How the EU destroyed Greece…

The seven simple steps to plunder a country’s assets.

Music by the Clash – Should I Stay or Should I Go?



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8 responses to “How the EU destroyed Greece…

  1. Tom Austin

    Is there a push for ‘Grexit’? No!

    Whodathunkit! Who are the people who wish to run away – Brexit Brits.

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  3. Sabre

    Tom 61% of Greeks voted against one of the ‘bailouts’. It wasn’t a EU in/out referendum but the
    inevitable effect would have been exit from the euro zone. Unfortunately the Greek government blinked.

    • Tom Austin

      So…that’s a no then.

      Not to worry though. People in the UK do have a vote to abandon the Greeks to their fate, and then to probably nationalize the Greek debt our banks hold.
      Such is the success on offer from Brexit.
      And…voting for Brexit will lead us to insist upon signing up to TTIP – even though the EU is nowhere near doing so.

      Is there anything positive that can be said for Brexit?

  4. Sabre

    Just watched the clip Gojam. Summarises nicely. Saved me a lot of typing !

  5. Nicky mason

    Don’t give money to Napac. They didn’t help me one bit. The bosses man is on a six figure salary and I don’t know anyone who has anything positive to say about napac.

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