to reflect the recently issued report.

        Just a helpful hint. Some of your posts read like word salad gibberish. I think you are possibly an establishment fixer. If so, I’ve met your type before. If not, then at least, try and use proper paragraphs, grammar and syntax, otherwise no-one in their right mind is going to be arsed reading them.

        • artmanjosephgrech

          Sorry you don’t get it but thanks for the unique and original perception that I write in a form of autistic dyslexic victim speak avoiding triggers unless I spend hours which usually have not got

          • card2

            I said I won’t answer you again. But surely you must see you present a worry. Referring children to the North Wales children’s homes for “Treatment” ?

            That is my final comment in response to you.

            • artmanjosephgrech

              Ignorance and stupidity frequently go together From the 1970’s all social service local authorities ran in accordance with government guidelines Intermediate Treatment for young people who had appeared in the Courts andr were at risk of being committed into care and placed on indefinite care orders. Local Intermediate Treatment committees were established which embraced a wide range of organisations and activities. The extraordinary aspect about the decision of the Newcastle Council to send 69 children children from the city to a private care home in North wales that they also sent children ( the number has not been published or short stay Intermediate programmes when a very wide range of these existing in the North East, Cumbria and Lancashire and Yorkshire I was disclosing that I had been present when the Director of Social Services Newcastle recommended placing children in the homes of someone since twice convicted of serious crimes against. I also made public for the first time that the much maligned North Wales Police visited Newcastle and the North East to find out why children had been sent to the Homes. I do not know what they found out, what they concluded and what hey did with the information. I also not aware that the issue was looked by the Waterhouse Inquiry or the more recent Macur Inquiry.

              I will also take the opportunity that I made the point in relation to the Kendall House report that medication was used both as a form of control and treatment in homes set up on theories of the psychology of behavioural modification and as part of regression therapy which was based on the psychiatric views Freud and the post Freudians. I had in mind the Staffordshire County Hospital under Dr Milner and where I attended a presentation by him arranged by the Childrens Officer Oxfordshire

              By coincidence File on Four BBC Radio 4 yesterday evening had a programme on the use of medication ( a truth serum) at Aston Hall Derbyshire on children at 8 pm lasts 38 mins which reinforces the point that consideration should be given for a separate investigation and Hearing by the Justice Goddard led statutory panel inquiry,

      • tdf


        My apologies, I didn’t realise you are dyslexic.

  12. card2

    There is a case I am aware of. Mellaril was repeat prescibed for a schoolboy (administered by his headmaster) from 1973 to 1979. This was in West Suffolk. The psychiatrist in Kent was a student of a student of the increasingly questioned Aubrey Lewis of Maudsley Hospital. The Maudsley extended its influence into Cambridge University and their Fulbourne mental hospital. Cambridge uni put consultant at Ipswich on a four day a week research contract concealed from child patients and their families.

    There appears to have been research on 1000 Suffolk families and 1400 Cambridgeshire children.

    At Ipswich the Cambridge uni contracted research psychobabbler J G Howells became a major author and influence on the emerging cult of sociology and on social work doctrine. My submission to Judge Goddard asks her to examine this flawed foundation to the duties of care she is charged to examine. And in the submission is a question about Howells telling GPs not to prescribe to migraine or asthma children but then they were given off the record ephedrine with quinine.

    • artmanjosephgrech

      Hopefully this is but one of the examples and submissions which will lead the Statutory Inquiry to examine the use of drugs in care Institutions. Teresa Cooper titled the hardback of her experience Pin Down which also serves to underline then deliberate main flaw of the Statutory Inquiry and the UK Tribunal restricted to Sexual crimes although I also appreciate the need to place sexual crimes against children in England and Wales in relation to the world wide history of men using sexual violence against women and girls as one aspect of their innate bloodlust. However while there is a spectrum of causes for sexual crimes, of which paedophilia is one important aspect, the direct link between the regimes of behaviour control and modification in young offender institutions and approved schools imported into the 1969 community homes system with education on premises was a major factor in enabling sexual predators to flourish in institutional settings, but where the political and management system in local authorities, the lack of child care backgrounds of managements and in the incompetence of former colleagues, the role of some trade unions and of freemasonry were also factors. Colin Smart

      • card2

        The case above was not in care. He was given a hallucinogenic by his GP. And after a while on that six years of mellaril which at school was given by his head teacher.

        In my submission May 2015 I mention a number of institutional cases. The Beeches Ixworth disabled child deaths 1966 to 1972 (Hackney and Islington Care) and enphasise that is a village next to the notorious Henniker estate. It has long been suggested that Beeches has common lines of inquiry with Sue Ryder adult deaths at Cavendish.

        There appears to be a history of abuse of young band boys left out of the Admiralty Board report Deal Barracks bombing 1989 in the security history section along with other worrying omissions.

        Connected with Deal Barracks there are the Belgian Brabant killings and the allegation of a Belgian “Pink Ballets” paedo ring for which the procurer was allegedly Bultot who was a member of a paramilitary training group at Deal Barracks.

        And the Ipswich Family Psychiatric Centre 1950s and 60s which placed kids into paedo erotic poses telling them that would stop asthma attacks. As well as giving drugs that did not go on Lloyd George GP record cards because GPs did not know.

        My argument is that these “Cybernetics theory” researchers were an arm of development of sociology and social work doctrine. For example Ipswich (Cambridge uni contracted) researcher J G Howells with his theories of salutiferous society, vector therapy and prophylactic separation. I very much doubt in the books he wrote for sociology he mentioned giving 8 year old kids speed and quinine !

        I argue that it is within terms of reference (Duties of care) to examine the foundation for doctrine. Essentially cybernetics theory (which strayed a bit with eugenics and holocaust). Incidentally just up the road from J W Paulley and J G Howells activity it was at Ipswich Civic College Prof Roy Ascott in 1964 kicked off cyberbnetics theory in art with a pop music apprentice student Brian Eno.

      • My book title has nothing to do with the Pin regime or Inquiry. Pin Down is totally unrelated to Kendall House.

  13. artmanjosephgrech

    It is unfortunate that the report has been issued to day ( the cynicism within me that the timing was deliberate to ensure minimum publicity for good and for bad reasons).

    There are two points which I can make before reading the report which I am in the process of printing and will read as soon as I can.

    The first is the issue of the use of drugs was not restricted to Kendall House as was and continues to be used in relation to children and young people in care today, members of the armed services and convicted prisoners, as they are in relation to anyone with mental problems including the elderly. It is not clear to me if this will be looked at by the Goddard inquiry other than indirectly.
    At the request of a Children’s officer and a Juvenile Court and with the consent of a family and the young person in question I was involved in a placement for the use of abreactive drug and controlled bad Trip ( a form of LSD ) in the mid 1960’s which worked exceptionally well but I am aware of lives further ruined and the process ending and in disrepute, ( In later roles I participated in a number of national committees on use of and misuse of substances and which included becoming an ad hoc Inspector of Social Services for the Department of Health in order to help establish the new Drug Advisory Services for the Health Advisory Service making four visits and reports to the then Health Secretary of State and Parliament.

    The second issue is the role of Church of England and Insurers and where I have met Teresa Cooper and read both the paperback and hard copy of the books on her experience and that of some of the other residents. First and I am sure the Justice Goddard led panel inquiry will cover as part of the separate inquiry and Hearing which includes the role of insurance companies. Companies will argue strongly that in order to fulfil their required role in offering liability insurance their lawyers will instruct authorities and bodies not to admit liability without prior approval or make any document or other form of disclosure which could undermine their position under the particular policy in question. The role and advice is applied to all situations from policing at Hillsborough to an accident by someone driving a local authority motor vehicle.

    Separately the statutory inquiry will consider the role of the Church of England, its knowledge and cover up and where the Church has signalled its wish for a comprehensive and thorough investigation so it can act on the findings in addition to the various investigations into specific situations already undertaken. While the two aspects are related and applies across all the institutions of state, religions and other bodies it is important to appreciate the distinctive separate aspects and consideration involved and continues to lead to misunderstanding if the two are always conflated. In some situations institutional bodies, especially in local government have hidden behind insurances to avoid political, managerial and personal reputational damage but this is now ways no the situation with the present leadership if the Church of England at the forefront of wanting change but where many of the male clergy remain resistant.

    PS I am in the process of preparing a statement on aspects of previous roles, documentation and knowledge as part of a more general statement on engagement in the political process and influencing government and Parliament in the light of recent and ongoing political developments.

    • The reason I titled my book Pin Down is nothing to do with the Pin Down regime or Inquiry hence why it was changed to Trust No One; to stop the confusion. The Pin Down regime and inquiry is totally unrelated to Kendall House.

      Drugging was widespread but not to the degree the doses were so large it caused birth defects and physical illnesses. Please do not confuse the two.

      I barely know you Colin and what little experience I had, I would not like to repeat.

      • artmanjosephgrech

        For the record, I encouraged Teresa via Twitter and email and one long phone call to attend the second meeting of invited individuals to establish a steering committee for the proposed UK Tribunal on Child Sexual Abuse. Having listened to the lawyer Alan Collins who was then acting for some victims in relation to the Jersey Inquiry then underway at the presentation made by John Cooper QC at one of the Universities of Sir Cyril Taylor, I followed his advice that involvement of victim survivors was essential if the Inquiry was to have credibility and attract participation from victims in general.

        Before the second meeting[ I spent time encouraging a number of survivors to put their names forward and withdrew my own nomination to ensure that there was a good balance of survivors, especially those with experience of abuse by institutions of state and religion because the Tribunal unlike the original panel and now statutory Inquiry for England and Wales covers crimes committed in a domestic sitting.
        Following her successful selection Teresa withdrew and in a writing and at meeting expressed concerns and making accurate reference to information which had asked me to pass on and which I did. Alan Collins who chaired he first meeting of Steering group contacted and I confirmed what Teresa had said and also commented on a number of issues including concerns about how the Tribunal was being set up which I continued to consider was amateurish and failed to the needs of victim survivors for appropriately during their involvement and subsequently.

        My intervention was misunderstood by Teresa and contact with her ceased at that time and I am not aware that she had further involvement with the Tribunal. My alarm at aspects of the Tribunal has not changed from the presentation by the most powerful and influential Educationalist advisers to Governments in the UK but who appeared to be advocating the taking into care and placement in a range of residential educational institutions of several hundred thousand children so to quote what heeh said and which recorded they could benefit from mixing with normal children. I make no apology that with a subsequent long standing survivor member of the steering committee with encouraged Sir Cyril to leave the meeting which he did!

        I was further alarmed to learn that funding for the work of the Tribunal had been offered by Al Fayed although I am not aware how this came about and therefore if there was any connection between this and Michael Mansfield QC was originally to have a role in Tribunal and that in addition to his work on the Hillsborough Inquiry he had represented Al Fayed at the Diana Inquiry. I emphasis that I have no evidence of any direct link but received confirmation from a key individual in the setting up of the Tribunal that Al Fayed had offered to fund.

        I also had a brief communication with Teresa more recently and where sadly she misunderstood and rejected my comment that the leadership of the Church of England had pressed the Justice Goddard led panel Inquiry to concentrate on the role of the Church of England and its cover up in an early Investigation and Hearing because it wanted to make sure its latest mechanisms for selecting and monitoring appointments and safeguarding those with direct contact with the church and its agencies were the best possible. In my notes to your summary of the Kendall House Report I tried to explain that role of the Church of England taking account that its consititutional head in the Head of the State who appoints the Bishops and in the provision of safeguarding had to viewed separately for the role of Liability insurers and their lawyers, although I added that some authorities and other interests were only too willing to use the role of liability insurance to avoid organisation reputational damage and well as less acceptable reasons.

        Once again I can only repeat that I regard what happened to residents at Kendall House as comtemptable and unacceptable and no different from atrocities committeed in may other institutions. During the one of the criminal trials in relation to staff of Sunderland Council the Crown prosecution described some of the practice as akin to torture.

        I also made the point that those who had decision taking responsibility in the former children’s departments 1948 1971 and Social Services Departments 1871- 2006 and who were professional qualified could be divided between those trained by Freudians and Behaviourists although what any indivial made of their training was a separate matter. Moreover residential care establishments for children and young people which to day we described as children with special needs were set up based on Freudian Psychiatry which included regression therapy and tthe use of medication or behaviourist theorist and which led to what is nowgenerally and mistakenly summer up in the words Pin Down. What I had hoped I was doing was to separate the action of individual perpetrators of crimes againstg individual children and sometimes a number of individual children from the flawed theories upon which many establishments were and may well be still set up, and where harm will continue unless there are carefully vetted and selected staff trained to an appropriate level who understand and support the care and treatment regimes of each establishment. Given what we also know and have known ever since I entered child care in 1962 the shortcomings and dangers of fostering it is understandable that government shoudkl turn to adoption as the magic solution.

        However the proposed speeding up of thea adoption process and all that this implies is potentially just as dangerous as has been the disgraceful forced adoptions. There is only one solution where there no evidence of the a childbeing harmed by its mother is for either the heklp to be concentrated on parent and child in a domestic setting of for both to be taken into care. In 1962 I worked as a student for the Manchester and Salford family servie unit and in 1964 for the Lee Crescent Indepndent residential unit also as a student which provided supervised residential accommodation for mothers and their children who had been evicted from other accommodation. I write about this in an article in rthe Guardian in 1992 and I shared the view of former Prime Minister candidate Andrea Leadsom that in general it is important for mothers to play an increasingly powerful role in politics and and positions of power and authority in the society generally.

        • card2

          I objected against involvement of Michael Mansfield. To Theresa May at Home Office. My concern was his activity in Lawrence case and the possibility that, with proper National Crime Agency inquiry into case corruption, Mansfield and the Lawrence team might be accused of offences against Terrorism Act 2000 Sections 38B 54 and 55.

          An aspect of this is to do with mercenaries who attacked transitional Mandela Regime 1993 who included the vile child rapists Parker twins of Nuneaton. Kent Police Authority in 1997 called for inquiry including into preparation and despatch of those mercenaries to attack Mandela regime.

          Mansfield and the Lawrence team went along with Jack Straw’s suppression of that call for inquiry (as Kent Plod conducted MacPherson Inquiry) A month after MacPherson reported, human rights lawyer Rosemary Nelson was killed in Ulster. Sir Ronnie Flanagan RUC expressed concerns to Home Sec that Sir David Philips Chief constable Kent was seconded as invigilator while compromised by mercenary and paramilitary collusion cover ups in Kent. Straw stuck to his guns suppressing the call for inquiry from KPA 1997 and Phillips was promptly packing and toddling home off the Nelson case.

          At the Rosemary Nelson Tribunal the submission from Manmsfields charity British Irish Rights Watch concealed their knowledge of this and thus concealed Mansfield condoning the corruption of MacPherson Inquiry by Jack Straw.

          I am an officially called witness to the National Crime Agency Lawrence corruption inquiry. But at this time their terms of reference mean they won’t be investigating Doreen Lawrence and Mickey Mansfield.

          My objection to Mansfield on child abuse inquiry was that with a better terms of ref to NCA he could be on CSA work when arrested !

          • artmanjosephgrech

            Very interesting additional information re position of Michael Mansfield who was stated to be president of the Society of Labour lawyers during an online video meeting with the White Flowers organisation.

            It is my understanding that the statutory Inquiry is/will investigate the background to how it came about and which may well include the role of the UK Tribunal White Flowers and other bodies and the cross over of involvements of some individuals together with the role of the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee and House of Commons special interest groups past and present. The Statutory inquiry gave the impression that it would be investigating at the time Peter McKelvie left the steering committee.

            This may be an appropriate opportunity to explain that contrary to the impression given in the 1998 Nick Davies on my involvement with Sunderland Council and where the placement of the article on line led to its reposting and discussions on various social media interests, my first involvement with the issues of Child Sexual Abuse, Residential care, Politicians, and cover up occurred in 1970 when I was asked to investigate a particular situation a Childrens officer after he and an influential Senior Inspector of Services Home Office Children’s Department had attempt to establish the position at one establishments I informally reported what I had been able to find out to the then Deputy Chief Inspector at the Home Office and to a former Home Office Government Minister in the House of Lords who became the Shadow Minister after the 1970 General Election. I then had an informal conversation with a senior legal officers at the authority in question ( and where the Home Office subsequently took me to lunch advised I was being recommended to become a Director and was to have been appointed at Dewsbury had I not been appointed and signed a contract at Cheshire. The politician in question (where the concern was corruption and not child abuse) went on to have a leading role in the newly formed association of metropolitan authorities.

            By one of those coincidence and connections it was a member of the team I lead for Cheshire on police and service development for the new social services department 1971-1973 who contacted me in the early 1990’s to ask for advice having been appointed to undertake one of the first inquiries into matters North Wales and who made a special visit meeting at the hotel where he stayed at Washington. he was to have become a member of he Jillings Inquiry but the decision was taken to appoint someone of he physical female gender and she has spoken to the Social Work History network group about her experience online notes of Professor Tunstill Social Work History Network 24 November 2015 and the Macur review.

            I cannot now remember and deliberately made no notes of my meeting if then I mentioned that I had been present when the Director of Social Services Newcastle, President of the Association of Directors of Social Services and a European Community Commissioners recommended to other colleagues in the North East placement of children in the homes of now twice convicted John Allen Bryn Alyn Homes, mentioning the hospitality he had received and was available. It continues to puzzle me when I raised this with the Chief Constable of Northumbria in January in January 2014 having written to Michael Gove then at the Department of Education, I was subsequently advised that the police had no interest in the former Director of Social Services because he was dead,

            The interesting aspect of the Macur review and the Waterhouse inquiry is that they did not specifically look at why children in the care of the North East and other local authorities were placed in the Allen homes with 69 from Newcastle alone and an unstated number on short stay intermediate treatment although I an aware on good authority that North Wales Police visited Newcastle and spoke with others in the region about this aspect before I was made aware of matters before by appointment at Sunderland 1991/1992 by the editor of the local evening paper who said the matters had been confirmed with my predecessor (1971-1990) whose son in law worked for the paper.

            In 1998 I took a submission to the office of the Attorney General and followed written advice which led to the appointment of an Internal law firm pro bono with Counsel opinion pro bono by the Bar Council of someone who now serves of the Constitution committee of Parliament. By yet another coincidence he person who provide the advice became permanent secretary at the Cabinet office 2010-2015 before moving as Permanent Secretary at the Department of Justice to where the former Education Department Secretary of State had moved as Lord Chancellor, and he now moves to the backbenchers someone of physical gender female becomes the first Lord Chancellor in at least 1000 years of records.

            There are two more coincidence connections meriting reference in this context. in 1981 I was invited to participate in a non statutory panel of Inquiry with a husidical chairman and a number of lawyers representing core participants of interested parties. the chairman had been Counsel in rhe Maria Colwell statutory Inquiry, and when invited I asked tow questions why me and why inquiry. Why me was on rrecommendation of the Department of Health although I did nto ask if was one of three names submitted th ususal practice or if others had been asked and declined. The response to what it all about was with hindsight interesting in the light of an odd now published communication (Cathy Fox site) from the then secretary of state at the department of Health to Prime the Prime Minister and includes a xcontribution from the then Chief Social Services Adviser Bill now Sir William Utting. I was told there was high level interest and when I pressed I was told one word Palace. I thought it was odd from the 2014 published communication between Mininster and Prime Minister because there was reference to the PM’s personal private secretary as the point of contact reference whereas according to the official biographer of the P.M Vol 1 the Minister was part of a close circle and therefore irect contact or a personal ohone call given the context would have been more appropriate.
            Be this as it may the widely beleived author of national media demands for an independent statutory inquiry was said to eb the acting police commander who was one of three police men to be awarded the Geroge Medal for their part in the capture of leading members of the official Irish Republican Army, prosecution and imprisonment ( Balcombe Street Siege).

            After the publication with kimited availability of the majority report and Chairman;s Report in 1992 the Chief Social Work Adviser who had been Chief Probation officer Newcastle and remained a personal friends of the Director of Social Services Newcastle made a an official visit to the regional office, to see the Newcstle Director and then a private visit to see me to elarn the background why there had been to report and where both authors agreed not to disclose information( National Interest consideration suffices) I did what Bill asked and wrote to the new Secretary of State at The Department of Health offering to assist further. I can admit that I authored the majority report because in 2014 the Spectator Magazine drew to my attention that in 1993 they had published an article by Auberon Waugh on aspects of why there were two reports ansd referred that IK had drafted rthe the report although in fact the two other colleagues redrafted and made many valuable alterations including the ecision to summarise all 100 plus situatiosn where if different choices had been made it was likely the child in question would be alive to day. I have since advised the local authority in question on the issue of republication and copies of the media publicity still available.

            My involvement of some thirty years ago came to the fore on January 2nd 2014 when I met a leading campaigner who brought with her someone who I later fund out was Peter McKelvie and although what was said must remain condidential unless what was said is not consider relevant to current investigations and proceedings reference was made to the involvement of Tom Watson and an assistant he had brought to one fo their secret meetings. The involvement of Tom Watson present deputy leader of rthe Labour party is of signbificant interest because in 2001-2002 he was member of the House of Commons Home Office Selexct Committee chaired by Sunderand South MP Chris Mullin

            Chris Mullin and most will be aware through the Home Affairs Committee played a major part in revealing the extent of Freemasonry in the Police and Local Government highlighting the number of Lodges covering Sunderland and South Tyneside and the existence of a Sunderland Civic Lodge which met across the road from the civic centre. ( While feemasonry was an issue in relation to what happened at Sunderland so was the role of Trade Mr Mullins is more well known for his role in revealing that two sets of men convicted for acts of Terrorism in Birmingham and Guildford had been framed by the police.

            The significance of the Mullin Committee in which Tom Watson participated as did David Cameron is the report and recommendings of their investigations into the Conduct of investigations into past cases of abuse in children’s homes which is available on line toegtehr with thersponse from over 70 interests who answerd rthe Committee questionnaire. In summary they wanted a stop to further police investigations unless authorised by a judge and because of the allegation some survivors were only interested in compensation they recommended restrictions while while not accepted by trhe Blair Government does appear to have resulted in inquiries ending prematurely.

            That it was Tom Watson who asked David Cameron the Prime Ministers question in 2012 and which klicked off the raft of police investigations into politicians and public personalities may be coincidence but I think not.

            I am reminded that in 1979 a few months after being becoming Prime Minister for the first time (Baroness) Margaret Thatcher was asked by a Labour Member of Parliament in effect if it was true that the then Keeper of Royal Art was a double agent and as it later emerged Harold Wilson had used the Royal Prerogative to grant the man Anthony Blunt immunity from prosecution and where he was not only allowed to keep his job but participate in top society. After she outed him he retired and worked on a memorit of his early life which was then locked awat in the British Library for 30 years. I cannot remember without checking if it was the Daily Mail or Express which then had the memorable quote from Lady Thatchers former press officer under the banner headline Queen mothers favourite Spy ( he as a distant relation) tot he quesrion why she had done it. He said because she did not believe in cover up.

            Going back to that meeting with the two cmapaigners on January 2nd 2014 they mentioned that Tom Watson had attempted to bring to one of their meeting an associate and unaware of what was to come I commended that interveiewed the person as part of rthe Inquiry and considered the individual be a person of professional integrity base don that experience. My continuing interest was understandable when this peron was appointed by Home Secretary Tersea May to the first panel later that year,

            The reason for mentioning the 2002 Home Affairs Committee is that rhere are warnings of the same pressure to call a halt to police action and possible to the work of the statutory Inquiry for Enland Wales when the House of Lords passed the motion That this House takes note of the case for statutory guidelines relating to the investigation of cases of historical child sex abuse.”

            The appointment of former Home Secrate Tersea May as Prime Minister and Liz Truss as Justice Scertary should out paid to that. It was typical when last night that old man Andrew Neill asked old man Michael Portillo and old man Alan Johnson if either could say one good thing which Mrs May had achieved as Home Scretary neither did despite the fact that she abolished the poqwer of the Assoiciation of Chief Constables with the setting up of the National Crime Agency or resisted the pressure not to have a formal indeoendent investigation into the extent of what happened and why and the reasons and nature for the cover up and whichis likely to take longer that Chilcott with the original statement of Justice Goddard that the inquiry would be comprehensive and thorough and that there could be as many as 25 investigarions hearing arising from the five work streams.

            Having said this in some way the broad findings will only repeat what was said before by government. In response to the Bill ( who had become Sir William) Utting inquiry and Report People Like Us, Tony Blair had placed Health Secretary Frank Dobson heading a Cainet Sun committee of Ministers in much the same way that David Cameroin appointed Teresa May.

            Frank wrote on behalf of the government in his forward to the detailed published reponse the Children’s Dafegyarding review ” There was not just a failure by care staff. The children had been failed by social services managwers, councils, police, schools, neighbours, the Social Service Inspectorate Government, Government departments, Ministers and Parliament. Some people in all those categories and institutions had worled hard to doa good job for those children but too many did not. The while system had failed.” He went on say “There can be no more excuses.” The government then allocated £450 million for prevention and service improvement. The present Speaker of the House of Commons established that it was new money and Virginia now Baroness Bottomley eplaiend that the problem was intractable, of the great understatements of all time. Colin Smart

            • card2

              In 1972 a Welsh Regional Crime Squad Det sgt, unknown to me at the time, defied threats from Special Branch to drop inquiry into the Sue Ryder and Leonard Cheshire charity. He defied the threat. He died attracting a suicide verdict.

              In 1989 17 years after I quit police I was an electrician contracting in PLessey torpedoes Newport. Security was an ex RCS DC. He spoke with me and we realised that when the Det sgt died in 72 I had suffered a medical accident temp death in 1972. My ambulanceman dad gave CPR 30 minutes. I have been rural beat Pc defying attempts within Suffolk Police to get me to stitch up sudden death inquiry into drowning of volunteer Matron McGill at the Sue RYder HQ Cavendish.

              I put the ex RCS information together with my McGill Decd information 1991 and MP Sir John Stradling Thomas wrote to Home Secretary and Attorney General. Then died at his Dolphin Square Home. The ex RCS Dc was threatened by Special Branch that his sons probationary constable career was vulnerable and he needed security clearance to keep his job (and prospective redundancy payout) at Plessey. He was document burgled and an excrement smeared threat left on his lounge wall. I came in for some attempts to intimidate me.

              BUT I took an oath as a constable. It is binding unto death. The oath as honoured by that Welsh RCS Det sgt. I have since then, flatten by flattery, been commended twice for the lifelong honour of my oath.

              Did you agree to gagging orders to safeguard your pension ?

              If so where is the honour in that ?

              • artmanjosephgrech

                Almost all those in senior positions in public and private employment have been required to enter into contracts which prevent information disclosure without authority and even Whistleblowing procedures are limited. On one hand it is right that individuals and organisations are protected from the malicious and sometimes corrupt passing of information to other parties eg police to press of employees to criminal gangs and on the other the risk that those with power abuse it to protect themselves, families and friends or for reasons which are not in national interest or not in the public interest to be disclosed.
                In my instance I have had no problem with restricting disclosure to those with the authority the power to get things done, make changes and in relation to the child care and protection service in general I have always made the point as I did in writing to the Editor of the the local paper who have given me information confirmed with my predecessor which he asked me to investigate that a balance was required in what was public and private because publicity, as has happened has led to victims being retraumatised, exiting children in care having to face more nattention as being different and recruitment of the right people even more difficult….. and on the other the ability of perpetrators who hidenwithin the system making use of connections within Freemasonry and Trade unions for example both important and valuable bodies but which can also provide opportunities for rogues and worse. The danger is always of throwing rhe baby out with the bathwater as they say. From my long experience revoklutionary change always leads to wrose in the shortn terms and questionable gain in the long..

                I was struck last night on the BBC Four programme on the Greeks weher everyone coukd paerticipate in democracy directly with in effect refednedum in every city with everyone eligible to participatebattending and vote on issues by shows of hands and where girls were kept at home and virgins until married at 13 or 14to someone chosen by their parent without having any say and unmarried men in rtheir 20’s could seduce teenage boys who when selected and courted could nor refuse…. Norman Tebbit summed it up well when he spoke of the British way of not seeting what was rhere, of denial and protecting reputational damage etc with disastrous consequences…. In Northern Ireland for example it is now well documented via the Steven Inquiries and media research that the security forces did deals with Unionist para military groups not just members of the Irish Reoublican army but individuals who were regarded as threatening the status quo or from private vendettas and where some Inqursts wont take place for two or three more decades to prevent truth emerging.

                It is important always to know that if you go over the top there is a strong possibility you wont get back and also appliedifnyou asks others to followyou over. at one level we all are , have been and remain expendable servants of the state and which leads to the question who guards the guardians?

                • card2

                  No contract can overrule the Constable Oath by which he is independent ministerial officer of the Crown. I have no time for the officers who emerge from under their retirement stones, like Driscoll of Lambeth paedo inquiry and Lawrence case, saying they were “Ordered” to drop inquiry into child abuse. NO ONE save a judge by warrant “Orders” a constable. He is charged with duty for which he is criminally answerable as an independent officer of the crown to HM the Queen by Coronation Oath. A safeguard to ensure no matter how high you are (including govt) the law must be above you.

                  I did not know about the stand that Welsh RCS Det sgt took in 1972 until I met his surviving colleague in 1989. But that Welshman though we never knew each other or that we had complementary duties he stood by me and will always be my brother. If I can quash his suicide verdict I will.

                  I see no honour in your position Colin. And this is my last contribution to this thread.

                  My recommendations to the CSA inquiry include re-introducing misprision of felony by statute and re-introducing qui tam by statute (something john reid issued a consultative document about in 2006)

                  I have incidentally guarded Judge Stonehouse at a Crown Court but he had a spook minder with him too. Which was from before he did the Bryn Allen inquiry. He used to give the spook the slip to go shopping at a fish market so I dunno if he liked his cooking ?

                  • artmanjosephgrech

                    Yep an Oath is an Oath. as a teenager the modern history master at school said around 1953/54 if you want to understand what the second world war was really about read the reports issued following the Nuremberg War crimes Tribunals held 1945-1949 Military Tribunals the spend in which the evidence was collated, the trials and sentencing was carried out shows what can be dome when nations take action and allocated the required resources and my the ime I went to local Reference Library and commenced to read many of those convicted had already been released an were playing an active part in the reconstruction of Germany under the control of the allied powers. The main defence was always I was doing what I was told under orders and if refused I just would not pay but my family… situations which arose post war in Russia. China and in most dictatorship…. the attempted revolution in Turkey said to be by those wanting a secular democracy who did not support the approach of the current leadership religious sectarianism and with lip service to democracy attempting to turn the nation into a central dictatorship by democratic means and where the democratic system of justice will be used to purge anyone who is known to oppose the way the regime is going. Had the coup won it is questionable if the purging would have been just as ruthless… both sets of soldiers took oath of loyalty and obedience.

                    as you say each individual has to come to a decision and the point I was making is that they need to take account of the likely the potential outcome for themselves and their family and I have not attempted to sit in judgements those who appears not to have made a bad choice without access to all the relevant information. Hopefully this what the statutory led by Justice Goddard is all about as she has said the present investigation leading to Hearings are the first tranche.. and where another could be agreed

                    I would like to see three inquiries each looking at the role Government and Parliament, The Security Services and Police and thirdly Public and Local Government Officers in the Cover up …. perhaps a fourth the role of Trade Unions and Freemasonry

    • I barely know you Colin and for good reason, that is how I plan to keep it. I wont waste my time reading your reply in book form. It matters not. Have a great day. Goodbye

  14. Richard Haynes

    Yet again, the Medical Profession up to it’s neck – outrageous complicity.
    Signed: a Whistleblowing GP

    • This report only accepts that the drugging which was already on the record anyway.

      The report summary states, “Often these drugs were given dosages which exceeded usual prescribed adult levels.”

      Which is understatement if ever there was one.

      “Teresa Cooper was one of those girls. She arrived at Kendall House in Kent at the age of 14. Over the 32 months she was there, she was given medication at least 1,248 times – cocktails of 11 different drugs” This all on record.

      What doesn’t appear to be recognised in this report is the debilitating consequences to the girls health in the longer term and the birth defects of the children these girls have had.

      So, it appears to be a report of what we already knew. The church lawyers prevented further investigation.

    • Timo


      I also am a previous whistleblowing NHS worker, who was not listened to or believed and was ‘silenced’ by the powers that be – the following article proves that we are not alone, but at times the ‘powers’ make you think you are. Why??

      What happened to Jeremy Hunt (MP) – Health Ministers vision of full candour and transparency in the NHS and promised protection for whistleblowers.

      • card2

        In my submission to Judge Goddard I ask her to consider recommending reintroduction of Qui Tam and Misprision of Felony type laws. To make failure to whistleblow once again an offence

      • card2

        Thanks for link Timo I was 8 in 1957 when our GP caught my dad giving me quinine with ephedrine. I had been referred as an outpatient for asthma for “Play therapy” at Ipswich Family psychiatric centre. The centre had asked GP not to give any treatments for the child asthma, But he caught dad red handed with the quinine and ephedrine that seem to have been dispensed off the record by what were Cambridge Uni contracted research psychiatrists at the centre

        With quinine the question is whether they had tried malarial shock therapy

        To cure asthma ? Some weird stuff went on there.

      • Timo

        Hello card2,

        Thank you for sharing your experiences, it is just a shame that others do not feel able to do the same.

      • Timo


        Seems like everybody’s got a price,
        I wonder how they sleep at night
        When the sale comes first
        And the truth comes second.
        Just stop for a minute and smile
        (Credits Jessie J)
        It’s about the money, money, money
        We need your money, money, money
        We just wanna makes our lives dance,
        Forget about the price tag
        Ain’t it about the ch-ch-ching ch-ching
        Ain’t it about the bl-bling-bl-bling
        Wanna make our lives dance
        Forget about the price tag
        (Words adapted by NHS Whistleblower)

        Where does the money come from? > news > local New £3.5m GP Surgery – 16 Feb 2011 (Inspection dates 2/7/2013; 21/11/2013; 4/6/2014)

        • card2

          What we doing Timo is looking at Royal Medico Psychological Assn as a common source of all the prescribing research Kendall House Aston Hall Fulbourne Ipswich Southend and two hospitals in Scotland St Thomas William Sargent . So far …….

          They appear to have had an extensive “Education Cttee” which aspired not only to write the curriculum for training psychiatrists but also to write the text for sociology and social work practice.

          If this is the foundation to the duties of care Goddard is charged to examine. Then the sooner she susses that underpinning won’t work to hold up the crumbling ruin, and susses only demolition and start again will suffice. The better.

          WE have probably been treated on this thread to a recital of their approved jargon for directors of social services ?

      • Hi Timo – I can’t access these links – can you help? I would be interested to read them. Thanks

      • Annomyous

        Trojanhorsegirl – try this

        Businness no 2751363 on Company Formation UK

    • Richard Haynes

      From: Richard Haynes
      Sent: 23 July 2016 13:08
      To: SOTHCOTT, Teresa
      Subject: RE: Historical Sexual Abuse – Bridlington

      Many would say your title has some weight. All that work in the area of Political Service marvellous.
      I remain wholly unconvinced that you understand fully the weight of responsibility to constituents and your duty of care, not to historic motor vehicles, but to people.
      These are not an abstract idea but a collective body, with I believe an expectation of social justice and effective advocacy from their elected representatives.
      I understand that you like a good quip and political insult.
      Well yes, your SILENCE is damming.
      Silent Knight is no great orator but a trader of secrets. If not, then how has he done so well in political life?
      You have successfully ignored a local, experienced constituent GP who has awkwardly raised a matter that his Bridlington colleagues, East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group and NHS England (North) do not want to properly explore. I have additionally raised the question of Organised Crime- naughty, naughty!
      I would be so happy to be reassured. I am not and therefore with effect of 31 July 2106 I will voluntarily rescind my licence to practice as a doctor. I have lost faith and there is nowhere else for me to go.
      As such, there will be no more letters from me screaming at you in your inbox. The matter is sadly not resolved. May I direct you to the speech of John Mann MP on 5 November 2015 in Westminster Hall. Bridlington is not North Yorkshire but it is pretty close.
      I hope that you enjoy the Summer Recess , with endless possibilities of Touring like Mr. Toad.
      ‘Whether a Ford or a Ferrari, whatever I can get to carry me near or far, just give me any car. I love to ride the Tar, an old Excalibar; yes, any motor car. And I’ll be happy – ho-ho! Messing around in cars!’

      Kindest Regards

      Dr Richard John Haynes MA (Cantab) MBChB (Edin)

      PS. Our correspondence will be shared with others.

      From: SOTHCOTT, Teresa
      Sent: 04 July 2016 09:47
      To: Richard Haynes
      Subject: Re: Historical Sexual Abuse – Bridlington

      The Rt Hon Sir Greg Knight MP
      House of Commons
      London SW1A 0AA
      Telephone: 0207 219 4077 or 0845 0900 203

      Thank you for your email.

      I should be grateful if you could let me have your home address please so that Sir Greg can reply to you.


      Teresa Sothcott
      Private Secretary

      From: Richard Haynes
      Date: Saturday, 2 July 2016 07:09
      To: Teresa Sothcott
      Subject: Historical Sexual Abuse – Bridlington

      Greg Knight

      I wrote to you recently to enlist your support as a social justice advocate for your constituents. I cannot believe that you would wish to remain silent on this matter, especially with concerns articulated locally of possible organised or systematic activity. We need the weight of our MP to shine a light and hopefully provide reassurance on a range of matters. The evidence from elsewhere needs us to rule out child trafficking and ritual abuse as parts of a well documented triad of activity.
      I am sure that you have spent the period since our correspondence reflecting how you are best placed to lead our social justice programme.
      Greg, unlike many who say that elected representatives do nothing for them, I believe that you are an individual who is brave and capable. Your knighthood for political services is testament to the standing that you have amongst your peers. May I encourage you to join our fight for truth.

      Kind Regards and Best Wishes from a fellow Public Servant working in the Public Interest.

      Richard Haynes

      UK Parliament Disclaimer: This e-mail is confidential to the intended recipient. If you have received it in error, please notify the sender and delete it from your system. Any unauthorised use, disclosure, or copying is not permitted. This e-mail has been checked for viruses, but no liability is accepted for any damage caused by any virus transmitted by this e-mail. This e-mail address is not secure, is not encrypted and should not be used for sensitive data.

      • Richard Haynes

        Somewhat damaged former GP seeks employment- highly principled with intellectual capacity. Full of integrity, unable to look the other way.
        Any suggestions/offers please advise.
        Available from 1 August 2016, East Yorkshire based but willing to travel.

      • JakeyBear

        Hello Richard,
        Have you (or Sir Greg Knight) come across the following verbatim statement from Det Insp Nigel Sawyer, Bridlington Police –

        18/7/2007 – DI Nigel Sawyer insists Bridlington is not a hot spot area for crimes of this nature. We have had a lot of high profile sex abuse cases within the Bridlington area in the past four or five years, but we should’nt take things out of context.

        If you want to read some further links about East Yorkshire / Humberside of people with empowerment to act, but fail to do their duty, look up the following link –

        Scroll down to comment posted by Anonymous 23/11/2015 @ 15:53 – Investigating Police Officers falling from grace in East Yorkshire / Humberside and reply by Anonymous 24/1/2015 @ 15:34 – Who are the safeguarding champions?

        Am I right in thinking that Sir Greg Knight has a background in legal protocol / proceedings – ? solicitor.

      • Richard Haynes

        Dear Greg

        I am so pleased that you accept that ’clearly something needs to be done’.
        Detail and the integrity of the evidential chain is vital when any crime is being investigated.
        Your letter dated 22nd July 2016 to myself, Dr Richard J Haynes, was received today, Tuesday 26 July 2016, with a Royal Mail Sheffield Mail Centre 25.07.16 08:00 pm 140000427 postmark.

        Until my email of Saturday 23 July 2016 , I signed myself as Richard Haynes, only on the 23 July did I use my full name and title, specifically my middle name John.
        You may well have wanted to satisfy yourself that I am registered with the General Medical Council. They provide the public with full name details.

        I first raised concerns, based on my clinical experience, with the East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group (ERY CCG) in July 2015 at the Bridlington Locality Commissioning Forum under any other business. This was not minuted or actioned despite an assurance by an Associate Director that a senior medical colleague would contact myself. I raised the matter again in the same fashion in October 2015. This was minuted.
        In early November a Humberside Police Officer attended my home to question me about current child safeguarding concerns. My concerns were always declared as historical. This Police intervention led nowhere except to cause me significant disquiet and challenge my professional standing. The question of historical sexual abuse went no further. I raised a formal grievance against ERY CCG which was ignored.

        My cumulative professional experience in East Yorkshire has a similar pattern of professional concern, approach to relevant authority, organisational diversion,? Integrity and/or capacity of practitioner with then no further action in respect of the concern raised.

        Your offer to challenge the inactivity and lack of enquiry of ERY CCG is welcome. It was such a simple request. Was my clinical experience different to that of my GP colleagues in other practices in Bridlington? Could we learn any lessons?
        Back to question of evidence, as you rightly intone.
        I fully expect that evidence will be presented to Humberside Police of ‘organised activity’ in the area of historical child sexual abuse. I will break no confidentiality in declaring this.
        Your gracious support is welcomed.

        Kind Regards

        Richard Haynes

        • card2

          J G Howells Ipswich, William Sargent St Thomas, Royal Medico-psychological assn. Top of the pyramid creating the curriculum to train psychiatrists. Another member was the chemical cosher of aston hall.

          I have no doubt that J G Howells Cambridge Uni contract, to research 4 days a week on unwitting Suffolk families, is linked to the Ipswich Mengele J W Paulley.

          Paulley was involved in creating 3 education set ups free of NHS scrutiny Ipswich Vocational Training Initiative for GPs. Stockwell Centre Colchester. Uni of Buckingham backed by institute of economic affairs

          Howells was a major influence on the post war pseudo science of sociology and hence to social work doctrine.

          William Sargent nicked his own St Thomas patients records and it is looking as if Howells did the same at Ipswich. Ipswich NHS destroyed all Paulley records in 1998 while refusing to disclose. The Law Society OSS scheme found the specialist solicitor who failed to bring that to issue “Worst case of poor service ever investigated by OSS” Graham Miles of Morgan Cole Cardiff. But also letting them get away with records destruction while under disclosure application was generic lead legal aid funded Evill and Coleman and barrister Simon Levene. (Cortisone prescribing actions none got to court)

      • By the Seaside

        Are services safe? Requires improvement
        ‘Practice policies and procedures were not always followed in
        relation to the management of medicines.’

        Click to access AAAF7222.pdf

      • By the Seaside

        Provider: The Park Surgery
        ‘We are carrying out checks on locations registered by this provider using our new way of inspecting services. We will publish the reports when our checks are complete.’
        Care Quality Commission (CQC)The independent regulator of health and social care in England

      • By the Seaside
        Judges rule over sex abuse at St William’s care home in Market …
        Middlesbrough Diocese | The Catholic Diocese of Middlesbrough
        Not a bad starting point- a not so grand day out trafficked about East & North Yorkshire

    • Pulse

      It wouldn’t happen here would it?

    • By the Seaside

      “a state of unease within the medical profession across the UK that risks affecting patients as well as doctors”. the GMC
      – the regulator,’senior doctors’ and politicans should take a long hard look

    • By the Seaside

      Care Quality Commission (CQC)The independent regulator of health and social care in England

      Provider: Humber NHS Foundation Trust Requires improvement

      We are currently conducting checks on one or more of the locations registered by this provider. The results will be published on the location page as soon as the checks are finished.

      Accommodation for persons who require nursing or personal care
      Assessment or medical treatment for persons detained under the 1983 Act
      Diagnostic and screening procedures
      Family planning services
      Maternity and midwifery services

      CQC Inspection Area Ratings
      (Latest report published on 10 August 2016)

      Safe Inadequate
      Effective Requires improvement
      Caring Good
      Responsive Requires improvement
      Well-led Requires improvement
      CQC Inspections and ratings of specific services
      (Latest report published on 10 August 2016)

      Another one to look at – provider of Unscheduled Care (GP Out of Hours) Service to East Yorkshire.

    • By the Seaside

      Documented decades of abuse at St William’s College, Market Weighton – where were the local GPs, local NHS authority and local professional representative body if not during then afterwards ?
      East Riding of Yorkshire Primary Care Trust –…/East_Riding_of_Yorkshire_PCT_Annual_Report_and_Accoun.. -The Humberside Group of Local Medical Committees Ltd is a statutory body that represents and supports GPs and their practices across Hull, East Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire.

      complicity –
      the fact or condition of being involved with others in an activity that is unlawful or morally wrong.

      OUTRAGEOUS – no documented organisational reflection, apology in respect of a de facto failure of a duty of care intended or otherwise or enquiry/fact finding to facilitate future safeguarding.
      SLOWLY slowly ….

    • By the Seaside
      Missing GP records in Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk ‘total 9,000’
      we know there have been serious issues with services delivered by Capita which have had an unacceptable impact on practices,” a spokesman for NHS England said.

    • By the Seaside

      Read all about it …,4KUI5,N7JZJC,GZZ9Q,1
      The state of medical education and practice in the UK report: 2016
      This is the last post that I shall make. I believe that my job is now complete. The detail will follow provided by others and set within the appropriate regulatory/criminal justice/enquiry framework etc.
      As I have said many times to those that will listen – it is all a question of faith and belief.
      May I bless you all.
      Kind Regards
      Richard Haynes

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