EU Plans to Become Superstate

If true, we Brexited just in time…

EU Documents signed by both the French and German foreign mimisters released by the Polish channel TVP.INFO on 27th June 2016;


The main assumptions of the document:

• Member countries without the right to its own army and special services.
• The unification of criminal law and the tax system.
• Member without their own currency and central bank.
• Uniform visa system.
• A common foreign policy with other countries and international organizations.
• Limited role of NATO.


(From TVP.INFO – watermark removed only to aid reading clarity);









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7 responses to “EU Plans to Become Superstate

  1. Tfs

    By the EU you primarily Germany and France.

    Being cynical I see this as a move by Germany and France to kill the EU and cosy up to Russia.

    What better way than to make the other EU countries feel they had the final choice. Germany and France want to cosy up to Russia away from the war mongering America. What better way than to really piss off a large group of fellow EU countries.

    Germany has been carrying the EU.

    • Why did you think the foreign ministers of Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, and Luxembourg met last Friday?

      This plan was leaked to Polish TV from a Polish source – It is an EU Plan with backing from France and Germany (Governments, not the people of those countries)

  2. joekano76

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  4. Sabre

    IF the document is genuine, France and Germany appear to believe that the best interests of a whole continent are known by them.

    We are better off out of the whole project. They are intent on irreversibility, binding nations forever, until blood is shed on a massive scale at least, in a single market as well as a single body of law, security and defence the list goes on ad infinitum.

    • I don’t believe that Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden will go along with it and the French people will reject it.

      Can you imagine Juncker with an army or France’s Nuclear weapons?

  5. Face it me old mucka,,the leave campaign was proven wrong on just about every detail inside 48 hours and this desperate flailing around trying to stuff the genie back in the bottle isn’t going to work.